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Internalz 1.3 brings style with a dark theme and more 68

by Jason Robitaille Sat, 28 Aug 2010 11:24 am EDT

A little over a month ago, Internalz v1.2 was publicly released, introducing a wealth of new features like master mode, the ipk installer, and the patcher. Today, Internalz is taking another step forward with the release of version 1.3. This time however, the focus isn't on adding features, but rather refining the usability of existing ones and improving the quality of the user experience.

As the video changelog above shows, the main new feature in v1.3 is the introduction of a dark theme.  Absolutely every aspect of the application is changed. Everything from dimmed icons, dark backgrounds and even dark re-skinned message box pop-ups.

Another big change lies with the text editor, though you wouldn't expect it, as it looks nearly identical to how it was in v1.2.  However, under the hood, it's a completely and has been heavily optimized using completely redone coding. This new text editor is far more expansive, and offers many future possibilities. This is evident in v1.3, as changeable font size has been added and text entry on larger files is much more responsive.

That's not all! A bunch of smaller, yet equally welcomed changes and optimizations have been introduced.  Internalz now registers itself as handler for the view-source:// URI scheme, a first for webOS. And although this isn't mentioned in the video, Internalz v1.3 has extended it's international localizations to now cover French, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish, and Simplified Chinese.

If you haven't yet tried Internalz, or are new to homebrew, now's the perfect time to try it out. Don't worry if you feel bogged down trying it for the first time; just try it one step at a time. Coming soon, there will be an Internalz Tipz YouTube video series, showing how to get the most out of Internalz, shown in short informational videos.

Internalz v1.3 is available right now on the PreCentral Homebrew Gallery and on the PreCentral feed.  As the slogan says, "Control your device, don't let your device control you."



Totally impressive!

One of the best apps! What's next Jason?

Wow! this is a great application. They should rename it "WebOS Explorer". This is a fantastic upgrade.
My thanks to Jason Robitaille for all his hard work.

+1 on the name change.

The name would instantly let people know what the primary purpose of the app is. At the very least it would eliminate the confusion many people have thinking Jason is part of WebOS internals. Not that there's anything inherently wrong with that :-)

That's silly. WebOS is not Windows.

webos explorer makes me think of windows explorer which would taint webos with it's turdness.

webOS explorer? No thanks. webOS isn't Windows. I wouldn't want it renamed to Finder or Nautilus either, for the record. It's not that I have anything against Windows Explorer, Apple Finder, or Nautilus- it's just that I feel webOS is it's own platform, it doesn't need to follow the naming conventions of other operating systems or follow in their footsteps. Internalz is a fine name.

WebOS is definitely its own platform. However, naming your app to follow the naming conventions to match that of a similar app of the most popular consumer operating system in the world would go a long way towards having it be instantly recognizable.

Once it is in the official app catalog, it would be a very good thing for Jason.

edit: Just noticed I was replying to Seb_or_Sam, one of my favorite and respected WebOS dudes. See you at the next Palmcast!

Another feature that I am not sure was there prior to this version is the ability to hide individual files from WebOS.

This comes in handy if you have some photos that you don't want showing up in the photos application. I would love it even more if you could hide an entire folder from WebOS instead of having to hide each individual file.

Alas, I wouldn't be surprised if Jason implemented it in a future release. He really listens to the community.

Great work Jason!

edit: LOL, I just realized Jason was also the author of this article.

You can select directories by tapping and holding on one. Then the standard Open/Info/Move/Copy/Delete popup appears; and in Info, there's the "Hide from webOS" :)

Tap and hold -- doh! I was trying sym+tap, shift+tap, meta-tap, and never thought of trying tap and hold.

Thanks so much Jason.

edit: I couldn't find the directory in Internalz after I did that. I then realized it was renamed with a dot in front of it so it sorted differently.

I still look forward to zip support. Hopefully it's not far off.

