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June for TouchPad and Pre 3, say HP reps 145

by Derek Kessler Tue, 10 May 2011 12:34 pm EDT

We might not be that far away from finally getting our hands on the HP TouchPad and HP Pre 3. The two new flagship webOS devices have been slated for a “summer” release ever since their unveiling at Think Beyond back in February, and now it seems that they might be here in the early parts of the summer, specifically June. As in next month, sometime in the next 21-51 days. We’ve received multiple reports from readers who have had HP reps tell them June for both devices, and even HP CEO Leo Apotheker has said June for the TouchPad on multiple occassions (apparently none of the ananlysts have been interested enough to ask about the Pre 3).

HP VP of Developer Relations Richard Kerris, however, is interested. He even has one. When asked on Twitter about the release order for the TouchPad and Pre 3, Kerris said it’s TouchPad and then the Pre 3. If you were to ask us, we’d think with Touch-to-Share being a major feature of the TouchPad, we’d want the phone out either first or concurrently. Either way, June’s not that far off, and hopefully neither are our new webOS tablets and phones.

Source: Richard Kerris (Twitter), YouTube; Thanks to anonymous for the tips!



On Sprint within weeks of the Evo3D launching? Probably wouldn't be good for HP or Sprint. Not saying it couldn't happen. Just that if so, it'll get shafted by Sprint reps who'll be moving to sell every Evo 3D possible and getting people on waiting lists with deposits when they sell out.

Better to launch on Sprint with the Evo3D than to not launch with Sprint anytime soon.

Maybe HP should sell the TouchPad with a "free" Pre 3 alongside. Or at least a discout of some kind. The synergy particles emitted would help it affects a greater volume of market/mindshare, no?

you are absolutely right - they MIGHT spark enough interest with tablet (if the price is right, that is, and by that I don't mean the price range of iPad2, but rather competitive with Asus Transformer...), that it would speed up phones adoption - be it free Veer (codename "Weird"), or significantly discounted Pre3 (by which I mean price range of the subsidized phone, but WITHOUT the contract).

That is harsh, HP, but you are in such a state of affairs with constantly sub-par hardware, and unfortunately - brilliant, but underdog OS - that you NEED to give it away as an absolute bargain and/or even subsidize, for a while, to create enough interest to even stay in the game. I hope you realize that.

And I am not even sure if it is enough, at that stage.

Basically, price tag(s) of competitive, already established and successful competitors will not cut it - NOT A CHANCE! And not this time - people will not buy into any more promises of "future" anything - devices, apps, services. Not with your track record of (un)delivering them.

But they still *might* buy if you give them excellent quality, value, and "just enough" functionality available, so they will not bother too much to consider PB/Pre3 an "investment" or "commitment", but rather an "opportunity".

Did ATT not release any other phones besides the iPhone in the last 4 Junes? It doesn't matter what phones are coming out at the same time as long as they COME OUT.

Well, you can use TTS with the Veer if they push the required update when the Touchpad launches.

That would be nice! Here's hoping it is June on Sprint!

My big question is will Sprint get it? Hope so!


Hopefully the TP is redesigned to compete with Samsung tab 10.1 incher the thin version and IP-2

Not likely. Especially if the TP is arriving at the earlier end of the anticipated schedule.

Exactly. If it's coming out by June then the mass production is already going on. There is not much that you can change now.

Samsung is something different... they own the whole process of designing the device to the fabrication lines of the tablet, they can do such shifts in very limited time.

yeah sammy is intriguing me these days. i am very swayed by the gs2

Of course they needed to come out with this...especially since all of todays attention was on google/android.

: good one! Well traditionally, timing is not their strongest asset!

June would be release of the wifi version and Aug-Oct release of 3G, (LTE and wimax wont come) with release of pre-3

no 4g will mean less interested/less demand. they should've thought this through more.

Then they can just slap on a 4G label like AT&T did with the Veer.

Did you see the new Samsung tab being given out at google I/O, looks amazing.

its hard to tell from a software perspective until 3.1 rolls out, but it is thinner and lighter than the recently designed iPad 2. Samsung learned and stepped it up.

The TouchPad in comparison is cheaper-looking, heavier, plasticky, and overweight.

I agree this it's the dog, aesthetically-speaking, but I don't think HP was ever going to win there. It's all about how smooth and feature complete WebOS 3.x will be on launch day, and no one can answer that question yet.

