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It's Official: The HP TouchPad has finally arrived 146

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Fri, 01 Jul 2011 12:40 am EDT

As if you needed reminding, today is the day we've all been waiting for: the HP TouchPad has finally arrived, and as soon as the stores have opened, most of you will probably be making your way in to purchase one of the two versions (16GB or 32GB) of the wifi-only tablet device. We've given you our review, and shown you a few cool apps, and now it's your turn to head out into the world and get the device for yourself.

While you're all having fun unboxing your devices and setting up new profiles, we'll still be busy here. Keep checking back throughout the day for a roundup of device tips, a look at newly released apps that are now available, first-hand reviews in our community forums and a whole lot more. 

It's 12:40 AM, just a few minutes after the HP TouchPad launch party with Nick Cannon in New York City ended, and we are left with one last question for you; "Are you ready to TouchPad?"





Finally got to see one at Best Buy last night. Seemed very snappy and responsive to me. I want one!

I want one... I don't care what they say, I think it's awesome.

I'm not getting one until the pre 3 comes out. Hopefully by that time the Touchpad and touchstone prices will be more reasonable.
Did anyone else see the engadget review? I tend to agree with them that this tablet could be a success if the price goes lower than the ipad2

You can pre-order the 32 GB version starting today at for $659! That price includes the Tochstone charger and the case. Ships out on 7/15. I say by then more OTA updates may have taken place. See more info at^E167734,frames^y,from^se,cm_scid^isrc,cm_ssi^Item:%20E167734&cm_re=PAGE-_-SEARCH-_-E167734.

Oh, and I failed to mention 5 easy payments from as well!!!

Yes...nuff said! Sorli...

My friend is getting me one. Not coming tomorrow though. =\
Let's hope the update makes it good.

Don't get why you got down-ranked, but it IS great and very addictive to use.

I didn't switch on my laptop the last two days... ;)

Still I had some stability issues (might be connected to some Apps too, I'am not sure) and also hope that they are going to send out some updates soon :)

Have to say I tried the demo tonight at Wally world. Wasn't bad at all. Now saying that, i'd like to see the production model to to compare. I was never a fan of the Android tabs. Honeycomb is nice and all. Just looks off a bit. If you put that up against the TP, the TP I think might come off better. This might be the Tablet that gives Apple a go in the market place. Was a lil worried when I heard that Russel Brand was doing a TP commercial. That spot was head and shoulders above anything Palm did. Hopefully with the marketing right and solid products here HPalm might just pull this off.

The demo at wally world should be exactly the same as the original release version.

Not if the WalMart doesn't have WiFi, there have been reports of stores without WiFi missing items that stores with WiFi have.

The walmart demo I tried out had the stupid round security monitor right over the screen. How is anyone supposed to use it like that? I moved it over best I could and gave it a go. Seemed good. Apps took a while to load and when swiping through menu pages it would get stuck on the downloads page. Swiping to it from either direction would stick there.

do you mean the security attachment (cable tether) was attached to the FRONT of the TouchPad? Hope not or that's a megafail.

I would have been the only teenager there probably... sigh

Finally. Can I haz Pre3 now? The TouchPad doesn't fit in my pocket.

My reseller where I pre-ordered it again changed the dates and says now, that he is going to have in in stock by the end of month (which would put it in line with the August-launch, probably HP does want to do some software enhancements before they ship the device).

So I ordered a Veer now and am going to have a look at the Pre 3 by the end of the year again. Should arrive by today.

That's like how some people though that the huge span from the Feb 9 announcement to the launch five months later was evidence that HP was taking the time to get everything right before launch.

Yeah, right. A lot of good that did.

vito, glad to see another Veer user. Ours should arrive today as well.

let it go

Im glad its finlly here. It seems like an eternity since they first showed it to us. However, i'll wait for the 7" version. I had a 10" android tablet for a month and it was too large to carry around. The only time i enjoyed it was on the couch or i bed. Now i have the Galaxy 7" and its the perfect size. I cant stand the android os, but i cant do anything about that. I plan on craigslisting it whenever opal comes out. Thats why i havent bought any apps for it, just freebies. The size of the market is amazing but also overwhelming. Too much garbage and duplication.

hear, hear... I wonder how many impulse buyers will have your courage to admit it, that this quite expensive toy is marginally more "mobile" than a netbook (if any), and basically they could do equally well with the netbook, at half the price.

Yeah, can we get over this Veer/TouchPad "huge marketing campaign" now, and talk about Pre3/Opal, HP, actually USABLE things in their respective categories?

