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iPhone 4S announced, coming to Sprint - the final blow to the original Palm Pre userbase? 104

by Derek Kessler Tue, 04 Oct 2011 4:00 pm EDT

Let's be honest, if you're still using an original Palm Pre on Sprint, it's for two reasons: (1) you don't want to switch to Android, and (2) you don't want to leave Sprint. We can't say we blame you, though the Android options on Sprint are looking better with each day. But today, that all changed with Apple's introduction of the iPhone 4S, which will be coming to AT&T and Verizon (current US carriers of the iPhone 4) as well as Sprint. Our pals over at TiPb are going all iPhone 4S crazy with a full roundup of the day's news, a top-of-the-line specs comparison, and much more to come.

But there's a question we have to ask: most Pre on Sprint are already past their two year contract mark, and it won't be long for Sprint Pixi owners either; with the iPhone coming to your network of choice, are you at all tempted to switch platforms? We can't say we'd blame you at this point.



went to at$t bc i got a brand new pre 2 gsm phone for 140 on ebay... no contract.. $140? winning.

Dude you can get a pre3 for $250.

Got myself a Pre 3, and switched to AT&T today. :) HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY :)

how does it work... Are there any things that don't work on it.. Does it work as if it were really released?

Did I miss a story or did PreCentral completely miss the bus on the grey market ATT/Pre3's in the secondary market?

I may switch but I did this a couple months ago.. at the time it was a win. Not sure if the pre 3 is worth it yet based on the review and lack of apps.

How do you like the pre3?

@abbodabbodo -- It's a massive improvement over the Sprint Palm Pre that I've had since launch day (or nearly launch day). I haven't used a Pre Plus or a Pre 2, so I cannot comment on their build.

I will say this: When I opened up my AT&T account on Friday, my phone of "choice" was the Veer (obviously for $0.01, I wouldn't pass it up as long as it was in stock). It arrived today with the SIM card, and the build quality is just as good as the Pre 3.

For the Pre 3, the only thing that bothers me build quality wise is when the slider mechanism. When I open for use with the keyboard, the slider tends to rock up and down just little (not side to side or oreo-like). When it's closed, there is no rocking or shifting (like my Pre). As for the Veer, the slider is very solid. No rocking up/down or side-to-side. I guess for the Pre 3, it's due to the size of the device itself.

The keyboard on the Pre 3 is FANTASTIC! I don't know if it's because it's simply bigger or because the way the keys are depressed makes it feel different. I've been trying on it all day, and I haven't found a single thing wrong with it. The same could be said for the Veer. It may be A LOT smaller, but truth be told, I found myself having no problem using it at all. The keys click just as well for the Veer as they Pre 3. No double-characters.

It's quick and responsive to my gestures. Applications that rotate do so with ease. I do kind of miss the "nipple" from the original Pre (I guess I'm the only one :P).

The screen has vivid colors, good contrast. At 50% brightness, I found myself not needing to make it any higher. Comparing the aged Pre to the Pre 3, there is simply no contest in terms of clarity.

The slightly bigger screen is an improvement. The text is easier to read -- I'm not holding the phone up to my face. I don't need a massive screen. I just want something that will fit in my pocket.

When the phone first synced my contacts (via synergy, facebook, etc), and previously downloaded apps, the phone lagged. Now that the updates and application installations from my profile restoration are complete, I noticed no lag. 25 cards in.

Apps, the lack of doesn't bother me. I really just check RSS feeds/website updates, and email (a lot) with the Pre 3. An occasional game or two. I find webkit in the Pre 3 to be enough to render the web pages (Chase, Bank of America, etc) to the point where I do not need an "app" for it.

In all, I really like it. It's clean. Simple. Smooth. It's not a finger print magnet like the TouchPad.

I guess I should add: On my original Pre from Sprint, I never really went over 600 MB month in terms of data usage. I alway seemed to be connected to a wifi access point or something. Personally, for me, I don't see a problem with the 2/4GB cap. **** even Comcast has a cap, but it's ridiculously high, 250GB last I checked.

FWIW, I'd miss the nipple too. It gives a nice tactile reference for the center of the gesture area, though you'd probably get used to it being missing.

