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Manny Pacquiao brings us our first TouchPad ad, highlights multitasking and Flash [video] 131

by Derek Kessler Wed, 22 Jun 2011 6:41 am EDT

Ready for the HP TouchPad commercial onslaught? Of course you are. We doubt this is going to be a soft launch like the HP Veer was, and we’ve got boxer Manny Pacquiao in the ring to assuage our fears with the very first official TouchPad commercial.

It’s styled in the same manner as his and Miranda Crosgrove’s Veer ads, with the device held up in front of them while they interact with app cards to demonstrate the seamless multitasking we’ve come to love. Pacquiao’s ad also shows off the Photos & Videos, Calendar, and Browser apps, with Flash twice demonstrated in the browser (including a full Flash-based YouTube demo). The commercial is very well made and targets the strongest point that webOS has in its favor: multitasking. It ends with HP’s manly man narrator saying “Flick, stack, and move between open apps seamlessly. Only on the HP TouchPad with webOS. Works like nothing else.” We could get used to that slogan, especially if HP's planning to blanket the airways before the TouchPad's release in just over a week. Commercial’s after the break.

Source: YouTube; Thanks to everybody that sent this in!


nice...keep em coming!


DOA? Dope Objectifying Apple? Why, yes. Yes, you are!

exactly!! you know i received a multiple page color advert from HP the other day and not a single webos device on it! how's that for the lame minicooper campaign? also, STILL WAITING FOR FLASH ON MY PALM PRE! oh wait a few short days and i wont have to worry about that anymore.

I like it.


I'm not clicking the youtube link on purpose... going to see how long it takes for me to actually see this commercial in the wild (i.e. it comes to me, not me going to it).

I do like that HP is showing off what webos can do that makes it different/better. Let's hope the non-webos fanatics get it.

the lack of an ecosystem and absolutely no support besides the internals guys. we already got the memo! until i see adverts with the webos logo next to ios and android it's not even worth mentioning. i could almost root for it from a small dying company but from the giant like hp it's laughable.

Awesome!! Go HP and Go webOS!!

Good stuff!! This is going to be a long 10 days...

July 1st, where are you!!?? I need a TP fix LOL!!

nice... That is what I am talking about, that is what webOS needs - for people to see it in action, see it demoed, and more so! They need it everywhere, all the time.

A little cryptic message to anyone not in the tech-related world ("They said I couldn't win... but I did!", that is a good one :), I feel personally addressed here, HP - touche!), but for all these techies outside... Nice punch.

This needs to be followed with a flood of other similar commercials, focusing on one feature only, and explaining why it is so awesome, this Synergy thing for contacts, or for IMs, that Touchstone thing, that you can choose to automatically switch your device's mode, depending on if it is one at your office, or at your bedside table (you can, can you?), these brilliantly implemented Notifications, not interruptions, etc.

...just a little bit sorry that the last bit with Manny's face in the TP window had to be post-produced in place, due to lack of a main camera, nah?

I thought differently..

I thought the last bit was maybe an indication that they've added a main camera..

I think you're reading too much into it. It's just a special effect to show his face while still showing the TouchPad.

"A little cryptic message to anyone not in the tech-related world ("They said I couldn't win... but I did!", that is a good one :), I feel personally addressed here, HP - touche!), but for all these techies outside... Nice punch."

Holy cow nice catch.. actually the whole commercial is designed like that..
"Now, Im trying to make it in Music, Haha, Millions of Hits"

"They said I couldn't box above my weight, but I did"...subtle jab (pun intended) at the fruit?

Aside from the fact that Flash page seemed choppy, and isn't even really identified as Flash....commercial was okay.

Shame there seem to be no unique or new apps to show. I mean, why would you show your CALENDAR and PHOTOS apps in a commercial meant to dazzle people and compete with the iPad 2 "Now" and "If You asked" commercials currently blanketing the airwaves?

Do you buy a computer to switch between screens or to get lots of things done? HP really needs to start focusing on the latter. They did in the PC celebrity commercials with Jay-Z, Fergie, and so on. Why not do the same here?

Here we are less than 10 days from launch and we haven't seen anything innovative on the app front. The App Catalog should be opening up soon if reviewers are going to be allowed to view and download all of those easy-to-create apps.

