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Launch Day! Pre Plus, Pixi Plus on Verizon 79

by Dieter Bohn Mon, 25 Jan 2010 9:06 am EST

As many-a-reader let us know, the Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus are now live and available for purchase at Pricing with a 2 year contract: $149.99 w/ $100 mail-in rebate for the Pre Plus, $99 with a $100 mail-in rebate for the Pixi Plus. Don't forget that both should come with a free Pixi if you are thinking you'd like another Verizon line.

One thing we haven't mentioned (or knew for sure, technically) are the prices without a contract. That'd be $599 for the Pre Plus and $399 for the Pixi Plus.

PC HQ in sunny Florida is lining up late today, we imagine there won't be long lines for what is a relatively quiet launch. Perhaps we're wrong, though - if you have a line, drop us a line at - we'll update this here post with your images.

Thanks to everybody who sent this in!



Launch day and haven't seen a commercial about it. :(

VZ just has Palm to keep Palm fans from defecting to Sprint. They will prolly try to talk people over to Droid if they come in for Pre or Pixi. Them carrying Palm is just for anti-churn.

Okay, now who can get me the wallpaper? =P

Okay, now who can get me the wallpaper? =P

Verizon"s website is having a hissy today.. nothing is working

it's an AMAZING PHONE (reg. Pre or +pre) but big red don't advert. for crap!!!

Please, somebody post to tell us which version WebOS ships on vzn phones. 1.4?

just swipe upwards @ the dashboard (where the button used to be).

yes I want to know as well!!!...although it would be a slap in the face(somewhat) if pre+ shipped with 1.4 to us original fans/owners! Lol I really dnt think it shipped with 1.4 anyways...more time is needed, give it 2 more weeks I'd bet :) haha I would like to eat crow & see it shipped with 1.4 & see an update for my reg. Pre later today lol

We've already confirmed.

oh ok, thx D.K!

There's no button. How do you minimize cards?!?!

To minimize, sweep up from where the button was to say mid screen. I never use the button.

Doesn't the Pre+ & Pixi+ behave just like the Pixi on Sprint? On Sprint's Pixi, you can tap where you'd expect a button to be and a LED virtual button will light up and behave exactly like the physical button on the Pre.

I would think the Pre+ & Pixi+ would behave the same way.

If you have a discount you can get mobile hot spot at the discounted price, I can get it for $32(20%) and not the $40

it's an AMAZING PHONE (reg. Pre or +pre) but big red don't advert. for crap!!!

Palm isn't advertising it either any more, and when AT&T gets the Pre don't count on them advertising it either. Let it go.

I want the Plus wallpaper since we got the flower that hasn't bloom yet

Here I am outside Verizon for my Pre Plus. Its 8:20 & there is only 1 other here. Workers inside since 7:30 working on the Palm display. Let me in--I want my Pre. More to come.
Can't wait to ditch this Samsung!

yes! Keep us posted pmalena!

There is absolutely no advertisement of the new Palm phones on the Verizon Wireless website. I would have expected them to display them on the main page today. This is kind of disappointing.

their site is not working properly. I can't even access myverizon page

it could be worse we could have the eerie spacy lady in the original pre campaign!!

It's even worse than them just not advertising... I signed up to receive email updates from Verizon and haven't even been teased about the upcoming launch, let alone being told that it's actually happened!

And as mentioned, not having it on their openening page is wrong.

Same Here - gave my e-mail got the announcement above on the 15th of January and nothing afterwards :-p

Is it me or does Palm have the WORST marketing department in the history of products? They did a piss poor job putting it on Sprint in the first place, now nobody in the world even knows that the Palm Pre is even on Verizon now unless you watched CES!

Anyway, the article states that if you buy a Pre you get a Pixi for free...that is only in store and if you call. Just keep that in mind the website doesn't offer that deal.

At this point I think I'm going to wait two more days to hear if the Iphone 4g is coming to Verizon later this year.I'm a loyal Palm user, but Iphone 4g....can't be that i'm sure.

Keep in mind, Palm is a TINY company and advertising is extremely expensive. Verizon should be the one to blame for lack of advertising, IMO.

Yes but I wonder where is the new campaign that Mr JR promised at the CES? I hope he didnt get our hopes high on just radio advertising

Remember, this is the marketing dept. that came up with the creepy girl campaign.

Doubt there will be a 4g iphone on verizon any time soon. They won't have any 4g service till the end of the year (maybe). At&t won't have 4g till the year after that. Unless apple is going to Sprint, there would be no point to produce a 4g iphone for at least 12 months from today.