(Also, I'm proud of myself for not making about fifteen juvenile nipples puns here.)

Winning is a $100 pre- on Sprint @ $40/month no contract.

I'm willing to bet Sprint won't allow the iPhone on SERO and would want me on the $80/month plan. No way I'm going for that...

No wonder Sprint is losing so much money that they had to sell their soul to Apple for the iPhone. Look for Sprint to jettison low-revenue plans ASAP. They need to sell 30 million iPhones and they aren't going to pay for them with discounted plans.

With unlimited data, I don't see how you can't like the options of iPhone 4S, the entire EVO lineup, the Epic Touch 4G, the Bold 9930 and hopefully some excellent WP7 Nokia and HTC options coming in a few weeks.

Those are some excellent choices that all perform well. Modern smartphones don't lockup and require battery pulls anymore. It's time to move on since HP killed what should have been another great option in this lineup.

Tough choice for new Sprint customers, I think, but a good problem to have these days.

After years of Palm and BB, I'm happy sitting on my EVO until the Nokias arrive.

The Pre never required a battery pull either, just a button combination.

no i was constantly having issues that required battery pulls followed by 3 minute long boot times and an overheating phone

if you don't think modern smartphones don't need battery pulls sometimes, just go to the Droid Charge user reviews on VZW or Android Central. It looks like a lot of Droid Bionics on VZW were swaps for Droid Charges!

My Samsung Epic should have come with a quick-release button for the battery cover, and it was a year newer than the Pre.

my Pre- is still in service, w/o a battery pull since 1.4.5. My VZW Pre2 needed quite a few pulls before the 2.1 update. Only 1 or 2 spontaneous reboots since then.

I won't be getting one but I have several friends also on Sprint who definitely will. The sad part is they also would have bought a new webOS phone, but the Pre2 and Pre3 never came. Who knows how many sales and customers Sprint lost over this.

this is the last mail in the head for web is. Thnx Leo

"nail" stupid auto correct

If Android is annoying the **** out of you and you are on Sprint, the HTC Arrive with Windows phone Mango is a nice choice. That is where the Wife and I went.

What we miss: Tethering and Touchstone. That is all.

I'd love to hear a thorough review from the life of a webOS -> Mango convert. The only one I don't know much about, really.

I wonder many Pre launch buyers are still hanging on to the Palm Pre. I gave up in September of 2010 after waiting a whole year for a doc editor that still has not arrived.

People here are willing to wait forever. webOS hardware has been discontinued yet people here are waiting for new hardware from some company that may or may not buy webOS and may or may not build some new hardware sometime in 2012. They would rather wait for technology than use it.

I know 3 people who don't want to pay the extra $10/mo that changing phones would cost.

Also, not everyone changes there phone every two years.
Just people like us.

I still have my pre-. Hoping for a larger screen on the new iPhone has left me in a predicament.

I, as a rule, prefer iOS over androne/bb/wp7 but I was really hoping for a ~4" screen for better browsing/email.

I am currently considering the iPhone 4S and the SS-GSII,E4GTouch(lol@name). I suppose the screen size of the GSII and how I like iOS5 will be the deciding factors.

You! People like you! Stop it! Just cut it out with the >4" stuff! I love my Pre because it's not ginormous! I'd have still loved the Pre 3 for being small by today's standards while still having an awesome screen! There's lots of folks like me who don't want to carry anything larger than a 3.7" brick in their pocket all day! EXCLAMATION POINT!

(Note: But really, to each their own. I just *desperately* wish someone would make a flagship device that was under 4".)

"I just *desperately* wish someone would make a flagship device that was under 4"."

HP did. It was called the Pre3...

As for the phone size, I recently decided to give up the ghost and try an Epic Touch. I was worried about the screen size, and the ONLY problem I have with it is that one-handed use isn't nearly as easy as on the pre. Other than that, there is no comparison. As for the phone in the pocket, I can honestly say that I sometimes cant even tell it's there. For how big the screen is, the phone is remarkably thin, and I often double check my pockets to make sure it's there. The pre was a great form factor for me, and fit very nicely in the pocket, but I could tell it was there.

