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Know your gestures: Power (two finger) Scroll 10

by Adam Marks Mon, 16 Apr 2012 5:37 pm EDT

power scrollThe two-finger scroll is not an official gesture in webOS, but rather one that has been built into applications to allow for quick-scrolling to the top or the bottom of the app. This gesture was first introduced in the twitter app Carbon by dots & lines, where they dubbed it the "Power Scroll". To activate the power scroll, put two fingers side-by-side on the screen and then just flick upwards or downwards, just as in the screenshot to the right. Since debuting in Carbon, the Power Scroll has made its way into other apps, such as Paper Mache and Internalz Pro, and even into the web browser on webOS phones thanks to sconix's Advanced System Behavior patch (available in Preware or webOS Quick Install)

Do you know of other apps that utilize the power scroll?  Leave a comment below to let us know!

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There's a nice surprise! I remember reading about this a while ago and thinking "that's cool, pity it doesn't apply to me (WebOS 1.4.5)..."

But.... I just got to try it in Internalz Pro! Thanks Jason R!

Pity the Advanced Systems Behaviour patch isn't available to me... would have been nice to use the power scroll gesture in my twilight days browsing with a WebOS device.

This is one of those articles which reminds me of the fact how brillant our beloved webOS is. We should really make much more noise about all the advantages of this OS compared to the others. Even previous webOS move up to me telling me "do-you-know-what-I-miss-most-on-my-new-smartphone-stories".

I literally pray every day for some hardware device maker finally deciding to bring out the next smartphone (not a Pad!) with webOS ...

"Splashtop remote", a remote access ap, uses the two fingers as you describe quite effectively. I use it on my TouchPad. A short touch can bring up a reminder of all finger gestures, while sliding them scrolls as you describe. It's an excellent program, especially if you're accessing a PC within the same LAN your WebOS device is in. However, it's access method can make getting through an office security system more difficult than with some competitors like "Remote Desktop Client". Splashtop is more polished and has more features. But Remote Desktop uses standard Microsoft Remote Desktop technology, if that's helpful. "Remote Desktop Client" does not use gestures.

Sparrow, my TouchPad (and hopefully phones as well soon) Twitter client, has supported power swiping from day one (and it's going to get even better with the update coming later this week).


I've had the advanced behavior patch on for other things, and didn't even know the browser power scroll was part of it. Sweet :-) Thanks sconix!

Outline Tracker ( ) has two finger scroll on all lists, on all devices.

So does IAmA reddit!

Yup! Good stuff!

"notes" the paid for app