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CyanogenMod 10 early builds bring Android 4.1 to TouchPad 25

by Ryan St. Andrie Fri, 03 Aug 2012 12:55 am EDT

Jelly Bean drips buttery goodness onto the TouchPad

Remember that gut wrenching feeling we all had when the sad news came that our beloved TouchPads would not be receiving any Open webOS love? Well don't be too down because there is a little ray of sunlight shining on TouchPad owners this week, and it's coming from the Android crowd, of all people. It seems that Android hacking guru James Sullins has leaked an early build of CyanogenMod 10 for the TouchPad. That's right boys and girls! You may not get the latest and greatest of webOS on your TouchPad but you will definitely have the most recent version of Android (aka Jelly Bean) to help keep your tablet from collecting dust. 

Right now this is a very early build of CM10 and the list of things not working is almost as long as the list of things that do work. Currently sound, mic, camera, and video acceleration are not working at all. On top of that there is a fistful of apps that force close or don't work altogether. With that said, this build does show promise and cool features like Google Now seem to be working fine. We do not recommend any of our readers install this unless you are of the adventurous type and just want to experiment. In which case you can click on the source link below and have some fun. As soon as a stable build hits the interwebs we will  have all of you covered with a full how-to on updating your device as well as a spiffy video showcasing CM10.

In the mean time check out this video put together by REVTV showing off the sweet taste of Jelly Bean for the TouchPad. 

Source: REVTV


did they even get cm9 working with skype video yet?

no it is still not working

George, get set for a mind-blowing afternoon! :D (Bonus points if you know what that's from.)

When will CM9 be stable for TP?

CM9 has been stable for months on the TP. go to CM's website and follow instructions for the latest tenderloin nightly.

Phoenix is working on TP

will the camera ever work on the TP with android??? That's the only reason I switch to webOS anymore.

The Cyanogen crew has been working on camera support for a long time. The problem is the proprietary driver. It may never work for all I know but at least they are trying :)

good stuff ryan

i'll pass until it's as stable as cm9

I know nothing about Android. Can CM9 or higher be installed on a TP without wiping out WebOS (dual-boot)? If so, does this noticeably slow down or hamper WebOS when run? And what are a some basic reasons (or apps) that make you want to add Android to a TP?

Dual booting does not touch the webOS partition. So you don't loose any information from webOS and it does not harm webOS performance. If you don't like it getting rid of it is as easy as installing it.

loose?  Really, Ryan?  Didn't I teach you better?  :)

now.. this are certainly good news and something worth pursuing on the TP...

A year ago i bought mine at the "fire sale" hoping HP would build some exciting features, did i ever get fooled, after speaking to 2 HP Techs at work they said go ahead it safe we already have it on their TP and it works great(except camera/video, which I never use) happing downloading.

Jelly Bean uses Linux 3.1.10. I wonder if the kernel modules are compatible with 3.3?

Can we just have one version of Android that works almost 100 percent before starting on a new one?

Ummmm they do. If u install CM9 nightly it's "almost 100%". The only thing not working is the camera. Also last time I used it CM7 was damn near perfect.

Someone uses the camera? I just assumed that drawing the item with a pencil would provide a better quality image.

Question for you all, I have been naively been waiting for the open source WebOs update and after HPs announcement it is clear it will never happen.
For those of you that installed CM9 ICS on your Touchpad are there any major concerns? I understand that the camera does not work but I also heard of battery issues with CM9 as well.
Will CM continue to iron out the bugs on version 9 or will they leave it as is and jump over to CM10? Sorry for all the questions but I don't want to install something that will be a mess on my TP...

Nothing to be concerned about at all. Yes there are some minor issues like the camera but it pretty the OS pretty much works perfectly. Nice to have a dual booting TP although I default it to webOS and still use it more than android. Worth doing if you want some extra functionality and access to more apps.

A few things on this...
CM7 does run great on touchpad hardware.
CM9 I've been using every version since it started coming out for touchpad, and accept for camera.... its near perfect on touchpad hardware.

My inital motivation to put any of them on the beautiful touchpad was ONLY for Netflix, which will be unlikely to ever come to webos on the touchpad as it stands now. It has been a great way to watch the work of Android design chief Marcus Duarte (formerly of WebOS) add the interface items that made me happy with WebOS to Android -- because if hp isnt going to use them they shouldn't be wasted --- until Open WebOS can actually bring them to me again on NEW hardware!!!

Team Epic (of CyanogenMod) continue to work on getting linux kernel 3.3 running on the Sprint Samsung Epic 4G... IF they can get it running, then we could get Open WebOS on that device with a slide out keyboard...

Point in fact the same team does the work on porting to Samsung Galaxy SIII.... so draw your own conclutions there

All that to say linux 3.3 IS one of the next big things alot of ANDROID stuff is aiming toward.... so it makes sense (in a way) that WebOS would be aiming toward that as a convergence point..... (it takes a long time after your estranged uncle Leo comes in an murders your pregnant sister, her unborn child, and your family pet for everything in the family to get back to normal.... That said I think our Foster Mom, Marge is doing a fairly good job raising WebOS along with her OWN older kids...)

The community is what drives getting any of this done right now, because they have a different motivation and passion than MONEY -- they ARE "Thinking Beyond" --- and want to see these products be all they can be..... and to steal from a recently departed founder of technology, be the insanely great things they can be....

I'm sure amazed how well the touchpad handles CM7/9 -- the hardware WAS up to the task, it just needed the LOVE of some people to write the code that brought it there....

The true question is if HP can ever really foster that kind of LOVE, and passion to create truly great products like that (ever / again) and seeing the hack-a-thons and the pure talent that we had here going to work for Palm(HP) even as interns tells me the LOVE is there.... its just what HP will do with it...... That's what makes this whole thing like watching a day time soap..... Who needs "all my children"? Give me "All my Gadgets". (and give them all an optional physical keyboard lol)

CM10!? I still can't get CM9 on my TouchPad, I now fail at being technologically savvy X

Just kill me now.

Edit: I have finally succeeded in getting CM9 onto my TP. Will wait for more work on CM10.

Will it ever be possible to update from the within CM build itself to the next generation of Android ?

Will it ever be possible to update from the within CM build itself to the next generation of Android ?

Will it ever be possible to update from the within CM build itself to the next generation of Android ?