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LunaCE graduates to beta status, ready to remove your ripples 19

by Derek Kessler Wed, 29 Aug 2012 7:28 pm EDT

LunaCE graduates to beta status, ready to remove your ripples

Just two weeks ago LunaCE was released by WebOS Ports in alpha status. The homebrewed improvement to the LunaSysMgr that was released as part of HP's webOS Community Edition project brought a number of enhancements to willing testers, including tabbed card stacks and app switching gestures. After a bunch of testing, bug fixes, and a few improvements, LunaCE is graduating up to the beta feeds in Preware.

The set-up process for getting into the beta feeds is almost identical to that for the alpha feeds, so if you're interested in trying out the LunaCE beta, you can head over to for instructions. It's important to note that LunaCE alpha testers will have to delete the Alpha from their TouchPad before attempting to install the beta. That said, our caveat from before - how you should tread carefully with alpha software - can be lightened a bit in this newfound beta status. Showstopping bugs should be squashed, and while everything's not necessarily perfect, LunaCE is by-and-large in the ironing out wrinkles phase and ready for wider-spread deployment. As before, if you've got something you think should be added to LunaCE, there's a place for that, and there's also a place for you to log and track any bug reports with the software.

Speaking of wrinkles, there's a new little feature that's been added to the LunaCE beta: you can now turn off the not-that-iconic-but-it's-always-been-part-of-webOS ripple tap indicator. You know, that little ripple overlay that briefly appears on the screen when you tap on anything? Yeah, that thing. If that's the sort of thing that bothers you (after three years of webOS usage we've stopped noticing it), then the LunaCE beta now adds an option in Tweaks for you to turn the ripple off, no Luna restart needed.


Great news!! Can't wait to try it out :)

I developed the tap ripple toggle and I can tell you that it is there for more than aesthetic reasons. The TouchPad has a major bug with the ripple where it can't render any faster than 30fps while the ripple is animating. Can seriously affect the experience when tapping quickly in some PDK applications. I previously had a patch that did it, but that didn't actually remove the animation, it just set the duration to 0. The LunaCE version fully removes the tap ripple when toggled off.

Love your work Stice!

I will certainly appreciate the toggle, I've noticed that the animation seems to slow things down for me at times.

Would it be possible to add a tweak to only get rid of it for PDK apps?

I like it in my normal apps :-)


It certainly wasn't possible before but now that the tweak is part of Luna it may be possible. I'll look into it and see.

Loving the LunaCE so far.

I've just tried it and it's absolutely great!! good work guys! :-)

Good work! It is working great here!

Can anyone expand on if LunaCE needs all the speed patches like Buttah, Faster Card Animations and Mffle System Logging, etc.

Also do most of the patches work on LunaCE, I'd hate to loose Advanced Reset Options, Find on Page, and my arrow keys.

Advanced Reset Options works as well.

Buttah and faster cards aren't compatible. The arrow keys are now standard on the keyboard.

For the keyboard (arrow keys now standard), can one still install the Virtual Keyboard layout patches or need to stick with the one provided by LunaCE?

Is there a way to remove the 'WebOS Ports LunaCE4.5.0' branding on the title bar? I don't see a setting in Tweaks to disable/customize this.

There's no way to remove it right now (short of rebuilding the code yourself). I can't definitively speak for the webos-ports team but I would imagine that it will be removed on the stable release build. That's how they did it with the kernels, after all.

No there isn't. It was put in there on purpose.

just spent over a minute bouncing a tabbed card off of the edges of the screen. Thank you for making me appreciate my device again!

Hello from Greece. Installed the LunaCE yesterday and i think it is a great addition with lots of potential. I see a lot of suggestions in the forums and everything just sounds so exciting. Such a shame that a great OS like WebOS doesn't have the apps to support it, however the community keeps it afloat. For the time being my only gripe is that my patch for the Greek keyboard does not work but from what i've read the dev will fix that when LunaCE reaches a more final version.
A couple of suggestions that came up. In card tabbing (really great by the way) i think it would be great if we could swipe sideways the small cards to close the applications like in Android. Secondly, since we can now move between apps in full screen mode i think it would be good if we could close the application in full screen mode by say having one finger on the screen and the other swiping across the bezel area. This by the way (one finger on screen, the other swiping) could be another gesture, just saying since i suppose people will be looking into new gestures to maximize gesture based actions. Another gesture that i have seen is the multi finger pinching.
Anyway great work and sorry for posting these suggestions here, i just couldn't figure out how to post them in the suggested link, duh.

Little disappointed I don't see the pinch-to-stack option in the list. But otherwise, nice work!