Sucks they haven't given launch dates for the Pre 3, but it makes since why they are staggering their launch dates.

Got the Touchpad in my hands at home right now. Just powered it up and connected to my wifi. Now the fun begins!


I played with one for the first time tonight and although there were a couple minor things, I know that with Preware, a couple updates, my own tweaking and my eventual Pre3, I will love this device with all my heart, body and soul just like my Pre- now. I will be at Best Buy immediately when they open and I will be buying two 32GB! One for me and one for my sister. And then I will be in the top 100 in the LaunchLine contest for another one! I love webOS.

those aren't minor tweaks. I've always said, you shouldn't have to install Preware to make the OS "work better".

What? No OS, even the beloved iOS, doesn't give you options for every possible thing you could do on the device. There are always going to be tweaks, options to enable, themes, overclocking, etc. that will require things like preware and jailbreaking. Take a simple thing like the battery percent for example. HPalm gives you a battery indicator which is all they and everyone else needs to do. However, I wanted to tweak it a little and see the percent as well as the battery indicator. I love having the ability to easily change things like this. This is making the OS work exactly how I want it, not me being forced to use it exactly as it is.

I agree with you, but it can be argued that the backbone of what makes WebOS work the way its SUPPOSED to work is preware. and that was because the OS was half-baked. You can also argue that rooting or jailbreaking an Android and iOS isn't essential to enjoying the full experience of the OS. With WebOS preware is essential.

either way, enjoy the Touchpad

Not everyone is happy with the stock OS and theme. That is what preware is about. The very fact that HP/Palm allows that is great. There is no perfect OS, especially, no theme that fits everyone. Options! That's what it's about. The customize-ability of the theme or interface makes it better IMO. I do admit I would not have kept my PrePlus stock, I haven't. The fact that my Pre2 is 99% stock is just because I'm waiting for 2.1 update. but I say, to each his own. You don't like WebOS or the current state of it, don't buy into it. Or, better yet, Get it and customize the Heck out of it.

got my 32 GIG at the launch party in NYC - good times! playing with a demo it seemed very fast and snappy...not buggy at all from about 20 - 30 minutes of work with it.

will post more tomorrow after i've been playing with it for a bit:)

How was the party?

it was actually pretty cool...nick cannon is a decent deejay...had the place sounding like a club lol...decent crowd turned out (some for the music and free food + giveaway of course) and some to play with and eventually purchase a touchpad

i didnt win the raffle so i had to pay for my TP but i gladly did and i am not disappointed at all

you sir are a troll

can't believe you called him're too nice :).

I heard Apple may get over the air (OTA) updates in the coming months...let us webOS freaks enjoy this day.

Apple's getting OTA updates two years late in the game???

why would anyone camp out if you can get whatever you want online?that's kinda troll

I don't have it in me to down-vote this particular bit of trollishness since it's at least half right.

I want to dig this device but besides being late, it's thick and has worse battery life than the iPad. The reviews said that there are freezes that I never recall experiencing on an unjailbroken iPad.

Seriously, this device (or HPalm, in general,) is so late that most of the features that made webOS such a standout have already been pseuduplicated (I'm gonna trademark that). They're not perfect duplications but they're mighty serviceable.

All that said (and the stuff that went unsaid), I will check it out in the stores and see if i dig it. For now, my iPad 1 has too much over it. I don't need very app to be on the touchpad, but I do think that certain key apps should've been available at launch - like Netflix/Blockbuster streaming, Hulu+, etc.

Why is it even half true. HP said the Touchpad would be released in the summer and we are less than 2 weeks into summer. As for the apps you mentioned those are some of the apps that the iPad has to have since it cannot do flash. why do you need them when you can do flash in the browser?

It's a fair point you make but apps often optimize the experience by, say, taking it out of a web browser, adding functionality, or streamlining.

Netflix on the pc is useful, but Netflix on a tablet is kinda different - in a good way.

Hulu blocks mobile browsers deliberately, iirc. They want to control the experience and the access - like only allowing access when one is on wifi (and unjailbroken). My guess (and that's what it is) is that they aren't looking out for ISP's so much as limiting how much mobile access users have to certain content. I suspect there are contractual reasons factoring into this as certain Hulu+ content is available on my pc browser but not on the iPad app.

Feel free to correct me if I got anything wrong, as I haven't researched this in a while, but these are some reasons that apps can be essential. (P/S Like browsers with good but looted functionality.)

I stuck around this long hoping HP would get it right and perhaps realize some of the potential of webOS.

It's clear at this point that this isn't going to happen.