Chances are that there aren't really a slew of apps that will be available at launch. Dieter made a point about a month ago on one of the Palmcasts that, if there were going to be apps, HP would have some kind of event or something to show them off.

On that event thing to show apps off. It'd only have to be a few. The main thrust of the event should be setting expectations and giving HP the chance to define what a tablet should be from their perspective.

I'm sure they've got more than a few apps by now. I'm guessing they just don't want to do such an event.

I keep meaning to ask, what was the app(s) that Manny used to track his fitness routines in the Veer commercial? Was it a new app or something already available?

In fairness, i've said all along that HP can't skip steps others like Apple have already taken. This means they have to show off the calendar, browser, etc.

The question i got the most from people when i carried the Pre around was "does it have internet like the iphone?"

That said, i think they could easily showcase multitasking in a better way.

But still, they're asking people to spend the same amount on this as you would an ipad. At least with the Pre, i was able to use cheap Sprint that provided some incentive.

In the end, you want to think you bought a good product...the best one. HP should be aggressive vs apple and show how the Touchpad is better in a more direct manner. Best is subjective and HP can choose whatever criteria they think is important. If Apple responds, it's still a win for they single you out.

This would be easier if HP had framed expectations and given people their definition of what a tablet should be or do. Reviewers will be all over the place but mostly looking through an ipad lens. HP has allowed Apple to fill in the definition of a tablet.

The reviewers have an idea of what to expect as they were at the February event. Most of the people who frequent this type of site understand what HP is trying to do. I've used an iPad2 for the last two months. Apple would love to offer the same level of integration ( the type Synergy has),developer tools(a dedicated iPad official Facebook app is still not present),connectivity to other devices, and cloud-based services. Apparently, I'm not too far off as Apple plans to implement these very things in the fall. July 1st people will see that difference themselves first hand. Will it be enough? I believe the answer is akin to the iPad's so called dominance: it's too early to call.

We'll just have to disagree.

I agree that HP should be more aggressive, but at this point, HP doesn't really have the bragging rights. A significantly smaller app market is usually enough to deflate any braggadocio. So all HP can do is build on their strengths while addressing their weaknesses in another way.

It's too bad that they can't have an ad showcasing all the efforts they're taking to get more developers.

Who needs bragging rights? HP, vs apple, could do whatever they want for marketing, pick the criteria they deem important, and create the impression they want.

Why mention # of apps at all? HP wouldn't go anywhere near that and they wouldn't have to.

I watched the Flash video portion a couple of times and it looked fine. Maybe you're mistaking choppiness for the fact that it was shot in handheld style. Or maybe you need a better internet connection.

Almost every demo i've seen has resulted in choppy, stuttering flash video. This is just flash in general on mobile devices, not HP.

They show the calendar because it works better in webOS than it does in iOS. That's why. Claim what you wish, but I've used the iPad 2 and doesn't do the things that have been shown as well yet. iOS 5 will address this but that is happening in the fall. People can see the difference themselves in July.If Apple can get their supply issues reconciled by then.

Let the Flash thing go already. It's looks just fine. If the bandwidth isn't perfectly consistent, it stutters: FOR EVERY DEVICE! Have you ever considered that this is the real reason why it's not on iPhone or iPad? Even Apple can't make it "simply work". Just a thought.

I don't know that the commercial was meant to "dazzle people". Their goal is to sell the product, and one way to do that, true, is to dazzle people. The fact that a modern tablet can multitask well (and by well, I mean in interface as well as implementation) is something of a dazzler.

More important to selling the product is that it tries to communicate the idea that the product is relevant and useful (and therefore worth) to the customer. I don't know about you, but most of the time spent on my webOS device is about email. A tinier bit is about calendaring and photos. If I had a different phone, these are certainly points that I find relevant to my decision to purchase a mobile device.

Thanks Derek for the article. Nice job with all the coverage from you and your staff (especially, er.. as we know you are working hard with that review coming up)

ps with the commercial they are going after the soft "cool" factor with all the celebs, hmmn they clearly made a decision that famous people endorsements were smarter in terms of marketing in consumer space than focusing on apps etc, could be a very interesting move

They also are showing the product in use more than other companies do. I think they are good ads.

So easy to use you don't have to look at the screen!

