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Kindle App for HP TouchPad now available! [update] 50

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Mon, 18 Jul 2011 7:17 pm EDT

It's one of those apps that we were promised for launch day in the February announcement of the HP TouchPad earlier this year, and if there is any sign that HP really was planning a hard launch to start today, this would be one of them. The Kindle app for the HP TouchPad is now available for all customers of the Amazon network of books. We're downloading the update right now and getting really excited about downloading some of our favorite book titles to the TouchPad as soon as it's ready. Head to your TouchPad's Software Manager in the Settings tab of the launcher, or download the app from the HP App Catalog right now, and then let us know in the comments; Which books will you read first on your tablet device?

Update: Sadly, it looks like the app is geo-locked for only the US App Catalog right now. And here we thought that the TouchPad catalog would be free of those chains.

Read our review of the Amazon Kindle App for webOS right here.

Thanks, Everyone!



Thanks for the heads up! Installing now. Can't wait to check it out!

EDIT: So far I haven't found a way to side load a book to read. :/

Other than that app looks okay.

I was a little taken aback that the Kindle Store just pops up the website. I was sort of expecting a built in shopping function. I think I would rather have it that way than the full site. It would be a lot more clean. While in the Kindle app all I want to shop for are books and not be deluged with everything Amazon has to offer (not to mention precious screen real estate being taken up with ads :/ )

So I downloaded a couple of books and everything synced up nice and quick. I like the options for screen color, font type and size although I would like to see this expanded. It would be nice to have a slider to adjust the tone or shade of the page color and give us hundreds of options instead of just 3.

Overall it's a nice app and it certainly lets you read your Kindle books. It needs some TLC (page turn animations would be nice!) and it DESPERATELY needs to allow sideloaded books.

You can turn on page animations in the options - use the drop down menu and settings (basic reading mode toggle). Seems odd but page turns animations only work in portrait and not in landscape (2 pages side by side). Maybe that is why it defaults to basic mode (for now).

Ah, okay. Yeah I only tried it in landscape before. It's not very smooth and it doesn't appear to work with swiping. Still, it's there if you really want it. Personally I'll be reading in landscape most of the time since I have the case. It's easier to prop up on my lap or chest when I'm laying down.

Worth noting, it looks like the Kindle app is USA-only :(

Just downloaded it. I have used a kindle only briefly and haven't used the iPad Kindle app much. But I did buy a book I haven't read in 25 years to check out the app - Startide Rising by David Brin.

Forget kindle. We need some Audible love. Who likes to read??

Audible for the sophisticated post-literate.

Working for me - very nice. Logged in and all my books were shown as Archived. Downloaded a couple and they work fine. When the tablet is in landscape, 2 pages (side-by-side) are displayed; when in portrait, you see one page. There is no page turning graphic (default is basic reading mode - looks like it can be changed).

The Kindle bookstore brings up the browser and the associated Amazon web page (the app portion does include the store).

Menu Settings include the ability to force a sync, show all/download/archive only books, import collections, annotation backup options, basic/advanced reading mode (page turn graphics), and deregistering the device.

BTW, I'm in the US. Didn't try a magazine so can't confirm/deny whether that works.

None of my magazine subscriptions will sync. This is apparently intentional. The mags only sync to my Kindle. Really stinks. I was hoping to get access to all my content from the TouchPad. I certainly don't want to carry around 2 tablet sized devices.

so do you mean to say that magazines don't work on the touchpad app at all, or just that if you buy them from a kindle they stay locked to the kindle? I've never used kindle or any of this stuff before, so I'm just trying to understand how it works.

They don't work at all, apparently due to content restrictions. Affects all non-Kindle hardware/e-readers (iPhone, iPad, Android Tablets, etc)

Yes, it looks like magazines in the Kindle store are restricted outside the Kindle eReader in many cases. However, it looks like Zinio (who has many magazines subscriptions available) is coming to the Touchpad.

From what I've seen Barnes and Noble Nook store has more magazines than Amazon (whereas Amazon has more books). Looks like Zinio has lots of magazines too and they will have an app on every major mobile platform soon (have iOS and Android - adding Blackberry, webOS and WinPhone7)

I guess I don't understand what benefit it is to the publishers to say "it's ok to read this content on a Kindle, but not ok to read this on a tablet".

I suppose these are magazines that also have websites? So then they want you to be forced to use the website (and view the ads therein) if you have a device that can access it? Doesn't really make sense, but that's the only way I can figure it.

I had to restart my Touchpad before anything would sync. Very frustrating.