I have been a Pre owner since day one. I've gone through 5 Pre-'s, 2 sprintified Pre+'s, and just set down my 9 month old FrankenPre2. If the Pre2 were the original Pre, or even the Pre+, Palm would still be in business. It is that good. Unfortunately, it wasn't. I have 3 more days to decide whether to keep the Epic or return it. I'm tempted to send it back because I really miss the Pre2, but the quality of the Epic, combined with an amazing camera (seriously, built in panorama mode is awesome), has me rethinking my webOS loyalty.

Yeah, the Pre 3 is a big lament. And one-handed use is the main reason I love my Pre. I came to webOS as soon as I saw the size and portrait slider, not to mention the UI. Before that I'd always had landscape sliders (physical keyboard lover) and finally realized it wasn't for me after about three years.

And incidentally, after hearing that Samsung's upcoming beast has a >4.6" screen (seriously?), I'm seriously considering the iPhone as I grow sick of this pocket-tablet trend. I'd honestly prefer to go Android, but none of them seem to see that some folks want a nice phone in a smaller package.

I'm sad to say that it's really hard to convince myself to stay on a Palm Pre when my entire family will be upgrading (thus I'd be in a new contract anyway).

Now, I love my Pre, and I was extremely anxious to see a Pre3 on Sprint or Verizon (that I can get for under $200, I've seen the $600+ ones on eBay), but I refuse to jump to AT&T (lackluster reception in areas I work, poor plan options, and marketing techniques that border on false advertising are just some of the reasons I wouldn't do that), so that leaves me the options of, an iPhone, an Android, a dumbphone, or staying with a phone that's over two years old.

I might hold out for word of a new suitor for webOS til Christmas time, but that's about it. And the iCloud that I already use would only be useful with the iPhone, so there's also that...

FrankenPre2... that's what I've got. It will definitely hold me over for another year if not more (if the apps keep coming out).

the iphone looks nice. But I'm sick of sprint and never getting phone calls and text in my house.

so pre 3 + h20 wireless is were you will find me :)

your loyalty to the pre is idiotic, yet admirable in sick way...

You obviously never had the Pre3 in your hand.

Nothing idiotic about it.

I had a pre minus in my hand for 14 months....and the pre3 virtually the same thing, which is why WebOS and the pre line of phones are dead. To seek out and pay $$ for a pre3 is ridiculous.

"virtually the same thing"?? Clearly you've not had your hands on a Pre 3 !! The Pre 3 is a thing of beauty, as many have said before, it is what the "Pre" should have been from day 1. Saying the Pre 3 is like the Pre minus is like comparing the iPhone 1 to the iPhone 4S, sure they have the same name, but they are hardly "virtually the same thing". I've had every Pre and even a Veer, but they all pale beside the Pre 3.

On word my friend: Airave.

Well, Sprint has committed to buy 30 million iPhones from Apple at about $500 each whether they can sell them or not. They are betting the company on it.

So to paraphrase HParsons: "Do you think Sprint will be pushing the iPhone?"

As far as I know, the sprint/iphone figures were speculation on the part of the WSJ. I'm inclined to disbelieve Any future rumors and "reports from those familiar" stories. They we bs when it came to webOS devices, and they are always bs when Apple is involved. "Sprint goes all in with the iphone. Orders $20 billion worth, and will get an iphone5 exclusive, starting in October!" Forward to Apples Talk iPhone event...no iPhone5, no Sprint exclusive, Blogs have no idea what they're talking about.


My first thought after the event: http://tinyurl.com/qjwoqo

The WSJ is usually right about Apple. We'll see. If there's an explosion of Sprint marketing of the iPhone then you will know that they are betting the company on it.

My Pre is suiting me just fine.

Derek, I have about six months left on my Sprint original Pre. My other two phones are past contract. I like Sprint and won't change service. I will continue to use my original Pre until it breaks and I can't get a replacement. I have the 32 Touchpad and it has far exceeded my expectations. I'm a WEBOSOS fan and feel I'm part of the family. I am disabled and these two wonderful things are my window outside of my bedroom.
Watching and reading all the hard work you all are doing makes me proud to be a part of webOS. I just wish I could do more for the cause.
I read your columns religiously and cheer you on. Please tell the webOS family Thank you from me.

