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Internal Sprint Pre Documents Leak Out Right Here 58

by Dieter Bohn Fri, 29 May 2009 4:12 pm EDT

Curious to know what Sprint is telling their own about the Palm Pre?  Come on in and take a look from this leaked PDF sent in to us by a couple of very friendly tipsters.  There's very little you don't already know if you're a Pre-fanatic (including what plans work, Exchange suport, etc).  We are pleased to say that there will be support for Cisco Unified Messaging and a heap of WiFi security protocols: EAP-TLS, PEAP v1/v2, EAP-TTLS, EAP-FAST, and LEAP.

We're also happy to see that Sprint is following AT&T's lead and doing some head-to-heads of their very own, as you can see in the image above.  We can also confirm that until you set up your Palm Profile, the Pre won't work at all.  You'll also need to accept Google Mobile's terms of service in order to get GPS services working properly.  Multiple Exchange accounts are a go with full push support and the ability to search through Global Addresses on the server - but inviting attendees isn't up yet. 

We have the skinny on some accessories and just who Sprint is targeting the Pre towards.  Plus, you SERO-hopefuls probably won't want to see the plan details slide, we're just saying.

Read on for more shots from the document. (Update: How about a third source?  It's up in full in our forums and plenty of discussion of the details there to boot!)

Thanks anonymous tipsters!




"We can't afford to sell Pre to the wrong customers"


I thought the Pre was the device for everyone, fun and business, as said by Palm themselves at all their conferences?

Thanks for the documents, moderately interesting.

It appears Palm doesn't want to have customers buy the Pre and find they can't integrate it into certain enterprise systems. Individually, the Pre might be right for them, but not within the corporation (at least not yet). For those customers, the Treo Pro will be the target device.

At least Palm doesn't have to send them elsewhere! {ProfJonathan}

Yay! DocsToGo has been cannibalised! Viewing only included, tough blow. My TX and Centro has editing all along, why so many steps backward?

Is it impossible to bring in the new without dropping previous features?

Oh I forgot, that is called innovation.

don't confuse PALM with SPRINT

Pre is for the fat middle, the average custeorm moving to a first smartphone. The handset is not designed for professional or power users. The Palm Pro is more powerful and for them.

Yes the term 'fat middle' has been used though...

It isn't that the device is 'not designed for professional or power users' or that the 'Palm [Treo] Pro is more powerful [what ever that means]'...

Rather, I imagine its because Palms webOS is a newbie in the game while Windows Mobile (on the TreoPro) is a legacy OS and has greater support at this time.

They seem to want to make sure that the people who get Pre's aren't ones who will have compatibility restrictions at their workplace/business.

I was wondering if purchasing Invisble Shield along with the palm pouch would be a good ideal?

If you do, i would but it now, i bought one yesterday its %50 off with promo code memday09. I bought the full body case 4 $15.

send me the link of that full body case dat u bought!

I have used the ZAGG Invisishield for my Instinct and it has been scratch-free ever since! Thanks for the link and the promo code!

Thank you for the info, link and promo code. I got mine for $15.47 with shipping. Oh before I forget I live in central IL and the 2 closest Sprint Stores to me (Champaign, IL) are NOT having a Pre party. So my husband called the Sprint Store in Terra Haute, IN and they will be open on Friday June 5th from 6 pm to 10 pm and will be selling the Pre a day early.
Also was told you didn't need an Invite either. I still have yet to get mine anyway.

I think these companies leaks the document on purpose. So blogs like pre central, engaget, ect... can report it. First we have the iphone leaks document, now the pre leak document. This is best way to advertise i guess, plus its free.

Well it looks like they are completely discontinuing SERO.

In the pre plans section, it says, "The current SERO plans have expired and once customers upgrade, they will not be able to go back to previous
SERO plans."

I'm taking this to mean that if a SERO customer upgrades to any phone they will not be able to use the plan on the device.

Can we say OUCH...

Are they for real that I can't just take any old charger or cigarette lighter adapater that has a usb plug to charge the Pre? Or are they just trying to protect their accessory sales?

