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by Ryan St. Andrie Sun, 26 Aug 2012 8:38 pm EDT

Luna CE logo contest underway!

You've seen the videos, you've read our awesome stories, and now you can participate in the webOS Community Edition magic by entering in the Luna logo contest with your own logo. What is Luna CE? Luna CE is a custom LunaSysMgr put together by the WebOS Ports group as part of the Community Edition project. In a nutshell it allows you to do really cool stuff like infinite card cycling, tabbed card stacks, edge bezel card switching, and much more via the Tweaks app. This is pretty much the last frontier for the TouchPad as far as webOS is concerned so having your own logo featured on devices running Luna CE would be understandably cool.

"Are there prizes?", you ask. Sure there are! If you win, obviously your logo will be the new logo seen on all devices running Luna CE, which will up your street cred ten fold. Everywhere you go people will bow in respect, champagne will fall from the sky, and women (or men) will sell their soul just to go on a date with you! Well maybe that's a bit far fetched but seriously what more could a die hard webOS fanatic want than to have one of their creations cemented in webOS history?

So if you want a piece of the glory here’s how to get started. First, create a wiki account for the WebOS Ports wiki page. Then get in touch with @ka6sox, @scoutcamper_1, or @LarrySteeze on Twitter or IRC to promote your user account. Now you will want to put on your proverbial "creative cap" and make a really awesome logo. The dimensions for your icon(s) should be 128x128px for the wiki and 64x64px for the launcher (of course, we recommend working on a much larger size and scaling down - life's easier that way). Once you’ve finished all of that head on over to the contest page and follow the instructions on how to upload your entry. Make sure to submit your entry by this Friday as that is the deadline for submissions!

So there you have it folks! We will be keeping up with this contest and as soon as a winner is picked we will pass the information along to our readers. In the mean time feel free to check out all the awesome logos already submitted on the contest page.

Source: WebOS Ports


Wonder which member of the webos nation staff will win this contest? Derek, Jonathan, Jason, Adam or Dieter?

Shame on you all.

Just in case you don't understand that comment let me explain, the last 'contest' run by this site was won by a member of staff :( who walked away with a Samsung Galaxy SG3 as his prize.

1) This contest is being run by WebOS Ports with no input from webOS Nation.

2) The winner of the last Haiku contest - mgbmusic - is not a webOS Nation employee or volunteer staff member. webOS Nation staff members were and always have been ineligible to win any site contests.

Also most of those people are no longer with webOS Nation lol

I'm lost.....what's the prize? Bragging rights? Is there any physical prize? I'm not a designer, so it doesn't make a difference for

Or you could just deliver it in vector format and then it doesn't matter whether it's needed at 128x128, 64x64, 32x32, 16x16, or 100' x 100' at 300dpi because the image will scale as large or small as you need it. No need to create giant 50MB 2000x1000 PSDs, 1MB lossy JPGs, or 3MB lossless 24-Bit PNGs (with an alpha channel) when a 200kb crystal-clear EPS file will do the trick with zero loss of clarity and maximum format output options.
Best part? You can output that EPS vector logo to PNG, JPG, SVG, Flash SWF, AI, or any number of other formats bitmap or vector at any size you want. webOS Ports could use the file to export to 64x64 and 128x128 PNGs for the app and then turn around and use it anywhere else at any size or format they wanted. It's that flexible.
Most logos nowadays are done purely in vector as an industry standard as opposed to bitmap formats for exactly this purpose, and you never know when Luna CE may need something a little...bigger...than the specs above. Best to give the webOS Ports crew the greatest amount of flexibility form the start, no? What if your PSD was created at 2000x1000 at 72dpi and they need something bigger or higher resolution (or both) in the future for a project or even signage for a meetup? Well, you've just locked them into a substandard version of your logo.
Going vector would be going above and beyond for the competition, and certainly give Luna CE the most leverage to use it in-app and on any other media they might need it. I'd even go so far to say that the judges should strongly consider giving bonus points to entrants who submit in a vector format for this or any future webOS-related logo competition. It's just best practice when even the web is beginning to move that way with the SVG format:

Derek, Don't Play Us Stupid!! "mgbmusic" is the screenname for Adam Marks, whom writes for webOS Nation. Whether he's an employee or a volunteer is irrelevant! He has an "inside connection" and That Is COMPLETELY Unfair to the Remaining webOS Fans here!
So why bother having these contests if you're gonna let your "Buddies" win?! Don't you guys get ENOUGH perks from your HP Guy Enda?!
If you don't BELIEVE in what you're doing here, then it's time for you to Move On!! But Don't Treat Us Like We Aren't Smart Enough To Know The Difference!! :-(

Show me where mgbmusic/DeadTechnology is the same person as the well-established webOS community member Adam Marks/audemars02. Show me where I've been made a fool.

I know for a fact that they have different last names, different email addresses, and in different states separated by nearly a thousand miles. What do they have in common?

I believe in what I'm doing, I wouldn't be doing it if I didn't. And I'm insulted that you would imply otherwise, let alone even think that.

Well I understand ZeroWinkUK and BadBoyBri, but I also don't see any problem if the logo is in fact the better one.

i cannot upload my logo files in wiki page can some one help please?

you have to be promoted to edit the wiki-page.
It's described in the article and in the wiki


thx i got the access and uploaded logo designed by me

how about this.... "Derek, thanks for always offering us something new and exciting in regards to webOS." what's with all the haters?!!!

My guess is that people are confused and pissed about webOS, and that they realise there isn't really future for this OS. I still support webOS, but I Got a rude reality check, but maybe we will see something sooner or later

Derek, show the Finalist Voting Results for the Haiku Contest. The Un-edited version. I'm NOT hating, I'm Cool with not winning, but not to someone who won, due to nepotism! I smell something Big, Fat, and Greasy, and it smells like Adam Marks.
The screenname "DeadTechnology" is for his Twitter account! So, either you are Very Naive and unaware of your staff or you're Playing Dumb. Which One Is It?
And to my fellow webOS Fans, if this impropriety does not bother you, at ALL, thenI apologize for wasting your time! BUT, It Bothers Me!!! :-(

Unedited results:

Adam Marks' Twitter account is @audemars02. Always has been. He is not mgbmusic nor is he @DeadTechnology.

Addendum: Doubt me now?

It's pretty cool to see how close it was for 1st place. Two votes!
(this whole conspiracy theory is pretty silly, to be honest)

I think Derek has better things to do rather than respond to these comment trolls. For one, I would much rather see him spending time getting information on the future of webOS.

I'm NOT a "Comment Troll'! I only POST when I feel necessary! Check My History!! And THIS is one of those times!! But since no one else here seems to be interested, then I guess "No Harm; No Foul"! Just don't crap on Our Hopes & Beliefs, with your Self-Gratifying Contests!!

Yes it's indeed a troll. Untill now Derek showed the unedited version of the poll, Mark and mgbmusic testified they are different persons. You and the other are just bragging plot theories without any single proof. Show us the proof you have or just apologize and shut up.


2) Try the 'Reply' button, it makes the whole nested conversations thing a lot easier.

Write crappy haiku,
Win sweet prize with no effort.
Design logo? Zilch

Different organizations, different goals for each contest.

Haiku contest put on by webOS Nation. Goal: Have some fun, make a point.

Logo contest put on by WebOS Ports. Goal: Get a better logo.

Can someone upload my logo for me, I don't twitter and I don't know how to wikipedia.

I'm all antsy for voting to start :) I would love for my street credit to go up hehe.

Congrats to the winner awesome design :)