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Leaked Verizon roadmap shows release dates for devices; Pre3 curiously missing 106

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Mon, 08 Aug 2011 2:15 pm EDT

It's a regular occurance to see a roadmap for major US carrier networks leaked somewhere on the web ahead of time, but lately our eyes have been straining to find a mention of a certain special webOS smartphone in the masses of documents that are being passed around. Our sister-site AndroidCentral has come across one such document recently, a roadmap of devices to be released on Verizon's network between September 2011 and January 2012. Don't get your hopes up too much, though; there's not a single mention of a Verizon HP Pre 3 to be seen in that document.

To be fair, there are devices that will be released on Verizon that are not detailed in documents such as this one (like the iPhone 5, which is almost certain to come out on Big Red during those months), so there is a chance that the Pre 3 release is being kept secret until we get closer to the date. There is also the chance, as we've reported before, that the Pre 3 will be released in this month of August, putting it before the time period mentioned in that leaked document and sooner to reach our eager hands.

The third possible reality, which has been in the front of our thoughts since first seeing this document, is that the Pre 3 simply won't be released on Verizon's network. HP could choose to go to the only other likely carrier in the US for the release of the device, AT&T (which they're already courting to keep the HP Veer 4G and TouchPad 4G brands alive), and try for Verizon sometime in the future with other devices. Currently, Verizon does offer the Pre 2 for sale, so they'll be more inclined to update that line with the latest from HP. But we can't count on that for sure, so instead we'll just sit back and wait to see what is announced over the next few weeks.

Source: IGN; Via: AndroidCentral; Thanks, Phil!


If release in Sept the HP Pre3 will 4 months shy since they announced it's coming. That can't be good. But it's looking more like an Oct or Nov actual release date... even worse.

Its already going to be old spec wise. Maybe HP figured this out finally and is trying to tweak it before coming out. I just wish HP would move phone manufacting to say samsung or HTC.

It's only "old" if they market it as a high-end phone. If they market it as a "high-middle" phone, it competes with every other phone for that market.

The only spec that matters for a webOS phone is webOS 3. With 2.x? Yep, it's old.

An ecosystem is vital for them and connected devices was their selling point all year.

Leo has already said every HP PC in 2012 will be shipping with webOS. A beta is still expected by end of year. Anyone feel that confident?


Only spec that matters for you, maybe. But then you don't care about that, since you decided to go completely offtopic...

Here's a serious question:

Is there a viable platform currently that only has middle (Pre 3) and low end (Veer, Pre 2) phones, yet still gets developer or carrier interest?

Well, there's Blackberry, but that only gets carrier interest.

HP just needs to sell this phone and move on to the next one.

No it doesn't compete because webOS isn't well optimized yet like iOS or WP7 is. Let's be honest... webOS could use a lot of optimizations. Let's look at the Touchpad. It's pretty much on par with the other high end tablets in terms of hardware. Have you seen the performance benchmarks on it? Pretty much every reviewer agrees it's the slowest high end tablet. By far. So on high end hardware, webOS3.x acts like it's on middle end hardware.

The way it is, HP should market it as a mid range budget phone, which I didn't think was their intent as the Pre3 is supposed to be their "flagship". Kind of sad when your flagship runs on last generations hardware and you're releasing around the time the juggernaut in the industry is releasing their most likely dual core version.


When this news leaked over a week ago on engadget I was told that this roadmap covers September through the end of the year. If the Pre 3 is out in August then it wouldn't be on this map regardless.

Please read the article, it says the exact same thing.

Also, Engadget released their article 4 days ago, not "over a week ago". Yes, it's 4 days earlier than us, but it's here for people to read now.

May be true, but that was very unprofessional

You're more of an optimist than I am. If it was coming out this month, they would have announced it already.

Don't care, will never EVER be a Verizon customer again. Going to AT&T for Pre3.

I agree! Why can't everyone just get along? (and release the darn phone already!)

