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Jason Robitaille to join Enyo team for summer internship 59

by arthurthornton Sat, 05 May 2012 8:37 pm EDT

Jason Robitaille to join Enyo team for summer internship

Homebrew extraordinaire Jason Robitaille, the creator of webOS Quick Install, Comic Shelf (and its big sibling, Comic Shelf HD), Internalz, Internalz Pro, and many other apps, dozens of patches, and several homebrew services, will soon be joining the Enyo team in sunny San Francisco for the summer as their intern, he announced today on his Twitter account. The move is unsurprising, given his active participation in the community and numerous recent contributions to the open source Enyo project.

Jason's ability to work with the Enyo team came following the herculean recruiting efforts of Matt McNulty, the Senior Director of Frameworks and Tools at HP, more simply known as the head of the Enyo team. As a Canadian citizen, Jason required more than just the typical human resources visits to hire. McNulty did everything he had to do to ensure that Jason would be able to get the necessary documents from the US State Department to work and live in California, which is neither trivial nor quick.

Jason has told us that he will be starting later this month, May 14th to be precise, and that his internship will last roughly three months, ending in early August. We look forward to seeing what contributions he can make to Enyo 2.2, which is currently scheduled for release in July. We wish him the best of luck and we hope he can take with him some great knowledge, excellent memories, and perhaps even an offer for a job after he graduates. We expect he will enjoy working with the great group of folks over in the Enyo team and home he enjoys his time in San Francisco - after all we could use a guy like him at HP helping mold Enyo into a better framework and Open webOS into a better operating system with the community truly in mind.


That's really very generous of Jason to take on the Enyo team as his interns. I'm sure they'll learn a lot from him.

Unless my reading skills have really eroded, Jason's going as THEIR intern. Either way, make us proud JR!

Sarcasm isn't as obvious to some, though I'm sure there is a bit of truth to his statement.


You are speaking the truth for sure. I can't think of a better way to boost HP's understanding of and abilities with webOS!

LOL. So true. Congrats to Jason.

Internships are a great way for a company to install the company's culture and spirit in the heart of a young unshaped talent. A chance for the youngster to witness how decisions are made, products are developed, ideas are fostered.

That said, RUN JASON RUN!!!!!!!

good luck fellow canuck

Great appointment.  Congratulations Jason.

Nice, some good news for a change.

So many congrats to you my friend! With your hands in the pot with so many other capable and talented people, looking forward to the future!


Let's hope with Jason's help OpenWebOS can last longer than the internship!

My guess is his internship at HP will outlast the new developer relations head.

This is great news, not just for webOS but for Jason too. Congrats man and hopefully HP will learn alot from you and you can learn alot from them. You have already made webOS way more than it ever could have been and I wish you the best of luck.

Congrats, Jason! I hope you learn a lot from this and I hope even more so that they are able to learn from you.

Big Congratulations to Jason!... but even bigger congrats to HP for doing something they should have done 2 years ago! :)


Congrats! Couldn't go to a more deserving webOS developer. Though I'd be careful if offered a job; HP seems to be pretty unstable.

Congrates Jason!!

Hoping to hear more on the openWebOS front.

This is a win-win situation for everyone. Congrats!

Can't beleive it took them this long! Thank you Jason for lending your talent and insight. I'm sure this will be an amazing and positive experience for you and open webOS. Congratulations!

Best news I've heard all week

I don't know, though...with HP's current track record with powerful minds dedicated to webOS, he'll probably be working for NOKIA by the end of the summer.


That is incredibly good news.
Congratulations, Jason, work some open WebOS magic!!

grrreat news after so long...CONGRATULATIONSS JASON ..:)

Congratulations Jason!, If it wasn't for you all of our OS devices would be so boring to use!.

Jason Robitaille: Super Genius

let's hope it turns into a full time job. He has done a great job and WebOS would benefit greatly. Congratulations!

Congratulations Jason!

Excellent move to avoid the mosquito season. ;-)

n1, smells of win


Cheers, Jason! Recently moved to the area myself. Could throw a rock and hit Sunnyvale, drive past HP every day. Shoot me a PM if ya want dinner some time, you brilliant fellow.

Congratulations Jason - from all your genius work with WebOS I assumed you were much older! I actually have a much higher faith in Open WebOS succeeding now.