I hate to be the voice of dissension here, but I am not impressed. It went by too quickly, and without explanations of what was being seen. Flash was barely seen, and was not mentioned, as such.

I am a staunch webOS supporter, and have been desperately waiting for a "wow" commercial, to inspire others to check out what I already know to be true; webOS rocks! This commercial wasn't close to a wow. It was a "huh," at best.

I'm hoping I remain in the minority here, but I'm really not sure who the audience is, that that commercial is targeting. It was not me, and I am not sold on it.

"It went by too quickly"

Um, considering 30-second spots are the norm, that's really all HP could do in that amount of time. The only other option HP would have would be to buy a 1-minute spot and that would be more expensive and would limit when it could be run.

I beg to differ. I see it as a teaser for people. They do not need all the amazing features of webOS to be explained in a thirty second commercial, nor is that even close to possible. What HP did do with this commercial, in my opinion, is get the potential buyers interested enough to go out and see what the TP and webOS is, as oppossed to going straight for the iPad2. Because we all know once a potential customer physically uses webOS, that is when they see its beauty.

Yep, it would take a whole campaign of commercials to mention most of the features. For a first, this isn't too bad.

Still as a consumer, i'd want to know off the bat why i should look into a Touchpad vs an ipad. I don't think HP is going to get that hook without being more direct or aggressive.

I like the ad and think it is just enough to get people to say, "What is that?" and at least google a video review or go down to Best Buy.

Does anyone else remember the "Droid Does" campaign? It is what helped the Droid phone blow up and differentiate it from the iPhone. It would be great to show what the Touchpad can do that the iPad cannot. However, I would REALLY like HP to stay away from "douchy-ness" if they did those spots. Leave the elitism to the iOS crowd.

All in all, I feel like these commercials are a great start. A great teaser. I am sure more are coming that will highlight differentiating features.

I agree, you cannot expect miracles, they need first to break the message to the general public, that there is such a thing as "webOS", and then after it is at least a little bit established that it even exists, they'll need to focus on key differentiators/strongest points.

Like I said, it might be a bit confusing for non-techies, but it still sends a very good message: brace for a fight, we are here, and we will not give up! I like the message and the delivery. Long overdue message, HP, but at least it is out there now! Good job on that.

I only hope HP is taking into account not only their own timeframes, but also competition's (Android 4.0, iPhone 5, WP7 Mango...). It is given that at least tech buzz will be all over these three once they are announced/released, so it will be critical to have the current wave of webOS devices making firm strides among the consumers already, before them Godzillas strike...

Obviously you are really NOT the target audience here because you are already familiar with webOS (that's why it doesn't appeal to you). It's meant to make those who don't know what webOS is say "huh...hmm.." and make them google touchpad and webOS to find out more.. the sad part about the comments I hear from some supposed supporters is that they say they support webOS but criticize it to the ground. Those curious who google webOS.. guess what google's gonna return as top result -- yeah, precentral.. and they're gonna read about these criticisms.

This is NOT all they're gonna have but a FIRST of MANY. So I see HP introducing and focusing on features in later ones. To me the style is reminiscent of the "The Computer is Personal Again" campaign which was successful and I think they're doing it right. Can't wait to see more!

For those needing more info on the pre 3 release date and carriers. Just wikipedia Hp Pre 3 and you will know. here's the most relevant info i got from it,

"The device is to be released on July 8, 2011 in the United Kingdom and is currently available for pre-order at In Germany it will see a release on July 17, 2011 where it also available for pre-order at, whilst in the United States it will be released on July 21, 2011 on the Verizon network. An AT&T release is also planned to be released in July.[1]"

There you go. no Sprint btw.

You can't use that as a source. It list's Precentral as the source of the information, not HP. Don't forget, you can't use a wiki entry itself as a credible source. especially college papers...

Every single one of those dates are based on unofficial sources. HP has yet to announce anything.

Wiki at your own peril.

My problem with that video is that there is no back camera and people might assume there is one since he seems to be talking from behind it. Which would mean there is a camera.

Due to the size of any tablet, using it as a camera would be a bit weird. This is something that many will "argue" about, but adding features that no one will use really is a waste in terms of manufacturing cost.