I *really* hope this is because the Pre 3 is due out in August. I switched to a Pre 2 on Verizon (from Sprint) on the hopes of getting the Pre 3. I bought the Pre 2 used though so I'm not locked into a contract with Verizon at least. But there's no way I'd switch to AT&T.


It's what I said in the comments when the UK release date was announced without a US release date - it has to mean they don't have carrier support. We already knew (and had confirmation over and over and over) that Sprint was not carrying the Pre3. We have a document here not showing a Pre3 (or any webOS device) on Verizon's near-term roadmap. Only carrier left is AT&T, and that is not a certainty yet either.

Looks like HP will miss another product cycle for phones...

Agreed. Though, technically, they haven't missed a product cycle for phones since the Veer is relatively new.

Veer was a "light" version of Pre2.

Every day that ticks by makes me extremely happy with jumping onto the veer on att launch day.

Guys the veer isn't that bad. Pair it with a touchpad and its super awesome.

The veer though has far far better build quality though IMO

I am a man, I can't use a veer. I have large hands, I have pride and the screen is very tiny. I get some people like the veer. It is not a flagship phone, it's a fringe phone. I am embarrassed for HP.

At this point they should try and get pre3 on virgin mobile in the US. That would probably be their best option at this point.

For me, the Veer was simply a smaller, slower Pre 2. A step backwards. KB was too small as well.

The Veer may have a lower clockspeed than the Pre2 (800MHz vs 1GHz) but the difference in the chip makes the Veer the faster of the two.

That's basically how it was advertised at Best Buy by it's employees.

Me: "Do you have the HP Veer on display?"
Employee: "Yeah, but you don't want that, it's too small and isn't that great."

And this is why intelligent people don't take advice from retail salesmen without doing their homework first.

For everyone else? Well, it's their money.

Really, where was the objectivity in that employee's response?

My hands aren't that tiny but yeah this isn't for the fat finger blue collar types thats for sure. At this point I think the pre 3 is a step backwards, 3g device in 2012. Once you leave 3g behind like i did on the veer you will never look back and will wonder how you ever watched a youtube video buffer for 3 minutes and thought it was cool.

Size kinda is a downer but size will never be enough, and i stream everything.

Plus once you get a touchpad, you really will never use your phone again except for taking pics and uploading them to dropbox.

I know its small and all, but after you hold it in your hands for like a week, you pick up an android phone or even the pre- and it just feels so big and nasty. I pick up a droid like ewww omg get this outta my face. lol

you pick up an android phone or even the pre- and it just feels so big...

That's what she said.

"...I think the pre 3 is a step backwards, 3g device in 2012. Once you leave 3g behind like i did on the veer you will never look back..."

Really?! REALLY?!?!?! You do realize that "4G" on AT&T merely means that it's not what 3G was 10 years ago (back when my family first got Sprint and my brother had 3G on his phone). HSPA+ is the same thing that was there last year and the year before, they just have more locations now. Plus it's still really 3G.

At least Verizon and Sprint have stopgaps, which really aren't 4G but are definitely faster than anything else out there. WiMAX and LTE is NOT true 4G according to the IMT-A requirements, but it's a lot closer than anything else out there for now...




...Best Buy Remix...
customer: Do you have the HP Veer on display?
Employee: yeah, but YOU don't want that, it's too small and isn't that great."

customer: but I love webOS, I really want a webOS device... hello... Best Buy employee?

Employee: {continuing as if customer did not say anything}...by the way, here is a lovely Android phone with a bigger screen and keyboard that I think you'll like much better.

customer: oooo-kay... uh, thanks for looking out for me, Best Buy, it's nice to know you care about me and not the almighty dollar.

Employee: sure, sure, now let me put that in a bag for you... {in the background - $$$$ KA-CHING!!! $$$ we got another one!}

I looked at the Veer in an AT&T store and I have to say it was a verry snappy little phone, but at 48 years old I really need a bigger screen, not smaller.