I won't form any opinions (aside from not personally interested in ANY tablet right now) until i see that. It's only fair.

Thick is the new thin. I think that's what they are going to be demonstrating at Cannes.

:) Hilarious :)

Yeah, but it runs Android, which means the user experience will be horrendous until Ice Cream Sandwich ships at the end of the year (and that's assuming ICS is usable).

Even then, there's no guarantee that a Galaxy Tab will even be upgradable. Other Samsung owners have been waiting 12+ months for updates to their phones just to bring them up to the *current* version of Android.

If you buy a Galaxy Tab, you may well end up with a beautiful piece of hardware dead-ended with obsolete software -- software that was obsolete the day you bought the device.

"software that was obsolete the day you bought the device." I have used Android 3.0 on a Xoom and i would say that it isn't obsolete software at all, quite nice actually.

Damn, I just went all 14 year old boy and now I am walking through my office holding a manila folder over my . . . well you get the picture. I have been "shopping" phones as my contract with Sprint is up in less than a month and I need a new phone.

Why is my comment downgraded - I am excited that HP is about to drop the Pre3 and I get negatives back - typical of this community - so negative.

Pls bring it to Sprint . . . the HP/Palm Nation has been patient ~

It's up to Sprint to sell it, not HP/Palm.

So far, Sprint has said "no" to 2 generations of webOS hardware -- the Pre Plus and Pre 2. That's not HP's fault.

Pretty sure Pre3 is going Verizon, right? Hasn't that been the talk all along?

i would say it is almost definitely going to Verizon. the Pre3 has a CDMA radio for a reason and i doubt they would ONLY bring it to Sprint out of the 2 CDMA carriers. its either JUST Verison or both Verison and Sprint.

Please season the following comment with the appropriate amount of salt: She said Sprint is getting a webOS phone in June, but didn't know what phone that was. She hadn't heard of the Veer, when I showed her videos of it.

Who is "she"? A Sprint rep?

Edit: I ask because, last week, a Sprint rep in an online chat recently referred me to a Blackberry Style as a WEB OS device.

Whaaaat? This is partly on HP---they need to get their people in front of the carrier personnel (sales persons, customer service reps, managers, etc.) and show them what it is and what it is not. Education is bliss--the carriers will not sell it right if they are ignorant of it, and don't count on them going out of their way to read up on it when they have other manufacturers coming in to train on their phones.

So you're saying..."that's what she said"?

You know, I tried to wait for the Pre3 or whatever, but my Pre Plus died right before my upgrade time and I wasn't able to go without a phone, so I'm now an iPhone user. I loved my Pres, but I like having a phone that works. I wish HP and WebOS all the luck! I truly hope it keeps getting better.

June was just too far away. :(

If you're an iPhone user, you could have just as easily been a Pre 2 user, if you really loved your Pres, but oh well.

For more than double the price of the subsidized iPhone and sight unseen when the last Palm product he bought died just a year after purchase? Asking a lot of him, aren't you?

You could always go to the store & test it out.

Yeah this basically demonstrates how every new webos phone is going to be judged. People are never going to pick webos over android or iphone unless the hardware is better, plain and simple. Richafig even had the webos experience beforehand and chose to get and iphone 4 (im assuming).

i was a pre launch day user and my pre died a painful death and i went to the evo

Okay, have we heard anything about how HP is going to "make things right" with the legacy users yet? The Veer is due out in a week and looks like the Pre3 is coming shortly, yet I haven't heard anything about how they're going to make it up to those of us on the old devices. Hopefully, I'm just out of the loop here.

Nope, still nothing. They're still failing to deliver on promises (and not just to users, developers are getting pretty frustrated as well).

Where did you read devs are getting frustrated?

From the numerous articles on this website and comments on the forums and on Twitter by individual developers? Or perhaps it was inferred from the anemic growth of the App Catalog since the big webOS event in February?

Stay Tuned. Also...Company A, B, C...

I don't know if this is the case but..... Has anyone ever thought of what they could mean by "make things right"

Coming out with a device that has the performance and size. The small and the big and the bigger (TP).

Just a thought.

"make things right?" didn't you hear for legacy users we got update!

SPRINT!! please!!

Since the previous FCC release states that the Pre 3 is GSM seems that it would be arriving at AT&T's door step.