A phone is the size of a camera, you can hold it easily with one hand, but a tablet is big enough where holding it still and taking a picture with it will be ANNOYING. Since it doesn't have a built-in phone, you can assume that if you want to take a picture, use your Pre 3, then use Touch to Share to move the picture(s) to the tablet for others to see.

hello augmented reality... oh wait

Why do people continue to assume a back camera would only be used for point-n-shoot? Didn't HP ask you to "Think Beyond"?

There are TONS of uses for a back camera beyond "holding it up to take a pic".

If you've not convinced em by now why try? That said, I've tried to use the ipad to scan docs and it doesn't work too well. The device creates too much of a shadow plus a weak camera.

I'd almost go for using a small dedicated wireless scanner.

you'd be surprised. have you ever seen flavor-flave with that ridiculous wall clock around his neck? there will always be people that will not only think it's ok, they actually think it's cool. just the other day at my son's little league game, everybody was taking pictures of the team and someone actually whipped out an ipad to take a picture. i was like, "really?" but you're right, the target audience is small. but the thing about marketing though is, people don't actually have to use the feature. you just have to make them think that they will.

1. barcode scanners
2. augmented reality
3. tons of possible creative apps (family fun with photo editing/distortion etc.)
4. other tons of possible "designer" apps (like, say, interior designer comes into the room, takes a picture(s), and starts adding furniture from the online catalog into your virtual house - cool and actually "productive" thing, ain't it Enterprise-hugging tablet of choice?)
5. Document/receipts "scanning" on the go, for paperless office

...they ALL require main camera, and I presume I haven't even scratch the surface with that list.

Decision to take main camera out of that bad boy is REALLY stupid one, that will bite loads of potential professional/enterprise productivity apps.

...but what I know, I am not "biggest company in the industry". Yeah, they sometimes seem to not be able to see the forest, because of all these trees coming into view.

I have never seen anyone use the back camera on the iPad nor have i used it on mine.

Even the total iPad loving members that I know say they have not used it, not even once.

My gosh, you TOTALLY addressed all my points above!

Following your line of thought - I have never used tablets (yet) - so they are unnecessary, and they should not provide them. Great logic, congratulations.

Isn't the back camera extremely weak on the iPad? Precious memories ruined by trying to look cool haha.

The day I actually see somebody whip out an iPad to take a pic I think I'll get a heart attack laughing!

Please, please, please let me see you or anyone taking a picture with a 10" device. That will make my day and I'll probably keep laughing until I die.

Actually, you might see me capturing images of documents that I don't want to make copies of but want to have with me for reference. For me, it replaces a copier and keeps my desk uncluttered of paperwork.

I once saw one of my teachers take pictures with her iPad 2 during an event.

...have you seen all the above explanations, before writing this waste of a post of yours???

If you did, than please be welcomed to start laughing, and possibly, keep laughing until you actually die, thus saving some space on that overcrowded planet, just like you said.

lmao! I'm still laughing, made the above post and then saw this! +1000

What is it with you two guys, you have "selective reading disorder", so you are not able to read/understand anything that doesn't fit to your little vision of the world?

...or maybe your laughing good mood regardless any reasoning has something to do with that:

(1) What happened to the ESPN/Yahoo Sports/"some other boxing news" webpage card? 0:05-0:10

The card with "Fight against all odds" content was moved in front of the sports news webpage card and when it was swiped off the page, the webpage card had disappeared.

(2) Is there really a single gesture (swiping from the sides) to switch applications? 0:19

HP webOS phones had the long swipe in the gesture area to do this. However, I didn't think the (switch apps) behavior was possible with the Touch pad.

The "up swipe" had been demoed in the video , so it is quite conceivable that the swipe-from-sides has also been introduced.

(1) Yep, and that was also a missed opportunity to show how apps stay open and can be dismissed quickly.

(2) I don't think that's showing a new gesture considering that there wasn't an app there to switch to in the first place! Before he zoomed in, there was no such camera app seen in the card window to switch to. It was just marketing hocus-pocus.

(2) Yes there has always been the app switch gesture even on the Pre 1.0. While not turned on by default it can be enabled under the "advanced gestures" option. I don't believe you have to patch your phone to do this either. The gesture on the pre is a full swipe side to side changes an app (while a half swipe will go back/forward).

Pre-ordered the touchpad, touchstone, case, keyboard and charger on Amazon yesterday (no tax and free shipping). What good is a toy without all the acessories right? Can't wait!

