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by kjhenrie Wed, 21 Sep 2011 12:01 am EDT
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Kindle Import is an App for the HP TouchPad that will faciliate sideloading books into the Kindle application. This application can be used in conjuction with Calibre ( and/or the mobi metadata and cover image extraction tool developed by m0ngr31 which can be downloaded from

Kindle Import will import mobi files from the /media/internal/.palmkindle directory and cover images from the /media/internal/.palmkindle/coverCache directory. The book file name must be in one of the formats:


e.g. Way of Shadows, The - Brent Weeks - AABBCCCDDEE -

If you do not provide an ASIN number a number will be generated.  If you do not provide the TOTAL_LOCATIONS a default of 15000 will be used. The default values for ASIN and TOTAL_LOCATIONS will work fine, however, if the default 15000 TOTAL_LOCATIONS is used your progress bar in the Kindle Application will not accurately represent your progress in the book (in our example you might be on the last page of the book but your progress bar might only show 30%).

As mentioned above if you are not in the mood to rename all of your books you can make use of Calibre and/or m0ngr31s script. Calibre allows you to convert books from just about any format to mobi. Using the default settings calibre will convert the books to a compatible naming convention. Calibre also includes a "Send to Device" feature and recognizes the TouchPad as a device. You must have the TouchPad in USB Drive mode in order for Calibre to detect it.

Calibre 0.8.20 now supports cover exporting for WebOS!  If you have already imported your books after sending your books to your device from Calibre in Kindle Import you will need to use the "Delete All Imported Books from Kindle" button followed by "Load Books" and finally "Import Books" to pick up the new covers.  You will lose your book progress if you do this. 

The Windows script written by m0ngre31 will extract cover images, ASIN number, and total locations from mobi files. You can then copy the files over to the TouchPad over USB to the appropriate directories (see the Kindle Import application thread on the precentral homebrew forum for details).

Read the Help option from the application menu for detailed usage instructions.

Installation Note

* If you get an error when loading and/or importing books after the installation reboot the TouchPad.


If you find this app to be useful and would like to contribute visit the official Kindle Import app page in the precentral homebrew forum.


Version 1.3.2

  • Added debug logging to help diagnose issues

Version 1.3.1

  • Moved the book list below the function buttons to make the buttons more accessible
  • Code refactoring and optimization

Version 1.3.0

  • Added the ability to delete one or more books in addition to the delete all books option
  • Added the ability to change the book "locations" field prior or after importing
  • Disabled buttons that should not be used while in the current view
  • Added the ablity to choose which books to import (defaults to all)
  • User interface enhancements
  • Updated help dialog to reflect the new changes

Version 1.2.0

  • Added launch icon
  • Updated help dialog text

Version 1.1.6

  • Added a default cover image if a cover image is not provided

Version 1.1.5

  • Updated README and the Help Dialog to reflect the functional changes in 1.1.4

Version 1.1.4

  • Fixed database permissions issue

Version 1.1.2

  • Version 1.1.2 of the app automatically add the database permissions needed for the app to work. You no longer need to copy the file

Version 1.1.0

  • Added support for Calibre exports

Version 1.0.0

  • Initial release with support for importing books based on data extracted from a pipe-delimited metadata export file



MIT License Open Source - Learn More


Free forever

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Discussion, Changelog, and Support

Discuss this app, get support, and read the changelog for Kindle Import in the Official Forum thread


Works like a charm!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Now you just need to add a donate button, because I (and I am sure many others) will want to donate something towards your efforts!

Keep up the good work!

Thanks! Visit the Official Forum Page for upcoming features.

I downloaded the file directly on do I install it....if I click open it gives me MIME file not opened error

You might want to try installing it from preware or from a desktop computer via USB.

How exactly do you do that (install from a Desktop ....)

You should use WebOS Quick Install to installa an App fro the Desktop (it is the same software used to install preware on TP)

I cant find the media/internal/palmkindle folder in my touchPad. Do i have to open an kindle account to generate the file?

The folder is media/internal/.palmkindle and therefore might be hidden depending on how you are looking for it.

gives invalid parameter when I try install on tpad..

Are you installing it through preware or from the download?

OK - the dumb question of the day. I am installing via Calibre and now my books show the cover. But the locations still show as do I fix that? Do I add/change the number, or is there a program/app that can do that for me. BTW - thanks for the app and for helping keep this hardware current!

Location support is not yet available via the calibre plugin I intend to work on this soon.

If you are using Windows you can use the script discussed in the forum thread. I intend to offer a Calibre solution if possible and/or the ability to edit the book data (including locations) in Kindle Import.

