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Limited TouchPad stock hitting TigerDirect. Right now. Go. 55

by Derek Kessler Thu, 15 Dec 2011 3:29 pm EST

By the time you read this, they'll likely be sold out. 2:30 PM Eastern Time will see a batch of new the 32GB HP TouchPad on TigerDirect for $249.99 as part of a bundle with a Belkin case and a Creative Bluetooth speaker box. They're also pushing a $299.99 bundle with an HP Photosmart printer. TigerDirect doesn't have a large stock, so expect the tablets to sell out quickly.

Source: TigerDirect


Yeah, their site isn't working so well for that whole thing. :D

@Derek... the word go in the title.... was rubbing my eyes and thought it said "Limited TouchPad Go Stock"...

Me too!!

Got mine! Woo!!

Site not working very well... Some formatting issues. Still available as of now, but gonna skip out on this.

Still available and working fine here. If I didn't already have 1, I'd jump on it.

Good Luck!


Yes! I was finally able to pick up another Touchpad for my wife and kids to get in on the enjoyment of webOS.

Can't believe I got through this time

I think I finally got one! For $100 more than for what I could have gotten it last week on ebay had HP and ebay done a better job with that sale. Plus shipping and taxes. Those Bluetooth speakers better be nice....

I got the D100 speaker, mostly 'cause they are battery powered (with AC adapter).
Not over powered, but sounds great, and convient.

Sold out, but got another one just in time.

Weird that once in a while some shop has TouchPad even though HP stopped producing it... Fake Chinese **** Don't think so. I guess HP has been lying all the way about everything.

I'm curious as to how many they had, they sold out pretty quick at $100 more than fire-sale prices


The printer deal for $299 is sold out BUT it is 3:22 PM EST and the $249 deal with the Bluetooth speakers is still available.

Well I just got one 32g bundle at 249, time stamp 3:12 est, site must have burped


3:35 PM: Still available... Is this the end of "Gone in minutes"??

$125 for Canadian shipping?!?!? That's how much I originally hoped to pick it up for! boo. However, first time i have been able to add it to a cart...

yeah... and you'll probably have to pay tax when it gets to you, totalling to 400+ all in all... :(

Sacre Bleu!!!! (Excuse any mispelling)

3:48 and still there, probably for two reasons:

(1) the OOS message for the $299 bundle confuses people
(2) people don't really want to pay an extra $100 for garbage accessories

Oh, that and the fact that you can get the 7" tablets from Amazon and B&N in the same price range. Way inferior IMO but still being made ...

I just purchased one at 2:30 CST. The bundle with the printer was sold out, but the other bundle was still available.

just got one now! 4:09pm EST. so i guess they didn't get sold out within 30 minutes? Maybe TD will be sending out some cancellation notices?

STILL AVAILABLE!!! I just finished my order at 4:05pm EST. GO NOW!!! Get them while you still can!

WTF is this Snot! I guess that's a fare price but I'll be damned if I don't have the money.

"Snot?" What did i do? It's not my fault! I swear!

after 4:00pm eastern and the $249 bundle is still live; only the $299 bundle is sold out. it doesn't even sound like the tiger direct website fell over. Could the touchpad frenzy finally be dying out?

4:27 I got one into a shopping cart, but I'm not giving HP another penny ever. So, it will sit there and collect dust.

Yes! I was finally able to pick up another Touchpad for my wife and kids to get in on the enjoyment of webOS.

Can't believe I got through this time

That's real stupid Predogs. That's the way you utilize your time "Good Job". But you know, that's your freedom. Keep up the stupid work!!!!

I had three minutes to spare and it is my freedom. Kinda sad that my actions have such an impact on your life and you wasted thirty seconds to tell me so but "that's your freedom".

Any explanation for the hostility? You live on a reality show?

That was really funny. You've been touched.

Just tracked my order for the TP, case, and BT speaker on and noticed, 'Note: This is NOT a valid "Proof of Purchase".' I hope tigerdirect honors and fulfills this.

UPDATE: It's here!

I tried to pick up another $99 / $149 one on HP's ebay site on Sunday and the site came down to a halt. It just got pummeled.

4:45 and I just bought one, still not sold out. Funny since they say on the page they expect this to sell out in minutes :-)

I think you got mine! Had it in my cart, entered my details, pressed submit, then got an error saying my shipping charges had changed, so I need to check it. Then got a message that my cart was empty. Now when I try to add it again it can't be added!

It's funny in a way - I'm almost relieved that I didn't get it because I really shouldn't be spending the money right now....but I want one!

I might have done just that! I went back because it is not saying sold out, but I also can't add it to the cart either. Sorry man, but my wife will have a nice X-Mas :-)

"Funny since they say on the page they expect this to sell out in minutes :-)"

Going Soon!!!!

The item on your cart is no longer available... T_T

It does not say sold out yet.

Ooopss, you click on the link now and it is sold out.

Thanks for letting us in on this. Got hung up in the firesale last week, but this is a good price (a little lower than ebay). Looking forward to opening it on Christmas and trying it out.

I had 1 of each in my shopping cart. Shipping to Canada was another $232. OMG.
I checked with all my friends, nobody was interested any more so I let them go.