All that being said, my day one Pre- is really an unwell phone, and I might jump to a Veer if Pre3 dosent come out on AT&T soon...

PS, I am a man too, but I have small hands so I'll feel no shame carrying one of these around. I've never judged myself or any one else by the size of their phone.

More importantly, you have the self-confidence not to give a rip what it looks like to someone else.

seriously guys, Pre's keyboard was on a verge of acceptable size, and mostly only for folks who accept compromises and try things for themselves (like me) - anyone I show it to, said "jaysus, that is SMALL keyboard, must be awfull to use". Are you trying to say Veer's SMALLER keyboard is "bettah", because you have self-confidence? Well I am happy for you, that it helps you use teeny-tiny buttons, unfortunately, it doesn't work for me.

Screen size/resolution: same story with Pre-/+/2 being BARELY acceptable (a year and a half ago, and not when they've released Pre2, and just laughable today), so how it is that Veer's is BETTER?

Pre 3 IS high end phone - in webOS land, in every regard. The phone that COULD do webOS a justice, as a hardware platform powerfull enough to make it fly.

So unfortunate ,that as everything in webOS land, it is always "COULD", never "IS".

well, IF it does come to VZW in August, there is some pretty piss poor marketing going on by HP! They should have had commercials on TV for weeks...months even! And if it's "Coming Soon" on VZW at all, they should MAKE VZW put something HUGE about it on their front page! HP is failing, and frustrating me badly!

lol what a joke

It's starting to look like they haven't announced a carrier because they don't have one, because none of them are willing to get stuck with the Pre3.

At this point, everyone I know who still has a Pre has given up and gone to Android. Not because it's better, but usually because the Pre hardware finally flaked out after years of hanging on.

This infuriates and frustrates me, because I really wanted to see webOS succeed on smartphones. But it doesn't look like there is any way that is going to happen now. HP has thrown this one in the tank.

Shame, shame.

Well, since I'm with AT&T, this isn't affecting me TOO much. Regardless, I'm still pissed that they haven't announced anything. I was at a Best Buy event a few weeks ago, and the HP representative there was REALLY evasive when I asked him about the Pre3. It was like they basically only want to pimp out their higher-end devices (aka Touchpad), and everything else doesn't matter.

Unfortunately it will affect every webOS consumer greatly. If webOS on phones only survives as a niche phone on a single carrier, you can pretty much call it a night on apps, etc. They need to get devices on all carriers or get something that will be a runaway success on a single carrier.

They're aways releasing new SDK's. They never finish any devices. And now it's time to move from the incomplete tablets, to making a PC version with API's for all the bells and whistles needed on a laptop. Tomorrow is six months "BEYOND". I dont see Leo making it to CES 2112.

not many of us will make it to CES 2112 :)

Point taken. Perhaps they'll remember 100 years without Leo at HP at that gathering.

As the days go by, I speculate no U.S. carrier wants anything to do with HP/Palm products. As the days go by, my Sprint Palm Pre ages, cracks and continues to flex. How much longer will I wait until it finally dies, and I, myself, need to purchase a new phone? I don't know. I only hope by the time it does occur, a new HP/Palm device will be available. Otherwise, they will have lost another loyal Palm customer to an iOS/Android filled market.

I know we want WebOS to prosper, but if you look everywhere else it's Android and iOS. Just look at the TouchPad, horrible reviews, they called the Pad's implementation of Flash an unholy mess, but ANDROID's (ver.) 10.1 implementation of Flash was herald as a step in the right direction. I smell propaganda.

No one even bats an eye at my WebOS phone until they see me flipping through the cards interface -- to the point where I get "Oh, that's cool, but does it have an SD card slot or HDMI out?"

