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by Derek Kessler Wed, 12 Oct 2011 7:17 pm EDT

Is it really right for us to consider platforms other than webOS to be the competition when nobody's making webOS devices? While you ponder that philosophical query, we're going to point you over to our friends at i-friendly TiPb, where they're taking an in-depth look at the latest competition to come out of Cupertino: Apple iOS 5. Some features, like the iCloud cloud syncing, PC-free setup and backups, OTA backups, and Reminders, notifications show the signs of webOS' influence, while others like Siri voice control and dictation, AirPlay mirroring, and Find My Friends are quite interesting. With the future of webOS up in the air, you'd be silly to not be at least researching your other options (especially with the iPhone 4 and 4S soon to be available on Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T - all also webOS carriers). Of course, we'd love for you to not have to be considering those options...

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I'll bee honest; if HP doesn't get its shtuff together to get the webOS back into gear by the time my contract is up for renewal in March (even if it's something is merely "in the works"), then I'm gonna switch to the iPhone.

I mean, although the iPhone 1 was just pure suck (especially relative to the Palm Treo 650 I had at the time), Apple certainly got their act together and made the iPhone quite usable (which, on the side, beg the question: why wasn't the iPhone 4 the iPhone 1 to begin with?).

Anyways, I still prefer the webOS to the iOS, but if the webOS continues to stall and become stale, there WILL be a point where the iOS will become far better than the webOS, simply by virtue of the fact that it has had time to mature where as the webOS stayed the same.

Here's thus also hoping that if the webOS is going to "die", it ends up being absorbed by Apple and out favorite parts of the webOS--Cards, synergy, etc--are incorporated into the iOS. I mean, of course I'd rather see the webOS stay alive, but if it's gonna die, at least be absorbed by someone who'll actually DO something with it versus let it evaporate (like BeOS and Palm/GarnetOS)....

"why wasn't the iPhone 4 the iPhone 1 to begin with?"

For whatever reason iOS has been allowed to mature with minimal criticism. When it was first released it was the weakest thing on the market. It was missing core functions for even the most basic feature phone. Windows Mobile, Palm and Blackberry were all baked OSs with apps numbering in the tens of thousands. Apple wouldn't measure up to the functionality of these OSs for a few years but they were given a pass by the bloggers and the public.

Since then 3 major OSs have been introduced (webOS, Android, WP and even the Playbook OS) and all have been met with heavy criticism from the tech world because they are not as mature as iOS (at the time). It's a crazy double standard that I expect from the mindless public, but not from "knowledgeable" people in the industry.

I recognize the idea that even though the iPhone 1 didn't have half the features other smart phones had at the time, it still had more than non-smartphones had, and THAT was enough for people looking to finally get a smartphone but found Blackberrys, Palms and Windows Mobile phonees as too complex and/or too business-like.

I still wonder, however, why Apple didn't go a little further and just add one or two extra "features" (copy-and-paste is a "feature"?) before releasing it? Maybe I guess Jobs felt that it had to be perfect or it's not gonna be in the iPhone, and I can admit that the iOS's copy-and-paste implementation is pretty good...

Oh well, what matters now is that the iOS IS what it is now, and not what it once was. As such, I don't mind so much that the webOS is "behind" right now... I just hope it is able to make up for things later on.

The main problem with the iPhone is all of the Apple that comes with it. For people invested in that ecosystem it's the obvious choice. I don't own any Apple products so the iPhone just isn't an option for me.

You don't need to own any Apple products to consider an iPhone. I never owned any Palm products when I chose the Palm Pre.


All of these devices can be use without much interaction with the company that produces them. They all also have added value if you do use the services provided by said producing companies.

Apple does it.
RIM does it.
Google does it (so do the various google partners).
Microsoft does it.
HP has talked about doing it and was at one point working hard to actually do it.

Ecosystem is a good thing.

Day by day webos' greatest features are appearing more and more in other devices. The latest ios release surely borrows many things from webos. I sure hope HP sells webos quickly to a company that can really take off quickly with it.

I am looking to replace me and my wife's aging Pre+'s on Verizon. I've been doing some research and while there are a lot of good thing being said about android phones, people seem to universally complain about crashes and freezing up, not to mention battery life on every phone. When I looked at the review for the iPhone I saw virtually no complaints, and the few that were listed were not a big deal. I hear people on this site badmouth iOS all the time, and my question is this: Why? What is so bad about iOS a platform that it seems everyone (aside from us smartphone elitists) seems to love? I am not defending the platform, I just want to know what people don't like about it so I can make an informed decision.

"Because sheeple."

But really, I'm with you on this. I had my beefs with it over the years, but they're slowly fixing them (eg: new notification bar).

At the end of the day, I think the iPhone "just works" better than most Android phones, even if things are a bit more locked down and the whole wall of icons UI is getting stale.

But I like your mom.

*sees himself out*


If you like the IPhone - fine - no problem - buy one.

