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by as4life Sun, 28 Feb 2010 8:27 pm EST
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PLEASE INSTALL IPHONE STYLE MESSAGING PATCH VIA QUICKINSTALL OR PREWARE OTHERWISE MESSAGING APP WON'T LOOK RIGHT! This is a theme based on the popular OS from Apple. Special thanks to superkyol from for the dock. Please untar PDF Viewer App via linux command for optimal results. *Change Log* 3.1.4:Updated start up icon cards for most apps Changed some camera icons to reflect photo booth Fixed background in phone app 3.0: Fixed spacing between chat balloons Changed most battery icons Changed top bar color (Thanks to 2sslow for patch) 2.9.5: Fixed dialer during call 2.9.4: Changed some email icons Cleaned up end call button Changed boot screen Changed contact icon in phone app 2.9.3: Included Iphone messaging patch for that "Ichat" look. (patch made by user elryon from precentral) Bubbles made by user virox from precentral forums 2.9.2: Changed dialer background again *Removed divider in messaging 2.9.1: Changed gray chat balloon back to blue. 2.9: Updated some icons * Changed blue chat balloon 2.8: Changed phone and messaging app (Again please apply "Personal Avatar Left Side" patch via preware or quick install prior to installing this theme) * Changed a few icons. * Changed launcher background 2.5: Changed launcher menu backgroun * Changed photo app background * Reverted to stock battery icons * Changed some notification icons * Changed some notification bubble icons * Changed sounds and ringtones icon * Changed clock and date and time icon 2.0: Changed most stock app icons * Changed battery icons * Changed background on some stock apps * Changed header icons (Ex. open updates check top left) * Changed some notification icons within app * Media Sync and USB Drive changed * Centered phone background * Skinned calculator app

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wow...nice i like it. ;)

wow...nice i like it. ;)

nice theme!!! upload it to so we can install it with preware.

I can add it for you if you would like. just let me know

I like this theme. Please add more to this.

UP LOAD IT! I can't wait to have it!

Absolutely amazing. Thank you!!

Absolutely the BEST! A must have!

Very Very nice

This Theme is what prompted me to start downloading homebrews and themes!

Thank you! Thank you!! This is an awesome theme!

wonderful one~

i love this theme and the phn icon rocks!

Definitely one of the best and most polished themes I've seen so far. You capture the feel of OS X very well. Keep up with the great updates!

I like this theme, but the only question is the recent change of the launcher menu background. The apple logo in the background washes out the text of the icons.

I will change the launcher menu background here sometime this weekend. This has been edited on prethemers.

Awesome update! New launcher background is nice. You're the (wo)man!


Very nice theme.

I've never posted a comment before but with this theme i couldn't help it. It's my favorite of them all. Love it!!!! Thanks u did a great job, love the icons!!!!

Love this theme. Very nice job. Will look forward for future updates. :)

Anybody need tha "Complete" tone like the sound when itunes is done burning a cd; for a notification. Inbox Me;

I get errors while installing it on the latest wosqi but after that it restarts luna and it looks fine..

By far, the best theme I have installed on my pre. Thanks!!!!

My Pre looks like my MacBook Pro....It doesn't get much better than that! I love it! It's Awesome!

i get errors while i try to install. could you help give me instructions on how to install it on my Palm Pre 3 16gb phone. thanks

Wow! I love this theme! its soo cool =)

how do you put it on ur palm pre?

Either through web os quickinstall or preware

Nice Theme only thing that is no good is the phone dialer interface. Its very boring.

How would you like the dialer interface to look?

I really like it! Great job! I am so laughing out loud at how cool this is. Thank you!!!!

I LOVE this theme!!!

hey i love love love this app but i like the 2.5 dialer face the call button looks so big and is their a way we can choose the color background for the Instant messanger because the original colors in v 2.5 where good as well. but i so love the new video icon as well as the regional. So far this is the best theme ever thank u..

Nvm, i figured it all out.

I would really like to get this theme, but im not sure what to do about the requirements.
Where do i get the patches, and how do i install them?

You can download the theme right here and install it via web os quickinstall

where is the patch that u have to install before the theme..the patch titled Extract PDF Viewer Application" patch, and how do you install it?

This is a very good theme...probably the best right now...the only thing I would change are the phone, mail and launcher icons, they should be easier to identify.

