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A keyboard-less webOS phone - the Stingray? [Exclusive] 162

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 06 Apr 2011 1:23 am EDT

The enterprising tipster who sent us the image of a Verizon Pre 3 has one more device to show you: the above device that by all appearances is a webOS device without a keyboard. Our best guess is that it has a screen resolution of 480x800. There also appears to be a front-facing camera, although it could simply be a proximity sensor.

We have three un-assigned webOS codenames floating out there - Mansion, Stingray, and Windsor. We originally pegged the Mansion as a 480x800 slate-style device, but that early rumor/codename has since gone cold. However both Stingray and Windsor both made appearances in webOS code next to the Mantaray (the Pre 3) and Broadway (the Veer). Our money is on Stingray if only because it seems related to the Stingray and this device looks like a Pre 3 without the slide-out keyboard.

While we are quite confident that the image is legit, unfortunately we don't have a lot of confidence in any further information. Is the device coming or is it simply a prototype that has been canned? Our tipster described it as "an EVO with webOS" and suggests it simply has yet to be announced. After the break we have another version of the image in which we cropped over a Pre 3 from the same photo to give a better sense of scale.





How does this work with JustType? It seems like you would lose the economy-of-input advantage over iOS and Android if you lose a physical keyboard.

That being said, I hope this helps webOS grab more mind-share so I can enjoy more developer support. webOS is awesome.

I would think it would work just like on the touchpad, by touching the JustType box then the keyboard would pop up. webOS is awesome!

Just when I was ready to get an Evo 3D....

I still need them to get better app support from developers. But this is a step in the right direction.

It is a step in the right direction if it's even true at all.
Even if it is true, I have a feeling the release date will not be before summer/fall 2012.


(O_O) O Snap. I'm crossing my fingers for Sprint because if they don't get a Palm I'm outtie. I been with em for 5-6 years now.

Sprint over Palm, cool.

yup, sprint over palm for me too

Sprint over Palm for me also.
Looks like if the pre 3 doesn't come out for Sprint Hpalm is going to lose a good number of Sprint webos users.

One of those lost webOS users here too. Love the OS. Love the openness. Love the community and the homebrew scene. Unfortunately, if the hardware isn't on Sprint, I've gotta move on. Everyone always hates on Android, but I've played with the phones. If it can do what I need, I know I'll get used to it. The hardware is there. Just need a push.
Speaking of hardware, doesn't that phone look to have a pretty big crack in the upper right corner of the screen? A leak of a damaged device does not impress me much.

its just a reflection of the ceiling

Looks like a reflection to me.

Me too...Sprint over palm. I love WebOS but I'm not going to increase the cost of my data plan by switching to another carrier. Been with Sprint 12 yrs.

yup and being that the EVO 3D and Galaxy s 2 are coming to Sprint, it's not like we wont have some great options... i am very intrigued by the GS2. it is very light and thin for its size and the new touch wiz UI looks awwwesome. i will still give the pre 3 good look, but my phone is in really bad shape and i will get the next super phone that is released on Sprint. (minus the Echo of course)

I am looking to buy two next gen WebOS devices for my Wife and I off Contract. But if its not on Sprint, I won't do it. With our discount, sprint had us at hello. Love the OS, et al.
I've carried Android before and it's not bad, it just isn't WebOS...

I love my Pre's keyboard but I hate the slider. I was hoping for a larger Pixi. This, however, I might go for.

I'm not a big fan of onscreen keyboards. (Is there any chance of integrating PalmOS' old Graffiti system as an alternative to the keyboard? Palm and therefore HP have the rights to it under their PalmOS license.) But it's great to see HP expanding the available form factors for its devices.

Assuming that's a Pre 3 in the picture next to that phone, it might actually have a slightly larger screen than the Pre 3.

Graffiti! Yes! Version 1, please, though. Not that bastardized version 2.

Thank you.

I still want a Pre 3, but this looks awesome!!!

