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Inglorious Apps pulls support for webOS 18

by Ryan St. Andrie Tue, 20 Nov 2012 3:22 pm EST

Inglorious Apps pulls support for webOS

Much famed and long time webOS app developer Inglorious Apps is officially pulling support for their webOS apps as can be seen in all of their app descriptions in the webOS App Catalog. This isn't the first time we've seen a developer leave our hallowed platform but when such a major player in the world of webOS leaves it still stings quite a bit. Much like Syntactix's abandonment of webOS Inglorious  Apps' exit is a major blow to the community. From Notes to Glimpse this developer has created some of the most downloaded and used apps for webOS. 

We aren't going to pretend to be shocked by this move nor are we going to be upset. It's hard for a developer to justify continuing support for a platform with an already small userbase that is shrinking by the day. Then there's always the issue of no clear future for Open webOS. Unless someone like LG builds the rumored smart TV based on Open webOS or one of the many smartphone manufacturers out there give Open webOS a shot it's not going to be a lucrative place for developers to be. So despite our sadness we completely understand. 

In the meantime all of the apps from Inglorious Apps seem to work fine and many will not be affected at all so long as there is no major updates to webOS that break said apps (don't hold your breath!). With that said some apps will eventually see reduced functionality as APIs change. Apps like Glimpse and Notes that utilize services such as Twitter and Google Drive will inevitably see those functions die down the road. Until then though we are going to use these apps till the proverbial "wheels fall off". 

In closing we here at webOS Nation wish Inglorious Apps the best of luck with their future endeavors. We appreciate all of your hard work over the years and would like to thank you for making webOS apps that made our platform truly unique. Godspeed, friend!

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notes hd is awesome

Good luck to you in whatever you guys decide to do next. It was fun while it lasted.

You're right, it's not unexpected, but it is sad news. Glimpse is both a showcase of what webOS could (have) be(en) AND and eminently practical productivity app. It allows me to have take notes at a meeting while having documents, the web, and other programs/info all available simultaneously.

The only app I ever used from them was Glimpse but I had to stop using it as it kept going to factory settings and clearing all my custom RSS feeds. Sent support request but didn't get any replies.

However I know allot of people loved the app -and this was just my experience of using one of their software titles. - shame they never fixed this as the function of the App was excellent...

i thought id read in the forums quite some time ago that inglorious had already stopped support? maybe i misread something back then.

Best wishes always! But we're certain to see him and his outstanding apps soon enough, webOS peeps.

A great app's developer!!! Great app and the best of all of its kind!!! We need some more support from he and for the app's API!!!

Apps like Glimpse and Notes that utilize services such as Twitter and Google Drive will inevitably see those functions die down the road. Until then though we are going to use these apps till the proverbial "wheels fall off".

Or you could switch to TapNote, which I updated two weeks ago to ensure that upcoming changes to the Dropbox API didn't shaft loyal webOS users. ;-)

I would really encourage all stopping support to make their apps Open Source, and save that, to just make them free.
I'd love to kick the tires on some of those apps, as a user, and potentially to get some inspiration

I've stopped purchasing apps for both my pre3 and touchpad. It's just too bad webOS didn't come around sooner while Palm was still a leader.

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Does anyone know if the weather widget can be fixed??

Its really unfortunate webOS has pulled out support for developers. Yes one should be optimistic . Xaavo

To be totally honest, I'm not an expert on webOS, although from what I'm reading, it does look very promising. Maybe something I'll find some use for, but that depends on a number of factors, I think.

For me, internet functionality tends to be most important, since I like to prioritize what kind of work I do on what kind of device.

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