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by Jason Robitaille Sun, 27 Sep 2009 2:25 pm EDT
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Internalz Pro is the first and best file manager for the webOS.

It's feature-packed and includes full device browsing, file/directory moving and copying, easy deletions with optional swipe-to-delete feature, simple renaming, built-in image viewer, built-in text editor, built-in ipk installer, built-in patcher and more.

Note: If you're not an advanced user, I recommend Internalz in the App Catalog as an alternative. That version is designed with the average user in mind.

A video highlighting the main features can be found here.

A tour of the v1.2 updates can be found here.

A tour of the v1.3 updates can be found here.

A tour of the v1.4 updates can be found here.

Donations are appreciated and help support my continued development.

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Vaya un excelente App. La mejor que he visto para webos o la unica :D

Hi Jason! I'm just wondering when Internalz will work on my WOS 2.x PRE2? Any idea?

trying to backup my text messages- can't install. Gives me "Package dependencies not satisfied" error.

FileMgr is a dependency.Sounds like you don't have that installed

I'm getting the same error, for 2 days now I have been trying to fix this issue and couldn't yet. I did Webos doctor 5 times and still not allowing me to install neither filemgr nor internalzpro. I'm getting the same error messege "Package dependencies not satisfied" and help would be appreciated.


i also get that error crunchymusic, did you ever figure it out? im trying to figure it out right now

I get a package dependencies not satisfied trying to install filemgr and/or this using WebOS Quick Install. It is in dev mode. Other ipks install fine.

for all of those with problems installing filemgr or internalz here's THE solution.

1. download newest version of webosquickinstall (4.0.1 i believe)
2. make sure you have removed filemgr, internalz, and JS HOMERBEW service app and REBOOT! Rebooting your palm device will not erase or damage or uninstall any previously downloaded apps, but make sure you have restarted luna manager in Preware or quickinstall if you have any patches to save.

Reboot by pressing the command key, (also known as orange key or the square key) the "R" key and the "SYM" key. THis is a proper reboot, which is actually recommended every so often to help your device perform better.

3. Install JS HOMEBREW SERVICE (linux apps tab) first via webosquickinstall. Next, install filemgr (service tab). and finally install Internalz (Applications TAB).

At this point you will see that filemgr and internalz have been installed while JS HOMEBREW app is hidden. DOn't worry, its there.
4. Reboot again Orange Key+"R" key+SYM, if you've already forgotten :)

Keep in mind that Filemgr 2.0 works for pre 2 and 1.4.5 only, as far as I believe.

Enjoy your fully rooted phone with 1 piece of advice: dont turn on master mode. you risk the chance of deleting system file that your phone needs to work. I've seen it happen too many times.(8)

Thanks a lot for sharing this idea. I'll be trying out this one. Expecting to see positive results. - Sandra Dyche

No way, sorry. On my 1.4.5 **Spanish** Pixi plus:

1) uninstalling these 3 apps + rebooting = OK
2) installing JS Homebrew service from webosquickinstall 4.04 = OK
3) installing FileMgr from webosquickinstall 4.04 = FAILED (and actually says it has to install JS HB svc, which was installed).
4) installing FileMgr from very Pixi's Preware = OK!!
5) installing Internalz from either Preware or webosquickinstall = always FAILED. No matter if Pixi was rebooted or not.
6) installing Internalz from a *downloaded* ipk file with webosquickinstall = FAILED. Why did I do this? because Preware IPKG Log error was "Requested URL returned:403" which means that access to this service/page/server is forbidden. Yet installing the very file did not work.

The thing is that Internalz was working fine until last update :( :(...

followed all the steps but couldn't get internalz to install, i keep getting an error message on the install saying " unable to run command :/usr/bin/curl.......the requested url returned error 403" any suggestions?

@jamrb and @jeanjean: That was an issue with the WebOS-Internals ipkg feed they make for P|C. Try manually downloading the ipk from this page and install that ipk file with WOSQI or Preware, if the problem persists.

Installed Internalz Pro. Seems to work great - can navigate file structure ok.

I brough in a few text files over USB into the /media/internal/downloads/ folder. When I try to edit them with the built-in editor, it always just opens the WebOS Doc Viewer app. Internalz Pro will not let me edit a *.txt file, only a text file with no extension.

Is there any way to get the built-in editor to edit a .txt file?

Thanks for a great app!

thanks Jason for the great app! Donation is on the way!