ShanPalm61, your comment summarizes my exact position. My contract is up on my Sprint Pre but I will not sign another one for any other phone besides webOS. I too have a sprint pre- and a 32GB TouchPad and I am extremely happy. I read this site hourly and will support almost any and all movement to prolong webOS' life. The feeling of family is probably the best way to express how I feel about the webOS community and the intimate way that everyone works together and supports each other.

I second shanpalm61 with a great Thank you to all. I will remain webOS faithful forever.

My better half and myself are both sporting Pre- still along with a 32/64gig Touchpad and enjoy every minute of it.

We both are currently creating 2 seperate themes for our Touchpad and will be sharing them with everyone once they get closer to being done.

We couldn't be happier with the ease and use.


Me too. I have my original Pre also, 32 Touchpad and I will not be switching to Iphone unless I have to. I may do the FrankenPre thing, but I dont see myself switching. I would not mind the Iphone, but I don't want it. Keep up the good work. Pre till it falls apart, and then some. I will keep sending it in, until they send me another one.

galaxy s epic 4g (orig)
-slick features
-$40 2yr contract sams club in stores

oh, and kliktray apps being ported:

easypulse (already in android marketplace)
what's-shaking (in development)
techtray (planned)

best of both worlds - what else can we do - no webos phones :(

I like my Pre andi think I'll stay with it until something that meets my needs dramatically better comes along. If I get my hands on a Pre3, I'll consider going to att. L like Webos and the community its embedded in. Maybe I'm contrarian, but I also like being different and rocking this little OS that most know nothing about. So I will stay.

i'll get the iphone cause my pre minus is through and i'm not a big webos fan and there really is nothing they could do to keep but i'll buy it with disappointment. Not cause id don't like iphones but because there's no 4 inch screen. even more then a redesign. I wanted a 4 inch screen. if it had had that i'd have bought the 64 gig. now i just have trouble justifying that cost. as for final blow. for me it wasn't iphone, palm did the final blow to itself long ago. I probably never should have bought the Pre. It was not the right phone for me. But the blow came long ago with the products they released. I was just waiting for my contract to end. as i'm not a phone enthusiast that goes and buys phones yearly. It has now ended.

No thanks, I love my FrankenPre2.

The day has arrived! Holding tightly to my original Palm Pre. WebOS is the absolute best out there. But my Pre will barely make it til Oct 14. I'm joining a cult I do not want to join. I'm leaving a group I adore. A dozen years with Palm! If (WHEN) WebOS returns with a vengeance--whether on HP or somewhere else--I will dump my new iPhone 4S at the speed of light and return home again. SOMEBODY save WebOS! Please!!!

my contract is due on the 10th.. my Pre Minus is having a slow death and running a 512mhz engine that even makes slower.. Flip phones runs at 600mhz.. I love WebOs but need a new phone on sprint... I just got my TouchPad so I still can enjoy my fav platform for another 2 years on Tablet... I will get the 4S on Friday..

I left Sprint 2 weeks ago for a Pre 3-- bought myself some more life on webOS :D

how do you like it?

I am definitely considering that iphone 4s since there isn't another WebOS phone on sprint. I would have really liked to have a sprint Pre3 but HP fails and Sprint fails. Luckily sprint has the unlimited deal for the low. Man I really do still want a Pre3 though! Stupid HP let Leo **** the pooch big time

Well, I'm in (as soon as my upgrade date arrives). I love the Pre, and I would have been very happy with a Pre3 (and then a 4, 5, 6...) but HP left me. Looks like iOS is the second best OS out there (and it will be nice to have access to all the apps).

You forgot reason 3: You can't or won't Sprintify a Pre2. I'm a webOS user on Sprint, but not on the original Pre.

Really, the thing that was the final death knell for Palm Pre users on Sprint was no new devices.

Would have been a tougher decision with a more comprehensively redesigned iPhone. This one gets a big fat "meh." I'll keep my Frankenpre+ and get a 2 when the time comes that I need one.