4G iphone does not mean 4G network.

Damn im in NYC and I haven't seen any advertising for the Pre or Pixi Plus. Nice job Palm.

Me too, nothing at all in NYC. It's really a shame that such great phones don't receive any kind of advertisement. A co-worker was expecting the pre+, but not as much as me. So he knew it was coming out today because I told him. Fourntunaly I ordered a pre+ last night a little after 12am. I can't be more excited about it, they processed the order and just waiting for shipment. I hope they ship it today so I can get it tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

Finally! Getting my pre later today. Who's going to best buy for the instant rebate n who's going to Verizon? Can u get the pre without Having to get the free pixi? I'd rather go to Verizon but don't want to have to add the pixi to my acct. Can I get the instant rebate from Verizon if I choose not to get the free pixi? Someone let me know pls.

If you choose NOT to activate the BOGO pixi - Verizon will not give it to you. You would still get the $100 rebate on the Pre-Plus. So if someone else was thinking of getting it selling it on E-bay you have to activate it and purchase $30/mo data plan for each line. You could then activate a diff. phone and use the data plan and sell the Pixi-Plus, i guess.

That makes sense. I bought my Pre plus today and Best Buy didn't mention it. Then again, they weren't sure they could sell it today. (not kidding). I had to tell them and they checked with verizon. They managed to mess up my plan too. Put in a global data plan and left me without a text plan. I had to call verizonwireless to straighten it out.
So.. no advertisements and the guys at Best buy didn't even think they could sell the Pre Plus! They did have some model phones out but you can't sell a visually dynamic phone with a plastic dummy. Loving my phone so far. Will get to see how the battery does with a real work day.

Advertising has been pathetic. All I've heard in Colorado are radio advertisements and those have been few and far between.

Some radio ads in Houston also - but that's it!

Not ONE mention on it's homepage, regarding the Palm Pre Plus and/or Pixi Plus.

It's quite sad that Verizon hasn't taken any initiative to advertise our wonderful Palm devices, but hopefully they will still sell very well. I'm still sticking with Sprint because they provide the best value and great coverage for me, but I'm hoping Verizon will help bring Palm back into the spotlight as a big player in the smartphone world and give Palm more money for development of future devices. Good luck Palm.

I thought docs hadn't come out yet, but I see it in my apps... Maybe thats old news

Doc View has been around. What's missing is an edit/create app. Still not within reach for users.


I'm a developer from Europe. And I want to buy a Palm Pre from Verizon just for development, because we don't have Verizon here. My question is: will I be able to use the phone and access my wi-fi network without being connected to a cdma carrier? Your help is much appreciated. Thank you.

I believe that the Europe is GSM radios and Verizon is CDMA so sadly you wouldn't be able to use the phone portion though wifi would be fine of course. Of course I thought that the Pre's were being sold over in Europe as well??

Just ordered mine online, should have it in 2 days, I have been waiting for Verizon to get the Pre ever since it was announced.

Just ordered my new Pre online for delivery tomorrow, and there seem to be a couple of differences from what I've seen here in terms of deals offered.

1) There's an instant online rebate of $100, rather than a mail-in. Pretty standard for VZW, really, but nice to know we don't have to send that extra Ben Franklin out into the ethers and ~hope~ it comes back to us ~eventually~.

2) The Pixi lists as "Buy one Pixi, get a second Pixi free", but the Pre lists as "Buy a Pre, get up to 4 phones free". The Pixi is ~not~ one of the phones offered for free with the Pre; only a Blackberry flip & an LG VX550 (or something like that). I ~really~ want to get a Pixi for my wife, so this annoyed me.

Just thought I'd mention it.

BOGO Pixi-Plus NOW ON-LINE in store or Phone order... maybe you can cancel the internet order and call cust.service?

I just got mine this morning! I'm very psyched! I'm using it now. Very little advertizing in the store.

Were u able to get a instant rebate at Verizon for the pre or do u have to mail in rebate.

Unfortunately, Mail-in rebate. That's ok though.

Where in Florida are you Dieter?

Just went to the Verizon Wireless store around the corner, and there was ZERO ADVERTISEMENT for the phone. Absolutely f-ing pathetic on Verizon's part. I'm sure when the iphone 4g comes out they'll advertise the living shiz out of that. Palm Pre is the best phone on the market right now and nobody knows it.

