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Latest marketshare numbers show webOS is hanging on 47

by Nathan Mylott Mon, 07 Mar 2011 8:05 pm EST

The Palm brand may be gone, but like Robin Williams’ spirit communicating to his wife through automatic writing in What Dreams May Come, the latest Comscore market share statistics show Palm saying clearly, “I still exist.”

Palm is still in last place for smartphone platform market share, but the decline is slight this time and even though the recent Verizon Pre 2 launch was the first carrier launch of a webOS phone that doesn't look just like the first gen devices, still 3.2% of the 30,000 mobile subscribers surveyed were still holding on to their Palm phones through the three month period that ended in January. With the awesome new products coming down the pike with webOS on board, we have to assume that number will be on the rise again this summer.

It is interesting to note that these market share results do not include tablets. So if you include the iPad, it is possible that iOS is more prevalent than these numbers reflect, and indeed the Touchpad’s triumphant launch this summer will not help Palm’s numbers on this chart. Palm’s ranking here also includes any lingering Palm OS holdouts as well, though presumably these are mostly webOS users.

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Source: Comscore; Via: Engadget



It will be interesting to see how those numbers change when Sprint's use it or lose it upgrade happens 4/1/11. I suspect the numbers will drop again since there is no viable WebOs phones to replace the Pre on Sprint so far, and I don't see one coming in the next 3 weeks.

Or April 6 when the normal upgrade cycle starts for launch day participants. Or June 6 on the contract end date for launch day.

Win7 should be a factor by April's reading.

Last time I checked the upgrades applied on the first of the relevant month. So it doesn't matter that launch people got the phone on the 6th, they're eligible on the 1st of April/June.

It's only interesting how it will be in 1 year, in 2 years and again in 5 years.

Microsoft took 3 years to make WP7 and still will need another 1 to 2 years to have even most of the features covered that WebOS covers now, not to mention Palm OS or WinMo 6.5

I understand that you people need something "new" something where you can "explore" and see how it works... It's very geeky and the way a lot of us are. But lets be honest. WP7 can't hold a candle against WebOS. Neither can the hardware drive me to that platform.

If you need something new, just do that update to WebOS 2.1. I did it and my Pre Plus feels like a new phone now and I am still exploring the possibilities of the system. This will carry me until the Pre 3 is available.

I'd love to 2.1 my Sprint Pre. Or hack it onto a Pre2. However, I use my Sprint Nav to much. It doesn't yet work in 2.1, until the Java service is written into C or node.js.

Get's me wondering how much of that 3.2 is Centro's or ancient Treos. I see more Centros in the wild than I do Pre's these days.

Well if Sprint steps up and announces the Pre3 at the CTIA event these numbers may soon change for the better!

If they do so, those numbers won't get better as most people won't buy any new WebOS-Phone until the new one are out... I guess the same effect that we had after the Pre was announced.

But hasn't that been the problem with Sprint all along? That they haven't stepped up? And that they have consistently refused to even say if they ever will stand up?

considering that wp7 is going to be available for the first time on cdma handsets before any new webos phones come out I think it is safe to assume microsoft stands to gain at palms expense

I've been here since day one, but now that my 4th Pre (that I've had for less than a month) is dying, unless I get a solid date on Sprint for launch with in a reasonable window [which at this point seems so unlikely] for the Pre3, WP7 will be gaining at least one person at palms expense

They stand to gain this 200 bucks unless HP steps up!

I understand the reasons if somebody is leaving the platform... But seriously? WP7? It's like abandoning your ship because it took too long to repair it and make it fast again and... going on board of a giant oil-tanker with no engines... WHY?

Yes you will feel some newness and probably (at least for now) some better hardware. But so far as I have seen WP7 had no updates in months and even if it gets one, it won't get the next until the end of the year. And even after THAT update it will have less features than most other OSes have NOW (including WebOS).

I would say out of the frying pan into the fire. Just that HP is about to save us from that pan (ok, in the coming months... but they are ;) ).

wp7 is just short of 10000 apps when webos i don't think has crossed 7 in more then a year and a half. WP7 has many form factors of phone Palms don't. seems to me it's a ship working fine and with more engines. you're characterization of webos ans being broken and taking way too long is appropriate. Either way people will want to get off of a broken boat.

WebOS is hanging on? When I saw this yesterday on Engadget I thought, "This is the same thing I saw with Circuit City and Blockbuster". Where are they now? Losing Marketshare is NOT hanging on. It is falling back/off.