I showed this app to my iPhone work collegue. He was super jealous.

thank you jason. donated

Yes!! Jason and his group are doing some pretty cool things with webOS. I added my $20.00 last night. Lost my phone, had an easy time getting everything back in: patches and apps. Without preware, I'd still be sitting here, doing theses apps one by one. Thnx again Jason.

His group?

Yea, for the record, it's just me; no group. I'm not connected to WebOS-Internals, though much of my work does crossover ;)

HaHa - my bad, sorry I messed up. You are right. I did send some money to webosinternals - Rod Whitby folks. Sorry, for the confusion. I did try and install your Internaz but it would not install. So right now I can't use your new stuff. Right now I don't have time to figure out why your and several others are not able to install. I get IPKG errors which I have no clue how to decifer. I wish it would tell me why it's not able to install, in english and not techie talk. Anywayz, good job everyone who works on webOS.

Please post in the error in the Internalz thread, as no one has ever has an ipkg errors installing Internalz before.

That said, you could always just try installing the .ipk from the Homebrew Gallery via WOSQI. Internalz is a VERY powerful program, and includes the first local text editor for the webOS (among many of webOS firsts). :)

I have passed on the $20 donation from ChiPalm to Jason.

Hopefully one day we will be able to educate the community about our separate organisations.

-- Rod

Seems like your $20 was mis-placed in this case. Internalz and Preware are both great, but they are not from the same source.

Possibly not, cause ChiPalm was probably referring to Save/Restore and the Preware Saved Packages List to get all his apps restored again in record time, all of which is from WebOS Internals.

But I have given Jason the benefit of the doubt and forwarded the donation to him.

-- Rod

BTW, assuming you used Save/Restore, Preware's Saved Package List, and installed packages from the servers that host the homebrew ecosystem feeds at, then all those things came from (and were paid for out of donations by) WebOS Internals, not Jason.

-- Rod

Thanks Jason! I've had situations where I wanted to hide a photo, now I can!

(Hiding videos might be even more popular!)

Also, this is great for whistleblowers: when they take a photo of or write a note about illegal/immoral corporate or government activity, they can hide it in case security etc. wants to take a peak at their phone and photos app before they upload it to WikiLeaks etc.--chances are, the cops/feds won't know what "Internalz" is (which might be a counter-argument for renaming the app "WebOS Explorer"?!).

Somehow I don't think adding a period to the file name is going to prevent a determined investigator from finding the file. It's great for casual use, though. webOS now has pr0n mode ;)

Another amazing update on a very necessary app for any smartphone user.

BTW - I support the name of the app since it's an homage to my favorite PalmOS file browsing app, Filez.

Great work Jason!!!

I imagine Mr. Robitaille as some sort of demi-god!

Ok, so now Preware wants to become the default for .ipk's. Do I select no because I like to be able to email stuff? I wish we could all get along!

Just select no and push the slider to tell it to not do the check in the future. Preware won't mind.

Preware supports installation of ipks from browser and email. Select Internalz or Preware as you choose - the functionality supported by each is the same for your use case.

You would be surprised at the effort that both WebOS Internals and Canuck Software go to to make sure that our separate applications are interoperable. To imply otherwise is a disservice to both groups of developers.

-- Rod

Preware is a very mature and robust application whose sole job is to install/manage packages on your webOS device. As such I will always recommend that you use it to install any and all packages to your device. And note that the decision to use Preware as the default for .ipk files will not effect the operation of Internalz.


Jason, while is is a great guy and a grwat programmer is not a part of WebOS Internals, he happily exists outside of our group. Preware, Save/Restore etc are not projects done by Jason. Internalz is a Jason project though (and it is a great one at that).


Preware and Internals can both be set as default for IPK's (just not at the same time). Having this set to one or the other will let you open IPK's in your email or from elsewhere on your device however it will in no way prevent you from sending emails (no matter which one you pick)

Well, of course I understand I can send and receive emails. I just don't like the check mate/counter-check mate that always goes on here. I get that Rod may think this bypasses the QC he fought so hard to put in place, but the true danger comes from the Palm-Beta Catalog.