I think a lot of the negative feedback is the general feeling that HP felt they had advanced the phones enough to move into tablets. We're left with webOS that's gone unfinished on failed form factors in phones and have now moved to the same status in tablets.

HP abandoned its largest base of users on Sprint. They then turned around and abandoned all of the early adopters with Pre's and Pixi's. Given this pathetic state they left us phone users in, they now want us to go all in with them to share a similar experience with a bug riddled tablet.

Sorry HP, not this time.

I like your comment, don't let the HP Fanboys bring you down.

Massengill calling...

Derek, This is a personal attack, and it has been ongoing with the massengill comments toward me, I forgive him, but I do hope you will contact this user and let him know that attacking fellow members directly and personally is not acceptable.

Thanks DK!

GB, stop crying, you beg for abuse. You'd get less personal attacks if you would stop being such a...

Don't you have some crying to do on TV in front of the flag or somethin' GB?

Beat it Stupid.

No, my Fox TV show ended yesterday and I am on vacation starting today through next week. I will return on radio 7/11 and I will return on internet television on 9/12. I'll be on!

it's pretty pathetic when you have to impersonate a tv/radio persona and THEN to flame on forums using using the your fake celebrity name and comments to stir the pot. Please change your name or leave.

I don't attack people on here, I don't get personal, I simply express my opinion and I support those I agree with. I don't understand the hate for me, just because I see things differently. I think HP has done an aweful job thus far with their hardware and WebOS. They have lied to/deceived their userbase, and I don't like it.

I represent a group of people on here that don't like ho HP craps on us. Sorry but I will not change until I see them actually caring about us customers.

But I already forgave you UncleKeg and Ralion, I just hope you stop getting personal. Thanks!

Who here is represented by Glenn? And why do these people need representation? In real life, Glenn Beck represents a small band of insecure, sort-of conservative simple-minded cowards. But, who follows fake-Glenn? Just because he's critical of the HP culture and marketing, doesn't make him a member or leader of any particular group. People have been critical of WebOS, pretty much since it's announcement and a lot of critics have come and gone long before Glenn showed up.

Anybody following this beacon of declared leadership?

So I still have the OLD Palm Pre on Sprint! Should I login to my 32GB Touchpad with the same profile?

Yes. I have a pre- and that's what I did. The Touchpad downloaded all of my apps automatically.

I logged in with my Frankenpre profile, the apps all downloaded, things seem fine.

Was anyone able to pick up the Touchstone dock? Best Buy online says they are not in stock at any of the stores in/near NYC.

We have them in stock at Fry's Electronics

As I see it so far, having only been able to read reviews and comments on the TP as I'm on holiday in Portugal, the reviews were seriously disheartening at first. They had me even looking up WP7 reviews with a view to not investing in TP and Pre 3, and teaming a WP7 with my Hanvon slate which runs win 7.
I am a business user but also an avid gadget freak and currently use Pre - on O2 who have dropped webos like a bad smell, iphone4 on Vodafone which is so infuriating to use as a phone that I can't wait to get rid of it. I am writing this on my iPad which is ok at some things but is certainly not without fault.

An example from this week is that on holiday when I open the book I have been reading in iBooks it goes to the page I am at and then closes down! So I have started reading books on the Kindle app. Two weeks ago a different app would not update properly and advised me to reset to resolve the issue. I stupidly just pressed ok, it was late and I was tired, this wiped all of my contacts and appointments. Even though I have set everything back up to sync with Outlook again through iTunes (which is a poor excuse for software) it is just not working and my contacts are slowly building up as I get emails and nothing syncs anymore rendering contacts and calendar useless.

These are not the only two occasions the Apple ecosystem has caused me grief. So much so that I have had it with Apple. It seems to me that the majority of people turn a blind eye to issues with Apple. When I watched the video with Russell Brand and the discussion of how he is holding the TP I couldn't help but think of Steve Jobs telling me my iPhone 4 doesn't work cos I'm not holding it properly! Had that been anyone else but Apple that would have been the end of the gadget.

As I said earlier I also have a Hanvon Win 7 slate and as a business user I have recorded on video, client meetings where the clients jaws drop as I put a video of them live on their own tvs. I then record them telling me exactly how much risk they want to take with their investments. And they watch themselves recording this live on their own tv, God Bless HDMI out.

That's my **** covered and when I get back to the office and boot up my slate again and settle into my chair all my client meeting notes tasks and videos have synched to the clients Onenote file on my server. Also if anyone else in the office put a note on the clients file while I was out, a phone message for instance then that syncs to my slate and I can see it as well. And it is all updated by the time I open the clients file on my desktop.