SPECs! We need SPECs!


I'm still very partial to a physical keyboard though...

I don't know how I'd be able to choose between a Pre 3 and this if they both came to Sprint!

Exciting news!

Oh, to just have the CHOICE! Haha, THAT would be wonderful! (webOS Nation is swooning!)

THIS IS WHAT I ALWAYS WANTED. thank you holy cephalopods! omg if we can please get a confirmation that this isn't a canned prototype i'm willing to hold onto my august upgrade until this makes its glorious appearance. Hopefully on att :P

Altho i must say i have a feeling this will end up on sprint, since att is getting the pre3 :/

All of it is wild speculation at this point.

I agree. It's not even powered on.

"the above device that by all appearances is a webOS device without a keyboard". I'll agree with the latter (without a keyboard) but by all other appearances I can't tell what OS its running!

i too dont see how we can see its a webos device

Because the tipster said "an Evo with webOS", I guess.

I think the earpiece cover, the light bar below the screen, and the Pre 2-like rubberized finish around the screen suggest the Palm/webOS nature of the device.

it looks almost exactly like my ipod touch that has a rubber case on it

This isn't what I personally want, but if it gets the raging slab-clamoring masses to STFU, I'm all for it.

Exactly what I thought. :-)


and 1

Actually if it's true, then is OVER 9000!!


Heh. He said "raging slab-clamoring masses."

you have won the internet

thanks for playing

Yes, my chances of buying this

It's not about what you want. WebOS fans should want what's best for HP no matter what you personally think of it. The Pre form factor doesn't appear to be going anywhere, but clearly HP needs a slab phone to appeal to the masses.

On the contrary. It is about what I want, because I'm willing to spend money on it. It's also what you want, what ppp2 wants, what Derek wants, and so forth. If that involves a slab phone for some and keyboards for others, then I will be just as happy if HP follows both. But I personally want a phone with a physical keyboard.

I am a fan of WebOS, but that doesn't mean that I have to want what is best for HP. I want what is best for my needs, and if that is no longer WebOS, then I will change platforms. Right now, it suits me, and so does the Pre 3. I may change platforms next year or three years later.

Thank you, Martin.

Yea, because it's obvious how you keyboard lovers keep quiet on the boards also...

We keyboard lovers have our opinions and they can certainly be strongly held, but we are not nearly as irritating as a group as those demanding slabs. If you'll look around at my posts on the subject, you'll find that I generally have said that I prefer a keyboard, do not want a slab, but to each his own. I think the post here is the strongest I've ever made on the subject.

Call it irritating if you need to but clearly the market is demanding slab-styled phones and it's about time HP delivered.

this is what should have come shortly after he original pre launch.

There's a difference between someone wanting a particular form factor (and even really, REALLY wanting it) and the way that many people in the forums have shown their interest. While some of those who have gone so far as to "demand" a slab form factor have been able to do so politely yet firmly, many others have resorted to insults and denigration to try to make their point, and it gets tiring to read.

Yes, many of us keyboard lovers do not understand the fascination with slabs. Some of us even have experience with slabs and don't like them. As a group, though, it's my opinion that the keyboard lovers are less arrogant about their preference than those who want a slab.

Holy Handgrenades Batman! Then let it be so!

As a Robinism officiation, I can say that the correct term is:
"Holy Keyboardless SuperPhones Batman!"

FWIW, I don't love VKBs, but if it works like the Android one where you swipe the word... I'd buy it.

stupid spell check, that's aficionado!

Just what i have been waiting for.

Aww come on guys, April 1st was 4 days ago.

Agreed with martin though :)

Oh no! This jusst made my day better.