The other day when I was attending the Supernatural (I know, I'm a total nerd) convention in Cambridge, MA I had the pleasure of having my brand new 2011 Dodge Charger (500 miles on the clock!) side swiped in the parking garage. While my brother and I sat in the car waiting for the Hotel manager and Police to arrive, my brother an I tried setting up the Hands-free Bluetooth in the car. I've never used it, so I figured it would have a fun setting it up. Calm my nerves a bit. On my Palm Pre, I tuned on Bluetooth and successfully paired the device within a minute. Audio/Music from the phone through the car speakers (Dodge calls it UConnect). However, on my brother's Evo 4G, it crashed his phone a number of times. (His phone is not "rooted" in any way...) It would throw out errors stating it couldn't connect. And when it finally connected, it worked for a few minutes and crashed his phone again. I don't know if I could sit there and go through a frustrating experience like that just for Hands-free Bluetooth.

I truly love the effortlessness it takes to operate a webOS device.

I had the same thing happen (not the accident part) with a rental. I took out my Pre- and in seconds the car (forgein Model) had bluee toothed into my phone, uploaded my music and when I used the navigation the music lowered and the voice came on and told me to turn here. Flawless. It's reviews like this that keep me holding out for the new pre 3. Having access to every app in the world is not as important as a good working flawless phone.

I remember last year around September/October... people were upset and wanted HPalm to come out with a new phone. The word back then was CES and the revealing of a few new phones plus tablet. Two weeks before CES HPalm says, 'February we will have our own gig'. Now we wait again. February comes and then we get the big announcement... the Veer, the Pre3, and the table all coming. Oh wait, it's not ready just yet. We will start to release products in the summer.

Beginning of summer comes. Here you go, here's the Veer with its 6 month exclusive, yeah! We know that everyone wanted the Pre3 so why not piss all off and make them wait for the Pre3 when we could have made it a priority and released that first instead of the Veer… my bad!!!

Ok... July 1st comes. Here goes the Tablet. Wait... Veer, did someone say touch to share… Veer 'cough, cough'. Oh, that's right… touch to share doesn't work on the Veer. Well folks, you're gonna have to wait for the update in order to touch to share to work. Please be patient… moving forward. Pre3 will be released soon, we just don't know when.

Ummm, did I mention the Pre2? I thought we released the update months ago??? dammm… my bad again!

My golly, my priorities are just all screwed up this whole year. Let's see... announce product that is not ready. Make them wait for nearly 4 months before releases the product no one wants. 2 months later release the TP. Uh, still waiting on the Pre3... please be patient.

Oh, did I mention updates??? I sure did right! What the **** are those? Well, excuse me if you only had one update since the beginning of the year!

Sorry, I had to do it

This is probably how it went down internally. HP buys palm, in palm's pipeline there is the pre 2, veer and pre3 with the pre 2 being the most complete of course. HP says, "we need a tablet", so they make that a large priority. They push out the pre 2 because it's pretty much done. The veer and pre3 are probably at around the same level of completeness. They decide to push the veer out because it is not the flagship device and do so easily since it is running straight webos 2.x (Mojo based apps). It holds on the pre3 because they need to make it A. better and B. compatible with both mojo and enyo based apps. So they finish up the tablet, release it, get some developer interest, and then ready the flagship phone.

So why did they announce all three (Pre 3, Veer and TP) at the same time in their "big" Feb 9th event?

I think what you are saying is probably "not" how it went down internally.

I seen this on a different sight a while ago and I was just hoping that the screen shot was focused/sorted for android phones. Maybe there is a different sheet/page/scroll area that is no t visible.

i find it amusing that people were getting flamed in the forum for even discussing the mere idea that this roadmap picture could mean that the phone may not be released on Verizon yet here we have Tim, a clear lover of webos, deeming that very topic worthy of discussion on the front page. Clearly the topic was and is worthy of discussion.

The forums are like a church. Talk of other religion is not permitted within its walls.

