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Latest pReader Update Adds ePub Support 17

by Jonathan I Ezor#IM Mon, 01 Mar 2010 1:54 pm EST

pReader, a homebrew graduate that already supported Secure eReader and Secure Mobipocket formats for e-books (something that has substantially softened the impact of eReader’s own lack of webOS plans), reached another milestone this week when its author Jappus announced “experimental ePub support” with version 0.8 (for now available only via the app’s PreCentral Forum homepage).

As e-book and Apple fans alike know, ePub is an open standard for e-books that Apple has announced will be the chosen format for its iBooks app on the iPad. Other e-book readers and stores already support ePub, as does Popelli Reader for webOS. pReader, though, is the first webOS appp to combine ePub support with compatibility for other secure formats, allowing users to read DRM-protected e-books from sites like Fictionwise. With this latest improvement, along with ongoing tweaks of other functions, its open-source status, and its continued $0 cost, pReader maintains its leadership among e-book reading programs on the Pre.




Can you read kindle books with it?

It would only be possible to read mobi based books.

Then you would need to crack the encryption (technically violating the DMCA).

Then you need to convert to a common format (unless it reads mobi format now.)

I hope one day, our user base become so big that amazon develops an app for palm pre.

"Greetings from

Thanks for writing to us with your feedback developing the Kindle application for palm operating system.

Currently, we does not have any plan regarding launching the Kindle application with palm. However, I will take your comments as a feedback, and I will forward your comments to the Kindle development team.

Your valuable feedback and suggestions will help us to improve the selection and service we provide.

Thanks for your interest in Amazon Kindle. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Did I solve your problem?

If yes, please click here:

If no, please click here:"

Haha did you click no at the end? just because they answered you, doesnt mean they fixed the problem =)

heres what i really want to know,why are app that i had to pay for being offered to other countries for free,they earn $ just like we do so they should have to pay just like the U.S. and if not then we should get credited for the apps that are free in other countries and we already paid for!!!!!!!
i really think we need to be fair about how we do this so it should be,free across the board or pay across the board!!!!!

You dont pay for this app anywhere as far as I know so I dont know why you posted here. And for other apps just dont buy them if you dont like having to pay for it.

I've never gotten this app to display any books correctly, regardless of format. I'll have to spend some time reevaluating and see if it's improved, but for now I will have to say that book reading on the Pre is a gap that still needs to be filled.

They have been good about correcting problems. If the problem has not been fixed yet, just go to the forum for the app and post what the problem is, where you got it from and its format. He might ask for the file that is buggy so he can look at the code and find where the problem is, but he stays active on the forum and works hard to fix bugs.

It is a fantastic app. Supporting multiple formats, including in some cases DRM'd books, is excellent. Not only that, the whole interface and ongoing development are a pleasure. If you have any problems with it, just go onto the relevant thread in the homebrew forum and you will get excellent feedback from the developer, Jappus. And it is free. Can't ask for more.

I loaded several dozen free epub books to check this app out and not one will open. They all come back with the error, stating "unsupport file format".

The app asks you what format you want to add I select epub, the file shows that it is an epub file and yet I still receive the error message.

Hopefully a future version will work.

Hi, Jappus speaking.

Could you post a link to one (or more) of those files to the forum thread? Afterall, ePub support is tagged experimental for a reason, there are most probably some kinks that we still need to iron out.

And the best way you can help us with fixing those kinks is to provide us with files that show/trigger the errors. ^_^


I have been using it from very early on in homebrew. Support for my pdb files kept getting better. Just give Jappus and Co. some time, the app will keep getting better. Very happy with the work so far.

Can anyone confirm that preader works with the epub file formated books that are sideloaded? And if so how?

I suggest everyone go to and send Amazon a request to bring us a Kindle app for WebOS. While I really do appreciate what pReader has done for the WebOS community, having Kindle available would really make it easier for me to invest in eBooks and stop killing all of those trees. I know it's unlikely a few emails will change their mind, but Amazon still needs to know that there's a desire for their Kindle software on WebOS. I just sent them an email and I'll be sure to repost their reply later. I suggest you do the same!

This is probably my most favorite app, thanks Jappus!

I was using mobipocket format with no problems until the upgrade a now none of my ebooks will open, I get a message saying unsupported format. I've deleted pReader & re-downloaded & still nothing. Any suggestions?

Do someone know if I add the new id device from preader in my profile at the mobipocket store if I will be able to read paid ebook when I will reload them and transfer them from the usb driver ?