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A Look At Palm Hardware Patents That Never Materialized 12

by Robert Werlinger Fri, 14 May 2010 9:04 am EDT

There's no question that Palm has had a long and storied past in the PDA and smartphone market, and they have quite the patent portfolio to back that up.  Tech blog Technologizer has put together something of a slide show that showcases some of Palm's hardware patents that never quite made it into production.  The 11 patents examined range from being before their time such a patent that covers video conferencing with a front facing camera awarded in 2002, to downright bizarre patent covering a candy bar style phone with a fold-out screen that was awarded back in 2001. 

[via PalmInfocenter]



cant we say apple is infringing on palm patent for video conferencing?

You can say whatever you want, the bigger issue is what you DO.

Palm doesn't have the resources yet to enter a long legal battle for royalties, whether HP will change that equation is still up in the air...


You know what pisses me off is that Palm has all these patents but doesn't do anything about it. Look at cApple and how they are suing the heck out of everyone and their dogs. To be honest, Apple just pisses me off so bad that I wish all companies would sue Apple for all the infringements they broke and officially put them out of business. They also need to be charged with hindering innovation. I understand why there are patents and all but some of Apple's patents are so vague that they could sue just about any phone company and make a case. Well, I hope HPalm can make a phone like the EVO that runs WebOS because WebOS is just so elegant and user friendly but still has a tech side to it that I love.

They should put me and Steve Jobs in the ring together so I can bust his face open and spit on his crappy iPhone.

Yep, probably. It will be HP's fight now and that WILL make things interesting.

In the mean time, it means the door is open for Palm. And this is just one more reason that Apple will never sue Palm.

palm should have implemented video cofrencing with the pre. With the evo and the new iphone with front facing cameras, I hope palm couuld get royaltiees out of that, or stop apple from using it all together

This just shows how far ahead of there time Palm was. *takes out folding keyboard*

that phone looks alot like that new at&t blue phone thingy... It just went through the fcc.. Dang can't remembrr the name...

Nokia NGage. I wanted the black one bad, never got it.

Interesting.... Makes you think.

Interesting.... Makes you think.

Palm also has a patent for the dialer, and many other things that would absolutely destroy the iPhone. It's one of the reasons Apple is suing HTC, but not Palm, because it'd be a colossal suicide run.

Engadget got a patent attorney to make a good write up about it when the Pre was first announced:


Of course, Palm lacked the resources to enter court with any of these things until the HP buyout is confirmed, and even then it may do more harm than good. But it does make one thing clear: Apple can't touch them.