Well it's a world phone. So if it arrives on Sprint or Verizon, it will still have a GSM radio in it.

Taking over/under 28.5 bets on the release date in June. Any takers for the under? Didn't think so.

Good cause this crash-happy Sprint BB Tour Refurb that is supposed to hold me over till the Pre 3 is a P.O.S.

I have a bad feeling the Pre 3 will not be on Sprint. Hope I'm wrong.

no they're still working on getting you guys a pre+

Lol! Well-played!

Or a Pre2 for that matter...

Ok its days away guys, please make a date already. I am such a fanboy that I actually have my summer vacations planned around this device because ill leave my wifes **** in disneyworld to stand in line for this thing. Please let me know what friggin weekend I can doke all my friends and purchase/play with this.

Anyone up for a pittsburgh launch party?

Lines will probably not be an issue.

I guess I'll leave my tent at home...

Should the Pre3 come to Sprint with 4G, I will be VERY tempted...

BUT they really need to ADD A DEDICATED NUMBER ROW TO THE KEYBOARD!! Seriously, there's plenty of room for one more row of keys, especially on the Pre3. I'd prefer a horizontal slideout keyboard like the Samsung Epic, Touch Pro, etc., but the vertical one would still be fine, just ridiculous to have to press and hold a function key every time you wanna type numbers.

Anyway, I switched to an Epic 4G last winter, but will gladly go back to WebOS if HP has #1 made the OS much faster than the slow-moving sloth that it was, #2 give it to Sprint, and #3 (okay, optional, but a strong preference) the keyboard improvement.

WebOS really is elegantly designed - much easier to use, it was just too inexcusably slow on the old Pre.

I wouldn't expect 4G this time around--unless the carrier just claims it--but it does have the 1.4GHz processor.

PTL!!!! Getting closer...

Well, with this update you just KILLED the Veer.

If the Veer can't survive in proximity of the Pre 3, it definitely can't survive in proximity of the plethora of $49 big screened smartphones AT&T is is selling at half the Veer price.

In other words, this is irrelevant.

and by this you mean the Veer...

I agree. The Veer, w/its size, is in directed at a slightly different market than the Pre 3 & certainly the devices you mentioned.

I only say slightly different than the Pre 3 because if someone is in love w/the OS, they could easily like both phones.

No because the Pre3 will be on VZW not AT&T. I like the Veer but like VZW more than AT&T so I will wait for the Pre3. I'm sure there are others that are the opposite.

If the 'Stingray' came to Sprint a month after Pre3 on VZW it wouldn't kill the Pre3. People aren't that fast to change carriers.

webOS phones aren't going to 'kill' each other. They are all taking swings at Droid and iOS together.


That's like saying that Chrysler's announcement of a new Jeep Grand Cherokee has totally killed sales of the FIAT 500.

"Kerris said it’s TouchPad and THEN the Pre 3." Previous rumors have Pre 3 out in September so this fits right in with that. Kinda hate to wait to Sept for a new phone and I probably won't by a TP without the phone so we'll see what the summer brings.

It'll be interesting to see if they announce a smaller tablet or a slab phone before the Pre 3 comes out (if it's not within weeks of the TP).

The real excitement with webOS will start and end with the Touchpad launch. These new phones are basically upgrades to Pre form factor in 2 sizes. The TTS feature will be big and hopefully get more people buying webOS phones.

Also hope they come out with a smaller tablet.

Touch to Share will NOT be BIG!! NFC tap to share file sharing is already available with Android phones (of different Makes).
The competition has copied, introduced, and further developed any ideas introduced by HP on Feb.9th. (6 months is a long time to sit idle within the consumer electronics industry)

Touch to Share and how the webOS phones communicate with the TouchPad will be BIG!.

so this june as in june 2012 right?

2063, actually.

Renamed the HP Thunderdome, with Master Blaster branding in place of Beats Audio.

LOL. Webos, HP, Sprint... We are such suckers for underdogs!

oh so true

I agree with you where WebOS and Sprint are concerned, but I can't say that I consider HP (with its billions in cash reserves) an underdog. Nonetheless, yes, part of the appeal of Sprint and WebOS is the fact that they are not already arrogant kings of the world.