But it's not flawless.
* If you couldn't find any complaints then you need to check your search engine settings.
* It's not hard to find the same complaints about battery life that all modern smartphones get.

* There was a widespread flaw with the IPhone 4 antenna

* Some Iphone (before 4 IIRC) caught fire or just exploded

* Until IOS 5 notifications sucked - simplistic and modal

* No flash (I dislike flash - but it is used still by many web sites - and not all of them offer an alternative or have an app)

* Apple has a restrictive My-Way-Or-The-Highway attitude. If their way is right for you - then not a problem

* No multi-tasking (they mislabel some limited background services as multi-tasking)

There's much more

To be fair - all platforms have their good sides and bad sides. All have some flaws. All have some percentage of faulty devices.
At the end of the day - find one that fits your preferences. If that happens to be an IPhone - that's OK.

I've been on the fence about this very issue since the iPhone was announced for Sprint last week. Maybe by Friday I'll have made up my mind? Honestly, and sadly, I still love my Pre- even though I'm on phone number 4 (or is it 5?) since the original release date due to various hardware issues. Like many here, at least I have a TouchPad to get my daily webOS fix.

You should seriously consider moving to Verizon with a Pre 2. Much better hardware, and the difference in the bill is negligible. I was with Sprint for 8 years--was afraid of (1) losing my special loyalty status (which they keep changing anyway), and (2) my bill going up. I'm happy to tell you that I got a plan that keeps my bill within $10 of my sprint "simply most things" plan (as I like to call it--because, really, it most definitely does not include *everything* Sprint offers). In any case, not only does the Pre 2 run way, way, WAY better, and not only is my bill similar to my Sprint bill (and trust me, I use a ton of both data and talk time), the icing on the cake is that I've noticed a significant improvement in coverage (I live in Northern Virginia--in the DC metropolitan area).

Gotta chip in right off the bat: notifications are following Android's influence more than webOS's a la a pull down menu.

I think it's still hard to beat the way webOS manages things although it loses some advantage if you have more than a few items to go through. And I like the weather widget there...

...yeah, ditching the modal notifications alone has me reconsidering iOS.

Gotta chip in right off the bat: notifications are following Android's influence more than webOS's a la a pull down menu.


Pre+ Verizon user here. My iPhone 4S arrives on Friday. Thanks for nothing HP/Palm - I'm kicking myself for having wasted my time waiting this long for a Pre 3. But thanks PreCentral - it's been fun. My last day here will be on Friday, and I *will* let the Pre door hit me in the **** on my way out - I deserve it for the idiotic blind devotion.

Idiotic blind devotion paid off for me when I saw Apple's resurgence dring the late 90's and early 00's.

Idiotic blind devotion will pay off for me when I see webOS take off in SOME way. Apple proved to me that "failures" can win. Realistically--at this point--it seems like webOS will survive only if after it's absorbed into iOS or Android, but the devotionist in me is certain webOS wil be awesome in time to come.

Because there is the way things are "supposed" to be like, the way things are "NOT supposed" to be like, and the way things end up being like.... and the way things end up being like usually NEVER have anything to do with the way it is or isn't "supposed" to be like. ... People once said Apple was dead, but hah! Now people are saying webOS is dead. Hah....?

Isn't there a difference between a company and an OS? Just wondering why people keep saying webOS (the OS) will do what Apple (the company) did. What makes the two comparable?

Nice review on the other site; thanks for pointing this out.

This will likely be the new ecosystem for the family and me. It's unlikely an Apple CEO will come out and say "we're spinning off the hardware division" anytime soon. Stability is good.

Family is currently 1/4 android and 3/4 webOS.

By November it will either be 3/4 iOS and 1/4 android or 100% iOS at which point I'll finally say to webOS (in my best Godfather impersonation) "You're dead to me."

I knew it was you Fredo. You broke my heart!

webOS broke mine. :-(

Just had my Pre stolen 2 days ago. $50 to replace my 4th Pre = 25% cost of iPhone 4S. This warrants an analysis (including reading this forum).

I am a loyalist. Same insurance, same mobile provider, etc. for years. I have preached webOS since June 2009--'message' highlights being "Notifications, Synergy, Smartness". But, IF webOS is dead, it's dead. It's too short-term for any of us to determine or foresee that. But, the principle is: Don't sow into a sinking ship, even if it is the U.S.S.-Palm/HP. Like any other 'death', life goes on. (That's so hard to say married to Palm since she was Kyocera 6035.)

Bottom line: I'm nervous about switching, but, having to make a decision, I'm going to buy the 4S Friday (if I find one) and am going to try to webOS-ify it for all 14 days of the grace period before returning. If it passes reasonability testing, I'm keeping. If not, I'll pay my $50 for a refurbed Pre--may $50 MORE for yet another backup Pre.

webOS-at-heart....for life.