Worked like a charm. App is awesome. Thank You!
Keep up the good work.

I am unable to download Touching the download link does nothing Can anyone help First time user

Link works for me. You might want to install it through preware or webOS quick install. You can find instructions for installing these very useful utilities at

a- Downloaded and installed KindleImport
b- I converted a pdf file to MOBI from Calibre, Turn Touchpad to USB drive mode, and has "Send to Device".
c- Turn TP to normal mode, launch KindleImport
d- Load New Books
e- On top, it displays the check-box checked, book title, Yxxxxxxxxx, Author, 15000
f- Tap on "Import Books"

Pop ups the error 'Operation Failed' then the e- also disappears. Repeat few times and got same error.

Any hints?

Did you shutdown and restart the TouchPad after installing Kindle Import? This usually fixes the operation error.

Thanks, reboot did fix.

It took a couple tries but I got this working, thanks for that app!

I am trying to install this with WebOSQuickInstaller but it says "Installing" then a message pop ups stating "Error". I have the Touchpad in Developer mode and WebOSQuickInstaller downloaded some drivers.

Any ideas?

Really awesome app. Works like a charm.

The problem I'm having is when I try to import books to my wife's TP (16GB) the app immediately says 'operation failed' then changes to 'oeration in progress...' then freezes. I'm using Calibre with my Mac (osx 10.6).

I've already:

-Restarted the TP (numerous times)
-Reinstalled Kindle Import app
-Removed the books from the TP(with calibre) and moved them back(with Calibre)

I love the app and have had no issues with my 32GB TP

Any ideas??


Typically this can be resolved by deregistering and registering the Kindle application and removing and reinstalling Kindle Import. Unfortunately there have been a couple of users who have had this issue and I have not been able to work them through it. I am not sure if it is an incompatible patch or what. If the aforementioned procedure does not fix it you can follow the steps outlined in the post This will required a terminal (novaterm or WebOS Quick Install) or Internalz running in master mode.

hi, I'm loading 6500 books and it is taking forever to load all of the books. Does this app support of importing that many books?


Personally I haven't tried more than 150. A user on the forum thread had trouble loading 3000 and I am testing some code changes to see it helps.

I imported over 700 books from my calibre library (mobi format). It worked perfectly. The process was very fast and flawless. Great work!

Can you email your step by step instructions?

I could use your help since I can't get it to import a single book. Can you email me at

Great app--a must have for using the Kindle app on the TP.

great app !kindle import + calibre must have apps if you want to use your tp as an e-reader!
thx !!

I loaded all my books into that folder and now I see Operation in process and it just sits there. DOESN'T work!

Did you restart the TouchPad after the install? If not give that a try, if that doesn't work try downloading the file from the download link above and installing it again.

Maybe I just completely lost the overall process from start to finish. What do you suggest? Can you email me at with help?

Restarting fixed my "operation in process" issue.

Kindle Import rocks my world (used it in conjunction with calibre).

Do you select "Load NEW Books
or Load Existing Books?

For some reason this APP does not work on my unit. As far as I am concern this is not a viable solution. If Kindle doesn't work in its native form then this is ****

Works for the majority of people. Just because you can't get it to work, does not make it ****.
You could always buy books from Amazon, then you won't need to do anything!

Thanks so much for this app, even better now with the update. Works perfectly!


Can someone please make a youtube video on how to do this please??

I downloaded the Quick Install program to my laptop. I then downloaded the Kindle Import program to the laptop. I launched the Quick Install program, then drug the Kindle Import program there and clicked install. It doesn't recognize my device (HP Touchpad) although I can see the files that are on the Touchpad, so that would indicate that the device is hooked up properly. This is my first attempt at installing one of your aps. Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank You

Ok so I got this to work great with Preware, but I have a question: Will I still recieve Web OS updates even though I have it in developer mode and preware installed. Thank you in advance to whoever replies :]

Yes you will still receive application and webOS updates.

thank you, you're a legend for replying.

Before the latest WebOS update, this worked just fine for me.. now after I've reinstalled it only says "Operation in progress" and doesn't do anything else. Anyone know how to fix this?? or could tell me what I am doing wrong? Thank You!!

More than likely you should just restart. As with a PC...when it doubt, restart.

App works great for me...I just needed the restart like many others here.

Works great thx...

how do I download KIndle Import as I dont see any link????????????

Anyone else having issues with the book skipping multiple locations for one page. The book shows I am on location 15030 and its is only page 100 or so in the book.

Amazing app. I love it so much. Thank you

Everything is working fine for this app except the cover JPGs aren't coming in. I've made sure the pic files are in the Covercache directory with the naming convention of ASIN#-small/medium/large (just like the rest of the books actually purchased through Amazon).