The pagans are free to speak their mind in the side-walk infront of the church (front page), however inside the church, it's believe or be leaving.

Yes, the forums are an entirely different beast from the comments (although both are still fairly beastly).

I just think it's crazy that you can barely have a discussion about anything that doesn't amount to Apple sucks without people freaking out. surely there is more to say then "apple sucks" and "Android is **** and that thing.This was legit news and all of a sudden people just refused to even talk and anted nobody else to talk about a mere idea. crazy. stifling mere ideas? crazy.

Agreed. Actually, I stopped even reading it. It's not worth people's time.

Not anymore. Unless you really like reading idiotic posts from Hparsons & company. The mods still don't seem to mind even if they have to constantly clean up behind them.

There is this "rule" of "no trolling" -- however these homers define it that day -- but as long as its H Parsons or Jay -- who has yet to buy an HP/Palm/Pre product as I understand it -- Troll Away!

Flame bait, and outright lies are encouraged. But pointing out the truth in response gets a handul of folks panties in a wad, threatening their self esteem via their electronic decisions.

Personally, I believe HP/Palm *should* pay attention to the REAL comparisons with existing successful Apple and Android products - and not to their handful of co-dependent enablers who tell them everything is just fine.

I read more outright fiction on here about Apple products (probably about Android too, I just don't know Android as much) then you can imagine. They CLEARLY don't know their competition. YOu receive an infraction is you attempt to correct it, OR the thread "is cleansed" like some WW2 experiment.

Too bad they don't clean the threads of the wrong info!

When you considered some of the biggest homers in here have never even bought their product, its clear why its circling the drain.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Same old **** I think HP just doesn't care about the Pre3 or their customers they left hanging.

Is it really that curious? The damn thing's vaporware.

I'm already on the fence about whether my next phone will be a webOS phone and my wife is already saying she wants an iPhone to replace her Pre+. If the Pre3 isn't on Verizon, that will essentially seal the deal for both of us.

You'll be happier with the iphone, it does literally everything better, including multitasking.

I've just about had it.

About all I have left to debate about is whether to go iOS or Android.

After careful consideration and the purchase of an iPad2, go with Android. The customization and software availability for Android is unparalleled. CyanogenMod and all the other add-ons can make your Android experience A LOT like webOS, but with better hardware and more reliable manufacturers.

If the Pre3 isn't released in the next month I will regretfully have to walk from the amazing OS that I love so much.

I have held off on my upgrade long enough and even though I love WebOS so much the other contenders have more to offer. And they are offering it yesterday.

The problem is the form factor. I know the WebOSheep like it, but you can't make a product for fringe users, you have to appeal to the masses. Slab phone with a virtual keyboard HP, that is what people what.

HP lacks creativity and imagination. All they have done so far is turn a copy machine on, put the pre on it can scale it up and down. Biggest problem with this is that the form factor has been a failure from the start!

HP hire me, I am offering my services to you. I can turn this around, I will not work for cheap, but it will be worth it.

**** you GlennBeck, I love the form factor and I'm not a webOS sheep! I love a physical keyboard, Palm always had one, it's one of the things that sets it apart from the others. I've never cared for the slab phone, when I had an iphone I hated it!

Your problem is that you want an iphone but you don't want to be seen carring one for whatever reason...

HP won't hire you anyway; you'd have to give out your real name.

He's still right though..

No one gives a **** about what you want, and apparently, no one has given a **** about the form factor. Sorry. If that were the case, Palm wouldn't have burned down.

Some people like keyboard sliders. The rest don't. Those that dont, won't buy a WebOS device.

HP can keep cranking out the Pre form factor. They also need to crank out slabs. There is a reason slabs are popular, and its not because "customers are stupid, lolz". Its because its what people like. If no one was buying the 4inch, 4.3 inch or 4.5 inch slabs, they wouldn't be making them model after model.

