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Lisa Brewster leaving HP 23

by Derek Kessler Fri, 27 Jul 2012 1:43 pm EDT

Lisa Brewster leaving HP

We're sad to report that longtime friend of the site, webOS community activist, and webOS developer relations guru Lisa 'Adora' Brewster is leaving HP. Lisa joined HP in October of 2009 after organizing the PreDevCamp series, taking up a position in the Developer Relations department where she managed everything from app approval and developer technical support to actually creating the review policies and standards for the App Catalog. More recently, Lisa dodged the layoffs axe and transitioned over the the Enyo team in February 2012 where she took on the roll of Technical Marketing Manager, working on building developer support for the Enyo application framework.

Said Lisa in her departure announcement:

As a friend who’s been ex-Palm for longer than I’ve worked here once told me, Palm DNA is strong.  Employees will come and go like so many renewed cells in a body, and they will continue to make amazing products.  Enyo 2 exited beta just last week, which marks a new beginning for web developers to bring this DNA beyond webOS, same as I’ll bring this DNA with me.  I will always consider myself a friend of the Enyo project, and will continue to support and promote Enyo developers as I can.

While we don't expect Lisa to drop off the face of the Earth (or Twitter, for that matter), we are still sad to see her leaving webOS. Lisa was one of a handful of employees that had been with Palm through all its trials and stuck with it through thick, thin, and thinner. She's always a respected voice in the community, both on behalf of Palm and HP and as a mobile enthusiast in her own right. That's not to mention her work as part of the Developer Relations Team, where she was tireless in her support of those developers, even if it meant butting heads with the higher-ups to make things right. So revered and respected is Lisa that she got her own bobble head app (which she of course immediately approved and published to the App Catalog).

So where's Lisa off to now? She hasn't confirmed her next destination, but a source close to the situation has told us that Lisa Brewster's next stop is going to be at Mozilla, where she'll be in charge of the Firefox OS app store. They'll be lucky to have her.

Source: Lisa Brewster


but a source close to the situation

a.k.a. Deiter Bohn...

+1.. thought the same thing as I read it!

Bummer...I thought she would be one of the last ones out the door. When someone like this leaves, even the stongest advocates of webOS have to wonder about its future. But, hopefully the quote above is true and a new person will fill the void with their enthusiasm to keep the ever-shrinking ball rolling.

Good Luck Lisa !!! You will be missed :(

Thank you for all your hard work Lisa . We all appreciate it . You will be missed & we all wish you the best of luck

Damn. Not a good sign. I hope Open WebOS makes it out before the wheels come off.

I wish I had a dollar for every time I've read a comment like this over the past couple of years.

What part of the last year makes you think the wheels hadn't come off yet? Open webOS is trying to put a wheel or two back onto the truck sliding faster and faster down the mountain.

it long ago spun, lost all four wheels, flipped, jumped a guard rail, hurdled end over end off a cliff and down a ravine throwing all it's passengers and mitt wrongney's dog on the roof a hundred yards from the vehicle. long ago.

Nice eyes! ;) Oh well good luck!

She's cute!

If the rumor that she is moving to Mozilla is true, I'm putting my app there lickity-split. I'll be sure it will be handled well with Lisa in charge of apps.

get Ashley in there

She's hot ;-)

Too bad. But she held on for a really long time rather than bailing early on. I wish her well. That being said I hope webos can grow over firefox mobile os. The latter sounds remarkably like what webOS tried to do earlier. I don't think there's enough room for misc os's like windows, blackberry, firefox, open webos.

Thank you for all your awesome, Lisa!

Yet one more reason to hate Leo and HP in general.

See ya 'round, Lisa (I hope)

Me too ...

Hope that Palm DNA hold you in a good way ...

Hmmm, NOW is it time to panic?!?!?

She should do a Maxim bit like Ashleyl Eskeva did for Maxim or someone else. Eh?

Good bye Lisa, I will remember you forever.

A big lost!
I think that more than the lack of wheels is the lack of a smart driver. Palm DNA will still be in Lisa, hope she pushes Mozilla to support Open WebOS and see soon Firefox por WebOS.

Man, I'm married but can assure you all that with this beauty, webOS was to be always envied just for her.
And as dear Adora says...