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Install Auto Set Clock Alarm Volume patches 7

by Adam Marks Fri, 12 Apr 2013 5:09 pm EDT

Auto Set Alarm volume patchesIf you need to set an alarm on your smartphone, there are quite a few ways to accomplish this task.  You can create a calendar entry at the time you need the alarm to go off, you can use third party apps like Power Nap, or you can just use the built-in functionality on webOS to create an alarm through the Clock app.  Using a tool like Power Nap is great because it allows you to separate the volume level of the alarm from the ringtone volume of the phone. So even if the ringtone volume is set low, the alarm can still be very loud. However, if you want to set repeating alarms or at a time in the future and decide that the stock alarm functionality in the Clock app works for you, you may want to consider installing one of the Auto Set Clock Alarm Volume patchs from homebrew developer Djgardn2.

Available for webOS 2.1 and higher (including the TouchPad), there are three patches available that will force the ringtone volume to either the 50, 75 or 95 percent level when your alarm goes off, depending on which patch you have installed. With these patches, combined with the Clock preferences setting to still sound the alarm even if the physical ringer switch is set to off on phones or the Mute Sounds setting on the TouchPad is turned on, you will always ensure that you hear your alarm when it's going off.

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I don't know, I tried the 95 % patch but it seems like it also turns up the ring tone to 95

That is correct.

The alarm clock sound on the phones use the ringtone volume and the TouchPad uses the media music volume.

Currently the patch raises the volume and leaves it there, although I have considered putting together a version that restores the volume to its original previous level.

Simple fix solution : Once you wake up and turn off the alarm, press your volume button a couple times to set the volume level that you want for your ringtone.

That's fine. The all alarm volume is more important

I've been using this patch for a while. It's very useful when traveling because I don't have to worry about accidentally leaving the speaker turned off when I have the alarm set to wake me in the morning.

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