Pre-ordered it also with everything directly from HP with Taxes and almost the same price that you pay in €, but still can't wait ;)

The very last slide, makes you think it has a rear camera. Again HP is milking that boat with commercials. Augmented Reality apps that show a rear image being displayed on the front.

Fail on HP's part.

Has augmented reality really taken off? Even Nintendo's 3DS hasn't made this popular yet.Android has had the capability for a long time now and it only continues to resonate with the tech crowd. AR is still very niche right now.

I don't know if it has really taken off but I always use on my Nexus S 4g. It is cool to see what other things are around you. The other night I was in Phoenix AZ and found a nice hole in the wall bar that I would have never found without it. Had a great time in there too.

I like it, but it does make me think it would have a rear facing camera. And... even tho the playbook took some of webos' features, the commercial states it runs like nothing else, multitasking etc. The playbooks commercial does the same darn thing! With an 80s metal flash song on top of it. ( I hate it but it gets stuck in my head)

The PlayBook OS seems cheaper. The animations of the OS itself lag when compared to webOS. I like the new HP commercial. It just shows the OS in action. I think that is good enough for most consumers.

You hate the song Flash? That was one of Queen's hits man!

My problem is they are still trying to sell it the same way they tried to sell pre-, except without the creepy girl. I don't think most people understand the idea of cards when they show it like this. I think they need some other ideas about how to show multitasking. I don't know it just looks like the same commercial as the originals.

Fun commercial though. Manny is pretty cool.

The creepy girls were abstract. This isn't. This much more clearly shows the device in action. Why do you post here at all?

They show the exact same thing on this that they do with the creepy girl. Just different faces.

I post on here because I, like you, love webOS. I just don't share your fanboyism toward HP who I believe is running Palm worse than Palm ran Palm. WebOS is way behind right now and doing things the same as they did in the past is not going to help.

Take off the rosie colored glasses for once.

Cynicism doesn't equal credibility. Just because a person sees more good than bad doesn't make them any less credible of critic than someone who focuses only on the negative. It just makes that person optimistic. You, along with many others here, are a cynic. A person who hates this platform shouldn't be confused with someone who "I just don't share your fanboyism toward HP who I believe is running Palm worse than Palm ran Palm. WebOS is way behind right now and doing things the same as they did in the past is not going to help."

Maybe you should take off the rose colored glasses and admit that you don't love(or even like so much webOS).

I have a trackrecord of failure to back up my "Cynicism". You have "Hope", that has gotten Obama and America really far, 10% unemployment and hopelessness.

I now pointed out that this ad campaign is the same as the old failed ad campaign. You have to try new things to succeed. Apple commercials are excellent, they show cool stuff ipad can do with a lot more clarity. Android doesn't even show its OS in their commercials (probably because it stinks).

The Obama reference explains your user ID and your attitude.

The ad campaign HP is using is the same one that they've used to sell the PCs. Check that track record.

I've owned an original Pre and after Sprint stopped supporting updates and went to Android. I left Sprint and tried Android and currently use Windows Phone 7.I've spent the least amount of time with the iPhone.

Long story short,you weren't the only who bought the Pre. Difference is I actually tried the others and have an informed opinion. Do you have to agree with what I think?

No. But I'll call BS on this whinefest until the product is released and all the cards are on the table.

LOL, you feel vindicated by Obama unemployment going from 9, to 10, back to 9. That's failure? What about the guy that took it from 6 to 9 and lost half the value of the Dow Jones. Obama doubled the Dow, had the courage to save the auto industry. Got bin Laden. Is getting out of Iraq. Planning to leave Afghanistan. And stabilized the banking system. I'm not a fan, but I am impressed.


refreshingly modest, GlennBeck :-D

Me too :o(

Oops. Should have read:

"I have a trackrecord of failure..."

refreshingly modest, GlennBeck :-D

Me too :o(

Couldn't agree more.

I like the fact that HP is playing the underdog card. People like to support the underdog.

Great concept. Need an opponent..

With friendly bets in sports, maybe. With cold hard cash and 2-year contracts, not so much.

All I see is a generic tablet. It's pretty hard to make your tablet stand out these days because they all look alike. They all have email (mostly), web pages, show video, pictures, etc. Swiping side to side to get new content has been adopted by other platforms.