I just don't see the point in buying one of these, not since the open source announcement. On the (slim) chance it works out, years from now, you're stuck with hardware that was - let's be honest - not what everyone hoped for.

I loved my Pres, loved them. I bought one in the UK launch day, I bought the Pre Plus and Pre 2 the same and even the Pre 3 @ £399 launch day from the HP store. (One of the very few I may add). I bought a Touchpad 16GB with every single accessory launch day at a cost of nearly £700, so it isn't like I'm not a fan.

However, the lack of support going forward, evidenced by the likes of Ndrive for the Pre3, which I blew £40 on, means I had to sell my last memento, my Pre2 yesterday. I still think it was a better phone than the Pre 3, as it was the perfect size and had the original pebble feel, which I love.

It's been good you chaps - top community here, but I just imported a Samsung Focus (first gen) from the States for £97, which is incidentally less than what the Pre2 sold for. To say the two phones are comparable, well, it says it all more eloquently than I can.

Happy Holidays and all the best,

The Batman.

"years from now, you're stuck with hardware that was - let's be honest - not what everyone hoped for"

Years from now I'll purchase new hardware (hopefully with webOS) as I would expect hardware to continue to improve and the cost of tablets to continue to decrease. You can't beat the price. I bought one so my children will stop wanting to use mine:-)

I agree, I have one and so does my 6year old son; we both love them. Got this one for the wife, and the best thing...all my purchased apps will now go to her's...sweet! In a couple years the current tablets (no matter brand) will be out dated and new ones purchased...right now I am going with the OS that my entire family loves from myself to my 21 month old kid...

(You should see him go on this thing, opening apps, playing, button to minimize, throwing off screen to close, next...really shows the ease of use when you watch him play on it)

Years from now, when your kid is a social reject and spends too many hours in front of a computer screen, like a fat techie zombie, you'll kick yourself for letting your under 2 year old play with that tablet. I love my tech as much as the next geek, but kids that young need to learn to socialize in reality, and get some exercise. Disgusting. And as Dennis Miller used to say, of course, that's just my opinion.

I don't get the idea of giving a child less than two years old a tablet to play with. I'm a father of two, and my four year old certainly has some exposure to technology, but not like that.

Two-year-olds need as much personal interaction as possible.

Years from now the likelihood of that hardware being functional or having anything other than homebrew apps on it is slim. The likelihood of new hardware is even slimmer.

You will still not have threaded mail, or any real improvements to the core apps. No Synergy as we know it. No native IM client. No Ebay App, still no decent reader (UK), Paypal for business users, rear camera for augmented reality apps, etc.

I am not being negative, I have invested more in webOS than any other platform, and I mean my time and money, as well as emotionally. But the goose has been cooked, and just in time for Christmas I might add.

Yesterday... I got one. I got one! I FINALLY GOT ONE. Still through all the fire sales, stalking blogs about who's got Touchpads... I FINALLY GOT ONE. Finally, I'll have webOS back in my hands!

TigerDirect told me my bundle shipped yesterday (same day as purchase). Why am I so excited? :)

Im just guessing here but... is it because YOU FINALLY GOT ONE? :D

And congratulations on that by the way.. as I myself only have a Pre 2 that died 2 months after purchase and is in repair at the moment :(

So.. Im kinda jealous..

I got the email yesterday and opened the link for the count down. At 12:15pm (Central) I took a look at the page and it showed 15minutes until launch. So I waited and at 12:30pm when the countdown went to 0 I tried to order. Gave up after 15 minutes. I got back to work and the next thing I knew it was 2pm (3pm central) so I figured I'd missed it.

Then this morning I got another email from Tiger saying "some orders are not approved due to fraud or other payment issues". I clicked the link provided and got one!


(cool story bro)

Wow, Bought the $249 bundle yesterday 3:15, IT WAS JUST DELIVERED, just over 24 hours amazing, well tiem to get to know WEBOS again after putting my Pre- to rest a month ago

ARGH! I was a ridiculously faithful, long term Palm/WebOS customer who DESPERATELY wanted a 32GB TouchPad at a decent price (after HP's $99/$150 sale fiasco). I can't believe it, FINALLY, I could've actually had 1...after I waited what felt like forever, signed up on all HP's notification lists, followed HP's blog & twitter feed, watched the web & searched daily for HP to finally release some of those new TouchPads we all knew they had (even after they emailed us & lied that they did not). After getting to the few sales HP & their vendors did have, always just a little too late, & after seeing them decide to use the remaining TouchPads as token incentives to sell new Desktop at BestBuy (or they'd do you a favor & let you buy 1 by itself for $600, lol!)...HP finally convinced me that my previously steadfast dedication & patience were sadly misplaced & futile, so I gave up, & I bought a New Nook Tablet in hopes the Nook community might end up being similar to Palm's WebOS Homebrew community....sigh. Sadly I say goodbye to Palm/WebOS & Congrats to HP for driving away yet another longterm member of Palm's dedicated customer base! Pretty soon there won't be any of us left & HP's billion $ WebOS purchase will be worth $0 & Palm won't exist anywhere but in the history books....unbelieveable! Merry Xmas HP!

Mine shipped today from TigerDirect! :) Got the one from the eBay fire sale yesterday. Xmas shopping: complete! :3