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Just Say is Chinese for webOS voice control 26

by Ryan St. Andrie Sat, 15 Dec 2012 5:20 pm EST

Just Say is Chinese for webOS voice control

Whether you love Apple or not, it's hard to deny the impact they've had on the mobile industry and the technologies they've either created ro popularized. While Apple didn't create voice control or even Siri (which the acquired by buying a small developer), they pushed quality voice recognition and control to the forefront of the mobile experience - even if Google and Microsoft had beat them to the punch as far as the feature itself was concerned. Regardless of how good or bad the voice control offerings from Apple, Samsung, Google, Microsoft, and others are, it is blatantly obvious it is a much-desired feature by today's customers.

While we'd like to think that HP was working on voice control of their own for webOS, the untimely demise of webOS hardware put a kibosh on any such hypothetical plans. But, as is typical of webOS users and developers, the cancellation of hardware development and the future of the entire operating system being up in the air isn't something to slow them down - as demonstrated by a new Chinese app for webOS that's a sort of "baby Siri", known simply as Just Say.

Just Say (known as Wiri earlier in its development) seems to have all the makings of a good digital assistant even in its current beta status, albeit one for the Chinese speakers among us. This little bit of software can get your current weather, snag your location in the maps app, make calls, and even write a message for you. As to what else it is capable of doing, well, we honestly aren't sure - our Chinese is horrible and machine translation from Chinese is really difficult.

The app is available through the Chinese webOS forum Zoopda, which has filled a surprisingly large niche for Chinese webOS users (webOS hardware was never officially made available in China, despite the existence of localized Chinese-language webOS builds). Our friend and Instagrio developer @ionull was able to get us a copy of Just Say to try out, though there wasn't really much we could do with it, given our lack of understanding for both spoken and written Chinese.

Even with our Chinese language deficiency, Just Say still intrigues us. In a world where webOS apps and support for apps are dropping away every week, it gives us hope for the future to see apps like Just Say are being created. We wouldn't expect Just Say to be coming in an English version any time soon, but the fact that the service exists and works (aside from it sending up "What are you saying, crazy American?" errors when we try and speak at it) is highly encouraging not just for the future of webOS apps, but for the power of webOS as a platform.

Source: Zoopda; Via: webOSFrance



Oh man I want this sooo bad ! . . As much as I love WebOS and think how great it is, this is one feature that I often envy when Im around other friends with an Android, Windows, or Iphone . . Pleeeeease someone in the Open WebOS project start working on getting this ported to English speaking countries !

Does it work on touchpad? have a chinese friend at work who can ccheck it out.

Indeed it does.

Yes it works on the TouchPad

How is it activated

Launch app, tap microphone button, tap the button to the right of the microphone (I think?)

An amazing achievement - especially considering there was no official hardware release in China.

In terms of porting for us speakers of indo-european languages, is this useful ?


That's awesome, although I think I'd prefer the title "Just Talk" better, would of complimented "Just Type". Just Say is ok I guess.

you can always change the name and icons for your apps if you want. How about just say for chinese and just talk for an english version

I used the "location" command from the menus, and it inputted "current location", and returned "can't find your location". I then said "current location", and it returned "are you playing with me?" I don't get it. Inconsistency?

"joke" -> "I didn't find any good jokes :("

(Actually, it might just be my crappy internet connection.)

Where is the link to DL "Just Talk". Will test on pre3 and TP.
Cant DL from chinese webOS forum, unless register, and to register you need to be able to read and type chinese character on photo for spam checking. :(
cant find link on french webOS forum.

If some one can mirror the "Just Talk.ipk" would be appreciated. :)

you can find it here


This great chinese developer has developed many chinese webos apps.


The app isn't really that good and magic. The voice recognition fails all the time and its programmed responses seem very insufficient. This version of app was released this March and has not been updated since then so it's barely news. Nothing to grief here people. Move on!

The obstacle to prevent webos spreading in china is the absence of a most popular app, wechat in IOS and android.

"Wechat" is a live chat app developed by a famous chinese internet corp., Tencent.

Could you us and euro. guys to help chinese weboser push Tencent to provide a webos version of Wechat?


Mmm... Distributing a full ROM, eh? There's a reason WebOS Internals only link to the Doctors but don't host them.

I used to have a really good voice control software on the old PalmOS phones. I could do voice dialing and compose text messages and emails. I was always so surprised on how accurate it was. It was pretty slow though as it used server processing and this was in the days of slower data. I so missed this when moving from PalmOS to WebOs.

I am picturing the perfect fit between LG TV and Just Say. Good bye remote. Hello, webOS TV with Just Say...

Derek, maybe it's only the German version of Siri, but all of my Friends just gave up with this 'feature'. Even voice dialing doesn't work as good as it did on my old Palm Centro and its lightyears away from my Parrot bluetooth system in the car.

yeah make it in english please

我有‘WebOS’的手机, 这个小说很有意思。 I have a WebOS phone, and this story is very interesting.

I would love to be able to type Chinese on my phone using Pinyin and if I can talk to it all the better. So how do I get a Chinese version of WebOS for my phone HP Pre3?

When I am in China at present I have to use an old Nokia 2G phone that I had 'converted' to Chinese so that I could type Chinese. Could something similar be done for my Palm Pre or HP Pre 3? I am so familiar with the WebOS interface, a couple of Chinese words I do not understand would not be a problem.

Has anyone any idea How I get one of my phones 'Converted' to Chinese. Would be happy to evaluate this new app as a 老外 。 What is the app called in Chinese 只说?

Andrew 史安德

There does exist chinese version of WEBOS rom for Pre3, so does the Chinese input app.
For convinece, you may install the Chinese input app on the officical rom, then just enjoy typing Chinese.
I have such rom and app.You may contact me by email. xsloph@gmail.com

Since you undertand chinese, you can also download the app from a chinese webos forum below.


this would be a great paid app if someone can get to us

I think this is a big deal
wisely HP is pursuing broader markets
open webOS must have great appeal for developers in China/India/MidEast where its elegance, simplicity & versatility are significant dividends and the paucity of ecosystem may be considered an advantage for some
HP can recoup much of the ground lost by the Apotheker debacle by concentrating on emerging & vibrant markets