@Martin Blank: Amen. I think I'll be getting a Pre 3 even if this is a reality. But I guess it's good for the people drooling over slabs.

if this is legit it may help hp/palm spread some love around to non-pre 'ers. however i cannot stand leekers or when people think its okay to publicize. i recognize that 'news' is your sites job, but give the company a shot! if this is true, and if they wanted it talked about, they would have said something. all about $.

a leak is typically not a bad thing, unless you're apple. some companies even plan them as part of their hype-building marketing plans. there's a good chance HP knows this is out there (if its legit) and can now sit back and watch the hype build.

they'll be sitting back for a few months, this won't launch until 2012.

While I do hope Sprint gets the Pre 3, I can understand if they turned it down for this.

Would you understand? I suspect you would probably rant how Sprint skipped yet another webOS phone, making you wait six more months to see if they're even gonna carry this rumor.


Does it look like the phone is in a rubbery case. Like a camouflage one considering this is a prototype ?

I have to agree. From what I can tell from that blurry picture, it almost appears to be like a loose covering near the glass at the top right corner. If HP was smart, they probably would try to hide something that hasn't been announced, or even teased anywhere yet, hopefully to play their trump card at a later time.

To me, it looks like the screen is fractured in the upper right corner and is pushed in some which gives it that "rubbery case" look because that corner looks like it's higher than the screen - because it is. I don't see the "case" effect anywhere else on the perimeter of the screen.

I'm thinking this may have been an old idea that was scrapped.


If you've looked at the removable slabs that are on some of the HP printers they have that same rubber edging. I think that may help prove its a webOS phone!

It looks like pretty much every slab/iPhone clone. I think it's just wishful thinking saying this is a webOS device.

Do I want an Evo with webOS, or a Pre 3 with webOS... Sign me up for the 1.4GHz beast.

You have to take PreCentral's word that it is a reliable tipster. The same tipster showed the Pre3 powered on with Verizon as the carrier, so that speaks to the very good reliability of the tipster.

I don't think it's wishful thinking...

Oh yeah, it speaks a lot to the tipster's reliability...

Quite frankly, since the Pre 3 was already announced almost two months ago, that tip isn't too hard to believe, and it would be unbelievable if HP didn't also plan to launch the Pre 3 on Verizon.

HOWEVER, this is just another slab phone that isn't even turned on! Putting it next to a Pre 2 does NOT make it a webOS device.

Taking someone's word is, in effect, wishing that the person is being truthful. Hence, this is wishful thinking.

I want pre3 but this will get the slab ppl to shutup

It's hard to see if there is gesture area either... Please keep it !

Not the webOS phone for me... BUT GREAT SCOOP GUYS (DIETER)!!! This is big considering how popular the slate form factor is.

How did you ascertain the screen resolution? And (aside from the 'trusted tipster' part) how do you know this is even a webOS device? Did you perhaps also have a picture of the screen on? ;)

looks like a pretty phone though, would almost make me reconsider the pre3!

It's all on the "trusted tipster" who had proved himself previously with the Pre 3 running on Verizon images. That's enough for me.

It's not enough, it shouldn't be enough.

Some of you must not notice the complete lack of any hardware buttons on the bottom, and the fact that the devices uses the same radius corners of the Pre series. In fact, the phone looks like a wider Pixi with no keyboard and a slight bevel in the snap on back cover. Quite frankly, I'd bet good money that Palm started with the Pixi design to get to this phone. The ear hole looks the same as well.

I would say the odds of this NOT being a webOS phone are very low. Hopefully all the slab folks will get what they want. Now we need to see an updated candy bar format phone for a true Pixi replacement.

I'm not convinced until I see it running, and running webOS.

i'm not a huge fan of touchscreen-only phones, but if this helps bring webos to the masses, Bring it on!

Looks like an iPhone. How novel.

you're ignorant.

umm it does. like i said above... it looks almost exactly like my ipod touch with a crappy rummer case on it. i am not trying to troll here. that was my impression after looking at it for .2 seconds

It's a slab phones. Most slab phones look like iPhone clones on the surface. Hence, this looks like an iPhone.

Even if he's "ignorant", a slab phone is still not novel.