This is why no one (outside of the diseased confines of the WebOS community) wants a Veer. No one wanted a Kin either. The trend is towards bigger devices right now, and if HP doesn't latch on, you will be using a Windows, Android or Apple device in 2013.

Well said!

Palm burned down because they built a platform on javascript.

"HP can keep cranking out the Pre form factor. They also need to crank out slabs. "

I totally agree. Give us Pre 3 YESTERDAY, as a professional-focused mainstream phone (that would also be priced competitevely), and release 4(+)-inch high-end slab YESTERDAY, so webOS would have a flagship device able to compete with the army of droids on sheer specs.

But it will not even happen TOMORROW, least YESTERDAY, so webOS is pretty much cooked and ready to be served.

WebOSheep, please learn this one important thing... Just because YOU like it does not mean that EVERYONE likes it.

Yes, you like the vertical slider, well guess what, only one other phone, some blackberry, has ever been designed the same way.

Now look at the iPhone, a slab phone with a virtual keyboard, 20 or so phones have been made in a similar footprint since.

The iPhone has outsold palm phones 1000 to 1.

" only one other phone, some blackberry, has ever been designed the same way"
...and that phone was an immense success amongst professionals, regardless not sporting all the recent bells and whistles - market that HP is supposedly after, too. So no harm in releasing vertical slider, as long as:
-product line is COMPLETE and INCLUDES 4(+)inch high-end slab
-slider mechanism is sturdy and solid

Whatever iPhonesheep :-)

So we do know it's coming out in Europe soon, so US can't bee too far behind?

quite possible. the big problem for some though is they are tied to contracts or carriers because only a specific carrier provides adequate service in their area so if it doesn't come to their network in the U.S. they may not be able to get it because it's cost prohibitive or the service would suffer.

Can't help but wonder how many of the people so upset by the news were the ones telling the sprint customers to stop whining and shut up...

"They abandoned the PalmOs users, but I was not a PalmOs user so I did not care.

They abandoned PIM but I was not big on PIM, so I did not care.

They abandoned promised document editing on the pre, but I didn't edit documents, so I did not care.

They abandoned Pre- users, but I did not have a Pre- so I did not care.

They abandoned webOs 1.45 users but I was not a 1.45 user so I did not care.

They abandoned Sprint, but I was not a Sprint customer, so I didn't care.

Then they abandoned me and there was nobody left to care..."


Post of the day. BY FAR.

well played sir.

Ouch!! LOL.

thumbs up :)

Consider me a lost potential-customer if they go to ATT. ATT is according to every objective study, the worst carrier in the big 4 in terms of coverage, speed, customer service, etc.

Also, the corporation I work for considered Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint. We hardly even looked at ATT because of the call quality and data speed ratings.

BTW, I tried the Veer at Best Buy and found it totally amazing. I would love to get a Pre phone, but no Verizon=no customer.

Is not the the worst in speed, is it?

Because every time over the years I have considered leaving ATT, at least where I live, its by far the fastest. And since having an iPhone, compared to Verizon, its demonstrably faster than my friends' iphones.

Yep, not sure how they tested. AT&T is much faster.

Your "study" is completely unfounded. AT&T has the "fastest mobile broadband network" that they advertise. That's 3G. and 75% of their 3G coverage will be HSPA+ by the end of the year, making their 3G even faster, call it 4G or not.

Last in coverage? That's pretty absurd. AT&T has the best "voice" coverage there is with 97% of Americans covered. Verizon has better 3G coverage though. Sprint and T Mobile are leagues behind in coverage (I'm a recent Sprint customer).

Customer service? I can't comment there but have had similar experiences as I have with Sprint.

Verizon is more expensive, I've done my research. Some people are willing to pay more for better coverage and service. But don't go saying AT&T is 4th.

It's OK if you love your cell phone provider, but you're only hurting yourself by not doing actual research instead of making stuff up.

