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by bhutten Thu, 24 Jan 2013 3:11 pm EST
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KeePassGo is an mojo WebOS app for opening a KeePass 2.x file and view the entries and groups. The app allows you to select a .kdbx file, enter a master password and browse through the entries. An entry can be opened to view the details. The passwords are initially covered but can be viewed by touching and holding the password field.


How to use it:

Copy your .kdbx file via USB on your device. Start KeePassGo and select your .kdbx file. Enter your master password to open the database.


What does KeePassGo do with my data?

KeePassGo does not change your data. KeePassGo just reads your .kdbx file and decrypts the data with the master password you have entered so you can view the groups and entries. KeePassGo does not store any data or writes data to any file or database, but keeps everything in memory while the app is active. When you close the KeePassGo app all decrypted data is cleared from memory.


Release info:

version 1.1.0 (22 feb 2013):

- bug fix: opening large .kdbx files

- new feature: copy each field to the clipboard


version 1.0.1 (initial public version):

- open .kdbx file

- browse through entries and groups

- open entry to view user name, password, URL and notes

- password shows when tap and hold the password field



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Great that this app is available! Waited for this long, because I use KeePass (the Windows component) very long and I'm very happy with it. Unfortunately when trying to open my KeePass.kbdx-File in the App an error occurs (Service Error: -1: Message status unknown.)

Please try if the new KeePassGo version 1.1.0 solves your problem.
Kind regards,

Great app. I use keepass since 1.x on Windows, Blackberry 6 and 10. And now I use KeepassGo: ***** stars.

Downloads ok but I get cannot open mime type when I launch it.

It didn't work.

This app is not working on my TP 32.
It runs OK (starting), then clicking to load a database goes fine.
It asks for the password, and after entering the pw and pressing "Open Database" the app just dies (circle initially spins for a second then freezes.

I do have the latest version of the program (as well as WebOS, firmware, etc.).
Database file is .kdbx, generated by KeyPass 2.23

It would be really nice if this app can be debugged.