In this case that might be what hp is going for. not exciting for us geeks and nerds but the ipad needs generic competition that regular consumers can use. If they become the default other guy they can displace android and blackberry tablets from their seat at the table.

yes, but not at the same price as ipad, because that will = failure....

But "regular consumers" already use the iPad by the tens of millions, and HP is not undercutting them in price or overmatching them in apps or build quality.

That doesn't make much sense.

Once again, the regular consumers have no idea of the number of apps in the iPad, android or webOS.

Then they'll quickly find out and return the device.

"Regular consumers" don't need to know NUMBERS of apps for each system. They see Apple commercials and friends displaying the flashiest and most unique ones on the regular. They see no such thing from Blackberry Playbook and Honeycomb tablet ads. Hence why the sales are where they are at.

Seriously, go YouTube Apple's "Now" ad for the iPad 2. Play that, then play this, and tell me which one is more likely to grab a consumer's attention:

Wow...a pad that creates music, has flashy interactive magazine, and one in which I am watching live ultrasound video on...OR a pad that has a calendar and photos.

These things don't come with the tablet. How big is that disclaimer in that commercial you've studied so closely? After a minimum of 500 dollars, a user has to spend extra money on apps to make it do what it did on TV. We understand this,how many casual users can say the same?

The Touchpad will use use all the email clients you currently use already without buying an app. Apple and Google can't say that. All Instant Messenger clients work out of the box.And they're threaded together so a conversation that starts with an im can end in email or vice versa. Doesn't work that way on the iPad 2.

A user can leave their photobucket pictures online or download them to the device without an app.Out of the box. iPad 2 can't do that.

That's two reasons why the focus on those things. It just works...on Touchpad!

In a world where nobody knows where to get an iPad or nobody sees iPads for sale at WalMart or Target or Best Buy, a generic tablet might work. However, iPads are available practically everywhere at the same price.

Most every review of the TP is going to end up with same kind of paragraph: "So, who should buy a Touchpad instead of an iPad?" I think reviewers are going to have a tough time coming up with reasons. In the end, it will be for people who like webOS or really need to see Flash content. Other than that, there's no compelling reason to buy a TP when you can get an iPad at the same price. At this point, what the reviews are going to look like is kind of a foregone conclusion.

Watching this, I realize why Apple went with the extreme close ups. While I know what Manny is doing because I am familiar enough with the OS, you really can't see any detail on the screen, just screens.

"Ha! Ha! Millions of hits" - LOL

Ohhh, "millions of hits", THAT's what he's saying! I couldn't understand what the heck he was saying there... sounded like "meat and two bits!" :D

I even read that line in the comments, and I still couldn't understand him either!

Some of you would complain if you were hung with a new rope.

HP has a nice product here that does things the Apple iPad does not do like allow you to view sights on the web that are flash. I think HP at some point needs to do a commercial that shows the Touch Pad next to the iPad and show them trying to connect to the same sights only the iPad ends up with the "?" mark box while the Touch Pad is opening and playing the page.

That would be awesome and a big kick in the you know what to apple!

The correct term is "hanged".

Oh, you mean like the Blackberry Playbook commercial that is about nothing BUT Flash, and has a loop of Queen's "Flash Gordon" theme playing in the background?

Yeah, HP should make an ad like that.

I don't think flash is that feature you focus on though. But you have the right idea.

Good commercial however i think it would of been good at the end he Touched his Veer and took the web page he was looking at wiwh him.

That technology is not available in the Veer yet, it would make people think that when they got a touchpad they could do that, and would then be disappointed.

Yes, and since HP has never delivered an update to any webos device in their history, not pre-, pre+, pre2, or veer, it is not safe to assume that the veer will ever get the update that allows touch to share.

With HP you can only assume that your product will have the OS version on it when you buy it and you should not expect any other updates in the future.

This is their policy up to this point.

The european Pre+ were updated to webOS 2.1.

Sorry, in America, the only country that really matters.

Same HP: only the carriers are different.

The HP OTA updates were painless - I heard that at least some of the Gingerbread updates were pretty painful.

And the Pre2s.

Has this ad been on TV yet?

at the end when he switches from the browser(youtube video) to what im assuming is a camera app(and yea to the person mentioning no back camera) he uses swipe guesture w/out going into card view....