I run Webos 2.1.0 on pre+. Internalz pro does not install. After installing JS services and Filemgr I keep getting the error message that some dependencies are missing when trying to install Internalz pro. Any idea?

can't install on pre 2

2011-06-25T20:34:40.075469Z [3889] palm-webos user.notice ApplicationInstallerUtility: Step 3: executing: ipkg -o /media/cryptofs/ apps -force-overwrite install /media/internal/.developer/ca.canucksoftware.internalz_1.4.1_all.ipk
2011-06-25T20:34:40.464080Z [3889] palm-webos user.notice ApplicationInstallerUtility: Step 3: ipkg resultStatus = 1 , exit status

ok works installing:
1. Homebrew JS Service Framework 1.0.1
2. FileMgr Service 2.0.3
3. Internalz 1.4.1
4. SysToolsMgr 1.0.2 Service
as found on

i have a palm pixi plus i am wanting to install these homebrew apps.. where do i start? is there any kind of volume booster apps?

the download link is not working for me....


Any chance of a search option in the text editor? This was the main reason I wanted it - webOS is really short of find options. I tend to keep useful data in big text files & search for it but my only option on the pre is to make them PDF's (half of which don't read anyway).

Super cool app, just a basic option missing :-)


Mr Robitaille, I just got a TP on fire sale and I am loving WebOS. I was early adopter when the first Android tablets launched but could not pass up the chance get this device. I would love to completely drop my other tablet, which I use for work extensively. I have one problem and after using Preware and Inernalz I am thinking you are the guy to ask. I upload a lot of pics while in the field but I am finding thats not possible with the TP. I can do everthing else except this one thing. When the "Choose Photo" button pops up in Salesforce I click it and nothing happens. Is there any way to get this enabled?

Thank you this is one of the most useful of all.

Now that I've installed Internalz, I can't get my Gemini file manager to associate jpg files with the Webos picture viewer to open. Now it tries to launch to Internalz, and I get a file error.
How can I restore the original file association for jpg now that I've installed Internalz? I have register as file handler for image view "off".

Great app! There is one bug, though.

When I go to /media/internal/downloads, I can't see the bottom-most two or four files. I can swipe up and see them briefly as they pop up, but then they sink back down. I can hardly tap on them quick enough before they disappear.

This seems to be true for any directory that has enough entries in it (directories or files) to overfill the current view. If one has to swipe to see all the files, this bug shows up.

You can't see the bottom few files/folders and thus cannot select them.

v1.5.0 TouchPad


thanks for this app. Just got myself a touchpad and this is exactly what i needed. Had to install the 3 ipk's manually as webos quick install could not locate the files.


Hi Jason, I am really interested in getting the Internalz Pro for TP. I want to use it to remove the word "Sample" from kindle app sample downloads. However, I can not find it to download. I have looked in the hp catalog and online. Can you help me? Thanks!

Great app :-) I can actually get at the files now & edit text files for taking notes, swapping with host - much better than memos!

One feature I'd really appreciate is search in the editor. I store all kinds of notes and rely on text searches to find what I want.

Is there a way to default to editor for openning a .txt file? It keeps using quick office :-(

Ta muchly, Dave

Nice app !!!! Thanks !

French translations are sometime inapropriate (google translate ?), I can propose real French messages if you wish.

Only one downside : currently the OfficeView/QuickOffice handles the TXT files and I cannot change that (had to install PT to open text files).

EDIT : found how to deal with that issue here :
Nice tutorial Jason !!! :)


Just installed and it is quite helpful so far.

One annoyance... it stays in portrait view only. The app refuses to show correctly in landscape viewing. Personally don't like portrait viewing, and not really into side-ways viewing.

I've tried installing internalz pro through preware - installs but then tells me there's an error and I can't do anything. Tried installing it through browser link but that doesn't even install.

is there another way to install it? It tells me there's a link a more basic version in apps cat. But can't find it...

I get a mime install error when trying to install the download. Also can find in the app cat. Please advise

meant to say this is for my new HP touchpad

I am also unable to install the download. Is there any update to resolve this issue?

When viewing a directory with a large amount of files, I am unable to see/select the last few files because the bottom of the list doesn't display properly.  If I attempt to scroll the screen up past the end of the listing, I can briefly see them display but they disappear again when the listing bounces back.

No problem installing this, but I'd like to check out the regular Internalz in the app catalog to see if it suits me better. I searched for it, but it doesn't appear to be in the app catalog. Has it been removed?