As a gadget man on holiday I have hooked my Hanvon up to the tv in the villa and we can watch a movie when we get back from dinner.

So back to the TP and a plea to the Webos community, to HP and a plea to devs.

To the Webos community keep the faith, webos is going in the right direction, we could do with it getting there quicker HP. There are very few things in life without fault, so we have room for improvement with the TP, it stills looks as if it wipes the floor with all the competition at more than just a couple of things, let's make some noise about it.

To HP, a business machine with no video out and no task management, never mind project management, editing is a must so don't keep us waiting for the update and we do need two cameras as I described above.

To the devs, Onenote synchronisation would be an absolute killer app for me and I think more and more of the business community.

Keep The Faith.

ipad and TouchPad reviewers out there universally ignore all the problems with the iPad.

I have one and I have to re-boot it at least once a day because it stops working.
Sometimes I will be on a web site and I can't navigate anymore other than the back button. Clicking on links, etc.. does nothing.

the iPad has more than a few bugs and faults, but somehow those NEVER make it into the reviews or comparisons.

You are absolutely right, here is another one, after 8 days in Portugal my iPhone 4 just got a signal for the first time about 10 minutes ago. This might be Vodafones fault though as at home I must see network lost on my iPhone 50+ times a day.

I really can't wait to be rid of it.

I think the reviewers all wanted the Touchpad to be perfect at launch. And they were frustrated that there were streaks of brilliance but also some performance issues and less than cutting edge design. If the Touchpad were simply bad, they would have dismissed it quickly but instead it almost reached greatness but stumbled at the end which is probably more frustrating. If the performance issues mentioned, Quick Office editor are added quickly, I'll get one.

I played with one yesterday at work (Fry's Electronics) and I was editing documents on That will hold me over till quickoffice comes through. may also have document editing functionality also.

Damn,I was in Fry's yesterday to get a cellphone car holder and forgot to go over and check the TP out. I will go see it for myself today and make up my own mind about it.

I think the only reason reviewers were looking for it to be perfect is because Apotheker said it would be perfect at launch. I'm not sure on the exact quote, but something about the engineers hating him for making them make sure everything works. Not to mention the talk that this tablet will be "better than number 1". Those are some lofty expectations set by the company itself, matched with the promise that webOS has shown for 2 years now, that were very much in danger of being dashed by anything less than perfection. Software is capable of being updated, developers are capable of being recruited, and hopefully HP is capable of learning from its mistakes.

I'm not getting a TouchPad, but I want to see it and webOS succeed. HP is almost there with this version, just not quite all the way.

I agree. I just watched the video of Mossberg of the Wall St Journal and it seemed like it pained him to have to say the things he said. He also said he was sitting next to Apotheker when the HP CEO said HP wouldn't release devices unless they were perfect. Mossberg, knowing nothing is perfect, said he thought Apotheker may regret those words later as they set too high a standard to live up to.

Glad to see guys are getting a better experience, for the most part, so far than what many of the reviewers said.

The reviewers, particularly Walt Mossberg, weren't interested in hearing anything that wasn't Apple. I'm getting mine today. I know there's an update on the way to fix the initial glitches and bring hardware acceleration. That's all I need to know.

At least one of the reviewers was from PreCentral. I doubt he wasn't "interested in hearing anything that wasn't Apple."

I don't know. I just watched a WSJ video interviewing him about the TouchPad and he seemed truly hurt to have to same some of the things he said. He still loved the operating system. He was disappointed HP didn't have better (thinner/lighter) hardware for the price, he was disappointed in the battery (he said 4 hours less than iPad2) and he said there were some bugs that should have been worked out before release but will hopefully be corrected w/an update.

In this interview, I got the impression, he wanted the TouchPad to be better than what he observed. I want the TouchPad, but those were all valid complaints that Kessler also pointed out here on the P/C review.

I will have mine in 2 1/2 hours. Can't wait.

32gb TouchPad = BOUGHTEN.

Let's go, devs!

By the way devs, I buy apps.

Just saying.

For real. If you build it they (we) will buy.

Interesting side note: I saw somewhere on Wired (or Engadget, or Giz, can't remember) that 80% of paid Android apps have fewer than 100 downloads. That really says something to the dev community for that platform. Not knocking Android users, but seriously?

I'm of the same mind as you. Build me some apps that I want to use, and I will buy them for my Pre-. (I would love a great fantasy sports app)

So im in Toledo, Ohio and the only problem I've seen, even though it's not a touchpad problem, is that 3 Walmarts that I have been to in the area only are stocking the 32g 599.99 version. That's definitely not a good selling point.

