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Jon Rubinstein at Qualcomm Live's Fireside Chat today 48

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Wed, 01 Jun 2011 1:13 am EDT

On June 1st (today) at 2 PM Pacific Jon Rubinstein of HP's webOS division (and former CEO of Palm), will be presenting at Qualcomm Live's Fireside Chat event in San Diego, CA. You'll be able to watch it live yourself on Qualcomm's website, in case you can't make it to San Diego personally. It looks like he'll be giving us another look at HP's mobile strategy for the current lineup of webOS smartphone and tablet devices, but we may not see too much given out here about new devices that we haven't already heard elsewhere. Still, it may be a good idea to check in with the live stream if you have an hour's time, just in case.

We'll be watching, though, and will keep you updated here if we find out anything interesting.

Update: Looks like Ruby's on now - Qualcomm got the time wrong on their site. We'll update as we hear more!

Source: Qualcomm Live


I wonder if he'll announce anything, or wait until this weekend's festivities!

I hope he gives more info but he is good at keeping on script.

I hope he drops "In the coming days"! Haha, that would make my day!

haha nice

he never has any new info to offer. i'll pass.

My sentiments exactly!

Wait, remember that one time he did mention itunes support for the Pre. But that didnt turn out to good.

Maybe he will talk about how he ran Palm into the ground and give incite on how things are going running HP into the ground.

wait... you guys aren't excited for more "Roadmap" talk? Doesn't matter the subject, the PodFather must be obeyed!

It scares me every time he speaks.
I almost gave up on Palm when I heard his Engadget interview.

Yeah, that Engadget boor fest is still fresh on my mind as well ... He is not too exciting or informative that's for sure.

what the over under on him saying "soon"?

i doubt he will announce anything before leo says something.

Lots of HP execs on the speech circuit this week and next....just hope they actually give tangible dates and information on new products rather than more long term strategy gibberish that we've come to expect.

Too many cooks..

In the "Coming Months", "Veer in Spring", "Summer 2011", "Make it Right". Frankly I am a little spent on all of this. Jon Rubenstein is a waste of oxygen when it comes to interviews. All he talks about is, vertical stacks, HP's partners, and their wide spread distribution. I might be done with WebOS as a whole. I am a launch day Pre- user, I have 2.0 my Pre-, done a FrankenPre, Preware’d and patched the **** out of my phone. Really! I shouldn’t need to do this. I see new Andriod phones released 4 times a week. Yes, I am on Sprint and I was thinking about getting a TouchPad (June 12?), now I am in doubt of my future purchase. See for the full TouchPad experience you need a companion device such as the Veer, or Pre 3, for SMS, TS, and Video Chat. HP\Palm did not say if legacy devices will support the pairing of certain features. I’m a Sprint Premier Member, I’ve been sitting on an upgrade for the last year!! Now all three of my lines are eligible for upgrades. I am almost to the point of FedEx’g my 5 Touchstones and 3 Pre-s to Jon Rubenstein’s desk!!! With a nice little letter on how I feel a little let down as a loyal Palm\WebOS enthusiast on Sprint! HP\Palm feed us a bone and soon! Sorry about the rant guys!

Please sell your touchstones to me (cheap or free, please)

"...patched the **** out of my phone. Really! I shouldn’t need to do this"

Amen!!! Phantom_pain

Patching and hacking was fun until it became practically required all the time to fix the multitude of bugs and broken promises that HP is too bored to fix themselves.

I think there are people that jailbreak iOS devices and root Android devices. Some do it for extra features, some do it to overcome shortcomings. I for one love that I have many patches available for my Pre- because it adds a lot of flexibility. Everyone writing these patches has done an awesome job, and it is fairly convenient once preware is installed.

I would still rather use an un-patched non-overclocked Pre- than any Android device.

I could not agree more on how much fun I've had hacking my Pre-, and how open the OS is. I give total credit to WebOS-Internals, and the reset of the homebrew community! What an awesome job they have done extending the life of my Pre-. However, I am getting a little bored, and my launch day Pre- is starting to show its age. I am not a fan of Andriod, nor Blackberry. What is one to do? My Pre- is not going to last, and HP\Palm and Sprint are tight lip'd on any pending release! I ask this. How much longer are you willing to wait? Pending an annoucement, August I am gone! Will not switch carriers for WebOS, sorry guys! Sprint's pricing and being a Premeir Member it's just not worth it.

Yes! I like your anger. More people need to voice on here. Let Richard Kerris and others know that we are done being scr**ed with.