Can't freakin' wait to dump my launch-day Pre-. It's been a tough competitor against drops, mods and dogs. Still original and ready to get the iPhone 4S. Sorry HP, you effed up and coulda had me at Pre3.

lets not be arrogant guys.. why not enjoy the best of both world? lets have the latest iphone 4S on stprint and the 32Gb TouchPad..

HP let us down.. I will continue using my fav os on tablet.. (my 32gb touchpad)

I look for Sprint to go down the tubes after their terrible deal of having to buy 30.5 million iPhones even if they can't sell them all. That is 20 Billion dollars Sprint does not have.

I also gave up on WebOS and have gone back to push to talk phones. I am done with these so called smart phones. I see no real advantage to them. I do not need the internet hanging on my hip 24/7. I also see it is causing people to become less and less sociable as time move forward.

Some innovations are not really all that good.

Stop listening to **** rumours. Sprint did not commit to having to buy 30.5 million iPhones.

The contract for my Sprint Palm Pre ends in March. SOME COMPANY OUT THERE has that long to convince me to hold out a little longer for something new that will continue to carry webOS on it. Otherwise, I will have to switch OS yet probably stay with Sprint.

why get the iphone4s on sprint when the epic touch is also available? imo, it's much better even though it's essentially been out overseas for 6 months!! apple has failed miserably with this new release and are playing catch-up tech wise.

I switched from my palm pre to the galaxy S2. I don't think I can ever go back to using a pre, unless it can match the specs of the Galaxy S2 and have the apps to support everything I can currently do on Android.

Why do we even see iphone news on precentral..my fav pre has died, webos is dying and logical for someone to move on..thank you HP for all this.

If I wanted to live in Apple's walled garden, I would have bought an iPhone years ago. That hasn't changed.

I am thinking of switching though, to AT&T with a Pre3 from Ebay.

My Palm Pixi is still chugging along, but damn i need something new. I love webos, but a new webos phone aint happening, so my firesale touchpad will satisfy my webos fix for a while.

I have been contemplating between new Iphone for sprint, the bold 9930, or one of the android powerhouses on sprint. There are aspects I like from each and a tough decision.

Im gonna have to go with the Iphone though. For me when it comes to a phone I need slim, small, fast and reliable. And I think the Iphone meets that criteria.

as much as the techie side of me would love android, It just seems like too much of a hastle for a phone specifically. I know too many people with highend flagship devices, and i always hear the same complaints regarding battery life, and OS stability and other problems.

even though im getting the iphone theres no way i will buy into the apple ecosystem. For example i would never ever ever buy an ipad. When it comes to tablets, I think the android would be the best choice, with the endless possibly.

Why do we even care anymore. Yes I am going to switch from my Pre to this, but since there is nobody making new webOS phones anymore is that even a surprise?

I looked at android phones and they were all huge, had ugly interfaces and only differed my minor specs.

At least with this I can use the same apps I have on my ipod.

"The final blow to the original Palm Pre userbase?"

Oh come on, HP giving up on webOS was the final blow. Like all the manufactures of phones should stop making new phones because webOS uses want everyone to stick to 2.x webOS for ever?!?

On my 4-line plan, the last 3 Pre phones will be "put down" sometime between Oct 14th and the end of the year. 2 of those will become iP4S lines for sure. The 3rd is debating Android and iOS.

I've been a Plam Pre user on Sprint since day one. I still have my "Number 9" card handout from the store I drove to at 5am to wait in line. But the day has finally come where I kiss my webOS phone goodbye. As much as I love and brag about how I can "multi-task better" and "do (almost) everything you can" to my iOS and Android friends and co-workers, my Pre is nearly dead. My WiFi doesn't work, Bluetooth doesn't connect to devices anymore and my Pre has several cracks, chips and broken pieces...I can't even adjust my volume anymore!

So as I reluctantly nod my head toward the iPhone 4S and iOS...I will definitely miss my webOS phone so very much...But hey, at least I have my HP TouchPad!

I won't be able to vote on this thread since there's no **** yes! I've been waiting a year for this!" option.

Someone needs to do a good rip off of webos for iphone or andriod.. I know there are some out there.. itchy thumbs for android, but that looks poorly done and 1-2 for iphone which look alright..