I am in Toledo also, and have been to two walmarts also in southern ohio. It seems to me that Walmart is only stocking the 32 in stores. Luckily Best Buy at least the one in Holland is stocking the 16 as well. Hopefully this will not decrease sales of the TP because people don't want to go bigger, but I can understand the $100 difference making a difference to people.

Does anyone know if Best Buy has live units to play with or are they just the plastic shells?

Even the little BB in Flower Mound, Texas has a live unit on display, but it didn't have a WiFi connection.

Big problem at Best Buy. I don't know if every manufacturer other than Apple is unaware of the value of working demos but it's ridiculous how many of them have no Internet connection.

It's time for this to change if other are to have a fighting chance.

The Best Buy in Gilroy, CA had one on display yesterday with a WiFi connection. No special signage or price, but it seemed to have been updated versus the one I saw on display at Fry's (Zanker Road, San Jose) on Wednesday. Assuming I can't find the case and Touchstone locally today, I'll be making the trek to San Jose today.

I am so underwhelmed that I may puke.

There should be live units everywhere.

I was hesitant, but then I played with one at work yesterday. Sensibly, I should wait for the version 2.0, but I couldn't do that for the Pre when it came out on Sprint and had to wait a year for it to hit AT&T, so I will be a launch day early adopter.

No rear camera..... well ok I guess I wont look like one of those fools taking pictures with their lunch tray sized digital cameras.

LOOOVE the new blue on the background!

So here is a wee noise to get us started.

Task - find a clients mobile number.

Apple's flagship phone v Pre minus

Usual result is I give up on the iPhone 4 as I have a lot of clients and because I use Outlook with BCM 2010 I have Client Accounts for the family or company and then within that individual accounts for family members or members of staff. The iPhone can't cope with this or I can't cope with this on the iPhone and I give up and reach for my Pre.

With the Pre I start typing the clients name and within two or three letters I have the clients accounts all there the two mentioned above and any others he has. Easy. Thank you WebOS.

Remember this is not the end it's just the beginning!

Use your freetether app!

Use your freetether app!

Best Buy doesn't even have it posted on their site on the landing page. Just showing Acer and Motorola tablets? strange.

Check again. I went to the main page, typed "tablet" in the search and was greeted with a pic of the TouchPad, along with the subline "HP TouchPad Now Available"

of course, with a search yes, but launch day and not even displayed on the landing page is pretty bad.

Use your freetether app!

yes, I'm ready for the touchpad, but HP failed to get the touchpad ready for me :( ....

LOL syke, i'm going to pick mine up on my lunch break! forget the haters!

Haters is an interesting term for the early adopters who were burned. But whatever helps you justify a half baked product and nonexistent ecosystem.

Is the launch taking place some where other than the USA????? I have been all over my city and I do live in the Motor city area, but NO ONE has the TP in stock, report not going to have it till maybe middle of this month, have never heard of it, NO BIG DISPLAY dedicated to ONLY HP TP??????? What the heck is going on???? Anyone else having this experience?????

We have a Walmart, Best Buy and Staples here (20 miles south of San Jose). The only one with a dedicated display was Staples, but they didn't have any stock on display yesterday. Best Buy was pathetic. The Touchpad was on display between a couple of Android tabs (Acer and ASUS) with no signage whatsoever.

First weekend of sales = 100,000

That's very weak.
If the prices were more reasonable i'm sure they could hit a million sales in a month.

Not with the reviews the TP has received this week. The Playbook had the benefit of a huge Blackberry user base for their initial sales. That's why it did better than expected despite poor reviews.

HP has a very small mobile user base. Sure, they sell a lot of PCs and printers but that doesn't translate in any way to wanting an HP tablet over other brands. The stores are saturated with tablet options right now at the same or lower price than the TP. As far as enterprise customer go, I think we would have to see enterprise-ready apps, right?

The technology press was very interested in the TP as a potential-iPad-killer-of-the-quarter. However, I didn't see a single review that said "This is my new tablet". Aside from current webOS fans, I can't identify any particular group that will be lining up this weekend to get this tablet.

There aren't even any retail store events. All the excitement seems to be coming from HP corporate.

Stock does seem ridiculously low. Lots of places in metro Atlanta don't have or have only one or two. It has yet to crack the top twenty Amazon bestselling tablets on launch day, and the frickin' Toshiba Thrive has.

Be real interested to hear some hard numbers.

Finally saw a display model. Seemed to run fine, but that thick, plasticky build is THE WORST, and the 32GB seems to be the base model at a lot of places. Go figure.