We have no new device hitting (announced date) and it is going to be a problem. I expect more mind/marketshare loss until a hard date is given. I am trying to hang on until the new devices but the well document, in the coming months has me considering doing something different. Unfortunate as I love WebOS but how much is that worth nowadays?

Nice spin though.

Best Buy is right on their heals as well.

Yup. Saw that one. They gained and now they are losing. I wouldnt say they are hanging on but they are obviously in a better position currently than WebOS. Best Buy better get the message and adapt quickly.

Yeah, I agree. In previous reports they lost percentage points but actually gained in total number of users. That is not the case this time.

This time they have lost 269,000 users. Plain and simple, this is not holding on, this a death spiral.

BTW, here is the math: article says 65.8M users now, an 8% increase since last time. So that means previous was 60.9M. 3.2% of 65.8M is 2,105,600. 3.9% of 60.9M is 2,375,100.

Therefore the net loss is 2,375,100 - 2,105,600 = 269,500 users lost.

Circuit City is retail and Blockbuster was a service. Mobile phones (in general) are a different animal than both of those, sorry no comparison. Think about where Android was a couple years ago, definitely not at the top as they are now. It's a marathon not a sprint (sorry to say that but it is).

android has a different business model. it's licensed and gains market share because it has 10 companies making different phones in different form factors. Palm is none of that. In fact the closest other phone platform to that, licensed and having diffent form factors, is WP7 not webos. And i don't even think WP7 will do that well.

Palm isn't really hanging on to much here. HP is assuming as much, which is why they are trying to start afresh whilst also doing the minimum the can to keep any die-hard WebOS users happy. They havn't got much choice either. But then iOS and Android also started from scratch, so starting afresh with new logo and branding is not such a bad thing since there isn't much they can loose now.

webOS has been bleeding out since the Pre came out for AT&T. After that happened, no one new really came to the platform and people started to leave because of the bad hardware (quality and performance).

The Pre2 might help stem the tide a little but the only way for webOS to GAIN market share is to release new devices competitive with the top end stuff now. The Veer looks like it'll help stem the loss more than the Pre2 but it looks to me to be more niche. The Pre3 isn't slated until summer which means losing more and more until then.

And when they do release the Pre3 they have the new iPhone model to compete with. And I'm sure people won't care about that, right?

I won't care about the iPhone 5... But I expect HP to release more than those 2 phones in this year.

There will be at least one slab-phone until the end of the year and maybe one Pixi-like phone. Oh and not to forget that 7"-tablet that is going to come. You will probably hear more leaks about the tablet than from the phones, as the Palm Global Business Unit (where the phones are probably made) has a better secrecy than HP (where the tablets are probably made).

yeah left of fight over the remaining 5% of the market the ipad doesn't have. that's not really winning the race.

You don't care about the iPhone5. A lot of people won't. But the iPhone5 has probably 1000x more people that care about it than people that care about new webOS phones.

Like it or not (I personally don't), the Apple iPhone has the greatest mind share in the space. Android might have more users, but the iPhone still easily wins mind share. The iPad also does too.

There is absolutely no way HP is going to jump in there and dominate. Apple is just way too strong. HP is going to have to whittle away Apple's mind share. And the longer HP waits, the harder it will be since the other companies are also more appealing and will become so as long as there isn't a new webOS device.

"Hanging on" is a pretty aggressive interpretation.

If you consider the situation in which WebOS was stuck these are still quite good numbers. If by June we are still over 2.5% it's good.

If by march next year we have 5% again I guess HP is OK with it and they will continue to speed up the WebOS-Bandwagon. We nevertheless never will get at such numbers like Android or Apple is now. But with a stable number of some 10% you can survive comfortably in this market, as this still would mean tens of millions of potential customers at ONE unified and less-fragmented platform.

I FIGURED I'd put this here so people would read it. I've been a loyal. Palm pre guy since standing on line to get it almost 2 yrs ago I was waiting for the pre 3 to come outand to see if it came to sprint . I woke up 1 morning and said why ?. I went to the store and check out an evo...and bought it.this phone is so bad **** why would anybody wait for a pre 3 that's behind the times ? I thought I would never give up my web o s
but the droid operating system is kicks **** I've talked to speech this entire paragraph. This phone is way ahead of the curve and any phone on the market so for all of you waiting for the PRE3 I ask why ? so I will bid you all bye for now why you wait for a phone that is behind the curve .SO go to sprint and try an evo. you'll love it and wonder the same thing . why am I waiting ....til late summer...what a joke.


I've talked to speech this entire paragraph.

So that's why it was so hard to read...

