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Making your web bookmark / launcher icon look good 32

by Adam Marks Thu, 13 Jan 2011 5:42 pm EST

Creating a web bookmark or launcher icon is a quick and easy way to access a website, but since you can only set the thumbnail/icon picture based on some portion of the website, it often does not look very good. Luckily, there is a nice workaround to be able to get your launcher pages converted from the screenshot below on the left to the screenshot on the right. Continue reading after the break to learn how

  • Load up the Web browser and navigate to the website you want to save. We will use PreCentral's mobile site (http://m.precentral/net) for this example
  • Scroll down to get to the top of the website where a "title bar" appears with the website name. Tap on that title bar to show the actual URL of that website. It should be highlighted already, so just do a Meta-tap C (hold gesture area and press C on the keyboard) to copy the website URL to the clipboard

  • Navigate to and do a search for the logo of the site you want (or use some other keyword to find the picture you want). For this example, do a search for "Precentral logo"

  • Once you find a logo you like, tap on that logo, then tap the "View full size" link on the top-right of the page (if that link is not visible, tap once on the screen)

  • Swipe-down from the top-left corner to bring down the Application dropdown and select either "Add Bookmark" (to add a bookmark) or "Page" then "Add to Launcher" (to add an icon to your launcher)

  • Tap on the square in the middle of the page that will represent the picture of your bookmark. Pinch-to-zoom and pan around to get the logo exactly as you want it to appear within the square and choose Done

  • Rename the "Title" of the bookmark.
  • Tap on the URL line. If the URL is not already highlighted, press a Meta-tap A (hold gesture area and press A on the keyboard) to do a "select all" and then press a Meta-tap V (hold gesture area and press V on the keyboard) to paste in the original website you wanted to create the bookmark for. Note that it is important to set the image before changing the URL

  • When complete, press the "Add Bookmark" / "Add to Launcher" button

As a reminder, these launcher icons can be saved with WebOS Internal's Save/Restore homebrew app so you don't need to recreate them after a webOS Doctor or device swap


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Does anyone know if this feature works the same way in 2.x as it does in 1.4.5 ?

And why aren't launcher shortcuts backed up in the Palm profile?

it works the exact same in 2.x. I am working on the script for Save/Restore to support 2.0 and that should be available shortly as well.

Not sure why these things aren't backed up in the Palm Profile, but they are not. :-(

I tried this for my mobile bank site. Copied the link, found an image, bookmarked it, adjusted the logo, pasted the link, then when I opened the browser, it almost looked like I wanted it to. When I clicked on the link I just made, once I came back to the bookmarks, it just reverted to the screen-capture bookmark image like everything else (except facebook, as that has the logo as the bookmark image automatically). Any ideas?

They did say it was important to set the image before changing the url. Did you do something else to the image before changing the url?

For the bookmark tile on the main screen, that will always use the latest image of the site. but the thumbnail logo when you look at the list view should be set correctly.

I've tried my bank logo both ways and only the bookmark method sticks- Launcher window doessn't take the change. And, by 'set the image' I assume that simply means hit the 'Done' before moving on to the title and url, yes?

@Adam Marks - confused by your statement. The instructions clearly show logos in the Launcher window not the latest image.

I see what's going on-I'm mistaking the web Launcher with the app/system launcher. Not as useful as I'd hoped it would be... now to figure out how to delete the websites from the Launcher...Yay 'Search' feature.

AHHH, I got you, I confused the launcher with the main web launch screen/bookmarks too. Now this would have been useful if I wasnt using the Lite List Launcher patch!

D'oh! Thanks for that, because I was getting frustrated with my images not sticking. There must be a way, though, because the default ESPN and Facebook bookmarks in the web browser are always just the logo.

We learn more secrets like this every day. I will love using this.

You know, there should be an app with a collection of these tips...

Actually, I have one more question. This tip works great to add bookmarks to the launcher, but the bookmark image doesn't show up well in the browser app's bookmarks view. Is there a way to customize the image so that it shows up well in the browser app's bookmarks view?

Yea, real easy. Nine steps.

Easy is a relative term. And who said this was supposed to be easy?

The author, in the first sentence.

I said creating launcher icons was easy, but they didn't look good, and that this workaround existed to make them look better. I never actually said the workaround was easy, but in reality, once you get the hang of it, it is really easy!

It is really easy, but the disappointing thing is that it only looks good on the launcher. On the browser's bookmarks view, this method does not produce good-looking icons.

For easy, good-looking icons, I typically look in the apple store for the same app and then snatch that logo using the same process... The ibrick is good for something after all!

Thanks for this tip. I have always wondered how to get better icons like this.

If I click' add Bookmark' the picture is not in the full mini Webpage which is shown in my Internet-Overview.

Best solution is to put the Page to the Launcher.

Thx for this great tipp.

Be nice if we could have a standardized location like favicon.mob. So all phones would get their bookmarks automatically from the same web site loaction, avoiding this mess.

This seems like a lot of steps to me. I've always used tapping the box and then pinch to zoom to the logo on the website, while making the original bookmark/launcher icon. As long as the webpage is loaded, you can navigate the whole page to find something that looks better than the zoomed-out version it creates by default.
While it may not be as elegant as getting icons from Google, it's much easier. Besides, most websites will have a decent logo somewhere on their page already.

Meanwhile, our friend's iPod will automagically use apple-touch-icon.png (if it exists at the root, or is pointed at explicitly by a link tag) without any need for fiddling.

it would be nice if Palm just jacked that functionality.

How do I delete a website page icon from the launcher menu?

Orange + Tap page icon

This is kind of a bad implementation on Palm's part. Just sayin..

Palm should have just configured the browser to save the favicon.ico file at the root of a website as the default bookmark image, just like every other browser does.

Don't get me wrong, I love WebOS and the browser (I know it's webkit, so they may have been limited...not familiar enough with those tools to say...). But this just seems so basic.

That said, not every website implements the favicon.ico, so this is still very useful.

One of the (trivial) disappointments about my first experience with WebOS was that I couldn't figure out how to get the bookmarks like they were out of the box. Now I know how, Thanks!

I think that anyone with this much time on his or her hands should put it to better use...

I agree, the statement was only that there *is* a workaround, but c'mon...these are bookmarks, not photos for publication. The reeal solution would be for the app to just grab the favicon for a given site, in the first place, but that's not the point of this article.

As for the article itself, it is well written & well presented.

You'd be surprised how much time you waste standing in line, riding a bus, etc. Why not use that idle time to do something like this?

I agree. A very good and useful article. I did not mean to imply otherwise.

This was very useful to me and one more example of the never ending learning process that I've come to appreciate. Thanks for the tip! Seemed to work first time for me, just make sure you follow the directions and it should work.

Problem I have is that when I use the metatap to paste the web url, it makes the card minimize and I lose the ability to create the shortcut.

This tip does not work for the Pre3. Sizing the image into the square does not create the same image for the bookmark- it is adjusted down and to the right about 1/3 in both directions. = /