It isn't about check-mate/counter check-mate as you put it. It is about options. The only competition between WOSI and Canuck Software (Jason) is the normal friendly stuff that always happens and helps to motivate us to make things better.

The thing that I love most about the Pre is the fact that it can be customized to be how I want it, not how someone else wants it... it is all about options...


I'm not sure what checkmate/counter-checkmate you're referring to?

The separate development teams behind Internalz and Preware closely collaborate to ensure that the homebrew ecosystem remains as secure as possible and as interoperable as possible, whilst still allowing for end-user choice.

Redundancy is the cornerstone of a robust homebrew ecosystem architecture.

-- Rod

Thanks for clarifying, Rod. And thank you both for all the work. Not meant to imply any disservice!

jason cant be a real person, i mean has anyone seen him? is he some kind of beast? machine? both? maybe hes from the future, either way "jason" this is some more of ur expectedly great werk thanx .donating now.

Will this ever make it to the Palm App Catalog?

Not anytime soon

Wow, thank you for spending so much time on this! Not only the applications but also all the videos, etc!

have all of you joined the FB group started to draft Jason?!/group.php?gid=133622476652994

I have deleted facebook from every electronic machine I own. With all their intrusions into our privacy, their gawfaws in responding, and now the censorship on marijuana issues. I'm done with Facebook. I never really did anything with it anyway, it's to much information out their for my taste.

Joined a couple of weeks back.

Also sent a second donation to Jason for $20 Canadian.

Hopefully, HP/Palm will higher him for top dollar!

I just noticed the FB group and love Rahul Sood's post from Friday, "Hm, has Jason even applied yet? I'm pretty sure he won't have a problem getting hired. He just needs to find a chair. It's not like we aren't looking for great talent. If Jason is interested in a job just tell him to email me and I'll make sure he gets in touch with the right people."

Someone mentioned Jason was still in college...where's his priorities! :-)

Either way, I think the Internalz update is FANTASTIC and pretty amazing for what he's been able to accomplish and Jason deserves a big thumbs up and support from the community. Sorli...

internalz rocks!

nothing says thank you like a donation.
I just paypal ed $5

thank you Jason

That seems to be a bad link; here's a working donation link :)

I'm turning to the dark side - and donating to Jason!

btw... Do not debate against the many android supporters in the cross platforms...

it's basically me against 10 android fanatics...
I made my points... Defended myself against the spin and b.s. respectfully with no personal attacks...althought many of them are obviously aiming for me and taking thread off topic..

BANNED . Why? I have no idea... Can't log in.

make sure you check out android VS webOS updates.

there are some android biased mods in the forums....
my only thought is P|C is not cool with me calling GOOGLE out on their marketing tactics...
every post that I made including links showing concerns from credible news sources... Deleted.
myself... Banned.
check out the thread that was closed over"Too many complaints" from android fanboys... bnot a single personal attack or insult from me. Several users aiming for me though

see ya!

so you are taking this off topic?

i didnt take that thread off topic, Barkeja did. All i did was respond to a post of mine he dug up from another thread.

Why am i posting this here? because i obviously can not post it there. its a warning to not Post anti google Info on this site. They will find an excuse to ban you for doing so - Period. debating android vs webOS is anti google.

Back On topic...
wb33.. do you use internalz? if so, did you send in a donation?

I support webOS and the devs.

Lighten up

see ya

I don't use internalz yet, but I am just about ready to dig in to it. I have donated, and will do so again periodically because I use a bunch of jason's patches (and quickinstall) Thanks for asking...


Dropbox and internalz.... sweet!

I am not new to homebrew by any means. I have my slew of patches, apps, themes, uberkernel, etc., that are keeping the pre a #1 smartphone in my eyes. Without homebrewing the pre would not be my smartphone at allllll. Becasue a stock pre is just horrible and i feel sorry for anyone who hasnt homebrewed their pre. Saying this I am using preware (and it is the best) it the same as internals???