Seriously? How many different variations of "slab" are you thinking of? You have a screen. Aaaaannnndddddddddd...

Note: no gesture area. The Pre 3 is the last.

Um.. there is a gesture area at the bottom of the screen - cant you see the 1/2" space there?

I see a little space but nothing that looks like a gesture area. Sorry, Pre 3 is it.

I think you are missing it. On the right side there's a clear differential in the black where the screen ends, the border around the screen, and the 1/2" area.

So, Just cuz you don't see it, it's not there? Either you know way more about this phone than anyone else, or your talking out your brown third eye. You don't know it doesn't have a gesture area, it could easily be there, and probably WILL be there. It's the TABLET that doesn't have it.

It looks to have as much gesture area as the Pre in the picture.

If they were smart, and they aren't, they won't release details until everyone buys a Pre3.

So we can expect this to ship ... sometime next decade? I applaud the leak but have doubts about the timeline given HPalm's notorious difficulties actually building and shipping product. Let's face it, the Pre3 isn't even out yet.

Bring it.

Well, HP has said they plan on releasing six webOS products this year. The Pre 3, Veer, and Touchpad are three. Their 7-inch tablet, rumored to come out later this year, would make four. If this rumor is true, I would expect it to come out this year, plus one more device.

HP Also said something about WebOS 2.0 updates for legacy phones. I hope HP brings stuff out, I'd like to see them succeed, but after everything that's been happening, finito for me.

Exactly my point. I have been told things before by these guys that have not happened. A leaked photo does not even measure up to being told something is coming so don't get your hopes up until they announce. And then, don't believe it until it ACTUALLY happens.

phone to be released before Christmas maybe???


There is one right below the screen. That little slit might be where the light shines. IMO, I think gesture areas will stay on phones and won't be on tablets. Just because 3.0 TouchPad doesn't have it doesn't mean gesture area isn't in the code.

though i would still love a gesture area on the tablets though(and im sure some others would too), and you are probably right, but really hope you are wrong :)

Actually Palm does not own the rights to Graffiti. Graffiti is owned by Access, which purchased PalmSource. There is a version of graffiti on Android, but I don't think we'll be seeing it here.

Great scoop guys, Congrats!


the only thing that COULD entice more than the pre3 would be a keyboardless phone, and this does look pretty slick. could the reason we havent heard anything about this as to date being because they r still finishing/polishing webos 3.0 to run not only on the tab, but on this also? being that they're both keyboardless devices, could this also possibly mean that the tablet is that much closer to release if that is the case?

In the coming weeks.


This better be a canned phone. Think gang! A virtual keyboard will kill almost half that screen rel-estate so hopping this one died off for a 4 inch variant not leaked out yet..

Have you ever used an on-screen keyboard?

It's only on the phone when you're typing.

Therefore, when you're READING, you've got all 4 inches of glory. = the benefit of no physical keyboard.

Sliders also have the glory of a big screen AND the glory of a real keyboard.

As a Sprint customer I've been burned too many times by seeing new webOS hardware and waiting only to be disappointed it was going to another carrier. Pre 3 was the last for me.

Albert Einstein said it best:

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

thats also the definition of persistence... just saying...

persistent insanity is not a good thing.

Carriers still haven't been officially confirmed for the Pre 3, Einstein!

Einstein never said that. The line originated in a book by Rita Mae Brown in the early 1980s.

i want to believe !!!!

I'll take anything on Sprint with Webos at this point... Bring it on HP!

I also heard that it is projected to be released Q3 2012.

precentral, find anything in the exif data?

I'm glad they're going this direction to open up the base, but it's not for me. Physical Keyboard forever. kudos

I was wondering if they wld show ne thg on this form factor at all. I've also seen smwhr about another WebOS device with a landscape (slide-out) keyboard, this myt just be LEGIT then. HOPEFULLY!

