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Introducing webOS Nation; still your home for all things webOS! 65

by Derek Kessler Fri, 09 Dec 2011 9:32 pm EST

Back in January 2009 we launched PreCentral as a sister site and successor to the wildly successful TreoCentral. Over the past three years we’ve posted thousands of articles (this posting is actually number 5,000), welcomed a couple hundred thousand new members to the site, and covered the heck out of everything and anything webOS. We were going to hold off on this and launch the whole redesign at once, but after yesterday’s news, we couldn’t help but think, “what the heck, why not do it now?”

What you’re getting is just a glimpse of the future. In the near future will graduate to the next stage of our existence, positioning the site and the community for the open source future. Everything you know and love about PreCentral will still be here, with all of the same members, bloggers, articles, forums, homebrew apps, and everything else. But there will be a new name, webOS Nation.

Heading into 2012 we’ll launch a full site redesign, finally bringing the site up-to-date, as well as moving to a new back-end system that promises much-improved stability. We won’t promise that the 502’s will be gone forever, but hopefully Mr. 502 will be a rare sight in this neck of the woods. This weekend we’ll be pulling the trigger on our new logo (above) and our new url:

We chose the name webOS Nation for one simple reason: this site is built on and survives by the webOS community. You are the webOS Nation, and this is your site. We’re more than just a composite of news articles, tip posts, and forum threads. This site lives and dies by the community. Heck, the webOS platform lives and dies by this community. If it weren’t for the engagement and dedication of people like you, webOS simply wouldn’t exist today. (On a side note, back in February of this year, leading into HP’s Think Beyond event, we were making preparations to switch to PalmCentral. Glad we didn’t pull that trigger, eh?)

Also, to go with the new open source mission of webOS we’ve opened a new set of forums dedicated to the new webOS open source project. Go ahead and check them out (and if you’re not registered yet, why not?).

We’re really quite excited for the future of this site, the webOS platform, and the webOS Nation as a whole, and we hope you are too. Things are going to be changing over the coming weeks and months (not tired of those words yet?) for the community and the platform, and we want to be best positioned to serve our readers, forum members, developers, the soon-to-arrive open source enthusiasts, and the webOS Nation as a whole. If you have any ideas or suggestions on new features for the website that you think could enhance the experience, we want to hear about it in the comments of this post.

Welcome to the webOS Nation!



Fantastic! Congrats.

Dislike! I'm in the Air Force and my base's web filter blocks the domain "" for being a blog, but always worked. So much for being able to stay up to date on all things webOS. :(

Depending on if the RSS link changes too (it currently still shows PreCentral), you can always just view the updates in something like Google Reader.

Though, if the RSS does change, I hope they'll announce it first so I can make that update.

I like it, Derek! Just don't neglect the mobile site.

Great job, guys! Thanks for all you do!

Congrats webOS Nation!

imo the seal you used for webosos is much better and is a true representation of what webos is all about. This just looks like a small manual or a folder or something...

I would recommend using that seal and to adjust the webos nation graphics as well ...but that's just my opinion.

edit... actually it also looks like an arrow going down. (i highly doubt this community needs an arrow pointing to the ground). sorry.

nice one. Me likes!
I just hope you do some treaking in the meantime since there are a lot of places where you still find "pre central" or even "palm pre central"...
Also, you invite your visitors to join the palm pre forums... kinda outdated...

I wish you all the best and thanks for sticking with us fanbois&grls! And wish ME luck, that my original Palm Pre- lasts a little longer. :)


As Derek mentioned, we were just a few weeks away from re-launching the site with the new domain and whole new CMS on the front end here and new look.

Following yesterday's news, we figured we should get the new domain announced now on the existing site template.

We'll do more pruning on existing "PreCentral" blocks, etc. that are up on the site come Monday, but in the meantime a little overlap between and isn't a bad thing - it'll give visitors a chance to make the connection as we phase out PreCentral and bring in webOSnation. It's a bit "messy" right now.. but that's ok... it's gotta get a little messy before it gets cleaned up!

Thanks for the patience on that, and hope everybody enjoys the new domain and everything coming in 2012!

In the meantime, if you notice any bugs/etc. relating to the domain change, just send them into site support and we'll be sure to tackle them.

The word-mark in the header looks blurry and is somewhat cramped, doesn't need to be as small as the old P|C word-mark but a little smaller would be better.

