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Know your gestures: Full Swipe (Advanced Gesture) 9

by Adam Marks Wed, 30 Jun 2010 5:52 pm EDT

The “Switch Applications” advanced gesture allows you to quickly switch between your open cards without first going into card view. This is performed by completing a full-swipe from left-to-right or right-to-left across the entire length of the gesture area. For each swipe, it will move to the next open application in the direction of the swipe.

To activate this Advanced Gesture:

  1. Open the Screen & Lock app ( )
  2. Scroll Down to “Advanced Gestures” and turn “Switch Applications” to "On"
  3. Close the App
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I wish there was wrapping enabled for this gesture, would help so much, for right now one doesn't know if the last app is on the left or right. Hopefully someone develops a patch or palm comes out with a fix.

You actually do not need to swipe the entire gesture area; just make sure your finger crosses the middle and you're golden.

When I scroll through apps in this way, I make a 'circle' motion around the card button (non "Plus" Pre phones), and each completed circle brings the next card into view. :)

My favorite gesture!

mine too.

freakin awesome! Never new this. And I've had it since launch.. What a noob I am!!!

don't feel too bad. I just found out too. Would have been nice when swapping between my bank transactions and my checkbook app. Good to know.

I've also had my Pre since almost launch day and never knew about this gesture. Nice!

Count me in as having a year old Pre and not knowing this tip.
Very cool (and thanks to "dumb cat" for the tip-within-a-tip!)
Thanks and keep 'em comin'!!

8 months I have had a pixi, and just found out!