I am angry too!


Dear Ruby - unless you (or any other HPalm exec) can say and back up the words "Sprint will be launching the Pre __ on ______ date" I really don't want to hear it.

Nothing else really matters at this point for so many of us Pre- owners.

I gave up on the Pre3 arriving at Sprint; I am just waiting for the TouchPad which I will definitely get the first day it comes out.

I hope he implores people to "stay tuned".

I'm eager to find out whether or not he and everyone else are really excited about the products that are coming this year.

Finally, we will be able to hear whether or not there is a roadmap for webOS.

We can find out whether or not integration among webOS devices will be seamless.

We may even find out if everyone at HPalm is working hard or hardly working. It's got to be one of the two.

We will be able to see what tablet Ruby is using for daily use. Is it a Touchpad, perhaps?

I want to know if HP has any partners in this or are they completely solo on this webOS thing. I wonder if anyone else is excited or is it just HP?

He needs to tell us what to do if we are waiting for new hardware: 1) stay tuned or 2) give up and buy something that is not from HP;

Hey Ruby, let's say I own two webOS devices like a tablet and a smartphone. Let's also say that I put them on the same profile - because they are both mine and mine only. Furthmore, let's say that I have both of these devices in front of me and I have a web page open up on the smartphone. I have both devices turned on but showing different things. However, I want to put the page from my new webOS smartphone onto my new webOS tablet. Right away. I mean, RIGHT AWAY - I only have three seconds to do it. No typing. I don't even know how I got to this URL. How can I make a seamless transition from one device to another? Is that even technically possible?

I'm hoping he can clear up these things for us.

ROFLMAO. Don't tease me by saying we will finally get the answers to these burning questions unless you really know for sure he's going to give up the goods!

that was hilarious and well said

If I could have given you more than one thumbs up, I would have. Great post!!

Personally, I was only curious about how many times he'd use the word "verity".

I can just hear him: "In the coming weeks", "We'll announce it when we're ready", "When is the summer solstice?", "You know, you know".

We're all so stupid.

Just under 3.5 hours left lol.

We are staying tuned - for "stay tuned" - very meta. Actually, it's more like what they did in Inception.

Jon WHO?¿

I sense a lack of anticipation.

basically. a few months ago this post would've already had over 100 comments from people eager to hear what Ruby had to say. now, we'd actually prefer it if he'd say nothing at all.

Fortunately for us, he always says nothing at all.

I love WebOS, this is going to be exciting!

It's the long awaited "making it right" speech.


WWWWWWWTTTTTTTTFFFFFFFFF????? he just said tht cooming soon stuff!!!!!! Im done......

Poll in the chat: what webOS device are you most excited about?
a. TouchPad: 48%, b. Veer: 4%, Pre 3: 48%

I liked the Citrix clip in the TouchPad montage.

they did have a great demo video tho...

I think someone needs to fill John in on the licensing thing. He's totally contradicting what Apotheker said about an hour ago.

I don't think Rubinstein contradicted Apotheker at all. "He seemed more interested in products that would integrate into an HP-led ecosystem" (from PreCentral's D9 article) fits in well with Rubinstein's "in-between" comment.

Rubi is repeating everything that has already been said, plus continuing to endorse the webOS ecosystem. Kudos to him there. Unfortunately, nothing new is currently being added. And yes, he seems to be contradicting Leo Apotheker on the licensing issue. (Or really, I don't think he knew how to respond and just misspoke.)

I sure wish former HP employee Rahul Sood (founder VoodooPC) were one of the front men for webOS. He really pushed for Palm back in the day, and brought a lot of excitement and tech savvy know-how to discussions, especially since he's heavy into the hardware and is a power user.

Just realized John starts EVERY answer with "So,.." :o)

So I rushed home for this? Color me pissed off. This was nothing new. What a waste of everybody's time. And what was the 'surprise' at the end? The dumb drum band?

About the Veer, I was in the ATT store today, they dont even have it. Its "Special order only because ATT (corporate) feels it wont sell well"

im sorry HP, but if there is no release date for Pre 3 by the launch day of the EVO 3D, then i will be making and watching 3D movies.

ive enjoyed my launch day Pre-, **** ive enjoyed all 9 of them. but enough is enough. my phone is on the brink all day every day now.

just give us a day, time, and carrier!

Why dont they just fire this dumbass. He does nothing for the company/brand as the front man.

Posts have become beyond petty.

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