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olo tha a funy post rght ther. thum up

camouflage!!! like the cars when they are in phase of test.

in englés by Yahoo Babel fish!! (sorry)

if this is a real telephone of HP, it seems to me that this camouflaged, is possible even to be appreciated that the frame of the screen excels over the screen, the right part superior, is possible to be seen a space between the frame and the screen, also part central inferior where the screen in which is joined would seem the transparent opening to show the LED of notifications, for my in that part also separates you camouflage. until the moment in the line of WebOs devices with them extinguished it is difficult you limit to distinguish them of the screen and this is very clearly like a gray. perhaps it is a joke or cell that does not have anything to do with WebOs.

in español.

si esto es un teléfono real de HP, me parece que esta camuflado, se puede apreciar que el marco de la pantalla sobresale por encima de la pantalla, incluso la parte derecha superior, se puede ver un espacio entre el marco y la pantalla, también parte inferior central donde se junta la pantalla en lo que parecería el la apertura transparente para mostrar el led de notificaciones, para mi en esa parte también se separa el camuflas. hasta el momento en la linea de dispositivos WebOs con ellos apagado resulta difícil distinguir los limites de la pantalla y esta se muestra como un gris muy claro.

puede que sea una broma o un cell que no tenga nada que ver con WebOs.

Looks thin. :)

I prefer a keyboard, but the right SPECS can change that really quickly. Bring them on...

A significantly bigger screen would also make the decision (Pre-3 vs wait for Mystery Slab) easy, but the side by side though appreciated doesn't really do much to answer the question. Why assume 480x800? Would be nice if it was bigger screen than the Pre3.

"Looks like an iPhone. How novel"

I agree. I see it as a company with roots, now copying what everyone else does. For me it's completely unexciting, if not depressing.

Just as if someone hacked webOS into the trendy phone of the month. It can be done, it's been done, destroys brand.

Now that you mention Apple, I'd say its ALL brand. It's not extraordinary. It even was born with serious limitations.

But something can be born ordinary, and get excellent in a matter of time, as more and more people jump in. All thanks to branding.

It's not to be underlooked: The brand, the DIFFERENTIATING factor DRIVES SALES in this world where technology has become commodity, and "everything is just the same".

Add the world "else" between those two first words, and read again.

Heck, who cares at all about the specs of this supposedly new phone? It's NOT NEW!

I have to say that this is definitely intriguing. Since it's still a mystery for the device and possible release, I will keep my vote with the Pre3.

"Mystery device, you seem to be new on the scene. Some of our devout WebOS fans are real interested in who you are and your background. Please, tell us a little more about your self." :-D

Normally, I would like a keyboard instead of a software solution. I can see it working for the masses though. Most people I know are moving towards the slab phones. (If that's what they are now... I still remember the term "Candy Bar." I guess that’s a bit archaic. LOL)

Okay, lets clear something up.. that "crack" everybody keeps mentioning is just a reflection of the hole that the string runs though on venetian blinds. Those are blinds in the reflection.

My guess is that this is a WebOS device. Whether it's a scrapped prototype or soon-to-come device remains to be seen.

Just give me the Pre3 on Sprint and I'll be happy.

I'll wait for the one that is shrunk to the size of the Veer with no slider about the size of a credit card. It's the next logical step.


You said this slate and Pre3 are from the same photo? Post the original photo, please!

looks exactly like a pre3 with a cover over it

Mr. blurrycam is still not changing my opinion on this situation. Palm/Hp are still like an abusive Girlfriend/Boyfriend who leads you on and finally makes you a sammich... but then the sammich has no meat... and then its only half a fake sammich and then you realize it is all a dream within a dream and your still stuck with a obsolete phone. :(

This wont come out until the next coming years

Considering that we had the confirmation that the Pre3 is at least going to Verizon. The leak that this is a slab Pre is logical.

If as it has been discussed here that the Pre3 was not on Sprint at all. Then the slab model shown is more then likely what Sprint is going to get. Think of it this way the TP comes out in a few weeks. They work the kinks out with that. Then When they show the 7in model they unveil the Pre4 slab edition. Exclusive to Sprint. I think Sprint would jump on that. Let the Flame Wars.