Im so conflicted.. If I could get pre 3 on sprint for under $300 I would do it..

having said that.. it looks like iphone 4s for me.. :/

I'm rocking a Pre 3 on at&t, I just don't fit the "apple mold" thank god.

While I do respect the improvements to this latest iDevice, its not even close being significant enough to make me move over to another carrier from my Pre 3 on T-Mobile.

While im not a big iOS fan, I do prefer the build and size of the iPhone over current android phones minus the screen size of course.
But im not sure im willing to give up mr Pre- and shell out an extra $10 a month on my plan if im not even getting 4G service. Even if the service isnt that great I better have it as an option if im paying more just ot have new hardware. Giving up my Touchstone will be hard enough and my multitasking but my phone is dying and doing so quick. my right side of the screen is unresponsive, I have to turn the phone to landscape and then select if I even have the option for landscape. Why OH why HP couldn't of freakin given us Sprint peoples the Pre3 before they pulled the damn plug! grrr

what to do, what to do, going to just prbly wait until my Pre- flatlines and im forced to choose! Dont see myself leaving Sprint anytime soon to get a GSM Pre3.

Where was the poll options:
* I'm delusional and still waiting on the Pre3 on Sprint, till then I'll keep rockin my Pre-

But seriously, I think I've been Sprint Platinum elegible for an upgrade for a year now. Really considering dropping this 3rd line and picking up an ATT line and a Pre3. Would be keeping a pair of Androids on my Sprint family plan, perhaps the wife would switch one of those to an iPhone. But I'll never give up!! NEVER!!! HP is going to wake up and bring me a Sprint Pre3 for the holidays, I'm just sure of it. (I'm kidding)...

I got my Pre on launch day. I have been waiting for the Pre 3 but after the announcement I started looking at Android phones but when the iPhone rumors started I decided to wait. Yes, it is with great sadness that I am turning off my Pre and switching to an iPhone.

My (second) pre- is going and I'm closing on my 2 year. As of now I'm waiting until the Nexus Prime reveal before I decide to jump ship for iOS.

Before the Think Beyond announcement I would have never thought I could leave WebOS behind after my 10+ years as a Palm Fanboy but after HP abandoned Pre- owners and even now have abandoned they whole WebOS product line, I'm now absolutely ecstatic about getting a iPhone-4S. I been sitting on my Premier Upgrade (good till 12/31) for a month waiting to see if Sprint was getting the iPhone.

It's been sad to watch Palm squander their lead, by abandoning one innovative product after another over the last five years and finally fail to even deliver incremental updates. While it's sad that WebOS never lived up to it's potential I'm no longer willing to suffer in HP H3ll

Thanks P|C and Homebrew. Without you owning a Pre- would have been completely intolerable. If HP had the passion for WebOS you did I would be renewing my Palm Fanboy status for another decade.

My Sprint Pre is going to be replaced by an iPhone 4S on Verizon. However, I'm not going to brag about it, or like it for that matter. I just need a new cell phone. The iPhone will have to get used to the 4 TouchPads that already live at my house.

Get behind me Satan and tempt me not!

Switching to AT&T from Sprint to use my Pre3

**** yeah, I still have my Pre- on Sprint! HP is going to "make it right" for me... right?


...hello, anyone there?

Actually, I switched to Android on Sprint after the August debacle. **** you, HP!

I just did the Sprint Franken Pre 2 thang a few weeks ago to the tune of $180 and a whole day to do the swap. The device is great....until the bugs started to show up. I'm hoping they clear up and I have a killer webOS phone; if not, the iPhone is tempting. Then again, I haven't really checked out what Android's up to these days, so I don't know which is better etc.

yea where is the "wtf ive been waiting for this **** WebOS" vote option

So Jay, have you taken a look at the new Siri language recognition feature on the iPhone 4S? Tech-reviewers like Josh Topolsky who have tried it today seem to be very impressed: http://thisismynext.com/2011/10/04/iphone-4s-hands-on-impressions/

It seems like a tailor-made smartphone for you given some of the issues you have mentioned with manual input. You should at least give it a try since the prices have not changed for the new iPhones and they will be available next week.

