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LED notifications get customization with patches 52

by Derek Kessler Thu, 11 Feb 2010 8:54 pm EST

LED notification

If there’s anything cooler than patches, it’s patching patches with patches (say that five times fast). One of the most popular patches for webOS is Enable LED Notifications, which merely uncomments (activates, if you will) a bit of code to allow the user to enable pulsing LED notifications on their phone. There’s just one problem: the LED flashes for any notification. For people like this blogger, the LED notifications are great, with the exception that I always get emails and don’t need constant and persistent notification of that. What I do need notifications for are things like missed calls, text messages, and other things that are not email.

Luckily, I’m not the only person with that problem (if you’ve listened to the PalmCast, you’d know that Dieter tends to rail on this oversight every other week). Developer Franz Rühmland put together a patch for the patch that allows the user to have the LED flash for notifications other than new emails. Huzzah!

Additionally, another patch by hape and jhoff80 has adapted the Enable LED Notifications patch for use on German webOS devices (Enable LED Notifications German). The more the merrier, eh? If you're feeling like getting in on the action, go fire up your preferred patch installer and get to work!

Thanks to Yasasvi for the tip!



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Ask and thou shall receive, eh?

Hey devs: I really need about $10,000. Really.

...does this only work for Dieter?

I've had this patch for some time now and just the other day I turned off LED notification for emails because I too get emails left and right so having it flash constantly can got annoying. They may have this feature in webOS 1.4 but we'll find out come Monday ;)


The implicit assumption is that 'any' notification was referring to Palm's built in apps, i.e., Email, SMS and the phone (missed calls).

3rd party app notifications not included.

Presumably third-party apps could enable it using indicateNewContent in the Mojo SDK.

For the record, that German patch was all hape, updating the English patch I made, based on information in the forums. I'm not sure the credit really belongs with me there.

That's the credit that I saw in Preware.

whats the difference between german and the non german patch?

One is German :P

The German one also patches the German language specific html file that is not included in the us devices.

Where do we get the patch? Is it available through webos Quick Install?

Okay, found it: "Disable LED Notifications ..."

If you want *real* notifications that won't be missed, then checkout the EXTREMELY useful "Notification Repeat" patches (you can find them in Preware) one for each type (phone, email, SMS). Then you can stop worrying about not seeing a silly little LED and *hear* notifications repeat.

I don't know how anyone could live without it!

Combine it with the much less interesting LED patch, and it is even better!

How annoying would it be to someone if you left your phone and it kept buzzing because you weren't there to answer it? I think I'll stick with the LED notification. Everyone has their own likes, so if you think the LED is "less interesting", I think you should keep that to yourself.

Personally, I don't ever "leave" my phone in someplace that would annoy someone else. But I understand what you mean.... to each their own. Choices are good. Lack of choices is bad.

Treos don't do this out of the box, BB's don't do this out the box, even the jebusphone doesn't do this out the box. Meh.

The WebOS LED notification is better than Treo's "updates page" and it works in FULL silence (CRITICAL in VP meetings where the 'bzzt' of vibrate can get you in trouble)

But pagers do it out of the box, and so do MANY phones (including most Motorolas). And I need notifications just like a pager does it- repeating. LED notification is useless for me most of the time. And yes, if you turn off the ringer, the Notification Repeat will vibrate instead.

As for being in a VP meeting, perhaps you should just turn off the phone??? What good is a visual reminder if you can't see it? And what good is any notification if you can't respond to it?

I hate to say it, but I'm getting impatient with the Pre. I can't believe we're expected to get excited about a small little notification like this. You shouldn't need to "patch" this kind of stuff first of all, these kind of small little features should have been put in a long time ago. We're 4 months away from a year from original release date and I really don't think Palm is making fast enough progress. Since the original release date, the Nexus One has come out with some amazing features. I believe Palm has their share of great features too, however it just seems like it takes to long to get to them compared to competitors. I know the new update is days away, but I still cant believe it took so long for things like getting customizable text message notifications (to which I still can't differentiate from my email notifications). It drives me crazy that intelligent individuals can come up with Preware patches so quickly, and it takes Palm months of coding and STILL don't implement the obvious needed patches. If Palm continues this lack of sense of urgency, I really feel like they will lose people's interests. I also think they should take a second to listen to the things people care about and want...like a sense of personalization and customization that completely lacks in the phone currently. Actually, many already have lost interest...given that many feel it lacks durability and quality compared to many others on the market.