There doesn't *seem* to be a way to exit reading a book other than to quit the app. It's like a permanent full screen without any system UI.

Do what kesne said. Took me a minute to figure it out, too.

You can tap the page and bring up the surrounding UI with icons at the top and bottom for navigation. This also includes a button on the top left corner for returning to the book shelf.

Tap in the middle of the book to bring up all the options, then hit the little bookshelf icon in the upper left-hand corner

I found out you have to make sure you're logged into Amazon first (in the browser). While you're browsing for books, make sure the URL says "?node=xxxxx" while you're in the browser (that apparently is the ID for your Kindle app).

I found a minor (but annoying) bug already: I downloaded a couple free books (and bought a cheap one :)) and each book is shown 3 times on the bookshelf. If you archive one of the three "copies", all of them are archived, so clearly the app is treating all of them as one book. Fortunately, it doesn't seem to affect reading. I'm biting my tongue right now... :) Thanks, HP! (no sarcasm intended)

Addendum: Yup, some content is restricted. I tried to subscribe to a local Pittsburgh newspaper and it wouldn't let me. Not happy about that...

Ditto on the duplication thing, although I have DOZENS of icons for each of the free books I d/l'd (Wonder if the hundredth free downloader will have a hundred?)

Not impressed with thib bug, but it can be fixed and I'm certain I don't actually have dozens of copies of each free book on the drive, so, not a party killer.

Deleted and reinstalled the Kindle app.
All books were now archived.
Maunally downloaded all books and the freebee duplication issue is resolved.

Software manager wasn't showing update. The app store was really slow just opening but did show the update. The download went smoothly. The font size is completely selectable, the background color has 3 colors, and two fonts (Georgia and Verdana) at least for the book I'm reading. Didn't seem to remember the page of the book that my kindle did but that's minor. Seems very nice! The home page of the books shows the book covers which was nice but not too artsy like Ipad's. My Touchpad is getting more useful now! Now update for quick office and webOS update for smoother, faster, and more stable device.

I've been having issues with Software Manager. I would get a notification that updates were available and when I tap on that notification it says "This action cannot be completed. Try Later." Then I would see that an update is available for a particular app while browsing through the App Catalog.

As much as I love reading with the typeface "Georgia", the type rendering is pretty bad. It looks like there's practically no anti-aliasing going on...
Also, it doesn't allow to accurately adjust font size (uses a slider, not numerals) and there is no way to adjust line height.

If they could improve the font rendering (maybe a webOS issue) or let us use prelude (the default webOS font) it would be a lot, better, but it still gets the job done.

Glad to see the apps appear as promised. Keep up good work

I hope Amazon adds the TouchPad Kindle app to their download list to create some recognition for the TouchPad by all the visits to the Kindle store.

I am glad to see more of the "hard" launch they promised. I love seeing the Kindle app and I am enjoying seeing all the commercials on TV for our beloved TouchPad.

Great stuff!

I keep hoping that HP will keep making tablets (I want the 7 inch Opal) and I wish they would just bury the Pre3 at this point and licence WebOS to HTC or Samsung for cell phones.


I downloaded a book sample. Then, I bought the book. Both appeared in my library. I tap-held the sample and selected "delete sample." Both are now gone. Where is my paid book?

Go to your Amazon account and see if it's still there. If so, just sync again.

You have to delete the app and reinstall. Same thing happened to me.

I downloaded about 10 or so free books and for some of them it is showing 25 copies on my bookshelf. I'm sure this is a glitch but come on...I reported it through the contact us option.

Hp **** UPS
Not releasing a slab web os phone
Keeping the same formfactor on the pre3 as the other pres or not providing a variety of formfactors
Not releasing the pre3 5months ago
Not releasing the pre3 now
Making and releasing the veer now
Trying to compete with apple's iphone5 release date/timeframe with the pre3 release
Trying to compete with apple in anysense as far as phones and tablets go.
Making the touchpad too thick
Making the touchpad too expensive
Removing the gesture area from the touchpad
Releasing the touchpad before releasing the pre3
Releasing the touchpad with only a handful of apps on the touchpad
Not communicating with the webos community
Giving vague dates/timelines
Never keeping any promises
Being cheap with hardware
Not coming up with something innovative and catchy like bbm or ichat to gain popularity instead they always talking about emails and calendars in commercials
Being too serious with their commercials
Doing wack **** commercials
Thinking they're failproof because they're HP
Sending Jon Ruby to that endgaget interview

No sideloading, the animation page turns (basic or normal) are choppy, the reader turns book covers (not the thumbnail)into black and white. Heck the Ipad Kindle does more. This isn't even a beta release. It should have had more work done on it.

