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iTunes Sync coming back to webOS (somehow) 10

by Dieter Bohn Fri, 25 Mar 2011 7:49 pm EDT

While discussing music services for webOS with Joshua Topolsky on the Engadget Show, John Rubinstein promised that there will be a "very easy" way to sync iTunes over to the TouchPad. Presumably they're not going to take another flyer and try to do direct-syncing with iTunes again but rather go with a second piece of software to help with it. Similar software for BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7 work quite well, so hopefully we'll see the same quality with webOS.

Rubinstein also mentioned HP's Melodeo purchase, which will hopefuly yield more exciting software and sync than the early-preview of the Melodeo app for webOS we've already seen.



I am so over itunes. I dont need that piece of bloatware on my pc. I want cloud storage

HP doesn't spend millions of dollars buying Melodeo for no reason and I'm sure HP has some magic up their sleeves. I never really liked iTunes, but for most people transitioning from iPods, iPhones, or otherwise...iTunes forms the center of their multimedia experience. Itunes simply works and Apple deserves a big thumbs up for building that platform.

Still don't know how Melodeo is going handle sharing my music in the cloud. Is this a free service like iTunes or do we pay for the convenience of having our music everywhere? Either way, I'm looking forward to HP's Beat Audio technology and whatever they come up with. Sorli...

God, why? Leave iTunes to the Apple users. They deserve each other.

Because HP no doubt doesn't have an alternative.

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Apple is being sued for a number of issues, including this very one, (it didn't include Palm, Real network, the issue is the same).....I posted about a last week.

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By the time HP gets around to doing anything computers won't exist anymore except for the extremely poor and the rest of us will have robots running around doing our taxes for us.

What's with all the Chinese spam of late? it's a new one.

They need some sort of desktop sync if they are releasing tablets and phones in the future with 32GB or 64GB of storage. It's just easier to sync with a client that has movies/playlists etc already sorted instead of streaming or dragging and dropping.

this is just crazy.
and NOT useful.

I sincerely hope that HP is working just as diligently on a NON-iTunes solution for the webOS product line. Hopefully these new upcoming devices will address the Playlist syncing issue with Windows Media Player (well, I can hope, right?).

I agree with ceveret3-- itunes, shymtunes. How about Zune integration?