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Just Type: Add items to Just Type [webOS 2.x] 3

by Adam Marks Wed, 30 Mar 2011 11:08 pm EDT

This tip is only for devices running webOS 2.0 and higher

As you install or update apps that take advantage of Just Type functionality, you will still need to enable those apps to plug in to Just Type before you will see them as a clickable option. To do this, you will need to access the Just Type preferences, which can be found by typing anything into a Just Type search, scrolling to the bottom below the Just Type options, and tapping on Preferences.

Once inside Just Type Preferences, you will see various areas for Applications, Launch & Search and Quick Actions, each with a "+ Add" option at the bottom. Click on that row of your desired section and you will be presented with all of the options (if any) that can be added to Just Type. Just tap on item you want to add. The next time you access a Just Type search, you will see it added to the bottom of that Just Type section. (note that if you have more than three options in a Just Type section, you will need to press "+ More..." to see those additional options)

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Looking forward to Just Type! Looking forward to getting my Pre3!

Honestly, until I can actually get my hands on a webOS 2.X device like the Pre3, new features aren't very interesting.

I've got a pre- that i've recently updated to 2.x via the ingeniousness of WebOS Internals. You may actually want to look into it.


I've never programmed anything, nor do i know the first thing about Linux. But I followed the instructions and read thoroughly how to combat the issues that might arise. Now it works great. If it doesn't, then you can always doctor back.

I'm loving me some WebOS 2.X, and enjoying all the new features. Just Type is the best.

I know we all wanted the update to come OTA or atleast from Palm... but... imjussayin... this works. And it's even sweeter that it comes from people that don't mind sharing the fruit of their work without demanding profit in return.