Congratulations! We know you will do great things.

Congratulations! As stated by all the others the things you have done so far brilliant. I hope HP utilizes what you have to offer to the fullest and make Open webOS what it should have been when they released the Pre 3 & TouchPad. As an original Palm Pre owner (still using this phone) I did not mention the Veer, because it was not the device that Palm Pre, Pre Plus, and Pixi owner were looking for to replace their phones.

Good luck and show them what a love of something, dedication and ingenuity can accomplish.

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What a perfect summer job! I'm not sure I expect even a really talented young webOS developer to "make a difference" in webOS' future (or lack of one) but I'm sure it'll be educational for everyone. And yes, I think Open WebOS can learn from Jason. No downsides - a paid internship to play with your favorite OS. And no worries about hitching your longterm future and mortgage payments to the tenuous Palm division at HP. (unless you want to!)

Side note: ridiculous US immigration policies has to interfere with summer internships and jobs even with Canadian citizens. Note to our state dept: Canadians aren't exactly a high security risk or illegal immigration risk to US.

This is the result of being a GREAT SUPPORTER of webOS,
for all your hard work and time... i'm sure you'll make a great job at HP...

is great that you'll do something you really like, and being paid for that!

Congrats!!! and make us proud.... you'll make a BIG difference!


Actually I think the original comment - "how kind of Jason R to take on the Enyo team as 'his' interns" - is more accurate! :-)

bravo jason!

Congratulations Jason.

Jason you are a webOS god....make sure they wash your feet every morning

also make sure you keep the girls at bay....you pretty MoFo

we want apps

seriously I'm happy to read this

Congratulations! Keep up the excellent work!

All Aboard!.....(from the mini U nobody knows about...)


congrats Jason!

Congratulations Jason, and I hope to see Ares 2 moving forward, also!* Then many of us mere mortals can join in to make Enyo apps!

*was in the job description to work with Ares, which is a GUI for building apps for webOS.

I'm very glad HP recognizes the work done by Jason. It's great to have someone who cares so much about webOS to actually work there. This kid has a very very bright future ahead of him. Just do your best, and everything else will follow. Congrats and enjoy!

When in doubt, send in the Canadian to solve the problem!
Welcome to the resurrection of webOS!

Congrats Enyo team. Uhh I mean Jason. Both. Well deserved.

Would be awesome if Jason could start a blog on his experiences. We'll happily sign off on his reports so he can collect his degree afterwards.

HP won't pay Jason Robitaille what he's worth. They'll probably give him a pittance to live on and act like what he's doing is simply a charity.

HP won't pay Jason Robitaille what he's worth. They'll probably give him a pittance to live on and act like what he's doing is simply a charity.

Engineering internships pay extremely well and from my experience with the webOS team last summer they pay more than most other companies do (and the internship program includes free housing which isn't as common)

Congrats Jason ! You have been one of the few who has helped keep webOS alive. You carry the original spirit of webOS and HP itself , Bill Hewlett and David Packard circa 1939 , Palo Alto.

Late to the party, mind you I said something on Twitter on Saturday ;) Congratulations again, you saved the day for me, many a time with my Pre- back in the day. Sunnyvale, that still cracks me up. Say hi to Ricky, Julian, Bubbles, Mr Lahey and Randy!!......Just follow the smell of rye & coke, you'll find them!

How long until Nokia nabs Jason as one of their summer interns? ;-)

Seriously though, HP needs to make him a full time employee!

"If you people think that the hiring of Jason can save webOS then you guys are crazier than I thought...."

Give me things a webOS troll would say for a 1000 Alex.

Seriously Jason ....you are the man. Good luck in your internship at HP

Congratulations to Jason and HP.

Jason you are so Great!!!

Jason will turn the ship around - soon webos will prevail! = )

to be the last best hope of a dying community.
how flattering, and scary

Don't learn bad habits , but learn well and try to teach HP. The reality of what people want.

Go jason

congrats Jason, hope you will not get disappointed by the reality of decision making & development process in HPalm team, which from afar seems to be... missing a thing or two...

It's nice to finally see Jason. He has been a HUGE asset to the WebOS community! Best wishes on your new roll, Jason.