I'm not making this up.

http://businesscenter.jdpower.com/news/pressrelease.aspx?ID=2011023 - from this year. We are located in the West region.

http://antipaper.wordpress.com/2010/09/11/j-d-power-rankings-verizon-spr... - from last year.

http://www.pcmag.com/Fastest-Mobile-Networks-2011#Awards - 4G speeds - this year.

http://www.jdpower.com/news/pressRelease.aspx?ID=2011010 - Customer service rankings from this year.

In every one of those studies ATT is at the bottom of the big 4. Yes it does well in 3G, but it barely even has a higher tier. T-Mobile HSPA+ 42, Sprint Wimax, Verizon LTE are all far superior in speed.

I should also mention that consumer reports had similar results with their testing in the west. I can't link because of the subscription firewall.

I've got to believe that HP is still trying to get buy in from one or more carriers to carry the Pre3. If they're not and it's a done deal, why won't they announce the carrier/dates? They just produce FUD by staying silent. Or could it be that Verizon has backed out of an initial interest and is waiting to see how the Veer and Touchpad sell before committing again. Speaking of which have we seen any sales numbers on either of these? If they are mediocre, I fear the carriers will just keep ignoring HP for the time being. A real shame.

COME ON, HP!! My release day Sprint Pre, which was working great until recently, just met with an untimely death by falling on a concrete floor this weekend. Now the display doesn't work any more. Just release the Pre 3 already!! I don't care what network it's on, just let me buy one! Thank you!

Way to stoke the flames, Stiffler-Dean. Why would HP build a CDMA Pre3, pass it through the FCC, and test it on Verizon's network only to not release it at all on Verizon? Your conclusion about it only releasing on AT&T makes no sense. What are they going to do with that CDMA Pre3?

I know you guys get advertising dollars the more comments posted, but making __ up just to cause controversy makes you lose credibility.

PreCentral -1

Dude...ever hear of the HTC Merge on Verizon?

The Pre 3 will likely get the same treatment. See for yourself: http://www.phonedog.com/2011/05/12/why-didn-t-verizon-skip-the-htc-merge/

"Why would HP build a CDMA Pre3, pass it through the FCC, and test it on Verizon's network only to not release it at all on Verizon? Your conclusion about it only releasing on AT&T makes no sense. What are they going to do with that CDMA Pre3?"

At this point eat a whole lot of them.

tasogare "Why would HP build a CDMA Pre3, pass it through the FCC, and test it on Verizon's network only to not release it at all on Verizon?"

I guess it didn't pass the test.

I really do enjoy WebOS, but its all the little issues and bugs that add up to make the love/hate relationship more of a frustrating hate relationship. Also every one is saying "If they don't come out with the Pre 3 soon I just have decide on whether I want Android or iOS"... I say neither. I have been messing with my friend WP7 Trophy with beta Mango. I have to say if I don't have a Pre 3 in my hands by end of September, I will be getting a WP7 phone.

Yeah Windows Phone is nice, I'm hoping for some nicer hardware to launch on Verizon soon so I don't have to get a trophy.

Six months beyond "BEYOND".

Time to move from incomplete tablets, to making an incomplete laptop WebOS for several soft lauches and deep discounting.

I dont see Leo making it to CES 2112.

Bogus screen that was created using a spread sheet!

Seriously, what is wrong with HP. All this silence for 6months about a phone nobody forced you to announce?
So its going to the UK in August, still no announcement. lol. Jeez
And what is all this talk about webOS on computers? why do we need webOS on computers? Aren't our computers currently multitasking just fine without webos? Besides webOS is not yet mature enough to be the sole operating system on computers, Period.

"why do we need webOS on computers"

...you forgot about PRINTERS!

...that is just because it is completely unfit to be run as a PC's OS, that's why HP will implement this nonsense before releasing Pre 3, which is just blatantly mundane "phone", perfectly fit to be running webOS, and it is below HP's ambitions to do silly obvious things like that.

