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iPhone launch event today - tune in to TiPb for everything you need to know 32

by Derek Kessler Tue, 04 Oct 2011 10:25 am EDT

We're not going to bog you down with loads of iPhone 4S/5 coverage today (we might do a post or two, but that's expected, right?). But if you do want to know everything there is to know about today's "Let's Talk iPhone" event out in Cupertino, you'll want to point your browser over towards our iOS-loving friends at TiPb.com. They've already got the live blog set up (everything scheduled to start going down at 1PM EDT, 10AM PDT), and will have complete coverage of all the day's announcements as it happens. So go ahead, take in a day of iPhone. We won't tell anyone at HP, we promise.



But...but...but...Chris Christie has his news conference at the same time...

How dare Apple hold an event the same time as the man, the myth, Chris Christie!?! I may just have to move out of the state of NJ now

maybe you should tell HP that this is how you sell phones, not with bimbos dancing in the subway.

HP release the Pre3 right nao!!.. or I guess I'll get the iphone 5


It is already out and att version is available on ebay sans contract for ~$250 on average. I bought one :)

not sure I want to get a phone with zero updates.. they are updating touchpad webos 3.0.. I highly doubt they will be updating webos on pre3 and below..


Also I dont want AT&T.. I want sprint.. or maybe Verizon.. but Verizon version cost more ebay sales...

the new iphone will come with an app that warns the owner against risky non apple product purchases

(such as my touchpad that hp is too incompetent to fix even though i sent it in twice for repairs)

the app warns people by making the phone vibrate uncontrollably while displaying picture of Steve jobs glaring straight at you.

Rumor is the new iPhone won't have 4G speeds. Wasn't the Pre3 getting bashed for this? Looks like the Pre3 isn't as far behind in specs as people thought.

LOL...because the reason there was a lukewarm reception for Pre 3 was because it wasn't LTE or WiMax. Yeah, that's the ticket.

It won't have 4G, but it'll probably have "4G", like most phones on the market now.

But it's OK since Apple always get free passes for these things whereas others not getting it will make them look a few years behind.

It means, if true, the iPhone is "also" behind when it comes to that particular spec.

No product is perfect. The trick is to be a product with enough specs/features/etc that an enormous amount of people want to buy it (despite what it lacks) rather than be a product that even the producing company doesn't want to sell anymore.

This could be the end. HP, you're killing me. Do something. Quick.

Newsflash, Bub. We've been at then end for over a month now. Time to let it go...

IGNTNUNLMTD -- I hate to say it: but, short of a miracle, the end already happened. The only thing HP will do with WebOS is:
-Sell it to someone
-Shut it down

As much I wish it wasn't so, WebOS is dead. We might be so lucky to find it resurrected someday.

Not sure what Precentral is up to redirecting people to iphone news. WeboSOS??

They have to do something while HP is in the corner eating glue!

I'm betting that Apple will announce that they are cancelling all iOS hardware and spinning off or selling their consumer PC business.

I'm hoping for a vertical slider and true multi-tasking. Flash would be nice too. And touch-to-share. Inductive Charging. And synergy...

Of course, it should run on Sprint too.

Well, does it still need itunes?

If it does... well...

That's all the "need to know" I need to know

Yeah but WebOS wasn't dependant on it, it was an option. iPhone users dont have a choice, atleast ones that aren't jail broken.

I thought iOS5 got rid of this? I'd be more annoyed with the barely incremental update and them requiring you to buy an iPhone 4S just to get Siri, a WEB service.

What about learning to read between the lines, n00b? I never wanted to use itunes, I never used it and I never will.

Face it, kid, this is 2011. There's no need for proprietary sync or installation tools.

Man, fruit fanbois are really annoying...

Sad update for phone - the 4g not existing in this "new" phone is not a selling point for me. Sprint has a handful of android devices which seem very nice alternatives (plus they have 4g).

4G is irrelevant. I think the 4S is lame because the only updates are the camera (big whoop) and Siri, which is neat, but showy and dependent on a data connection and thus less than instantaneous.

Not that compelling for existing owners I think, but Sprint should sell a lot of 'em. I find it boring and placeholder-ish, myself.

That was uber lame apple.. nice work. Now the opportunity is better than if they had announced the 5. Nice work HP.

Siri - should I buy the 4s? No.

yep no 4 inch screen is a massive disappointment.

they had the A5 chip, memory, and a camera way back when the ipad 2 launched. other then that almost nothing has changed. They could have launched that same phone in june. i bet all they waited for was because ios5 wasn't ready.

That was a boring show. Nothing fresh. There was Siri, which was interesting, and even Siri is not polished and comes in Beta version. The camera update is pathetic, though camera has never been a strong side of apple phones. It's probably good news for iphone 4 owners, they won't feel like owning an outdated phones, they will be able to install Siri and be happy. Not good for apple. The first part of the show gave me impression "left behind Amazon". apple was one week late.

Apparently, the existing Siri app - which worked just fine on prior iPhones on iOS4 - is now being pulled from the App Store and discontinued.


I wanted a Pre... that' done with.
Have a EVO 4G... android? eh.

I guess this is my new phone... =/

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