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Internalz 1.2 brings Master Mode, IPK installer, patcher, and much more! 42

by Jason Robitaille Sun, 25 Jul 2010 9:51 pm EDT

Just in time for WebOSQuickInstall's birthday, the day is finally here:  Internalz v1.2.0 and FileMgr v1.1.0 are available for public download! The above video is a quick tour of all the changes and you'll want to watch it to the very end.   Among the long list of changes posted in Internalz's forum thread, v1.2 most notably brings "Master Mode", a built-in Ipk Installer, and a built-in Patcher.

Internalz, for those who have yet to try it, is "the first and best file manager for the webOS".  You can create, edit, rename, move, copy and delete virtually any file or directory on your device. Not only that, but Internalz features a built-in image viewer and built-in text editor.

Not sure what "Master Mode" is? Well, put simply, it removes all restrictions in Internalz. Normally, you aren't allowed to edit, move, or delete files outside of the USB Mode section or /var.  With "Master Mode" enabled, the sky's the limit. However, this means uninformed users could accidentally destroy their system, which is why the feature is disabled by default.

And what's this Ipk Installer you keep hearing about?  The Ipk Packager is able to open .ipk files, letting you install or uninstall it. Better yet, it scans the .ipk file, displaying package information, so you know what you're installing. And since Internalz registers itself as the default .ipk handler (among other file extensions), you can simply tap a .ipk link in the browser and it'll open in Internalz.

Lastly there's the Patcher. It lets you install or uninstall .patch files, similar to WebOSQuickInstall. Since the Patcher is an extension of the Text Editor, you're able to view and edit the patch file too!

So if you haven't tried Internalz yet, now's your chance. As the slogan says, "Control your device, don't let your device control you."



great job guys!!
what a perfect day to release this update...seriously though, you have made my Pre experience truly delightful.

For the record, it's not "guys", just "guy". Internalz was make solely by me, Jason Robitaille of Canuck Software ;)

That said, I hope you enjoy v1.2

my bad Jason...thx for the clarification.

just wondering here.... Are you ''canucker'' on endgadget? Lol he gets down ranked alot like 'toyotast165' does for the pro- webOS talk

nah, my Engadget commenter username is JayCanuck

thx, jason.

bromance brewing.

agreed, if I wasn't a dude, I'd totally wanna have his babies. I

Gee - it seems to me you forgot to mention one of the best features of the 1.2.0 Internalz - it's screaming fast!

Great job Jason!

They really should hire make me love my Pre again!!!!

Jason, you have OUT DONE YOURSELF. Dang, this is fabulous! Now if only we had a way to easily connect to a windows file share via wifi from the pre. Allowing us to copy stuff via wifi to our Pre's, and install stuff, all without ever needing a stinking usb cable.


really jason I hope HP hires you, so that you can be duely funded for all your hardwork. As well as you can really implement what the community really wants, when you do modifications via patchs etc.

Wish I could be your apprentice for a week or two Jason. 8o)

I truly admire your knowledge and skills to use them for "the greater good"

Steve Jobs says this application is totally unnecessary. He also commented that Jason is holding his phone wrong.

Sorry to be so green, but could someone explain exactly why an average user would use this file manager etc.? I mean, sure, on my PC, I often change names of files n' such, but why on the Pre? I guess the reason I'm asking is I've never come across the need for this--when do y'all find this really helpful?

I'm likely missing something, just wondering what it is on a lazy, sunny Sunday....

If you connect to your computer in usb mode frequently, then you may not need it. Though many aren't always near a computer, and some go so far as avoiding having to connect their device to the computer.

Plus, Internalz has a great text editor, which can be very handy ;)

Let me give you one example of how I use Internalz. I use zcorder to record sound but it's now a true voice memo app because it can't keep track of your recordings. But with Internalz I can navigate to the "recordings" folder and manage my recordings, renaming and deleting them as I see fit. It's a very convenient way to keep my data organized.

I use it to move photos between albums like messaging, screen captures, photo effect folder and photo roll. And delete unwanted photos when done copying.

I do not have acess to a computer but for a few days out of the month so this is helpful while I'm on the road.

Absolutely amazing Jason!!

Wow! Jason you are a god! I can't even believe how ridiculous the Homebrew Community is! Who woud've thought in one year we'd come this far. You guys have filled nearly every hole Palm had left behind and some of them were enourmously huge and gaping! Great Work!


"...this means uniformed users could accidentally destroy their system..."

I think even people without uniforms could destroy their system, but hey, that may just be me!

And nice work, Jason!

rofl, how did I miss that. Updated the article.

Epic win!

Great job as always Jason.Palm should really be grateful that you've done this.I remember a time when you could'nt delete anything without jacking into a PC.You've made life a lot easier for the webOS community.CHEERS!

Jason, for a long time it puzzled me why you aren't getting a salary from any of these companies. If someone decides to get their hands on you I know you won't forget the community you've helped build. Keep up the amazing work, you are WebOS' saving grace.

definitely a doublerainbowalltheway moment.

great job jason now i can hook my pre to my laptop even less now then i did before. beautiful piece of work

Jason, this is brilliant! And it's why there are already 220 members in the Facebook group requesting that Palm should hire Jason ASAP (and put him though the remainder of his schooling...

It worked for Betty WHite and SNL, it should work for Jason!

Jason is a beast!!!!! Palm , Pay da man!!!!!

So does this mean I can install the animated backgrounds patches straight from my Pre now?

I'm curious if it's possible, as it would eliminate the need for me to use my PC except to doctor my phone.

yepper :)

I use Internalz to delete mp3s off my pre.....i know of no other way to delete mp3s without hooking up to a comp... As a dj I go through tons of music with artists, record lables, and producers sending me their (usually crap) music and I need to get rid of it as fast as they send it...

Eh, the author of this article is biased. ;^)

I have it but not sure how to use it yet. going to be careful and im new to homebrew. but great work jason.

I plan to release short how-to videos for various features of Internalz. Ya may wanna subscribe to my youtube channel ;)

Great work and THANKS, Jason!

Wowwwww! It's amazing.
WebOS so wonderful!!!!!!!!!!.

More Band-Aids? How many Palm PRE's were sold last month... or the month before?

This has nothing to do with a "band-aid". WebOS has been bought by HP and it's well known that a variety of webOS devices are in the works. This is about providing a file manager that will be useful both for current webOS device owners and future ones!

"Palm says smartphone sales fell dramatically in its fiscal third quarter, as the company lost ground against Apple and phones built on Google's Android operating system.
The company on Thursday reported that it shipped 960,000 smartphones to stores and distributors in the quarter ended Feb. 26, an increase of 23% over the same period a year ago. However, the number of phones actually sold to people plummeted 29% to 408,000 units. By comparison, Apple sold 8.7 million iPhones in its most recent quarter."

Irregardless of mergers etc.. if it's an awesome phone, it's still going to sell right??!!

I Love WEBOS... but the phone has downs syndrome