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Made an app and don't need the code anymore? Go open source with webos-commons 15

by Derek Kessler Thu, 29 Dec 2011 2:07 pm EST

This is for you developers out there. Made a webOS app a while back and don't really feel the need to keep some of the code to yourself? Rather than throw it up on your own personal site or GitHub account, we're going to suggest that you add it to the open source public GitHub repository that is webos-commons.

webos-commons aims to serve as a centralized dumping ground for code developers don't need anymore, allowing other developers to pick up that code and use it to solve their own app issues. It's kind of like that penny dish by the cash register - leave some change if you don't need it, and if you do need it there might be something there to help you out.

WebOS Internals chief Rod Whitby is driving the organization of webos-commons and stands ready to clear new members for the repository. Got something to add? Hit up Rod at the source link below.


Standing on the shoulders of giants. I like it.

MediaFly made their webOS code open source earlier this year. I wish someone would take it and fix it for webOS 2.x users.

Does OpenSource means we can finally have Whatsapp for WebOs???

Open source means that everything is possible - and nothing is likely.

We always *could* have Whatsapp - if the owner of the source decided to do so.

AFAIK it's not open source - so nobody else can (legally) do so.

Somebody else *could* write a compatible webos app if s/he reverse engineered the protocol - but that would require somebody motivated and competent enough to start that work.

Personally I don't care.

It wouldn't matter if the Whatsapp source was open or not as long as the protocol was documented and available for others to use.

Great initiative, now we need to start convincing developers who gave up on webOS to leave their code.

Derek Kessler said : "webos-commons aims to serve as a centralized dumping ground for code developers don't need anymore, allowing other developers to pick up that code and use it to solve their own app issues."

You can add also : find translators and have translators that translate your application in an other language.
As me for the french translation in Preware and several others webos apps (more than 10) at webos-internals GIT repo.

More languages supported by an application is more potential users in the world and a better reward for the developer(s).


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Sad, so sad that such an awesome idea, an idea that can truly act as a fulcrum to explode application development, has only eight comments so far. I've just gotten back with my ex, because she truly changed, on the outside, the only thing that was really truly wrong with her. Ohh, and she improved on the inside, but I always loved her for that. Finally got rid of the dirty **** who takes everyone else's ideas, Android and got my Pre3. haha! what a great life it is. I'll make every effort to send this idea around to anyone and everyone to gain this traction.

Maybe - hopefully - it's not the idea, but just the wrong time to announce it. Derek, maybe it would be a good idea to make this a top issue after New Year's day, when everyone is going back to normal?

Things are winding down here at webOS Nation. Three out of four PalmCast podcasters have jumped ship to other platforms. One could logically expect that three out of four webOS homebrew developers have jumped ship, also. People get new smartphones when their contract comes up. They want to try new features.

Any developers who are inclined to do open source development probably would already have done so. Many probably feel somewhat burned by the failure of the platform and would like to see if their intellectual property can be converted to a profitable app on another platform.

Many here seem to think that there is a whole cadre of webOS Internals-type developers out there just waiting to jump on open-source development. My guess is that they get new phones just like everyone else and are likely to tinker with their daily use platform, especially, when the audience for those apps would be much larger.


Just saw a report stating:

*About 6.8 million tablets and smartphones using the two most-popular operating systems — Apple's iOS or Google's Android — were activated on Christmas Day...

*A quarter of a billion apps were downloaded on Christmas Day at Apple's App Store and Google's Android Market...

Seems there's a pretty big pie out there that developers are occupied with.

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Hopefully drPodder, Free Music Ringtones (FMR), dkGoogleVoice, and the rest (macaw? etc?) will all join in the fun..EXCITING!!