So I was on the way to work today and heard a commercial from verizon on the radio.... It was PATHETIC!!!! It was some chick talking all slow saying "you can open multiple apps so you dont have to close the things closest to you" or something like that! It honestly sounded like a female STD commercial! "I have an STD and no one has to know bc I take herpeomycin" Come on and then you hear the Droid commercial and its a Blast in your face like a Monster truck commercial! It sounds like Palm is just getting spit in the face by these advertisers! Seriously what do they have against palm to make such a boring uneventful commercial, they're just wasting everyones time and money putting out commercials like that!
Sooo disapointing for such an amazing phone!

Verizon's home page: NO special notification (but, they DO list the phones as new, among thier LONG list of phones offered.. but, nothing special - not even CLOSE to the Droid marketting campaign)

Geez, even ZDNet is giving this more attention that Verizon has:

Hi, mi first post.
Does the pre without contract ($599) is an unlocked version?
This is the page for the pre:
(it ask for location)
To get $599 price, I have to choose "month to month" in "pricing for" field. but when checkout, still ask me for a plan.
Any idea on how to get unlocked pre plus?

All US Pre's to date are network specific CDMA.

Talk about a soft launch...

I went on Verizon's website last night at about 10p pacific time and used my 'new every 2' to upgrade - the new Palm products came up as an option so I ordered a Pre. With insurance and tax, etc it came out to a little over $100. Should be with me tomorrow - can't wait!

I've been seeing commercials on my TV. Don't watch much cable channels, and that could be it. Mostly on CBS, NBC, and ABC...
I would have to say that I've seen just as many Droid commercials too. Oh, I'm in Boca Raton, Florida...

Wirefly is offering their usual launch deals here:

Did I see that to get visual voicemail, Verizon is charging an extra 2.99 a month???


Have a feeling VZW wasn't going to do much advertising. Lets hope we see some VZW Palm TV ads soon.

The downtown Minneapolis VZW store did have the Palms prominently displayed front and center. However, both phones were inactive! They had error screens up saying Unable to Activate and of course wouldn't budge beyond that.

I was fiddling with the inactive Pre Plus hardware checking out the slider and keyboard (not drastically different, IMO) and a T-Mobile Centro user came up and was looking at the Pixi. I ended up doing Verizon's job and sold her on a Pre! The whole time we talked (10 minutes) not one Verizon rep came over.

Something tells me we won't see many new webOS fans here any time soon...

After you get your new Palm make sure to check out the Trapster application! A free app that alerts you as you approach police speed traps and road hazards!

Stefanie :)

Doesn't it now make sense that Verizon only Pre-ordered (no pun intended) 200k of each device. They have a much larger customer base than Sprint and should expect higher sales, with "some" Marketing. Radio and print just doesn't cut it anymore. The original Pre launched with TV, yahoo ad space, and Sprint commercials. Verizon seems to be low-balling Palm with ad support...

I don't get why Verizon is not advertising the Pre. They are treating like any other flip phone. On their home page they are highlighting the Samsung Intensity??? Makes me wonder about the future of the Pre.

Pre is just an anti-churn offer for Verizon customers. For people who insist on having WebOS, they can now provide it so you don't go to Sprint. VZ's short term goal is to sell as many Droids as they can. If you go in for the Pre, they'll sell it to you, but they'll also tell you why the better buy is the Motorola unit. They only commited to 200K Pre's and Pixi's each, so you know they are not serious about putting WebOS in their customer's hands.

Full page color Verizon ad today featuring the Pixi and Pre in the WSJ

I think it's funny how all of you are getting all up in arms upset about a company not advertising. You all have your phones. Who cares what Verizon/Sprint/Palm do?

I care. I want the Palm Pre to survive.

You should care too.... how they do effects new apps that come out and quality big name developer will make apps for a company with 1 million users...

In San Diego Verizon has been advertising the pre plus and pixi plus at least every hour for the past week or so on the smooth jazz radio station 98.1.



yeah, free with a 2-year commitment at at least ~$40/month...

I find it really disappointing the VZW is charging $10 a month extra for turn-by-turn GPS navigation for the Pre+. Sprint's is better and free.

Verizon is not advertising Palm because the iPhone will be announced for their network on Wednesday. Verizon just pulled a Bell on Palm.

How many times must Palm be carriers' whipping boy?

If you order the Pre Plus on you don't have to worry about the $100 mail in rebate-- you get it for $149.99. Then there's the free overnight shipping till beginning of Feb. So by tomorrow before 3 pm, I will officially be a Pre owner!

Wow wish I could switch carriers again and get the latest pre. Oh wait, I just broke a contract with Verizon to switch to Sprint to get the first pre... Thanks palm