Well, that's undoubtedly due to "unprecedented demand" ;)

If they really mostly have the $600 version then it really won't sell. Not only did HP fail to beat the price of the iPad, they failed to offer enough of the lower-priced models. I'm guessing this is the beginning of a disaster.

I see it as third bestseliing tablet on Amazon right now behind the Galazy Tab(didnt know it sold more than iPad2 probably because of stock outs) and the iPad2. No opinion here, just updating

I went to a Best Buy last night and played with one, they had about 6 on display - though none of the employees seem to care that people were playing with them.

I paired it w/my Pre, was able to receive calls on it - but it wouldn't give me SMS notification (though I expected that).

It was connected to the internet, but the maps app wouldn't do anything.

It seemed to work pretty fast, but not having the gestures was kind of annoying.

I'm going to wait out for a 7 inch 3G version, because the 9.7 won't fit in my pockets - and I got really used to putting the galaxy tab in my jackets/back pocket.

**** you hp! i'm done with your bullshit! Written with my awesome playbook that has gestures! Oh and smart move on removing the wave dock.

Care to email that to them from your playbook?

I want one with two touchstone chargers, but I really don't want to pay $500 for the tablet and $80 for each touchstone. That just seems too expensive for this.
the 16GB tablet should be $350-$400 and the touchstone should be $40-$50

TS @ is $66

Picking one up, after work!!!! I actually thought about calling into work sick "touchpad fever" just to buy one and play with it all day!!

I'll wait til TP2 (if there is one) where hopefully they'll improve the hardware and have apps that matter to people like an editable office suite software and Netflix. No more of this early adopter BS. Not getting burned again. There's no advantage owning something like this early when it is not fully implemented. The reviews are out and no one thinks this is in the same class as the Ipad 2 or Samsung Galaxy. This thing should be selling at least $100 cheaper. They had no proven track record in the tablet market to warrant such an outrageous starting price.

I just returned from Best Buy with my new Touchpad. Here is my experience:

I enter as the store opens at 10am and head to the Touchpad/Veer display. There is a workign Veer but no Touchpad. I ask a sale associate about the Touchpad. I indicate today is launch day. She has no idea.

She calls around noon seems to know it is launch day.

She finds out there are some Touchpads in the back and has one sent out for me.

There is a nice rack with hooks for Touchstone chargers and cases but they are empty. I ask about them. She has no idea what is up with them. She asks around, noone knows what is up with them.

She checks the sku on the computer, none in store, none in area, none listed as to be delivered in the next 10 days.

I really want a touchstone to take advantage of some webos features and a case but cannot get them today.

Very not impressed with the launch.

I did get the 2 year accidental breakage just in case.

Yeah, seems like a pretty sloppy launch thus far.

I want one! Unfortunately my landlord wants his rent too so it'll have to wait 'till after July.

You meen WebOs can't pay the rent for you. It seams to do everything else??

They had Touchpads on display at Best Buy on Wednesday (at least 2 but I only had about 30 seconds to try it since I was there with my wife and stepdaughter for something else).

Today I got in mail the HP business catalog with Touchpad on front and in first two pages. Windows Slate was on back of 2nd page.

And in email their announcement again today. Had gotten it earlier.

I think they done a good job. don't know about Best Buy but they're not always the best anyway. I got to look at Veer just after it was released at Best Buy since the person in phone area had operating one (in cabinet charging) but he pulled out and was enthusiastic to show.

I would like a tablet but I don't need a tablet. I would use the tablet for media consumption and since I cannot watch Hulu, Netflix, and there are no video out capabilities, I will not be getting the Touchpad.

Most of the reviews I've read indicate they like the software but are disappointed in the hardware and app selection. Software wise they indicate it is better than Android but not as good as Apple. This being an enthusiast site, I expect a somewhat glossed over review.

I'm a webOS fan but not a fanatic. I will not be switching carriers to get webOS on a phone nor will I be an early adopter for the Touchpad with an expectation that they will release the things they have said they would (too many let-downs in the past).

I will wait and may get a future iteration. Oh and HP's "make things right" of $50 mail in rebate on their most expensive model IF I can find my proof of purchase from 2 years ago. Thanks but no thanks.

" IF I can find my proof of purchase from 2 years ago"

FYI you dont need proof of purchase...

I am watching hulu on my touchpad now. It works in the browser.

They'll block it as they do every mobile browser shortly after launch.

Why? Doesn't the browser report as a desktop browser?

Just picked mine up at J&R in NYC. They have a $15 coupon good for both in-store and online this weekend, so instant discount, and free shipping if you can't go to the store. Coupon's on the main page of their website.

