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Kerris: Quickoffice document editing due "this week" 60

by Derek Kessler Tue, 23 Aug 2011 8:43 am EDT

As the tweets above from HP VP of webOS Worldwide Developer Relations Richard Kerris indicate, we can expect an update for Quickoffice to land within the week that will bring document editing to the HP TouchPad. Sure, HP may not be making the TouchPad anymore, but that doesn’t mean they still aren’t partnered with developers like Quickoffice to fulfill promised software functionality.

As expected and confirmed by Kerris, the Quickoffice update will include Word and Excel editing, with PowerPoint “yet to come.” We’re glad to hear that this update hitting soon, and though we would have preferred it at launch, less than two months in isn’t bad. We’re webOS fans, we’re used to waiting for, well, forever. But we're also not used to sitting down and waiting for something to happen. The Twittersphere is afire (or at least moderately warmed) by the implorations of webOS users asking for the Quickoffice editing update - at last count more than 450 tweets looking for the update had been posted in just the past week alone.

There is another option, however, but we can’t say that they’re as far along as Quickoffice is: Picsel Smart Office. The firm was working on its own document editing suite for the TouchPad when HP pulled the rug out from under them. Picsel’s app received a demo on YouTube, showing off rich text editing to a degree unseen on webOS. But since the TouchPad and other webOS devices have been cancelled, the folks at Picsel were understandably hesitant about continuing development, so they put a poll up on Facebook. As is unsurprising for the webOS community, the poll quickly made the rounds and has received already more than 350 votes, with only 5 saying they should stop.

Document editing is coming, folks. And we can’t wait – Memos is just killing our patience.



I believe it when it's on my device. No sooner.

I believe it before it's on my device...because, I'm still trying to get my device!

This is the best news I've had all morning...other than "hey, I woke!"

Now I am pissed!!....this was the one feature that didn't exist that had kept me on the sidelines from being an early adopter.

Now the fire sale...that I seem to have missed to this point. And now they have a solution to what I really wanted the f'ing thing to do in the first place?

Somebody come over hear and kick me in the junk!

Though not AS advantageous as the fire sale itself, Ebay sellers still have plenty of TPs to sell at decent prices :)

Don't worry... HP will have a round two and you will have a chance to get one at $149

And he'll miss that one too and whine

While the official launch was 2 months ago, for most people the effective launch date was last Friday. From from that point of view the QO update will probably be available immediately to those of us who bought TPs over the internet this past weekend. Nice!

July 1 = soft launch
July 17 = real launch
August 19 = 80% discount launch

Remember, it's a sprint, not a marathon.

I personally don't understand why this had everyone nuts. I mean, you can still edit anything you want in google docs easily enough. I am glad that updates are still coming out despite HP's identity crisis.

Try editing when you don't have a Wi-Fi connection.

Don't be ridiculous. :P

yeah but how do you scroll down. When I try it just highlights the text.

I couldn't figure out how to scroll down a spreadsheet in Google Docs either.

This is really great news... if it happens!

Only took 2.5 years to get document editing on WebOS. Better late than never I suppose.

I have enjoyed using Scratch word processor from Doug Meerschaert of No Insult Software. It works pretty nicely for on board word processing. I take notes of sermons most any sunday using Scratch on my Palm Pre+. I wonder if my pastor thinks I'm playing Angry Birds or texting my BFF (although, texting Jesus in church is probably allowed...don't ya think?).

Interesting thoughts. Too bad there's never been a truly great Bible reading app for webOS. (True, there are plenty of decent ones but nothing as powerful as Olivetree's Biblereader for PalmOS.)

Have you checked out Zefanjas' Bible Z HD for the Touchpad? It is in Beta and works REALLY well! I love it, although I totally understand what you mean. I also own Simple Bible Pro for the tPad as well but I wish it worked as well as BibleZ on the tPad. I hope the SBP developers change the UI to a more native tPad look and feel. SBP has Laridian support which really makes for an awesome reading experience on all webOS devices.

I'm using Simple Bible Pro on my Pre+, easily loaded up a Bible I purchased long long ago in a galaxy next door (The Message paraphrase)from Laridian. I'm thinking of buying the ESV so I can use it too...and if I can garner a TouchPad, I'll get SBP for it also. It's good, but needs some work. It does have autoscroll. I have Bible Z, the free version. Is the HD version BibleZ Pro, or is that the TouchPad version? Does Bible Z or the HD/Pro version have autoscroll?

I'm kickin' it Old Testament with EasyBible myself.

You realise this is news about a document editing app, not "Bible readers"?