You can, as long as it's micro-USB. The current standard is mini-USB, which is probably what you have.

The current standard is actually micro usb. That is what the industry agreed in about 18 months ago, and Palm has been sticking to the agreement with micro usb on the 800w, the Treo Pro and the Treo Pre. Moto also has been using micro usb on new handsets for a year. LG , the third largest in the world, has been using it, and nearly everyone else is finally moving to it as agreed.

I think it means that if you go to a different plan and then cancel, you cannot have your old rate back. I don't remember where I saw this, but they CANNOT force you to change plans. So as long as you don't change plans you SERO users should be able to keep your current plans =)

That's incorrect. What this means is, if you go to a Pre or an Instinct for that matter and get the EPRP for 60 bucks, you give up your old SERO forever. My wife bought a LG Lotus a couple of weeks ago. No plan change required.

RIP SERO, it was a fun 2 years.
Now bring on the EPRP and the Pre!
2 weeks baby!

Where are the pages that talk about the technical details of security and exchange support that the article text mentions? We want to see it all! :)


@ SedahDrol
What their actually saying is if your charger isnt a sprint or OEM charger your charger could harm your pre. If this is the case and you take it to a sprint store with your general charger they can make you go through the insurance claim process if you have insurance.

Simple don't bring in your less expensive motorola car charger in with you if something happens with the Pre. If you don't actually bring it they can't decline the warranty.

Glad to see I was right about the target demographic for the Pre: small- to mid-sized businesses without dedicated large IT depts; essentially, businesspeople who don't have BlackBerry servers or Microsoft-driven security policies pushed out to devices. The slide may be misleading in that it suggests *no* security for the Pre. That's clearly not the case; it just apparently doesn't support specific enterprise-wide security infrastructure. {ProfJonathan}

I've heard those rumblings as well, the question is, if they're targeting a certain business user, why aren't those business customers getting first dibs? Especially the current Sprint business customers.

Business users are getting "first dibs." The leaked Sprint 23 page pdf shows that business sellers will begin taking pre orders for gauranteed sales something in the week of May 25-29. Orders will be filled June 6, but they have pre orders and consumer customers do not.
Pre is not desinged for power user corporate deployment but for small business it will be pre-order next week.

i'll be buying my car charger and extra wall charger at or best buy. i don't like "SPRINT" plastered all over my accessories!!!

Oh the irony, the "ready now" area is marked "no" on every phone but the pre and yet the pre is the only phone that isn't actually READY NOW. It does smoke the competition though, can't wait to get it. :D

why don't they do a real comparison?


They have nothing to do with the phone, the palm is probably better than the iphone/g1/storm feature for feature, so why can't they just say that?

And readynow as a feature? c'mon. I know at&t did they same silly thing last month, they need to market the device, not some sprint crap.

I am pretty screwed at launch. I am on an employee advantage plan which means I can't purchase this great device at launch. SPRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!

Unless I want to spend the bread and get another account...which I can't sooooooo yeah, chopped and screwed on this one.

Are the Advantage Plans still without contract? If not you could cancel and go to an EPRP (provided you have an employee's email and last 3 of their employee ID (CID) Of course this would put you under a 2 year contract and the plan would be significantly more expensive.

Where does it say remote wipe and multiple exchange servers are supported? Is there more coming?

Correct me if I am wrong, but as a long-time Windows Mobile user, just have to point this out: not even Microsoft's own Windows Mobile supports *multiple* Exchange accounts! That is huge!

And, as others have mentioned, what is with the "can't afford to sell to the wrong people" nonsense?! I understand what they are getting at (don't buy a Pre for work use if your company will not support it), but still!

Palm & Sprint, repeat after me: "The right phone is the Pre. The right person is everyone!"

Counting down the days, friends!!

I am kind of thinking the same. But on the other hand, this could mean there are certain security features that are not or cannot be added to Pre. I think they don't want to upset people who got it and then demand the feature.