Has anyone tried to teather their touchpad with a cell phone yet with bluetooth DUN for internet access? I'm a original pre owner that jumped ship last week for an evo3d (sorry) but if I could pair the touchpad with my evo with pdanet I think that would be the perfect setup, especially since it doesn't look like sprint is getting the pre3. I know you cant do the calling and sms through any phones other than pre's, I'm only concerned with internet teather. Thanks.

Played with demo unit for 30 minutes this morning. Very nice. Multitasking needs to be the selling point since I have an iPad2 and love the tp's ability to play a video while switching to mail, web or whatever. Light hockey hd was a fun app, some apps still take forever to load and my pre- on Sprint wouldn't connect via bluetooth buth otherwise I want.

Since one of the reviews said that the TP can be taken apart with a screwdriver and it was setup like a PC. Can you just buy the 16GB version and buy the extra memory and install it yourself to make it a 32GB version? Not like I would have the balls to take apart a brand new toy but just wanted to know.

Nope. Check out the TechRepublic tear-down. The SanDisk memory is surface mount.

I might break down and get the ouchpad when the price comes down.

I'm really curious to see a poll of who is/isn't getting the touchpad and why not.

* I'm getting the 16GB
* I'm getting the 32GB
* I'm waiting for the prices to drop
* I'm waiting for the touchpad 2
* I'm not impressed

There's a poll similar to this on the forums.

Best case scenario for me is a quick turn around for a improved ouchpad2.

Just returned from Best Buy. Tried out the new TP. I really wanted to be blown away, I really did. I LOVE WebOS and I still think it is the best portable OS on the market but the TP was very unimpressive.

I thought it was sluggish, apps took way too long to load compared to the iPad.

I have been a loyal Palm fan and user since the very beginning. They just took to long to bring their new products to market and the new ones are already outdated I am afraid. The lack of major app releases has been a killer. There are just way too many cool apps for the iPhone and Android phones and they are not making them for WebOs.

Bought an iPhone and just listed my Verizon Palm Pre 2 on eBay.

So long old friend, it was a nice run while it lasted.

R.I.P. Palm, HP Phones and WebOs :-(

I also just got back from Best Buy. Everything seemed as I expected. There were times where the TouchPad seemed great and times where the TouchPad lagged like crazy. I even tethered it to my pre- and was surfing, until I went to view a video on ESPN and it crashed. :(

It was a long, uncomfortable, 3 minutes waiting for the TouchPad to reboot (there were other people looking at other tablets...I didn't want to have their first impression of TouchPad while it was rebooting).

After it booted, the Demo Mode really sucked up the resources. The TouchPad literally froze on me for about 2 minutes. I guess it was still loading the Demo App, but again, it was frustrating.

On a positive side, a sales rep came over and told me that he just came back from product training and was giving me all the bullet, stacking, touch to share, just type...

I think that the TouchPad is like any other product out there...wait for the first service pack or TouchPad2 (I blame Microsoft for this flawed view of products we have today, but it is what it is).

Also, looking around at other people looking at tablets, it seems that most everyone was playing Angry Birds. Why didnt TouchPad release with the free version, at least on their demo units?

Speaking of that, I forgot to launch cards! grr..

Angry birds HD is a free donwload for the TP.

Dont you need a valid palm profile to access the app catalog so you can download Angry Birds?

In a weak moment at lunch I decided to stop by at the local Best Buy. No fanfare there.

The HP display had one Veer (which was secured so that you couldn't open the slider although it worked) and one TouchPad. The TouchPad would not start. The sales person didn't know how to get it to work and tried various outlets to see if it was a power issue. No luck. Furthermore, he said it wasn't really available for sale until next week.

Bad implementation of a new product roll-out.

By the way, I was the only one within 20 feet of the display and there were 4 or 5 people huddled around the iPad2 display.

Then I get back to my desk and get the HP email announcing the the TouchPad is now available. Pretty ironic.

This has all the makings of the Veer roll out. And that's not in a good way either.

That's pretty sad. IMO, even though they had a few celebrities pushing the TP, they still didn't do enough to promote it.

That and the fact that the product is somewhat half baked.

I never planned on getting the TP. I am a Sprint Pre minus owner and absolutely love WebOS, and was hoping this launch would kickstart the year of WebOS, but it doesn't look that way = (

Still have my Pre minus too. I am likely to upgrade to the Pre 3 depending on the carrier options and pricing. Hopefully they don't scrap the whole WebOS investment before that comes out.