I would like to echo what others are finding which is quite annoying.

When viewing a directory with a large amount of files, I am unable to see/select the last few files because the bottom of the list doesn't display properly. The files that should be displayed at the end of a list are not.

A quick fix to this would be appreciated.


I have tried downloading and installing this app via preware but preware reports that the download of related files are giving 404 access errors. I have downloaded the ipk file to a PC and wondered if it is possible to install it from this file or will it still fail due to its requirement to access missing related files?

Should I be less cautious and just try installing it, or is disabling website access to download related files a standard way of disabling access whilst updates are made ?


Joe Rice

Same problem for me to download InternalZ Pro through Preware or WebOSQuickInstall.
I guess there is some king of problem from the server. Where did you find the IPK file ?

just searched in Google for internalz.I'll

I think the problem relates to the change of name of webOS nation we need to wait till they update the urls.

Just download the ipks for internalz pro and filemgr service from this site. Use webos quick install to install them.

I can't get FileMgr to install. I get nowhere with either webosinstall or via preware. Something about dependencies not being met. Any ideas? I have remove old apps and rebooted, but no difference.

Where on this site do i find PDK files ?

I have a problem downloading internalz it is saying ipkg error what should I do van anyone help me?

I'm getting the same error, for 2 days now I have been trying to fix this issue and couldn't yet. I did Webos doctor 5 times and still not allowing me to install neither filemgr nor internalzpro. I'm getting the same error messege "Package dependencies not satisfied" and help would be appreciated.


love this app

thank you again


Any chance of a fix for this or a release of internalz HD? Is there an ETA for the HD version of internalz? Note I have tried installing internalz via webOS Quick Install and got the same dependency errors as my attempted installation via preware! So I am at a loss as to what to do. I guess I will just have to wait until the URLs are corrected and enable correct access to the linked file downloads, or does someone have some alternative suggestions.


Joe rice

Wow. Had it on my pre plus, pre 2 and touchpad. Had to Doctor the touchpad and now, now Internalz does not install.
What a waste. Seems like everything else about webos. The one critical application that everyone needs and the developer abandons it and posts little or nothing regarding updates.
Gemini is a better product but does not allow you to get to the root access like internalz does, or should I say DID.
Thanks Jason for joining the ranks of EPIC FAIL

Whoever designed this app is a genius . when i click the globe icon on my HP touchpad i get www google . instead of some stupid just type screen ! absolute awesome-ness this actually made my TP worth having

Attempting to visit gives a "not a recognized domain" error.

I tried using IzPro on my Pre2 to email about this problem:

Great app, thanks very much.

I'm using v1.5.0 on Pre2. For months I was able to open txt files. Then I turned off being default handler for images because the one time I tried it, it displayed only blackness. Since turning that feature off weeks and reboots ago, whenever I choose to open a txt file from an IzPro folder listing, it launches SoftwareUpdate instead!

Please advise.


Can you help. By problem is that I cannot download anymore apps as it says I need to clear storage space. It looks like Internalz is the answer but obviously I cant download it via the Apps catalog. Will it instal via preware ? Any help appreciated.


recently I had to clear out my apps and recover some of my files after an Ubuntu Chroot uninstallation backfired, and I had to reinstall some things using Preware's Saved Package List. However, after I restored all my data and my apps, I found out that Internalz Pro wouldn't be ble to scan the /media/cryptofs directory, instead showing an error that it couldn't scan it. I tried to reinstall it and all its services and apps dependent on that FileMgr service, as well as the Homebrew JS Framework, in the order of HB is framework, then clients, and then finally Internalz. I found that I could, however access this directory through XTerm and partially with Commander

I am running WebOS 3.0.5 on an HP TouchPad

It may be worth noting that I recovered my deleted files then used Save and Restore to restore the App Data after installing Preware with WS Quick Install.

Also, when restoring my data/files, I also restored my .palm folder that I recovered(the files were restored, and hopefully not fractured)

--Sent from my HP Touchpad
The spell check is retarded, I must turn that off again, as that reset(not a doctoring, the option in the reset options menu on the device that I did use after the great mess-up (and I think webOS temporarily thought that my device was a pre, I think probably because my /media/internal partition was shrunk to around a little over 8 Gb!)) set back some of my settings not restored by HP backup or Save/Restore to the defaults, which I've had to set back(mostly system settings, others were most,y/mainly had to be restored!)


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