...either hp added more swipe love to the touchpad or marketing team and approval department are taking some liberties w/ the commercial

The latter.

I'm loving the HP marketing for the webOS products. July 1st can't get here soon enough!

"Sometimes when we touch..." - Oh, I get it. LOL!

D'oh! There are a million little metaphors in this ad. I thought I got most of em and I then I miss the most obvious one!

I'm sorry, but I don't see how you can call an ad that is release less than 2 weeks prior to launch as the beginning of a big launch. People need to talk about a product more than 2 weeks before. There is NO buzz around this. HP should have had the ipad kicked off the back of every magazine, had teaser commercials months before ("It's coming and it works like nothing else!")on every major show, and blanketed radio. I saw a Best Buy ad yesterday talking about tablets, and I thought "Finally!" and then it turned out to be a cross-promotion with PlayBook. Major marketing fail already!

So far they are marketing the **** out of it to me personally. I have received several e-mails and a personal call letting me know that pre-orders have begun. Granted, I signed up to be notified, but still I was especially surprised by the call, which says to me that once the pad is released, I think the marketing machine will really rev up. I think it shows a big commitment.

Glad it took a turn to the funny side at the end. I think this ad will do pretty good. I was worried HP was gonna jump on the Old Spice comercial style bandwagon and do a TIm and Eric style commercial.

They need to step hard and fast! This thing come out in about 9 days and we're just starting to see stuff for it. They need saturation fast. Its not to late, but they sure took they're good old time starting

That's what happens when everything is treated as "a marathon".

To complete a marathon, it's OK to start of slow.

To WIN a marathon, you've got to run faster than everyone else, or start of early, or hope your competition drops out.

So far, HP's approach seems more about simply participating in the marathon rather than winning it (though they claim they want the #1+ spot).

Trust me, most of HP's very powerful B2B channel is below the radar. All you're seeing and reacting to is the retail partner side. There are hundreds of HP resellers in the Phase 1 countries talking to customers about webOS and the TouchPad, getting purchase requisitions going.

The process may look messy to people who don't understand how HP sells, because it's not the glitzy way Apple sells, but it's happening already. There are call centers with hundreds of people buzzing with activity. Different targets, different game. It takes a little while to get the whole hive humming.

I wonder why HP's powerful B2B channel didn't do more to save the doomed Slate and Estation Android tablet products? Doesn't seem like "resellers" and "channel partners" made a lick of difference.

Wonder if it had anything to do with HP's plans to embrace an entirely new mobile OS to base their future on.

Nah, wait. That's just crazy.

Or maybe, just maybe, they came up with a plan to embrace an entirely new mobile OS to base their future on because they failed with the slate (and that Android printer monstrosity).

Nah, wait. That's just crazy...because...

We all know that every HP/webOS failure is really part of a master plan for the future. /sarcasm

Convoluted way of flipping my comment around. I award you a C-minus. Please revise and re-submit for half points.

No thanks.

If the Touchpad gives me the ability to Multitask like Manny does, I will take one! Congress, Boxer, Singer.... Wow... A lot of talent in that guy!
I suppose that is why they picked him for these commmercials - he is a true multitasker!

Multi-tasking, Flash, etc, etc. All nice features. But, BUT..can i transfer my contacts and calendar from my computer to the Pre and then to the TouchPad? Can I "touch" and exchange that info between the two devices?

commercial made the product look **** and it made me laugh.

99% of the people who will see the commercial are not tech geeks like the posters here.

That is the target.

Make the viewer laugh and leave them with some vague impressions of greatness.

Mission accomplished.

Absolutely brilliant marketing! Great job HP! Manny Pacquiao is a world boxing champion well recognized my thousands of fans in the boxing industry as well as by every citizen (91 million+) in the Philippines and millions of more Filipinos living in many other countries.

This may just be the right formula and strategy that will influence most Filipinos to trade their Nokia and iPhones for a webOS smartphone - the latest device and technology that the national Philippines boxing icon uses. HP just needs to make deals now with local Philippine mobile partners (Globe, Smart, Sun, etc) to expand their distribution channels!

I wonder if a scan over his body by the tablet would detect the STEROIDS PacquinROIDS is using...LMAO