I was at 2 different BB in Richmond, Va.

The first had the display with a working Veer and a working Touchpad. The TP ran fine for the few minutes that I played with it.

The second had 2 Touchpads that were fully functional. They ran well. In the time that I was there, there were a bunch of different people playing with each one. They also had sales people talking to them about the TP...I'm not sure what they were saying but at least they weren't pointing at the Ipad table.

I hope to pick one up....just have to find $500. I'm gonna go check under my couch cushions.

Hopefully heading out to BestBuy tonight to check it out. I've heard that people like it, and some don't because it lags, takes a while to load apps and whatnot. I guess I'm used to that on my Sprint Pre- that's 2 years old now, even overclocked seems a little slow. They've made so many speed improvements for the Pre- since it came out and even on the TP from when they first showed it in February. I don't think it's hardware slowing it down, just software. Wish me luck!

Picked up a 32GB TP this morning... So far, great!

Profile loaded fine... All my pre Apps came down from the cloud. I hadn't run updates on many apps in a long while, so I threw caution to the wind and had the TP update everything. Took awhile, and seemed to require a couple of runs through the update process to get everything up-to-date, but no issues.

Tried out Angry Birds, H.A.W.X, Glow Hockey Free, Pandora, etc. H.A.W.X. was a good test, as it was a lot to ask my Sprint Pre to run it... TP had no issues, and control and play were great.

PROS: Easy setup (with some WebOS experience and an existing profile). Sound quality - surprisingly awesome through Pandora. Responsive - no noticeable lagging. All existing apps (even some old ones) work great.
Physical quality seems very good.

CONS: Some Old apps show in a smaller window or have clunky (pixelated) graphics [certainly understandable!]; "Slippery" - the thing slides all over the place; sometimes it can't decide whether to be in portrait or landscape orientation. Amazon Kindle App is there, but when you open it and download Beta it's just another screen to tell you it's not available yet.

I'm pretty happy so far... Want to check some of the unknowns (battery life, video calls, Quick Office, etc), but I think I'll be willing to recommend it as an alternative to that fruit company's pad!

Got mine, too, at local Walmart. It is a SWEET machine! Gorgeous screen, mostly fast, nicer to type on than phone. Syncs easy. Some wonkiness on some web pages. And, I'm going to put some non-skid tape on the back of it, like I did my Palm IIIx.

Nice to see Palm (HP) back in the game, and me with a new toy to play with... when I work down my vacation honey-do list some more!

First does anyone have an issue with sound? It took me tow Best Buys to find one that had a demo and when I tried to listen to a video it was so soft. The fact that I expected it to have good speakers was one of the selling points. I want to be able to hear it when standing up to it not holding it a foot from my face. Also the local best buy did not have it set to access the web so I could not get a good feel. Since I could not hear it I figured why try anything else. I did miss the back swipe and before you ask I did turn up the volume. The ringer was quite loud but videos were not.

Look, I just spent $800+ on the touchpad with the accidental protection at Best Buy.

Simple question, does the camera work?

No Idea as no native app I have uses it.

Just finished playing with the TP in BB and I'm very impressed. I was watching a (Flash) review on, a video stored on the TP, had another browser open loading a page and switching back forth to photos. It all worked seamlessly. I will say there was one rough spot while playing music that rendered the whole devices unusable. So like the reviews have said there is still some rough areas. Those things HAVE to be corrected very soon so that there can be mass up take!!! Here's to HP ironing those out and perfecting the beauty in WebOS!

But how was the audio? I could not hear anything at the demo I used. How was your experience hearing the video and music?

The audio was actually pretty good for a tablet. That was actually the problem I faced. I started a song and the touchpad locked up and I couldn't stop it from playing! LOL It was loud enough for me to feel uncomfortable! LOL We all had to listen to the whole song.

Well. Went to the local Wally and NO display. When asked about it they said what? Went to a Wally further away... same thing. Then went to BB and the display was in the back, behind the apple store case, behind the ipad display and when I was there no one approached or even offered any assistance when asked. I did however make a call through my pre+ and watched some videos. They also had a veer. On a positive when you walked in the first phone in the phone department was a Veer.
Poor roll-out.

When I was at BB someone did walk up and say that the Touchpad just came out today. It was after my embarrassing music snafu though!

I ended up cutting him off (which I do all the time) and saying I knew about the Touchpad. I should have let him keep talking to see what he would have said.

Absolutely ready for the Pre 3. In fact I need a new phone and the Pre 3 is what hooked me into WEBOS and now the Touchpad. I have been saving my Verizon upgrade for this phone.