I know, I know, it ain't gonna happen, but it would be nice for Amazon to release a version of the Kindle app that's compatible with WebOS 2.x.

Oh well! I'll be using my iPod Touch 4th Gen. to do reading on the go instead.

"HP really was planning a hard launch to start today, "

does this mean we can at least consider the touchpad fully launched as of now.

All my books pulled-down properly, seems to be running well. Great anti-aliasing in the app too. Really does justice to the relatively low 1024x768 res.

odd that a poster above said the font looks terrible and that there's little to no anti-aliasing. who to believe?

It is a fair app, but buggy with the 6 different copies of the "Art of War" showing for me, but only 1 copy of another freebie, and no way that I can see to delete books, either. Also, with 1-Click shopping, this really wierd Amazon patchwork quilt tiled page comes up when getting a free book. (I haven't bought any yet). Also, the page turning is slow. Needs a Homebrew patch until 3.0x comes out!

Gripes aside, it is neat to have an e-reader now. Tons of good stuff to read, and still be able to have toy (I mean TP) in hand!

Also, the hard launch is official I think, sort of....
Watching Harry Potter movie at local theater Friday night, one of the ads during the previews was a minute-long TouchPad ad, that was fairly good. (Russel Branch, I think)

I don't watch enough TV to say anything else about it!

Yay! This is BIG news folks! Hopefully best buy and other stores will demo this!

finally a landmark app! Took a while to get used to since I never read a book on a e-interface....but now I can't put it down!

HP, now Give us:
1. citrix
2. shazam-type app
3. movie store
4. itunes music store in parternship w amazon

I am located in Germany, but my TP is set to US language settings. Unfortunalty I get "This application is not available in your country"....PLEASE make it available for Germany, as the Kindle is also available here at

I don't get it either... why is it so difficult to release something in more countries than the US in such a store. I mean especially when the Kindle App works great on my friends iPad and on my Galaxy Tab. WHY AMAZON? Is it because you intend to release your own Android Tablet soon? or did you simply miss a checkbox. Please I want Kindle on my Touchpad. P.S: I will NOT buy an Amazon tablet for Kindle!

I live in Switzerland and I activated the Touchpad with the regional setting "English United States".

I guess I made the right choice as I can buy and read ebook on the Kindle store.

Geez, why is it that everything about the TouchPad is laggy, buggy and lacking features? This app seems to just be a continuation of that.

Geo-locked to the US FFS?! I thought it was a global HARD launch. (I know this is Amazons app, but still - I thought HP were co-ordinating on this?).

Re it popping up a web page to browse and buy books - I think it does that on all platforms so that Amazon doesn't have to share the in-app purchasing revenue (they have a problem sharing revenue with Apple and Google, no surprise there).

I'm in the UK and it is working for me (updated app this morning). TP is set-up for UK.

Downloaded an archived book okay.
Clicking the Kindle Store button takes me to the US Amazon site, so I then have to click through a bit to get the UK site.

So, still needs some work but usable.

I'll keep this short: Legacy device. No (sprint) updates coming. No devices coming. Don't want/need any tablet. Not paying Verizon or AT&T prices...for a Pre 3 which may or may not be released...this year? ever? when?

my Pre 1.4.5 broke on Friday. the replacement Pre is **** up the sync / back-up. updating to Deb 2010 and no email accounts will sync.

webOS is best, of course, y'all. Just ask anyone I've met who ever discussed cell phones.

See you again webOS, farewell and good luck. I hope it runs amok over mobile computing everywhere! come next upgrade, will see where webOS is and maybe come back to it then.

For now, it's Droid.


It will be Christmas time before I can get a TouchPad and Pre3, not even then if Sprint doesn't step up to the plate.
Is there ANY chance this app will be made for the Pre?
Kobo reader is really bad, even if I do use it several hours a day. Yep, I am really addicted to ebooks.

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Can someone please help me?? I'm 14 and bought an HP TouchPad from a friend. I really wanna read books on it. I downloaded Kindle Beta and set up my account. I got free books. But when I purchased some, it says "kindle could reader is not available for this browser. Please try again with supported we browser and offers chrome, safara and firefox as downloads. What do I do? It also says checkout free Kindle Reading Apps for your phone or tablet, but I already have it as an app with some stuff in there. I don't know what to do!

Sorry meant Kindle Cloud Reader is not available. Not could readers.

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