HP is an underdog in this case, because they are in the position of trying to prove itself, it's product, it's reason for being the one you want.
Apple can **** and paint it white and there will be a line to buy it because it's "Apple".
Microsoft lost it's way and is trying to find someone that "may" stay true to what they have to offer.

@ msechea
"cheaper-looking, heavier, plasticky, and overweight."

People said that about my prom date...

i'm sure she was nice!! lol

Notice, you asked her out, though.

Right on... but was she smooth and magical like WebOS?

haha ok we'll go with that

Let's just say that when the TP arrives it will be sporting a lot of extra "junk in the trunk"

Next to the Evo3D and Galaxy SII, the Pre 3 hardware is so dated. A fast single core may outperform a lower clocked dual core in some single threaded applications, but isn't WebOS's big selling point multitasking?

The Touchpad, too, just looks so ogrish compared to the Galaxy Tabs. I'm afraid HP isn't going to sell very many to ordinary, non-precentral, consumers.

Yep, but the Evo3D and Galaxy SII are hobbled with Android, the Windows Me of smartphones. There's a significant contingent of users who will want to use something that's fluid, powerful, flexible and doesn't have issues with crashing, freezes, or "forking."

As for the Touchpad, so far all the Android tablets cannot even get sales comparable to the much slower, thicker original iPad (let alone the iPad 2). It's about more than mere hardware specs.

Hoping for a Touchpad for father's day and so I can take it on the plane to entertain my kid on our trip back home to Hawaii in mid-July!!! To quote Lilo & Stitch (an oftentimes inaccurate depiction of life in Hawaii, but, hey, it's Disney, so at least the mom is dead): 'Awikiwiki, mai lohilohi!

Hurry up! Don't dally!

What I want to know is, what incentive is HP giving us pre - owners? let's see how well they stick to their word on that.

They're giving you nothing. NADA. ZERO.

Don't expect much more than that...

To quote Judge Smails: "You'll get nothing, and LIKE IT!"

dont owe us anything......

Damn maaannnnn!!!!!! Stop looking for free **** man!!! You sound ridiculous. They owe you nothing.

HP is going to send you Pre- owners a lollipop. Otherwise known as a "sucker".

You have to remember though, that you are eligible to upgrade after 22 months, not 24 (They try to rope you in for 2 more years before your contract is up).

So perfect timing would have been April...

I hope that the Pre3 is available for AT&T. Any expert opinions/thoughts about whether this will happen?

I think the Pre3 will be VZW or Sprint first, but that's just a guess. If it's a world phone, they should launch it with everybody, but the carriers are so fickle.

+1 on that. If they don't throw Sprint - owners a bone I'm out (at least for a 30 day trial somewhere else) until I find out the grass is not much greener on another device and come crawling back...

HP Palm cannot force Sprint to sell their devices. Sprint has turned down multiple generations of webOS phones including the Pre Plus and Pre 2.

I got tired of waiting for Sprint to offer current Palm products, so I took my business to Verizon -- who were more than happy to sell me a Pre 2. I e-mailed Sprint telling them I was tired of waiting for Sprint to get its house in order and offer a current webOS device.

If more people do this, the likelihood of Sprint carrying a webOS device increases significantly.

Thank you for being a rational (former) Sprint user. It is soooooooooo annoying listening to these people, suggesting that it's HP's fault that their carrier doesn't carry the phone they want!

"Welome to Verizon!" - James Earl Jones

sprint is the one tht has not picked up the phone.. Gas nothing to do with HP.

Please be true because I just got engaged and I want this tablet to help me plan everything.
Don't make me go out and get an Ipad HP

I also will shift carriers if necessary. I bought a wifi Galaxy Tab and while I'm happy overall with the purchase, the one thing I've learned is that Android is just not for me. Its webOS or bust for me now.

I don't believe it... I just can't see them really communicating this when the Veer is now just being launched.

It's just going to make folks not want to purchase the Veer and wait. It doesn't make any sense.

Dont forget the Veer is on At&t and the Pre 3 will probably be on VZW or Sprint. Also they are kind of going after 2 different types of users.

I doubt someone purchasing a Veer ("world's smallest smartphone") is holding out for a Pre3 (or vice versa).

Verizon FTW!!!

I'm sorry HP.