No, it is not. Preware is from WebOS Internals, Internalz is from Canuck Software (yes, it's unfortunate that Canuck Software chose that name months after WebOS Internals was formed).

-- Rod

In addition, Preware is designed first and foremost to be an advanced homebrew installer. Internalz is designed to be a file browser/handler. They have two completely separate purposes, it just happens that they can both install IPK files.

Internalz and Preware do completely different things (with only a little bit of overlap). Preware is a package ,anager centered around online repositories. Internalz, is a full-featured file browser, including an image viewer, text editor, ipk installer, and patcher.

Those last 2 are where things overlap. Both Preware and Internalz support local .ipk installation (albeit with much different interfaces and different minor details/options). And while Preware supports patches packed up in ipk, Internalz is able to additionally support raw .patch files, in the same way WOSQI does. Very useful for patch developers, and on-the-edge patch testers. :)

And for the record, I was not even thinking of WebOS-Internals when I chose the name. I based it off Palm's name for the usb mode section, /media/internal/. I then added a "z" at the end as an homage to the great PalmOS file manager, FileZ. Hope that clear up the name situation.

Yeah, perhaps Filez would have been a less confusing naming choice ...

Maybe we should name our next WebOS Internals application "Canuckz" ;)

Hmm - that might have been a suitable name for Lumberjack ...

Also, for people who are still unaware of the closeness with which our two organisations work, they should be aware that the patching facility in WOSQI and Internalz directly uses the AUPT scripts written by Eric Gaudet from WebOS Internals to perform the actual patch installation and removal.

-- Rod

lol, my main point was my choice of "Internalz" was not in any way done with thought of the name WebOS-Internals. I didn't want Filez as I wasn't sure if that app was gonna be ported to webOS at the time (I had heard conflicting messages on that topic). "Canuckz" on the on other hand... ;)

Seems Jason and I need to continually reinforce the separateness of our two organisations.

To donate to Jason from Canuck Software:

To donate to WebOS Internals:

Please ensure that you know the author of the homebrew applications you are using (check the help screen in the first instance), and make sure your donation is going where you think it is going.

Both organisations do awesome work for the webOS community, and create awesome tools that you get to use for free. Your donations to both are appreciated.

-- Rod

WebOS Internals is the developer of Preware. Preware is an app delivery mechanism for homebrew that works somewhat like the palm catalog.

however, Internalz is an app developed by Jason Robertelle and available in Preware.

I'm getting an error message in webos quick install. Error downloading package feeds and error invalid url. Any help?

As a first step I'd recommend posting the error you received, along with as many details about how you attempted to install/upgrade, at the Internalz topic on the Forums:

I wasnt trying to bash internalz by saying that preware was the best, not by anymeans. Just wanted some cleariffication on the two. Thanks guys for both of your work. A donation is def. in order.

um, it's getting tense in here. Why does it seem like everything that the WebOS Internals people say about Canuck has two meanings and is being typed through gritted teeth?

WebOS Internals is awesome, Canuck is awesome. Both are unique and distinct and have helped use average joes get far more out of these devices than we would have been able to on Palms/Sprints(etc) timetable.


Internalz FTW! =P

Let me settle your confusion.

As I am sure you know, WebOS Internals is one group and Jason is another.

We have a mutual respect for each other but because there are two different groups things are done in two different ways. We have one way of doing things, he has another, doesn't mean that we don't like him, doesn't mean that he doesn't like us, we are just separate entities.

He comes out with some amazing things, I personally use Internalz almost every day as well as several of his patches, Jason and I actually talk on IRC from time to time and I can ensure you that he is a great guy. There are just two different styles of coding there because we are separate. Doesn't mean there is any "war" or "gritted teeth" lol.

Thank you Jason

Great work and thanks for clearing up the name.

Now if you could only recreate KeyCaps and VolumeCare.

If anyone could do it it would be YOU. Without a Doubt!