They do everything opposite to logic & common sense with webOS, but it is OK, it is because they are biggest IT company in the world, they have bucketloads of cash (to burn), and this is a marathon, not a sprint, so it will not hurt them to run backwards, and a wrong way for first couple of years of that "marathon". After that couple of years, when nobody expects anything sane from them anymore, they will jump out at the competition, shouting "a-HA!!!", and release Pre 3, and a slab phone to boot, and thet will COMPLETELY confuse everyone, and grant them the eternal success and "number one plus" spot and market share.

How obvious a plan!

I was told by my local VZ store/Rep..."its not even in the warehouse" which means if we dont have the phones or accessories in the warehouse were no longer going to sell the product. Thats why they told me I could upgrade early!

Pre 3 should have came out a year ago hp should just shelve it already its not going to sell. move on license it out or web os will die

This whole year has been very unfortunate for webOS. At this point it looks as though webOS is dying a slow (HP incompetency induced) death. I wish it could have reached it's full potential but I don't have much confidence that HP could make the right moves. Why does it seem that only Apple, HTC and Samsung can actually execute on delivering solid software and hardware at the same time?

That said, I have painfully resigned myself to moving towards the Galaxy S II on Sprint (whenever that comes out). After playing with my wife's Epic 4G from time to time I am already regretting the move. :-(

What if the Pre3 was on last quarter's roadmap? It wouldn't show up here. Maybe it was already listed for a previous months release and that already has come and gone. Still would have been on a previous roadmap. Now what if, those people have been left as much in the dark as we have? Then they wouldn't know either. Could that be Verizon's current situation. Maybe they don't have any information either. Just saying.

This sucks so bad. I am so ready to go to HP headquarters and beat everyone up. I still have my legacy Palm Pre and I know it's life span is almost over. Where is this phone? Why is HP playing mind games. They get us excited then turn around and make us want to commit crimes. I hate android but right now it'a getting down to the wire me and don't have many choices.

Maybe they realize that in the end...it's just a phone. Crimes? Realy?

If u think its just a phone, then GTFO this site then. How many times have you made a U turn and had to drive back home because you forgot your phone at home? Incase u still didnt get it, our Phones are very important to us.

For all you haters of the Veer. I just performed a internet speed test on my H+ connection - I'm only pulling between 1 and 2 bars here at work, and I hit 2.58Mbps download and 1.03Mbps upload. Not bad for a low end smart phone.

Well, I've been figuratively holding my breath in the hopes the Pre3 would:

-come out
-be a quality piece of hardware (which the Pre+ isn't
-be a significant leap forward in terms of the OS (taking full advantage of its potential)
-would be available on Verizon.

Sadly, I think I'm saying goodbye to Palm/HP. I really hate that. There is so much potential here. The OS has such possibilities. HP's breadth, depth, money and distribution network is unlike anything the phone market has seen and they really have the opportunity to completely dominate.

Unfortunately, it simply isn't going to happen for years. It really is going to take another 2 years for HP to get this whole thing where it needs to be.

I don't have that kind of time. I use my phone for business almost exclusively and I was so hoping HP was going to kick it into overdrive with their acquisition of Palm.

More like a mild acceleration. Fine if that's what's needed but it doesn't help me.

Now I've got to decide between Android and iPhone. I hate Apple almost as much as I hate Microsoft but I have to take my lessons from my misguided allegiance to Palm (for the last 15 years or so)and make a non-ideological choice.

What a royal pain in the **** this is....

I'm in the same boat as Treoinmypocket. All I want is an honest answer from HP. If you tell me you're going to release the Pre3 at some point in the next few months I'll hold onto my original Pre (which is on its last legs). However if you're never going to release the Pre3 then let me know now so I can move on.

Pre3 was announced 2/9/11. It's 8/10/11, six months later.

Anyone got any information on the Pre3? Actual specs? Carrier? Release date? Anything?

Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?