I have held on to my original Sprint Pre for two years now and it's ambiguous communications like this that have solidified my decision to switch to the Evo 3D and get a honeycomb tablet instead. This was good six months ago when it first demo'd and is already behind the curve. We don't even have a final release date for the tablet and no word on carriers for the Pre 3? Sorry. I've had enough. 3-4 dual core Honeycomb tablets and countless phones of equal or better specs are going to have HIT STORE SHELVES in the time between the product announcement and final release.

You just couldn't keep up with the competition and as a loyal consumer for 2 years, you finally lost me.

my wife and I got pre's at launch and I've been a loyal supporter, but yesterday we walked into the sprint store she took one look at the evo and said give me that, I'm tired of my pre. I told her to hold off for the 3D as well.

Its too bad, I thought Leo said product launches would happen soon after announcement...blah, blah, blah...what a joke webos has become and it makes me sad because I really like it, but I feel HP had a shot and it's taken way, way too long to produce a second generation webos device

The EVO is a bit like a flashy General Motors sports car when compared with a VW sedan (the webOS phones).

You want the sports car, but then you buy it and realize it doesn't drive very well in the rain, it's always breaking down, and the ownership experience ain't what you expected. People are so very impressed when you pull it out and discuss its specs, but you're not getting as much done on it.

Well stated.

I think that depends on the device. I recently had enough of the waiting and picked up a Nexus S 4G. I don't think the Nexus is flashy nor unreliable. You do need to adopt to a different paradigm for using the device, but I haven't once yet reached for the Nexus and said "Gee I wish I had my Pre" or "Well this OS sucks compared to WebOS." Everything my Pre could do the Nexus can do, including multitask (sans cards of course).

I enjoyed most of my time with WebOS, I think the OS has something to offer. I just feel that anything HP does at this point is too little too late for "most" consumers. I've been a hard core Palm user for over 12 years, dating back to the Palm Pilot. I've had every PalmOS Smartphone from the Treo 300 to the Pre. It just got to the point where I was making way too many compromises to stay on that OS.

Shaky hardware, atrocious battery life, lack of developer support all got to be too much. Perhaps when my next upgrade is ready in 18 months WebOS will be a legitimate option.

As it stands now, at least in the smartphone arena, it is not.

I may still give the TP a try though, but at the moment I am leaning toward the Asus Transformer. We shall see.

Bullshit!! I have an Audi A4 Quattro 5spd and the BF has a Corvette C6. My car has been in the shop about 6 times for MAJOR parts replacements. (clutch, water pump, bearings, fuel filter, etc) Not to mention the broken plastics inside and stuck shut glove box.
His Vette Convertible works flawlessly!!
Bad analogy dude... VW's are SHIT products!!
But considering the how laggy and buggy my "3rd" Sprint Pre is... you might've made the correct analogy in the first place!!

Not to be flip, but you'll be back.

How do I know? Because I did more or less the same thing you're doing. I got an Android handset with 4G and an Android tablet.

After weeks of crashed/frozen phones, maddeningly inconsistent apps, failed e-mail syncing, calendar issues, and "little usability things" that add up, you'll be pining for webOS.

Took me about five months, then I got the Pre 3 -- and I left Sprint to get it. As far as I'm concerned, the carriers should make some sort of good faith effort to carry the hardware I want, it cannot all be on HP, and Verizon made the effort. So they got the business.

I assume you mean Pre2.

Yeah. I Love WebOS, and will eventually develop stuff on it. My pre- is pretty much done though, and I've decided to move to the Nexus S till HP gets its game together (maybe the next gen full on HP devices with WebOS 3.x/4.x).

This was solidified by Joshua Topolsky's review btw. I want a phone and experience that will work and that is rock solid.

So, we'll see what happens. And really, I'm expecting their attempt at making things right to be very feeble and disappointing, if not nothing.

The photo of that guy's arm going into the side of the tablet with no hand is ridiculous.
On a side, that article actually provided less information than this one so the picture is the only thing I got out of it. Oh well.

meh show me a 4G WebOs device and I'll get excited.

sooo. for those of us with an original pre...if it has survived this long. What is this "special prize" HP is going to be giving us for sticking around for 2 years? Maybe "they" are waiting till more people switch to android so they don't have to give as many people their "special prize" for sticking it out. Anyone else really not feeling the palm love right now?

Why does HP "owe" you a "prize" for "sticking around?"

If you really think Android or the iPhone or Symbian or BlackBerry or WP7 are a better choice, you should go get one of those.