I wouldn't call this or the Pre 3/VZ picture confirmation of anything. The same site got a photo from a tipster of a C40 in Sprint's inventory system. Never materialized.


This could be a canned device. A prototype that never even made to final stage. No one knows. I know people around here explode at the slightest glimmers of...well, anything, but none of this matters until HP relaunches WebOS successfully on the Veer, Touchpad, and Pre 3. That's what matters. If those fail, there will be no market for WebOS on any mobile form factor - even a giant slab.

WOW look at the excited HP/Palm fans, finally a possible reason for me to stay depending on availibility & price....more specs, PLEASE

As much as I would love a webOS slab, I suspect this is all bogus. Notice the curvature of the lines on the notepad paper? I suspect Photoshop trickery designed to give the screen a more concave look ala the Pre2 and Pre3.

Yea, I'm switching to sprint soon. I'm sick of Verizon, so if HP doesn't announce a 4g device soon that will actually come out in the next decade I'm totally getting a Evo3D

i hope it that super high res phone they were talking bout months ago, and please have super phone specs u know dual core 1.2ghz and 1 gb of ram etc. things are starting to look up

The EVO is overrated and a smartphone without a real keyboard is a productivity killer.

Holy **** time to make a video!

If this comes out on Sprint, then I might stick with them. 4G would be nice too!

Wooohooo! Been waiting for a webOS slate for years!!! Although, I do hope this is a 4" device rather, than the exact screen of the Pre3.

I see one major red flag with this picture. There is no home button. With webOS 3.0 getting rid of the gesture area, there would need to be some kind of home/launcher button.

My guess is one of the following:
a. capacitive touch home button,
b. we will still have a gesture area on smaller
c. not made for webOS,
d. old prototype.

I choose b, final answer.

Why is people saying that there is no gesture area on webOS 3.0? It is clear that it won't be on tablets because it is simply not ergonomic. BUT it is on phones and other small devices and I'm 100% sure that we will continue seeing the gesture area on the following webOS phones.

I don't see how that's a WebOS device. It just looks like any other black slab phone out there. There's not distinctive markings on it. Not to say it isn't... but not to say it is...

It does not look exactly like the Pre3 without a keyboard. Why do people keep saying that?

So we are not going to see this phone at least for a year. I am tired from waiting on the next webOS device. When Sprint releases the nexus S I'll be line. My pre (-) is falling apart, I just can't continue to wait on a Unicorn.

The Touchpad is my only hope.

How you can tell this is a webOS device is that there are no distinctive markings. If this was a Android device it would have a home, menu, back, and search buttons. If it was a WP7 device it would have a back, windows, and search button. Its clearly not an idevice but if it was it would have the home square. Blackberry would be obvious so webOS is the only one left. As for a rubber case it dose not look like that to me it actually looks like black metal on the sides but if it is a webOS device it must be soft touch on the back.

do you see how the bezel is separated from the screen at the top right corner?... ipod touch, first gen, cheap rubber case on it

DUDE... iPod touch has a square button at the bottom which is NOT present on this device! That's a WebOS lightbar at the bottom. It's there. The screen is not separated at the top, it's a reflection (i'm not talking about the blue reflection either, I'm talking about the ceiling seam that begins on the left side of the screen and continues to the right side of the screen making it look like there is a crack). There's no seam, there's no rubber case, because there's no gap.

There you go, the phone I wanted to see leaked 5 months ago. It looks like a 4" screen. I don't carae about the lack of a keyboard. The swype KB on my Evo works very well.

Give it the same internal spec's as the Pre3 but add a MicroSD slot and I would eat the upgrade cost and switch back to webOS. I might even do that with fixed memory.

ahhhhhhhg.... they heard me... i hate the pre form factor! i want this one on sprint or any carrier!