Yes this is SUPER sweet. Thank you very much for all of your hard work!!! I get to appreciate it every time I use my Pre!

I wish I had the Apple "bong" start-up sound on my phone and I'd be set. Anybody know where to find that?

when I try to download this it tells me no handler for the file. What should I do?

go buy an iphone.


Would someone please explain this to me . . . .

"Please apply "Personal Avatar Left Side" and "Extract PDF Viewer Application" patches via preware or quick install prior to installing this theme"

Thanks in advance for your help.

You guys know Apple makes a phone, right? Check it out. It's called iPhone.

I'm not really into the iphone but i do love Mac OSX. Thats why this theme is called MAC OSX not IPHONE

its not an iphone theme genius its a mac OSX theme people!!! Sheesh!!!! there is a difference!

just wow. why dont you just got buy a shitty iphone instead of making the pre look like one.

I know, right? Why would you buy a superior piece of hardware and software and try to make it look like the old busted ass shit? I bet they would install a patch that would make it do one thing at a time, just LIKE the iPhone. Then it would be a perfect replica of that garbage ass phone.

Sorry but you don't make sense. My theme is based on MAC OSX not the IPHONE

And an EXCELLENT job you did with that! I love it. It is excellent. Actually, sometimes i go up to my iphone friends and say: My phone looks more like an Apple product than yours does... I love my Pre, and i love it even more thanks to you.

its not an iphone theme!!! i hate when people say that!!! its an OSX theme hellurrr!!!

I love the theme, goes great with my MBP.

2 things though. When I go to install it I get an error saying /tmp/ line 1: /var/usr/bin/patch: not found. I started digging around in QuickInstall and went to Patches for the first time. When I went to patches it said I needed to install patch and diffstat (I think). I installed them and I don't get that error anymore.

Also the start-up animation is slightly off center to the right. It's not too big of a deal, just slightly unnerving to perfectionists like myself :)

yeah i just did a quick update. There are still a few tweaks i wanna make. Thanks for your interest in my theme!

I keep getting a pop up alert saying no handler ??? Help please!

Question for developer: If there is one section of this that we don't like, can we take it out? If so, how? I am specifically speaking of the messaging app... I prefer the way the original pre theme looks to that of this theme. Its a GREAT theme and I love it, but I prefer th original look only for messaging.

I love this theme but when I have it applied it drains my battery very quickly....I went from having it at 100% plugged in...applied theme...took it off the charger and within an hour it was down to 70%. After I got rid of the theme the battery life went back to "normal." Is anyone else having this issue? I am going to try a couple other themes to see if it's this particular theme or if it's all themes in general that cause my phone to do this.

how do i add it to my palm pre

Either through webos quickinstall or preware. Search the forum for detailed instructions on how to install themes.

Dang, lol I want more screenshots. From the launcher menu lol. Too lazy to install it just to see.

Just uploaded requested screenshots.

Thanks :) Downloaded and installed :)

where do i find "Extract PDF Viewer Application" patch and how do u install it?

I love your theme and great job on updating it. I will definitely give a donation for your hard work. I try out new themes every now and then, but I always go back to this one once I've gotten tired of the others. This is my default theme pretty much. :)

p.s. Where is your donate button?

How can I PM you?

Great theme but I cant seem to get the top bar color to turn grey. Any help?

Uninstall and reinstall the theme.

I can't get the wallpaper - It just defaults back to the river stones. Any Suggestions?

The gray bar at the top of the theme is not downloading with Prethemer or webOS QuickInstall. It did it ONCE for me then it did not work again. I had to remove the theme because i did a full erase on the device, then attempted to reinstall the theme, and everything worked fine except the gray bar. On either version.

What can I do? I REALLY liked the way that white bar looked.

try uninstalling my theme and reinstalling it. It might take a few times to get it to work.

i love the theme i just want to hide the quick launch bar

Hello World

Just got my palm pre and so new at it...... i really dont know what to do. i would like to change my theme and would like to know if someone could guide me or tell me how. thanks

search for the app "Preware" in the forums

I have issues with mine it uploaded the theme, but my wifi and signal bar icon don't appear.

Uninstall and reinstall the theme.