Awesome! Touchpad just became a little more complete.

i put an order through amazon firesale yesterday, just waiting for them to comfirm dispatch date. I really hope i get it. Document editing would be sweet! as i am starting my course.


thanks HP! (never thought i'd be saying that again)

How about the Pre's document editing that was promised 2 yrs ago?

This is GREAT news. Is this just for the TouchPad, or will it be for other devices as well?
I have Quickoffice on both my Pre 2 and my TouchPad.

The Touchpad may be the best $100 ever spent if they can get document editing on it.

That would be unexpected and welcome. Not getting my hopes up too much but it would make the Touchpad vastly more useful to me. Hope it really happens.

I just hope they fix the Google Docs bug as well.

The QuickOffice viewer is broken in my Veer as well as my doctored Pre Plus, it won't load anything, saying there's a problem with the file.


**crosses fingers this is not like the legacy hardware getting the 2.1 update**

Wow! Very nice news. Just in time too. My TouchPad is scheduled to arrive this week. This update is well worth the $99 by itself (and then some). TouchPad and webOS rules :.)

- Kudos (and Continued Success) to all of our wonderful webOS Internals, Homebrew, PreCentral and third-party partners/developers everywhere.

As is unsurprising for the webOS community, the poll quickly made the rounds and has received already more than 350 votes, with only 5 saying they should stop.

5 against? Let me see... "Barkeja, nappy, finngirl..." :-)))

Best Regards... B)

LOL :-)

This is very welcomed news!

Richard Kerris has alwasys had one of the hardest jobs in webOS land. Now, it's an impossible job, trying to keep developers active. Kudus to Richard & the QO team. Doc editing was a must for the TP to be taken seriously - we'll soon have it. Another bittersweet pill to swallow.

if only barns & noble wouldn't have cancelled my order for me tp last night due to unexpected demand.....:(........ Man that ruined my week....

While I want to believe that updates will happen, when have WebOS updates ever happened in any timeline? Also I would never trust HP to fulfill a promise or a business deal.

Where is the Picsel Facebook poll you mention? Went to FB but couldn't find it. I'm excited about QuickOffice but wanted to give a push to Picsel as well as their product looks pretty nice!


My only question is which version of Office documents will it work on. Does it support editing Office 2010 or Office 2007????

One thing for won't support Office 2012 or anything 2012.

Well, at least it'll show all the naysayers that webOS isn't dead.

Here is a link of Picels Smart Office in action on a TouchPad:

Up, down, up, down!!!!

Glad I am not on the TP bandwagon and will soon be off webOS altogether!

I love it that a Tweet makes this official!!!

picsel smart office looks amazing!


Picsel's document editor looks pretty good from what we see on youtube. I voted yes on their FB pole last night.

I am a tiny bit excited that the Touchpad might get document editing. But like kulf said, "I believe it when it's on my device. No sooner."

Here's why:

My HP to English translator:
Double down = wimp out and fold
Cooler than Apple = lamer than Steve Urkel
This summer and/or June = never
In the coming months = never

Within weeks = several months from now or never
This week = maybe sometime soon or never

I wrote QuickOffice last night and the response I got this AM lines up nicely with it. Here is their response:

Thank you for your message.
Currently, we do not have exact news/plan on editing release, since to we are in communication with HP.
I’ll let you know as soon as we receive any exact release date and our future plans.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions-I’ll be happy to assist you.
Thank you and have a great day.

USA Here Please

We are sorry, you have pressed an incorrect post. They Ndrive article for the contest is on the next page, thanks.

Great news! Now if citrix receiver works with CSG, I'll be a happy camper.

if they do this its a sign of life....not a large one but a sign...

This is honestly one of the main things i was looking forward to on the TP. As nerdy as it may sound I used quickoffice to its fullest on the centro... so0 I cannot wait!

Wow, didn't expect this when I picked up a 32 gb TP @ WalMart on Saturday. I'd have happily paid $160 if I knew I'd get doc editing :)

sweat hope it comes soon.

ok, so here it is 8/27 and no sign of this update. I guess things haven't really changed any.

Yep. After reading WebOS Weekly today, I was reminded that Kerris stated it would be here by now.

Richard, don't say "this week" if you aren't completely sure. HPalm needs to dig itself out of the PR hole; that means no more BS. Tell the truth even if it is not what we want to hear.

so , where is it?
do i have to do the ebaything and get an ipad?

oh , wait a moment, that kerris guy is from hp. he can never speak for another would he know what others do, they don´teven know wat they are going themself there....