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Job listing points to webOS SlingPlayer 19

by Derek Kessler Thu, 01 Oct 2009 10:26 am EDT


Is that Slingbox sitting under your TV looking oh so sadly at the Pre in your hand? Rest assured that Sling Media feels your pain. There’s a job listing up on their site for a Senior Mobile User Interface Designer, who must “Be knowledgeable about and/or interested in becoming an expert on the existing user interface paradigms used on iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Android, and Palm WebOS.”

As you can imagine, the Senior Mobile User Interface Designer’s job is to work on the user interfaces for upcoming SlingPlayer releases. As in a webOS SlingPlayer. Can I get a “Hollah”?

So even though Sling Media was on board as one of those partners at the Pre’s CES 2009 unveiling in January, we were starting to get the feeling that there hadn't been much work done on a webOS SlingPlayer app. Then again, maybe they just need the interface designer to put a pretty face on the code. Either way, getting this job filled is one step closer to Pre owners getting on their place- and time-shifting television action.

Thanks to windzilla for the tip!


man! they should hire me.

Yes! I so miss having SlingPlayer Mobile on my handheld since I ditched my Treo 700p for the Pre! Cannot wait until this becomes a reality!

that is very good news because I believe it should not be that difficult to implement the video out capabilities from the palm pre, pixie or any web os unit due to it being recongized as a Ipod interface already hopefully this is implied very soon but then of course comes the problem with additional memory because 8gig with that capability will have alot of upset user

The Pre is not recognized as an iPod interface - it merely tells iTunes that it is an iPod.

The Pre's one and only port is USB, and it is recognized as such. Now, it is possible for the Pre to output video over USB, but they'll need some fancy programming and cables to get it done.

the listing also points to a sling player for android.
slingplayer will support android before it does webOS.

Of course. Android has a bigger marketshare than webOS. For now.

But, there's an existing Palm customer base that is already having a negative experience without Sling support and has a Sling friendly provider to work with in Sprint. But, chances are Sling is still "thinking about it" and that base is erroding away. We'll all be Dish-enfrancised in the end. :(

As soon as there is an app available I am purchasing a slingbox.

Orb, please! I already have a great media center and tuner card so I don't want to buy a Slingbox if I can help it!

awesome news..I have 3 slingplayer mobile's..maybe soon i will be able to use them..very excited!

My Slingbox is a paper weight since I bought my Pre.
I just hope that a Web OS player is compatible with my current Slingbox.
No Apple BS, Sling!

Slingbox would be awesome. I own two of them and miss being able to view my DVR at home from my Treo while sitting in waiting rooms.

man! they should hire me.

come one sling..... BRING IT TO WEBOS!

Sling is notoriously a slow moving company. I would say particularly after they were bought out by EchoStar. They need help to right that sinking ship. I tire of the company's one step above vaporware.

WebOS SlingPlayer in 2011.

Late 2011, wifi only. :)


I have both Orb and SlingBox. The built-in video player can do Orb now, but only uses that weird streaming format. CorePlayer supporting Windows Media streaming would make Orb AWESOME for the Pre.

But yeah, please get on this ASAP, Sling Media.

Tell ya this, if Sling can get that high quality a picture and sound on the Palm OS player, it will be well worth the wait to see it on a Web OS device.

The fact that Sling also has this page in their support database also lets us know that they are very much aware of the Pre:

Can I run SlingPlayer Mobile for Palm OS on the new Palm Pre?
We've received a lot of inquiries about running SlingPlayer Mobile on the new Palm Pre. Unfortunately, the current version of SlingPlayer Mobile for Palm OS is incompatible with the Pre and the new Palm webOS.

Get it going, Sling! I won't buy your product without support for the Pre.