When I open the file in Mobi2Mobi, it does indeed show that there is a cover as well. What am I doing wrong? Any help's appreciated!

So I restarted a few times and it still keeps saying "Operation in Progress..."

My steps:

1. Installed WebOS quickinstall, added Preware from feed, then added Kindle Import .ipk and installed it on the TP

2a. Added book to Calibre (already in .mobi format)
2b. Entered TP to USB mode
2c. Right clicked on book in Calibre and sent to device

3. Ejected TP then launched Kindle Import

4. Selected Load New Books and says "Operation in progress...."

This is where it gets stuck and doesn't do anything. Am I supposed to root the TP from before or something? Is there anything else I'm missing?

Thank you.

Has anybody managed to import more than around 1500 books? Is there a known limit?

Another user reported having problems importing around 1500 books. I don't have 1500 books to reproduce the issue right now so at this point I am not sure if the limit is a bug in Kindle Import or a limitation in Kindle or a database size limit. Researching this is on my list of things to do so keep an eye out for updates.

This is an amazing app.worked like a charm.Just keep on falling in love with the touchpad more and more everyday thanks to devs like you!!

I've encountered the problem that I'm importing too many books.

What can I do to help fix the problem? Is there a log file I can send? I'd love to get the rest of my books on the touchpad!

There is no 1000 or 1500 book limit. What happens after Calibre cleans what it can clean with its plug ins and the ext is changed to MOBI where possible by Calibre is the device is plugged in and click on device and you find the bottom of the Calibre screen notes you are attached to the Touchpad.

You then transfer the Calibre library - all 1500 books if that is the size you are working with - and it goes in the correct "Palm" directories for Kindle use. But to get the files listed in the Kindle registry you load this program, Kindle-Import, tell it to load new books and wait about 10 seconds per book. It will be done at that point but will still say "operation in progress" - so flick it off the screen and restart the device. Run Kindle-Import again, load new books and in under a minute all the books show up and you press import to Kindle and it immediately (20 seconds) says 1500 books imported. And indeed they are there.

To delete a book you delete in Kindle -import as there seems no way to do so in the Kindle-Beta. You may need to use a file handler like Germini or the free "internalz-pro" to actually delete the files (mobi and images) on the touchpad, in which case you use kindle import and press remove ALL import files, then load new books again, then import again.

So the problem is Kindle-import does not know how to close with a large load of new books. But it is not a big deal and I am sure will be fixed on update. It would be nice if the delete process was cleaner - but that may take more time that the developer has at this time. In any case I just want to thank the developer for a great job! It made the Touchpad purchase worthwhile for my book reading wife.

Thanks for the app. It works great.

Thanks a lot. It work great for me touchp pad

I loaded a converted book (.asw > .mobi) via Calibre into the .palmkindle directory and proceeded to utilize the Kindle Import tool. The book loaded flawlessly, however when I scanned the book in the Kindle app there was an error. When looking at the book in Calibre and it exhibited the same error, so I corrected it. There were two books on the TouchPad, one downloaded from Amazon and the converted book. When I deleted the converted book (so I could reimport the corrected book), it also deleted the Amazon book and all I got was the Kindle splash screen. In order to get my Amazon book back, I had to reinstall the Kindle app. Why would deleting the imported delete the Amazon book?

Thanks for nice and very useful app. I just have installed it in my Touchpad. It works perfectly.

If it wasn't for this app, I wouldn't have a Touchpad. I would have sold it and got a Kindle Fire. Getting books on the Touchpad are now fairly easy.
The 15000 default location is a minor irritation but can be modified with this app. The problem is not being able to easily find the book in the loaded list. Is it feasible to update the app to have the list sorted by either the title or author? It is really hard to spot your book in its default order when you have hundreds of books loaded.

I am new to this I went to ebooks and purchased book to read on HP touch pad it down loaded but can not open it . I have been on 2 hours reading all the posts but I am getting on in years and get lost with the jargon in the instructions. I would-be very grateful if any one could email me step by step instructions I gather I have f
to down load kindle but I rest my case there No idea!!!
my email is

I installed this about a month ago and had no issues with it, worked great. I did something stupid last night and managed to wipe off the old importah. I have re-installed it but I am unable to put any books back on Kindle. I am a computer novice so am struggling to understand what to do. I have re-installed and installed numerous times and it still just shows operation in progress and gets stuck on there. Any assistance is greatly appreciated as I am getting very frustrated now as I'm sure you can understand.

I would like to work with this application