I don't think any other mobile OS is better, but HP did make a statement about "making it right". I'll stick with webOS no matter what, but I would be delighted if HP followed through on what they mentioned and offered a loyalty discount or free apps or something.

haven't you figured it out yet? HPalm delayed this product so incredibly long so everyone would forget that broken promise...

Hey HP! Give Sprint the Pre3 PLEASE!>? Haha
That is all...

... I said please??

It's up to Sprint to decide to carry the handsets. Apparently, Sprint turned down both the Pre Plus and the Pre 2, both of which HP/Palm would happily have sold on Big Yellow.

If Sprint cannot be bothered to carry the handsets on the closed CDMA network, HP Palm cannot exactly "make them available."

Wanted: TOuchPad with WiFI + 3G/4G from anyone but AT&T.

Wanted: Pre3 from anyone but AT&T.

If/when both devices are out I'll determine if they fit my needs and if so, buy both. But I won't consider either until both are released.

This is probably not front page worthy. Anonymous tips are hardly news. The TP has been said to be in June before, but I see no reason to believe the Pre 3 will be available in that month. I want to believe, but IDK... this sounds fishy to me. How about getting an HP rep on record about the Pre 3 in June, before getting exited?

webOS is dying and HP is not moving fast enough. Look at Amazon's Cloud Player only being supported on iOS and Android. Gooogle's Music service is, of course, only Android [for now]. Companies are not wasting their time on webOS, it seems to me at least. This is really frustrating for us who love pulling for the underdogs. I'm struggling with what's the eco system [iTunes/MarketPlace equivilent] going to look like for the Pre3/TP? How will you sync your current music/movie/book library? I bought an iPad 2 for the interim period between it and the TP releasing and I'll tell you what; it's veeeerrrrrry convenient.


Im going to guess that the Pre 3 will be announced soon after the TP - because, they will want to showboat the TTS, however, the key will be if the Pre 3 ships with WebOS 3 or 2...


As far as the naysayers here - its funny to watch pessimists proclaim failure for devices that havent even launched - must be rough to walk around with such a huge chip on your shoulders, while dragging around all that cynicism.

Im just wanting a really good next smartphone... if the Pre 3 performs as well as it is spec'd as, Im sold, no matter what anyone else says.


I too would love to see the Pre3 come to Sprint as my original Pre is in shambles with my upgrade just sitting idle.

Unfortunately I've seen too many rumors that the slab style Stingray WebOS device is to be a 6 month Sprint exclusive coming in August. So I doubt Sprint will get on-board with the Pre3 in June if true that a possible 4G slab WebOS device is exclusively coming a couple months thereafter.

But, if it does, I would definitely pick up the Pre3 and try and coerce my wife into also letting me turn right around and get the slab or try and convince her to replace her Epic with it. On a side, I really hate her Epic and actually prefer my limp-along original Pre to it.

here i come asus transformer

Everyone hoping the Pre3 comes to Sprint may be very unhappy when it's released. If I'm not mistaken, the only FCC filing has been for a GSM only version, and if it's to come out in June, I would think we would have already seen (or should see very very soon) a FCC filing for a CDMA or the World Phone version.

Of course, 5 minutes after I say this, PreCentral post that the World Phone version has been spotted in the FCC database!

Too Late.

Loving my Nexus S 4G.

Read on further,,,,,All Things Digital's review of Veer :


Sprint people need to get some Nexus S 4g lovin. I converted and I'm loving it. Voice Commands, Augmented Reality with compass, Google Integration, Free and cheap apps, Makes up for the Loss of Good UI of webOS.


Nay, make it unlocked, worldwide... PLEASE!!!

Thats what I meant....unlocked worldwide...
But they need to give us release dates for outside US.

I doubt a smartphone aficianado is going to be swayed by competing phones in a store. How much of the market is wives who make impulse buys I don't know.

what I do know is that adding or searching for a contact on my wife's newly Froyo'd android phone is PAINFUL compared to my Pre's. And none of my app choices are dependent on whether or not it will install to SD or not, where the icon is likely to disappear, as on my 'old' 2010 Epic.

WebOS is to Android phones as Jaguar is to Chevy. Not as many on the road, but which would you rather drive?

PS - as a doctor and developer, I am EXCITED about WebOS 3!