Step away from the edge and take a big breath... give it another week or two and I think the new update will bring some joy. It sounds like it is going to be a big one.

I doubt 1.4 will have audible repeating notifications... so at least it won't joy ME with how it handles missed calls and messages... But, who knows.

"however it just seems like it takes to long to get to them compared to competitors."

Let me see... It took the iPhone almost 2 years to get a basic feature such as copy and paste.



sooooo tired of the whiners. Please move on to the next shiny toy if you're unhappy. It does more now than when you bought it; Do you whine and moan when you see that 2010 Fords have features your 2009 model doesn't? These type of gripes are unproductive and unrealistic.

but at least it is better implemented than with webOS devices

my blackberry did not repeat notifications by default. I had to buy an app for that.

These patches are in PreWare for sure. I don't use QuickInstall because I don't own a PC or my most recent OS :-(
Enable LED is a fundamental patch, in my opinion.
I'm going to go for the disable Email LED because when I'm running low on batt (I usually am) I can slide open my phone only when I receive an sms (my power button broke a long time ago and under it is too damaged to work now)
I love patches!

My power button wouldn't work so I took it back to sprint and they just made sure I hadn't dropped it on its head or thrown it in the toilet and ordered me a new phone under the 1 yr manufacturer warranty for replacement...no charge. and no I don't carry insurance on my pre. Very painless. Go..now.

The one thing to consider when replacing a Pre is backup/restore on your data... see the thread running at http://forums.precentral.net/web-os-development/212309-running-bash-sh-s... - some good discussion, and tips on getting it to work properly... Would love to hear reports from folks who transferred to a new Pre using this (or other) methods and retained contacts, txts, call logs, etc...

Is this available for the Pre Plus?


am going crazy just thinking about 15th

i want my update

Heh, I was about to post a thread on about LED notifications and see this article... Great timing!

Anyway, do these notifications also work with the Pixi and Pre Plus? Does the little light "sliver" blink like the center button on the Pre?

was just gonna ask this.

I installed the enable LED notifications on my Palm Pre+ about 2 days ago and it does work! The little silver 'cylon' bar glows on and off. It is pretty cool...now if I could only get it to move side to side and glow RED...

I didn't know there was a patch to repeat audible notifications, I really would like that too...but I'll wait and see what 1.4 has to offer before trying that out.

I doubt that blink led notifications will be coming with any update because newer models with the pre will not have the center button because the center button has cracked my pre's screen twice and they had to replace it twice at their expense. This is a sprint exclusive everyone!

There's still an LED area that can blink on both pixi and pre plus. ;)

Soo were you gonna tell us where to get the patch and how to install it?

It is in Preware, like all other patches. It is installed by clicking on it and saying "install". Nothing new here

Hi I have the same question.How can we get the patch?? And also post its manual for us so we can take benefit of it.
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I just wish they would patch the patch so it would blink faster... I find my self staring at it "is it blinking? Okay no."

I think they have a pill for "Nervous Blinking Disorder"... ;-)

Get the "Notification Repeat" patches, then, and stop constantly staring at the phone wondering if you missed something...

Again, anyone with a Pixi or Pre Plus can confirm if this patch works for your phones?

Yes it does! I installed it a couple days ago and the thin led 'sliver' glows on and off to notify.

I like to call it the Cylon bar. It lights up white and it is 'gradational' if that is a word. For instance, when you slide across the gesture area it will light up on one side of the sliver and the highlight will slide across the sliver to the other side, mimicking the direction of your gesture. So a right to left gesture will result in the led bar lighting up bright on the right side of the bar and then the light moving left...and vice versa.

But to return to the specific question, the "Enable LED notifications" patch does work for the verizon Palm Pre+...I'm only guessing that it works the same for the Pixi+.

Ummm... I don't mean to be a stick in the mud, but why not make a patch that allows me to choose specifically what triggers an LED notification? Would it really be all that hard? I'm not a developer so I don't know. I personally want LED notifications for one of my emails, but not the other one.