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by kalemsoft Mon, 17 Jan 2011 11:16 am EST
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KalemSoft Media Player is a media player application with support for streaming content from a remote PC. It can play media files with common codecs and containers such as divx, xvid, wmv, wma, mkv, etc. stored on the device as well as on a remote PC (encrypted files such as Digital Copies are not supported). KalemSoft Media Player can also stream live content such as a stream from a video camera or a TV card attached to a remote PC. The streaming server is a separate application named KalemSoft Media Streamer that is available freely from


KalemSoft Media Player runs on Pre Pixi/Veer and TouchPad. This version is for Palm Pre/Pre+/Pre2. The versions for other devices are available separately.

Please visit www.kalemsoft.com/site/downloads.html for the changelog.

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This is easy to set up and works great for me. If you port forward correctly, you'll get a stream over wi-fi and 3G. The streams look great and includes a slider to jump to any point in the song or movie. The web cam player on the phone can record as well. So far so good..

It didn't load in my Pre with webOS 1.4

This works great, simple set up. Orb never worked very well for me and this seems very good so far.

Nice work ty!

Best streaming app for the pre, and I've tried them all! Could use a couple updates to add a resume function and a swipe to fast forward function like the native video player, but even without those features, this app is a 10. They got the most important part right...THE STREAMING! Free is a great price, but I would pay $10.

This is easily the best app right now for webOS. I watch all my webcams and can stream all my movies without clogging my tiny 8gb drive. Im going to cop a tv tuner also for the ability to watch tv eventually. I cant wait to use this on HPs new tablets too.

This really works well. Enough options but not too many. Great way to access ton of content remotely, and I can give access to family members too using something like DropBox (untested) if I want them to see latest video of the kids without having to post online.

THIS IS AWESOME! WOW! I can't believe this actually works! BRILLIANT

So easy to setup and use !! Streaming avi files and Mp3 files works great over wifi or 3G speeds.

Can't install it on my pre plus

I am having trouble getting my files to load/buffer. My firewall is set to allow it, and I've checked everything several times. It will run, occasionally, for a few seconds, then freeze, if at all. Cool app, but just not working as well for me, as it is for others. Any suggestions?

Listened to Hank Williams from my home computer while driving to work this morning! Love the app. simple to set up and use, and it works!!
Thank you!!!

This is the best WebOS program ever! It plays all kinds of videos (even HD material, although not in HD), and is really easy to use. WOW! I'm surprised this isn't getting more attention on here.

I have been using this app for months now since it came out in beta form. I remember purchasing from paypal because it wasn't yet in the app store. I can tell you this.

1. this app is awesome

2. this app works on all webOS devices (tested on pre- pre+ pixi, Pre2, and most recently my little veer)

3. run this app on your main wired in computer at home, the one plugged to the router for simple setup, If you try to configure via wireless its a pain unless you know how to configure router settings.

I love this app. I like watching my webcams at my house on the little veer. gets me pumped :)

Hi, I just purchased this video player but, even after checking "auto hide player controls", not only the controls stay on the screen, but the left menu stays too. The left menu becomes somewhat transparent but is obstructing a third of the movie screen.
(I have a Touchpad).
Thanks for your help.

I just purchased this app on 9-11 as well. I'm having the same problem. I entered a support ticket on the Kalemsoft website. I'll pass on what I find out.

Got the answer back from Kalemsoft, all you have to do, besides having the "auto hide player controls" checked is to touch the box on the bottom right control panel that says "windowed". After that, the entire control screen goes away.

I've watching "Watchmen", and both the picture and sound are great! Nice software.

i just got the app, but when i play my movies, the screen splits, and i see on the upper part the whole movie, and below a small part of the movie as well, like twice...that pretty sux,suggestion any 1?

I have this on my tp and pre -, hist upgraded to pre3 and it didn't reinstall & can't find in app catalog? Is it not avail for pre3?

hi when try to open it states, cant open mime type can any 1 help thank you

can someone share their registered email ID? I cant find a full version on net and dont wish to buy.

Very useful to me. I have been using it for a while now, and it worked perfectly well. Great app! - Thaddeus Heffner