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Make a Skype Video Call using the Phone & Video Calls app [webOS 3.0.5] 9

by Adam Marks Wed, 22 Feb 2012 5:07 pm EST

This tip is only for TouchPad's running webOS 3.0.5 and higher

TouchPad Video CallsWith the latest webOS 3.0.5 update for the TouchPad, it is easy to determine which of your Skype contacts are available for a video call directly from the Phone & Video Calls app and then quickly initiate that call. Once within the Phone & Video Calls app, switch to the "Video" tab on the top of the page. If you are not already logged in to Skype, you will be prompted to "Sign In". Otherwise, you will see a list of all your contacts that are able to accept video calls and you just need to tap on one to call them.

If you want to log off of Skype once you are done with your video calls, you can not actually do that from within the Phone & Video Calls app. You actually need to update your account status from the Messaging app .


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Why is it that you can't log off from the phone / video app? Seems counter-intuitive.

Skype wants to be running in the background so you can receive skype calls while the phone app is not running. I'll be using the tablet browsing the web, hear ringing and see annoucement of incoming call, accept it and the phone app pops up. Works on the tablet just the way cell phone calls works on my Pre2.

Skype likes making it a pain to log out of their app. Try installing on a pc!

Works beautifully in my experience. Often make 45 minute or so video calls to my older daughter. On her end, best results are with the Skype app on her iPhone or iPad. The PC she has works but is old and much less reliable than our "pads".
I tried setting up the Skype app on my sister-in-law's iPad... got it working, but by far, the integration of skype with the phone app in my wifi TouchPad (under 3.0.5) is the easiest and neatest.
I've gotten my family to list their skype names in facebook (thru skype extension?) and as a result of the synergy on webOS snarfing contact info from facebook into my contacts, the tablet phone app can call family members just like my cell phone, just using skype if their iPhone or iPad has the app enabled!
I pre pay for skype calls to land-lines, keeping about $10 in my account for those instances where I need to call a non-skype person from my TouchPad. The app works just like it does on my Pre2 cell phone... using my shared contacts list to know the number.
I'm a very satisfied customer... with 5 grandkids and 4 children scattered around the country, video calls are a real winner.
And oh, my daughter introduced us to by using her iPhone to show the site on her PC to us over the skype video call. She walked us through a demonstration and got us using it.
I use to think video calls were an absurd waste of bandwidth. No more!

Video NEVER worked for me. One of my biggest regret against the TouchPad...

How is it I'm the only one Skype hasn't been working on my touchpad all this time? Do I need to do a doctor? I just assumed everyone else's stopped logging in also on touchpad. Will a doctor fix mines? Worked for about a month. After a sign out have never been able to log in since. Can login via webpage tho.

I just setup the video calling features of my HP touch and all is good in tablet land.
I think there's more problems at the Skype end, then at the tablet end....


how do you add contacts and get the video calling to work?