Also, is there anything that can be done about the image compression that is done across Mobile Nations? In images here and on, WPCentral and CrackBerry seem to all almost consistently have a spotty type blur on the images. On tiPb it's less common. I don't have a crazy dpi monitor but it's something I've noticed. Perhaps there isn't much that can be done.

Love it!! I knew the time would come before the site was redesigned. Long live the webOS Nation. Now I just have to get used to not typing in the address bar lol.

great! I've been thinking for awhile now that this place was due for a name change. Was expecting to come here one day and see precentral has become weboscentral but I like this name webos nation much better :-)

Yes, but will be there be an iOS app?


Just kidding, love that the community is not only staying alive but soon will be stronger than ever. What an amazing reward to those of us who stuck it out through the ups and downs or the people just jumping in now.

Also, I love the name. I always felt bad for the Veer, Pixi, and Touchpad, they were always in the Pre shadow (even though my favorite webOS device is still the Pre, sorry Touchpad).

Finally we and webOS are freed from HP, let's work for a better future!!
Thank you for everyone and Derek:)

no.. sorry but webOS wont be free of HP.

Why won't it? Even if in the future HP decides to ditch webOS, we'll always have it to mess around with. The amazing devs in the open source community will be pushing updates, fixes, and custom ROMS for years to come.

I must admit, seeing the new graphic and name webOS nation is actually quite refreshing. I am looking forward to upcoming events/brews/ports :D

I love the new name!

Here's to a great future *raises glass*

Congratulations and.... GO webOS GO!!

My WebOS Xmas Haiku prayer answered =]

Thanks for the correction.

I was just wondering yesterday if you guys would rebrand the site now that webOS is open. Awesome!

Please update the P/C app to compliment the new logo! I have been a long time webOS and P/C since before the Sprint Pre was released. I became a fan when I first saw webOS in action...I believe it was CES 2008. The gestures, the multitasking cards, and the intuitive nature of the OS hooked me in. 3 years later...even after all the stuff webOS has been through...I'm still backing it 110% because I do believe with the right moves, it can finally be appreciated AND be a relevant choice for today's consumer.

Oh, and I believe what Meg decided was a right move =)

...lets just get people biting already! HP needs to promote webOS now as a very capable OS that both manufacturers and app developers can benefit from.

Tomorrow's FIRESALE of the last batch of TouchPads was another great move. Now that we know webOS is technically not DEAD, people will buy the item because it won't have to collect dust like many predicted.

As long as we have webOS Internalz, webOS Nation, and webOS RoundUP to help push webOS - we will be fine.

Lets make 2012 webOS' year to shine. I know I know...sounds like a repeat of the "think beyond" event, right? Well, now we do need to "think beyond" all the **** filled past and look ahead.

We can do it.

webOS can do it.

I like the new name, it doesn't make sense to name it after hardware anymore. Looking forward to the future of webOS.

Yay!! I like the new name and look!!

Happy to see the new name change! webOSnation describes us better as were going to have to be a nation to continue to survive.

It is only fitting to have a new name for this website to follow webOS into a new era.


I've been a bit worried about your mental health, DK, as regards the fate of our beloved OS. Happy to see that y'day's news has recharged your dilithium crystals.

Onwards !!! She lives !~!!

The king is dead... Long live the King!

Vive le Roi! :-D

new motto: "we.b.OS!" (as in Open Source) ha!

10 char

I was just thinking this morning what you guys were going to call the site after the news of the death of our favorite phones. Nice choice!

great rebrand. been waiting on that name change for a while.

Good rebrand. Looks like there's a problem with the forums. I can't login with my username. It just redirects me to the same page and asks for my login again.

I don't know how others are able to do it... maybe it has something to do with my login being from TreoCentral days.

Should be fixed now. We broke something for literally five minutes just now while updating the forums to the new domain. Should be able to re-login now all good.

still no go for me. I can obviously login to the web site, but when I log in to the forum it accepts my login fine but then when I get back to the forum list I'm still not logged in. I have closed/opened my browser, hit hard reload (ctrl-F5), etc. to no avail.

and an hour later, still not able to login. deleted all my precentral and cookies, no help.

well, probably for the best, I spend way too much time on the forums anyway. maybe I'll take a break for a few days.

I like the idea of the webOS nation, but I like most the other logo, with the stack as it is in the device, the one in the webOSOS...

been with you for the last twelve months - what phone did I have before ? - I can't remember! ( I can but just want the effect ) - its been a roller coaster for me but a great experience also. I'm typing this on my Pre 2 but have a Veer and Pre 3 and also a white 64gig touchpad. Touchstones all over the house and one wired into the car ...I've bought into webOS big style ...the hardware Is just the shell that houses the wonderful OS. When I heard yesterdays news I thought "oh b#gger" however when you think of symbian project you realise that we are in exciting times - good luck to webOS Nations s I'm 100% behind you. PS thing Is the gesture pad this Is an integrale part of the platform and should not be lost when other manufacturers start making hardware ..