I think the point here is that they don't want people buying it and not being happy. Positive word of mouth is powerful, but Negative can kill a great product before it has a chance to catch it's stride. Also, if there is going to be a low number of phones at each location, you don't want to sell one to someone who will return it in a week and make someone who will love it wait for the next shipment.

DustinT - where are you seeing - *multiple* Exchange accounts?

also, looks like no local sync for PIM or DocsToGo.


In the second paragraph, last sentence of this post:

"Multiple Exchange accounts are a go with full push support and the ability to search through Global Addresses on the server- but inviting attendees isn't up yet."

Follow the link to the forum to see all the pages.

Did you notice OUTLOOK on the slides? Is that only exchange or all outlook calenders and contacts?

Argh, dammit. My Centro's VersaMail supports remote-wipe and screen lock policies via ActiveSync. If the Pre doesn't, it is worthless to me - my employer requires these policies be supported by any device connecting over ActiveSync. (The iPhone does, BTW...)

This is a *HUGE* miss for Palm if they've dropped the ball on supporting at least these two basic policies. Catastrophic.

it says "You can remotely wipe your Pre using a Palm Profile page"
would that not be the same thing?

No it isn't same thing at all. Enterprise requires administration of their own wiping.

Pre would never get past our IT department as is and we are not even that high security conscious

Can anyone tell me whether the pre supports outlook web access or not?

Isn't "Outlook Web Access" just a webpage? I can't imagine that it would not work... Although, I used it once upon a time when I had a corporate e-mail account, and it was a pain in the arse...

Wow. The Pre is sure to fail if Sprint equips their employees this poorly to sell the phone. C'mon. Nascar? Sprint TV? Are those really key selling points over the other phones? Pre is the only ready now phone? The iPhone has been activated in all stores for quite some time. Most smart consumers do their research and they will see through this mess. C'mon Sprint. Get your crap together!

I was wondering about OWA support also. I have used both SEVEN7 and Emoze to "pull" my Exchange email from the Webmail server. This allows me to bypass the server security put up by the corporation for which I work. Will there be an application such as these to "push or pull" from Webmail?

@Dieter: What do you make of the failure to mention Telenav!?! That is a scary omission!

Very interesting documents...

Try getting a palm pre at launch; good luck with that crap. The people with the money will be buying them up because there are no limits on how many you can buy. Now that we have the information, while it is exciting, there are many limitations on this must have item.

I am going to wait till the buzz dies down a bit.

@phrint Why would you actually want to intentionally bypass your corporate security... it is there for a reason. Do you really want to be the one who puts your corporation at risk of a data breach???

Work with your IT dept to figure out the best way to approach it... trust me, they want to make it easy for you but also have a job to do.

Nobody's IT department is going to give Pre a pass for now.

Is there any evidence to back up the claim for support of Cisco Unified Messaging? This is big news if true, want to be sure though before chatting about it.


@rayn you wish... I would like to have people like you on my it-dept... So.. Is owa-sync included or isn't?

It makes me happy to think that this is the best Sprint can do with the money I send them every month for dreadful service on the POS phone they sold me. I'm out the minute the new iPhone comes out. I know all you Palm-Palm-Heads are yelling "But they only got cut'n'paste in their 3rd iteration..." Exactly. Early adoption is for FANNBOYZZZZ!!! (Or, in the case of the victims of 6/6: NASCAR fans who kkkan't figure out how to get apps from the app store.)

the comparisons are weighted to sprint and palm's advantage. there are a lot more categories that could go up there and iphone or G1 would win hands down (and Winmo, sorry BB). By the way, i pay 148 a month for 2 Tmobile G1s with unlimited talk text and data. $74.00 x2 for me and my wife. :) sometimes its good to be down with the big Magenta.

I have a question... if I use Office 2007 and Outlook which brings in my AOL mail - can that be on the Palm Pre and sync or must you have something else like Exchange or ????

This is so confusing to me. I really want my emails from Outlook as opposed to AOL itself AND more importantly - I would want my tasks and calendar items to sync too.

Is that possible with Office Standard 2007?