Dude, I was the same way when I purchased the SGS2 on "opening day". I was the last one left in my family with a Palm Pre -, and I didn't want to go but my contract was up and the phone was really giving me trouble. Like you I was afraid to step out of the Web OS box. At work I kept my old Palm Pre right next to my New SGS2. I told my wife I needed it around because.... well, I dont know why but I had it with me almost always. That was then; today I do not even know where the **** that phone is. The **** with all that Web OS is the most elegant, polished, clean, and all the other adjectives being thrown around here. You want function, support and quality, go get your Iphone....

Moving from Sprint Pre- to 32GB iPhone 4S on Sprint as of Friday. I jumped onto the Sprint Pre bandwagon because the iPhone was only on AT&T in 2009 and I couldn't get the device because of their poor coverage in the area where I do most of my work.

The Pre was my first smartphone. I used a flip phone with a palm m515 for years and the 515 was showing its age. I have never had a problem with the phone since getting it in October 2009. I was disappointed in the lack of basic functionality but I held on to the promises that Document editing and other improvements would be "coming soon." I got used to the limitations and enjoyed features like synergy and universal search. I worked around using Google to synch my contacts and calendar between my phone and laptop. I looked forward to the release of the Pre 3 with hopes that it would be coming to Sprint. And then...

I didn't leave webOS, it left me... or more accurately, the company behind it left me. I will keep my pre and possibly pass it on to my wife or my daughter. IF a webOS phone is ever back on the market, I may be back. Until then, I look forward to Pages, Numbers and Keynote integration with my Apple laptop and using iCloud to keep it all in synch.

iPhone4 is still 2.5x the price of my Pre3 and the 4s will probably cost 3-4x and thats just the price. Weighing in hardware keyboard and that it runs webOS makes my choice seem pretty darn perfect, atleast to me.

Pre3 is only available off contact, but 16GB 4/4S on contract is $200 and cheaper.

iCloud for iOS5 is "Palm Profile" as is should have been in 2009 :(

Palm-Profile functionality
+App-Data Backup
+Webaccess for contacts and calendar
+Mediasharing across devices with same profile

Got my iPhone 4GS on order.

If this would be a real feature.. I'd gladly trade my Pre 2 for an iPhone 4S.

Just reading through the review strongly reinforced why I will never own any apple product. I guess how they go about things works for a number of people, but I would be banging my head on the nearest wall after 10 minutes trying to make an iphone my primary device. I guess I just don't get it.

gonna keep rocking my 2.1 pre+ till it craps out on me and even then i still got my 2.1 pixi+ as a backup. dont get me wrong i know ima have to jump os one day if hp doesnt do something. i got an evo 4g not cause i wanted it but cause my wife got if for me to video chat yeah its newer and faster but i still dont like. never gonna go to ios, dislike droid even though i have one. webos is my choice even though its on life support.

Ah, WebOS. Such a fine OS, and such unfulfilled promise. I enthusiastically got my Pre on release day - it was the best thing out there, and oh so much better than the Blackberry that I had before. When my Pre got flaky after a year, with no sign of a Sprint Pre+ I got it replaced under warranty. 16 months later, that phone is getting flaky too, and I know that the Pre3 won't be coming to Sprint. And Best Buy refused to refund me the difference on my now-orphaned TouchPad. So I am disappointed and a little bitter about WebOS. My iPhone 4S is en route, and tomorrow I will sadly retire my Pre.

I will miss the elegant OS, the unobtrusive notifications and the convenience of the Touchstone. But I won't miss the excruciatingly slow processor, stuttering OS and glitchy hardware.

I like the TouchPad, and I'll still visit PreCentral for the latest news. I sincerely hope the platform survives (and thrives!), but I'm not too optimistic about it, and I can't hold my breath waiting any longer. I wish the best to those of you who continue to hold the faith.

This is my swan song today. I bought the Pre- on Day 1, had one stolen, and 3 replaced due to construction defects. I've been loyal in boasting the merits of WebOS, updated my phone with every reasonable update, and am holding it together with super-glue, praying it would make it to today. The fact is PALM/HP abandoned us and it's time to move on. I've had many Macs over the years, starting w/ a 512; it's always been a good and stable platform. I passed by on the TouchPad and got an iPad2 instead. What a stunning machine! Today my pre-ordered iPhone 4S will arrive. It will be a stunning instrument, too. I've enjoyed the community associated with the Palm phones, and will miss it; but it's now rapidly becoming an orphaned dinosaur. if it ever comes back I will take another look. Thanks all. d

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Got my iPhone yesterday, sayonara Pre-!

Siri is seriously great. The system itself is not as good as WebOS, but it's much better than Android.

WebOS is a genius system in the hands of idiots.
iOS is a great system in the hands of geniuses.
Android is an average system in the hands of the average.

With no new WebOS devices on the horizon and a shiny new iPhone 4s available on Sprint's network, it was finally time to bid my 2+ year old Palm Pre a fond farewell. If a miracle happens and WebOS is picked up by a company willing to put it on a cutting edge device, I may consider switching back in the future, but for now I gotta this iPhone is pretty sweet.