I finally got it guys!! its amazing...I am a Mac (apple) user and have been for a long time now, but I've been with Sprint Since 2000 and I cant seem to break the bond we have together. Thx for creating something that makes me feel at home with my Cel phone, but not sacrifice my Sprint Contract. It took me a while, I had to: (just my method)

1- Make sure I had "Preware" found in the WEBOSQuickinstall.jar
2- Also, you need to make sure you also download the Service manager program (located directly above Preware inside the quickinstall are under (ALL programs)...hope this makes will if you click around enough!
3-Then I just followed the directions from the site, but the tricky part when using a MAC/APPLE computer to get this to work is the following:
-When you download file directly from the "Download MACOSX" hyperlink...Macs like to convert ZIPs into a folder immediately!
-So just go to your download folder, take the folder (macosx, etc.) and just put it on your desktop (it makes it easy for me..not nec. for you)
-Since Mac likes to create the Zip into a folder, you need to follow the steps to download, but when you get to Step 4 and choosing the file, you need to choose the "oddball" file inside the desktop folder labled (on mine) "theme.xml"
-That should work, I got a few weird errors and a bunch of pop up and so forth, but it all kind of evened out

Sorry this is kind of long, but I thought I would help some of the folks who might have been experiencing some of the same issues. Peace and God Bless!!

I just installed it, looks great. BUT, several errors popped up during the install, but it still kept going and finsihed. So I have no idea what impact these erros will have. My mail notifications on the bottom of the screen don't work, so that may be due to the errors I got. In addition, the Revert to Default button in the Themer is grayed out and unavailable (Theme settings windows says the default is the current theme, when it really is not), so how do I go back???


This is a outstanding theme! Nice job.

woow amazing theme great work!!

This theme knocked my socks off! I love it. My favorite part is the messaging! OMGosh! Wonderful theme! I really wish Palm would adapt this one. Ah-mazing!

best theme in the universe! this one and the windows 7 and buuf theme are perfect. wish more themes were as great as this. all the icons are changed, the text balloons, everything! im leaving it on my phone forever haha

I don't like that I have to install a patch ~.~

I had the patch included with theme but was seeing issues with getting avatar in box.

Why are the themes not working

Try installing via preware

Why??? Let's buy the apple shit if you need theme like this...

Is there a way to change the items in the dock? It does not allow to remove any or replace apps on the dock. Help?

Is there a way to change the items in the dock? It does not allow to remove any or replace apps on the dock. Help?

Is anyone else not able to see signal strength with this theme?

I"m not able to see signal strength (wifi, EVDO, and phone signal) either. If you figure it out let me know..

Yes, me! I have tried to install this theme five (5) times now and STILL no signal strength!!

for some reason the top bar is light grey... thats the only problem.

I'm a newbie to this stuff, can I use this for my palm pixi?

I am getting upset because I can not download this theme to my Pre. I downloaded the QuickInstall program, I put my phone in developer mode and every time i downloaded the theme it saves as a file folder not a Zip File like how the instructions tell me. How do I get this theme to work. HELP ME!!!! PLEASE

I have the palm pre PLUS it still won't let me download this theme shiiiiiiiiiit!!!!!

does anyone know where I can get aa theme for palm pre PLUS???? Hellllllllllllllllpppppppp me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm having the same issue as many others where the wifi,signal,ev icons are blending into the background b/c the top bar background doesn't come through during download. I've tried re-installing 5-6 times. I'm resorting to creating my own icons but am unsure on how to upload and override current icons. Any suggestions??

I love this theme, but when I installed it, my signal bars and wireless animation disappeared. It's just a black space. I don't know if me having installed it on a pixi is the problem or not.

I have a pam pre, I try to dowbloas this app and it tells me file is not supported???? Can I not get it am I not doing

I cant download this app!!!!! help me plz!!

wow, por lo que comentan esta muy interesante, voy a probarlo

que onda?? pq no se puede descargar??

I love this theme, but do have the same problems as other with no wifi signal bars. Also, I cannot change themes besides this one (not that I particularly want to). My main concern is that I now cannot see my installed Preware apps when I boot Preware. My Pre2 now thinks it's not only a Mac, but also a TouchPad. I now can see and install TouchPad patches that I previously could not...TouchVol for instance. I can also now open PDF files online that I previously could not...that I like. Has anyone else experienced such activity?