TouchStones should be an integral part also!

I agree, gesture area is a distinctive feature and should not be lost in hardware development. I most appreciate the tweaks on the Touchpad that reintroduced swipes from the margins of the screen.

I can't stay logged into the forums for more than a single page load :(

On phone or computer? Worst case try logging out and clearing cookies and logging back in. Been trying from multiple computers/devices and should be ok (we did break things a few times and fixed it).

May be some bugs still on how the mobile template redirects are working (could be getting the full forums instead of mobile forums when you click through from mobile site). Will keep working to get things tweaked up. Thx for the patience.

Love the name change, love the logo, and love your passion for keeping the community active and nimble to all these changes. Good job team!

I'm not sure I understand HP's decision to go open source since it seems they could have monetized the intellectual property in some way, but at least this way it gets a chance to stay alive and show up on some updated hardware.

I'm wondering if HP will keep running the App Catalog and trying to get a piece of the action from developers who want to sell their wares through an established channel while unloading the burden/expense of developing the underlying OS platform. Seems like IPKs will start to proliferate through all manner of other delivery mechanisms, though; so I'm stumped as to the rationale.

Now you should make an official app!

OK, I managed to get logged into the forums!!

If you can't login into the forums, go into your cookies, and delete all and cookies. Looks like the webOSNation session cookie was getting set with an id that belonged to .. so it was ignoring it.

... GRR. it only lasted about 4 page loads before it reverted. I can only get in from IE, presumably because I've never logged into the forums from IE before.

Is this from a TP? I can login here but not the forum using a TP. Firefox on PC works fine - but no Forum joy in webOS land!

Precentral has been my regular source of Palm related news/support since i got my pre+ so i'm happy to follow you guys on this next venture.

Happy for the community and for the folks behind this website that they have something to continue to cover. Hoping for the best for all of us interested in webOS...

Thanks Derek, et al.

Great job and thx Derek and mobile nations to keep supporting WebOS.

Congratulations! :) Good name! :D

Ahh, goodbye "Central" name.

Strange that you mention TreoCentral. I signed up here when it was VisorCentral!

Still bummed that when Palm launched the Centro, you didn't go and start up CentroCentral :-p


Wow, looks great! Congrats Derek and crew! Here's to the future of webOS!

Sorry, don't like it.

We're not a nation, we're a WORLD.

I just bought and Soon there will be lots of webos news around. And I already own

webOS Nation - webOS Italia, a great father, a great son! Good work!

This is great but it seems that I have to log in everytime now to post comments. I was always auto logged

I love the new name and I look forward to all that will happen in the future. Thank you for all you do with webOS!

Name change waiting patiently for Whitman's announcement. (a la Citizen Kane's: "Which headline should we run tomorrow? "Kane Wins", or "Fraud At The Polls". In your case, "webOSnation", or "preCentral closing down in mid-2012.")

The Pre is finally dead after three brief years of life. Long live webOS!

I noticed that the site doesn't work in Forums (Tapatalk anymore now). The old Pre-Central one is still available in the forums app, but it doesn't load anymore.

Any chance you could re-install the Tapatalk plugin?

Thanks for PreCentral's contribution to the webOS community.

After I got a Touchpad, I check out the posting here almost every day. I am very impressed at the enthusiasm of the webOS lovers and the dedication of the bloggers here.

I believe webOS will have a long life as long as the support from the webOS Nation are on.

I still wanna know what I am doing that won't let me log in from my Pre2 :-(. Even the mobile site got a 404....sigh issa no workie. Most of the time it just sends me back to the login page, and NEVER remembers me. Imadoofus.

I'm curious why y'all chose to deviate from the "central" theme of your sister sites?

Can't log into the forums using the Communities on Touchpad or Forums on Pre2 apps.

Had an email back from the developer and it's not something they can fix he said it's down to you guys...

Great... it helps us to feel our favorite OS is not yet dead, hehe...

Love the new name, on the logo I prefer the old webOS nation logo because reflects better the webOS cards but this one has a modern look, not bad at all, plus it makes a W...

It's great to be a part of this community...

Love you all guys... I promised myself I was not going to *clears throat* cry...