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Made Simple for webOS guide book comes to App Catalog 18

by Derek Kessler Wed, 25 Nov 2009 6:35 pm EST

Made Simple for webOS While user guides for the iPhone may be getting in trouble because they have the word “iPhone” in their titles, we’re seeing no such issues with the Palm webOS App Catalog. Landing recently in the App Catalog is Made Simple Learning’s first on-device guide for webOS phones: Made Simple for webOS.

The interactive cross-referenced guide stretches for some 1500 pages and covers just about every facet of out-of-the-box life with the Palm Pre. Made Simple for webOS features easy navigation that is claimed to get you to any point in the book with just two taps - and that’s something that we simply couldn’t dispute.

Not only does Made Simple for webOS cover how to use the phone itself, it also examines third party applications like Pandora and sync solutions like iTunes and doubleTwist. The guide also covers numerous tips and tricks, such as how to copy and paste text, work with Card view, and more. All of these tips, tricks, and how-to’s are accompanied by more than one thousand annotated screenshots.

Made Simple for webOS is available for download now in the App Catalog for $4.99.


The fact its INTERACTIVE more than justifies the 4.99 price!

How interactive is it really? The screenshot just looks like a normal PDF file.

The buttons at the top of the screen shot are all "clickable." Touch where it says "apps" and you jump to a page with images of all the App icons. Touch any of the icons and you jump to the chapter.
Touch where it says "contents" at the top and you jump to the table of contents. We were able to leverage the great touch screen and the PDF viewer to make this book a bit more interactive than what we can do on other platforms.

When I try to download this app, it tells me that "App Storage Is Full". When I look at the device info it shows 7.0GB available. I got my pre on release day, but am just now really starting to try and personalize it. Can anyone tell me why I am getting this message? I apologize if this has been discussed already.

It's a webos bug that Palm is working to fix. Apps do not store in the 7gb area you are referring to. They save to a hidden to the public /var partition. That is limited to 256mb, and there are some other limitations that keeps your install space to under 64mb essentially.

A fix for it is available in the homebrew community. Install Preware on your device and

Once this is installed you should be able to then install the app from the catalog.

Thanks SirWill. Installing the homebrew apps won't affect my warranty like rooting does will they? If I install the homebrew apps do i need to uninstall them each time palm releases an update? Sorry to ask so many questions, but I am just getting into the think of what can be done and am amazed.

While rooting will technically break your warranty, it's incredibly difficult to do warranty-level damage to your Pre by doing so.

Homebrew apps will not void your warranty. All you have to do is enable developer mode and start installing through the installer of your choice. And while we do recommend removing patches before updates, homebrew apps are treated by webOS like any other app and are unaffected by updates (though updates may or may not break homebrew app functionality).

Does rooting affect your warranty? I didn't know that, I thought that Palm on the contrary than Apple was OK with that.

Before install a Palm update you only have to un-install the patches the applications are ok.

Technically speaking, yes, rooting does break the warranty. But it's nothing a quick trip to the webOS Doctor (or even Repair Utility) won't fix.

Quick correction: The caption for the image reads "Mad Simple for webOS".

Should be Made? Although, "Mad simple" is ebonically correct. :-)

Whoops! I didn

i'd like to get this app if they update it whenever palm updates webOS

We are already updating it for 1.3.1 and the Pixi. The update will be out soon (we hope) and we continue to update it as the OS is updated and as new devices are released.

"Made Simple", 1500 pages, does anyone else see the irony in that? LOL

LOL That was funny. On the other hand, I would say: I get you but each page has large font and I think covers about 1 topic on each, accompanied with a picture, so yeah, it is very simple.

People have been saying that the App Catalog contains (almost) no apps worth buying. This might be one that people are willing to pay for(including myself). Good job developers

Really want this, but being in the UK can't pay even if I wanted to....

I wouldn't mind bying this app but can't find it anywhere in the App Catalog. Is this app only available in the USA store? (I'm in Europe)