I finally put my Sprint Pre- to rest and am now the happy owner of the Samsung Epic4G Touch.Android has been an adjustment but I'm getting used to it and I love the features and the apps.

I loved my Pre, but the time had come.

BTW, there are a ton of WebOS refugees over there on Android Central. They all wish android was more like the Pre, but they are adjusting.

It came time for me to jump ship. As much as I loved my pre2, when I broke the screen I couldn't find one get reason to spend a hundred bucks on another one. Not with the uncertainty of the future in webOS world. Bye cruel world. Hello android. I am swapping out my pre central shortcut for my android central short cut as we speak.

I wonder how long Sprint and Apple were working on making this deal happen.

Subsequently, I wonder if this is partly why Sprint refused to take the Pre3... because they knew they'd be -betting the farm- on the iPhone, and since they were burned so bad with the Pre-, there was no way they were going to try and bargain with HP, when a potential windfall with the iPhone was coming their way.

I loved my Pre-, but moved on to an HTC EVO 3D, and while it's not quite as enjoyable to use, the abundance of apps has proven to be useful to me. More than I thouhgt it would be before I had access to so many. Mostly, I'm downloading the kids learning games for my son, who is 3, who enjoys playing them on my phone.

I do have a TouchPad that I carry with me everywhere I go now, and am really enjoying that, so I still have WebOS around to some degree!

Pre+ on verizon. Wife doesn't have a smart phone, and wants one. Her contract is up (no more unlimited data). My contract is up in April. We're both planning on switching to Sprint come April, BUT I don't know if I want to get rid of my pre. The screen just gave out (after 1 1/2 years), but thanks to insurance I got a replacement one. I like the handful of apps I have downloaded, and definitely love the patches I'm able to install.

I'll get an Android phone long before I get an iPhone like the rest of the sheeple.

You should understand the Manufacturers are weaning everyone off of everything WebOS. So nothing you can say will change that. Pre3 will have you quickly looking for something better and you'll be back to Sprint getting an Android or iPhone.

ANYONE who would change from an unlimited data plan to just get a piece of cake that will lose it's flavor in 12 min... makes no sense to me.

I had a launch day Pre-. I had it replaced twice: once due to a puppy chew, once due to it just cracking naturally. In May, I made a FrankenPre2, with the idea being to tide me over until the Pre3, and it's been a great improvement over the original.

If they had come out with a Pre3 on Sprint, I would own one of those right now. webOS has been great when it's worked, but it's just time to move on. I almost "pulled the trigger" on a Nexus S a little while ago, and I'm probably going to wait to see what the Nexus Prime is going to be like.

My wife wanted an iPhone and she's been using an iPhone 4 on AT&T, and it just seems like it makes sense to finally recombine our service. Sprint seems to have reception where we want it.

I want to reiterate other folks thanks for webOS Internals and all of their efforts to keep the Pre and its progeny a viable platform. I donated a couple of times and it was worth every penny. Palm had some great ideas: Just Type and the Touchstone are so convenient. I will miss webOS, but it's simply time to move on.

Heck, if they just had a native Kindle app for Pre2, I'd probably stick with it for another year.... Yes, I know I can go through a complex rigamarole and get things into pReader, but it's too much of a PITA.

I'm still running a Centro on sprint, for gawds sakes. Sorry the new Pres didn't make it.

I have a launch day Sprint Pre-
I have a launch day 32 gig Touchpad
On top of that, I have an HP HDX laptop.
Basically, I am the effing type of consumer HP wants, or used to. I don't want to sound like I'm bragging, and I imagine there are plenty of people on this site who fit in the exact same profile as me.

I will never buy an Apple product or join its ecosystem. I will also not leave Sprint in the near future. I was a premier customer and could've gotten a new phone a long time ago, but I waited and waited in hopes that the situation would work itself out. Even if HP decides to resurrect WebOS hardware, it'll still be a long time before a new generation of devices make it to market. If "soon" took that long, how long will "a while" be? I've been a willing and faithful guinea pig twice, but I can't go through it a third time.

