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Leno and Fallon get in on HP TouchPad advertising, make funnies 28

by Derek Kessler Thu, 21 Jul 2011 3:31 pm EDT

Could this be what HP meant by the start of the real advertising campaign? Yeah, we’ve seen a few commercials with Russell Brand and some girl from Glee, but what about late night TV product placement? Well, NBC’s late night line-up is here to help. HP managed to get the HP TouchPad worked into last night’s episodes of both The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Both are after the break (Flash-only sorry), but for out money, we’d watch Fallon’s bit first.

Source: The Tonight Show, Late Night; Via: PreCentral Forums (1, 2)



Love the "self defamation" style these have..

Thanks Derek!

What is really funny is that I can't watch these on the wife's iPad. The fact that I can't watch HULU inside of the Safari browser or any other site that uses Flash is proof that the hubris of Steve Jobs will eventually be Apple's undoing. I hate this iPad. Forget the millions of iFart apps it has, it can't play f-ing videos I want to watch and this happens all the time.

funny, glad its getting press, now pre-3 please.

Available August 15th in Germany?! http://goo.gl/4D0z0

Those were...interesting...

watch at about 0.39 in the second vid
my touchpad never realises so fast in witch direction it is. it normaly takes of about 3 secs...

... they say tv takes about three seconds off... or is that it adds ten pounds?

Don't forget the new TP commercial with Lea Michele.

Guess any press is good press.

The Leno one should be applauded for one reason and one reason only: It was a spoof that assumes that a large enough number of people are familiar with the existing TouchPad commercials.

That's a very good thing.

The Fallon placement was a better "ad". But both are good news. Good on ya, HP.

I liked the Leno one because it wasn't in your face as an "ad." You'd think that it's just part of his stand-up bit.

The Jimmy Fallon bit definitely looked like it was paid for.

I still don't get those commercials though. There is no rear facing camera so ... does the touchpad go transparent?
I hate that they have to CGI the commercials.

::Face Palm::

HP should have Jimmy Fallon give away some TPs, just like what he did with Chrome OS laptops.

I like Leno's better. It is obviously done very quickly based on the current events. And it is done is a very clever way. It is a lot funnier than Jimmy's.

i agree that leno's is better. folks keeping up with current events (or those who watch the bits on the daily show or the colbert report) would understand why this was damn funny, imo.

Funny stuff! Like.

The Fallon bit was pretty funny initially, but the ending kind of let it down a little. Nice to have the product so highly displayed though.

The Leno bit was quite funny..."and I could kick your *BEEP*!" Funny stuff indeed!

Very nice!

They are both excellent placement and prolly cost a ton. Now, if I can find a unit at a store that is working so I can try the thing, that would be good.

is the jimmy fallon one a real commercial? cause it is pretty horrendous.

i don't really understand the jimmy fallon one. was it a bit on his show that lead into a commercial break? was it thrown inside the middle of a commercial break? was it not meant to be a commercial at all and they simply paid him to do a Touchpad bit on his show? i don't know why its confusing but it is. either way nice exposure even though i find fallon sort of lame.

Now we just need to get Jon Stewart to back it!

I normally like fallon, and dislike leno, but the leno one was alot better. I don't get the Fallon one, was it suppose to be a joke or and overt advertisment? The leno one at least made a relevant joke on current events in addition to and advertisment.

-- LOL just noticed someone above me said the exact same thing about the fallon ad.

The Leno add was really clever! All of this bodes well for the Touchpad. HP is infusing it into daily life. Nicely done.

Now compare this to the Palm ads. Wow, see what a few bucks can buy you? Lot's of air time and a good ad agency!

That's a really good point. No matter what you feel about either ads, everyone can agree that they were better than the Palm ads.

The Leno bit is hilarious. Does anyone actually know whether that was a skit on his show or shown as a commercial?

Jay Leno?

...who? :P