If this is the right thing for you it is the right thing for you... Not for me.

I want just that Pre 3 as my next phone, tanks.

Why would you need a 2 Ghz on a Pre 3? The Pre 2 with 1 Ghz is running. The Veer with a newer 800 Mhz is running... So the Pre 3 (after the optimisations) should just FLY. If you want more you can overclock it and live with the battery life that lasts from your bed to your door.

well yall when these new devices hit the market this summer the numbers will start to look different. just like apple has die hard uses that had macs then there laptops then there ipods and now there iphones and ipads. im sure theres die hards at hp user that will do the same. myself for instance i have a envy i want a all in one pc when the touchpad comes out im geting it and when the new pre 3 comes out im on it, thats 4 devices. im sure im not the only one

So, down only 0.7% huh? Sounds great at first, until you do the math. When the share was only 3.9% to begin with, that means almost 1 in 6 Palm users abandoned the mothership during those 3 months!

webOS... the best mobile operating system that everybody likes but nobody uses.

Android is a train wreck of a mobile OS... somebody remind me again why everyone flocks to it?

marketing and support from different manufatures

Yep, it's as simple as this: AVAILABILITY

And that is the reason why I think that at this time next year things will look much brighter. It might be only 5% or something, but it will be stabilised and growing.

You should not forget that this is not Palm any more. HP doesn't rely on becoming super-important and successful. The people there aren't planing for 6 months, 1 or 2 years, but for the next 4 to 10 years and that's why they bought WebOS.

In 10 years you will hardly find any people with Laptops or even normal PCs. Most people (at home) will use mobile devices instead. And THAT is the reason why HP has bought Palm.

All the other bigger producers will have to go either to Android or to WP7/Windows8-20-mobile-Edition and fight for their margins, while companies like HP and Apple will differentiate themselves by their integration and software (and have lower marketshare, maybe around 10% while being able to ask for higher prices and even make more money if they would have to make lower prices because of the higher integration... just look how Apple does it).

Great. Hp will have integration but no apps. This is a race that they're losing badly and the apps will not just magically appear when the Pre3 does.

I loved webos. Moved on to wp7 and now I'm switching back and forth from that and android. I've never realized what a difference apps make until I moved to a platform that had them. I can change my default browser, run flash and completely automate my phone. That's why I chose android. I refuse to come back to webos until hp decides to give the market what it wants...a slab styled phone.

I would love to see the results of this after the feb. 9th event..hp probably lost a lot more users after that.

"Android is a train wreck of a mobile OS... somebody remind me again why everyone flocks to it?"

Because you can actually get Android phones on all the major carriers.... today.

"Because you can actually get Android phones on all the major carriers.... today."

That's a result of everyone flocking to Android, but doesn't answer what folks like about Android to begin with?

Android is a powerful enough OS for sure. But nobody ever uses the words "elegant" or "intuitive" when describing their interaction with an Android device. I think "clunky" and "customizable to a fault" are more accurate.

Clunky yes but its closer to a complete OS than anything else out there. Swype is awesome and the freedom I get with the available apps makes it all worth it.

webOS users are a lot like Sand People. They're so insecure easily startled about others telling them they're using the wrong phone, but they will be back in greater numbers.

Because its not webOS.

Because there's a long list of things you can do on an Android smartphone that you can't do on a webOS smartphone. Edit Office documents, read ebooks (Nook, Kindle, Google Books), use mainstream apps to remote manage a PC (GoToMyPC, LogMeIn), use Shazam, use barcode scanning apps like ShopSavvy, use augmented reality apps, enjoy fully-featured solutions like Evernote, etc., etc., etc.

That's why I'm using Android, in spite of the fact that I like webOS far better.

cause the OS doesn't matter that much.

I'm glad WebOS is hanging on. I also apreciate the obscure film reference. Maybe there are about as many WebOS users as people who saw What Dreams May Come.

Market share won't improve until HPalm gets ahead. So far, what we have gotten is "look! others can do A B & C, we can too now." but then a week later, others can do D E &F. WebOS was way ahead 2 years ago, but the hardware was behind. Now, the other operating systems are catching up fast, but HPalm are still bringing hardware that is still at the same level or behind once again. Hardware and OS need to both kill the competition by being far ahead. Then marketshare will be gained.

They need apps most of all. Bring flash as soon as possible and pay devs to get essentials like netflix, shazam, and other top apps on board.

I believe I take up 20% of that share. HP please notice my Palm Profile!

Losing 17 out of every 100 is not hanging on - that's balding bro! And we all know there's no real fix for bringing that loss back.