I'll hold on to my Pre as long as I can, but probably won't be longer than another few months, at most (we'll see). I'm anxious to see what happens at the Samsung/Google event next week. I think at the moment, my next phone will be either a Galaxy S II or a Nexus Prime. Honestly I think Android UI looks like **** and nothing out there (NOTHING) is as elegant and intuitive as webOS. If there was ANY new webOS phone out there, this would be a non-starter, but obviously that's not the case.

I love my Pre and I love my Touchpad. I have Preware installed on both, and have overclocked both of them as well.

I'm not abandoning webOS. HP abandoned all of us.

I'll cross the new phone bridge when I get there. My Pre- still works and other than the lack of Flash, it suits my simple needs. I'm not hard on phones. After my Pre- dies, I'll consider a Franken Pre 2 if available. If that's not an option, I'll explore other options. Maybe by then the UI on the other platforms will have morphed into a more WebOS looking UI.

Been an Apple guy since 1988, a Palm guy since '97. Got my Pre- the moment it launched, which is how I wound up on Sprint. Was champing at the bit to get the Pre3 on Sprint (ATT coverage here sux).

Was looking forward to having a WebOS phone, tablet and eventually computer..

Today HP is out of the business, so Apple wins because HP/Palm forfeited.

Can't win if you don't play.

Set to the tune of the chorus of "Movin' On" by Rascal Flatts

I'm movin' on
At last I can see iOS has been patiently waiting for me
And I know there's no Synergy, but I'll have Siri
There comes a time in everyone's life
When all you can see are the apps passing by
And I have made up my mind that I want Shazam!

I have an October 2009 Pre. Never had a problem and it still does what I need it to do. I moved from AT&T because their iPhone would not have the service that I needed in the area where I spend most of my workday. Verizon was never an option because their store reps completely turned me off. Thus the move to Sprint and the Pre. It was my first smart phone and replaced a regular flip phone and a Palm m515 PDA.

On October 7, I will be preordering the iPhone 4s on Sprint. I need a device that goes beyond the capabilities of the pre. And I do not want Android.


Thank you so much for your professional and effective help.

I've felt compelled to say a final GOODBYE to the best smartphone community I've been a part of for the past 2 1/2 years now or so !
But unfortunately I just pre-ordered a black 16 gb iPhone 4S!

I will always remember my Palm Pre! I LOVE WebOS! I really wish that HP hadn't dumped it.

I've had 5 Palm Pre's since my original launch day pre- and I never - not once - shattered a screen!

I welcome Apple to Sprint! As i've been telling my friends for years that if Apple and Sprint joined forces I would indefinitely get an iPhone! It might not be an iPhone 5, but my aging pre is on its last stand!!!

Well WebOS, the day has come. In a week from today I will be a hopefully happy Sprint/Apple customer.

I wish all of you well! I will miss the PreCentral community! Thanks for always being there.

Rip SJobs
Rip Pimp C


I join myself to Marco.

I purchased my Pre when it first came out and had been using Palm phones since first treo's came out.

I also loved the Pre and WebOS. My Pre is also on it's last legs. I just reordered a black 64gb 4S and I can't wait to receive it.

I'll miss you Pre and WebOS. I'll miss you Palm.

Thus is how a 10+ year love relation with Palm ends today. We had some great times. I would say "it's not you, it's me". But I would be wrong. It is you, 100% you. I waited and waited and waited, but you never delivered. I have waited long enough and I must now leave to a phone that will understand me and take care of my needs. I will alway love you Palm, but good-bye. Take care of you.


In addition I want to say Thank you to

precentral.net It was a great website. I learned how to do so many things with my phone here. I especially value leaning how to convert my phone to a wifi hotspot.

But it's time to move on. Point me to the direction of an analogous iPhone group because I'm heading that way.

Hellooooooo TIibs, I need to jailbreak my new phone......

iPhone 4S or Frankenpre2S, I still have to pay my monthly fee to talk, text, and browse. What it comes down to for me is device cost and 2 year feasibility. VZW pre 2's are hovering around $150 and are old tech as of today's standards... might as well pay the extra 50 for apps, OTA updates, and newer hardware.

I'll keep my pre- for fun's sake, but we all have to stop mourning the dead sooner or later...