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Internalz Tipz video series debuts; Canuck Coding releases roadmap 12

by Jason Robitaille Thu, 11 Nov 2010 11:22 am EST

After a short absence from the webOS development world due to studies, Canuck Coding is back in action. Formerly know as Canuck Software, Canuck Coding has now posted details of upcoming changes and a roadmap of things to come.

Among other things, the roadmap details plans for WebOS Quick Install v4.0. This release is planned with the aim to simplify things for users and improve stability, while adding must-desired features like dependency support, and wireless support via SSH.

Another interesting detail was the plan for Internalz. As webOS 2.0 has changed the landscape for developers so must Internalz change. Java is gone, meaning FileMgr needs to be rewritten in C. And more importantly, webOS 2.0 offers the possibility of seeing a more-restrictive App Catalog-compliant release of Internalz, expanding the user base to non-hombrew users too.

Also making news today is the debut of a video tutorial series, Internalz Tipz.  A prequel #0 episode has been released for those unsure how to install Internalz, and the latest episode #1 has been embedded above. Excluding the prequel, there will be a total of 20 episodes, one released every other day. Each will be very short and simplified for new users to understand.

Chances are over the course of the 40 days, you'll learn a few new things. The goal is that by the 20th episode, the new C-based FileMgr will complete; a countdown of sorts that many will surely appreciate. So take a watch of the debut episode and enjoy. If you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to speak up in the official series thread.


I actually did learn a thing or two. Well done!

He should work for Palm

This is sweet. I've had preware on my phone from pretty much the moment it was available, but this is the first time I've actually installed internalz. I had no clue how much you could do with it. Really exciting stuff! Is there a internalz section here on the forums? I know there's been talk of being able to see how many times you've opened and closed your slider and can also determine battery life and things. I really am so amazed at the talent we have on webOS. I really wish we could just get someone like HP to actually back our community and let us run HPalm. I really think the results would be even better.
By the way I'm not bashin on HPalm, I'm just always so impressed with this community and think sometimes we have more motivation to make things happen.

Thanks. I guess I could have just searched. haha. Thanks for the link.

I have always been amazed at what this community has accomplished.

Ladies and gentlemen.... He's Baaack!

Welcome back Jason, looking forward to the improvements webOS 2.0 will receive thanks to you. Great videos, very informative yet simple to understand.

Here's hopping Internalz makes it into the official app catalog and many more people get to enjoy your great work.


Is there an RSS feed for these I can put in Dr. Podder?

hey welcome back!!!!

You seem awfully familiar with this Canuck Coding company. :-P

From Jason on twitter:
JayCanuck Jason Robitaille
To those wanting to add Internalz Tipz to their RSS reader, the feel url is