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by Adam Marks Fri, 05 Aug 2011 9:50 pm EDT

As we reported, everyone who purchases an HP TouchPad will get a free lifetime upgrade of 50GB of storage at, as soon as you download and log in to the app. This represents a $19.99/month value, or almost $240 per year of free storage. Unfortunately, one of the first things that we discovered is that there was no desktop sync solution included, something that comes with the free Dropbox or ZumoDrive accounts. If you wanted that desktop sync app, you would have to upgrade to a $15/month Business account.

However, PreCentral reader Joe Sacher discovered that there was a way to map your account as a network drive right in Microsoft Windows File Explorer. [As these directions are for Windows, please leave a comment if you know how to run this for other Operating Systems and we will update the tip] Before you get started, it was suggested to install this Windows Software Update for Web Folders (KB907306) first. I am not sure if this is necessary, but if the steps below to do not work, run this update and try again. Continue after the break to get all the details

  • From your Desktop, right-click on My Computer and select Map Network Drive, or from within Windows Explorer, choose Tools and then Map Network Drive (these options may differ from Windows XP or Windows 7)
  • Choose any open drive available to you
  • For "Folder", type in:
    • If this does not work, you can try
    • I had to change the "https" to "http" for it to connect.
  • If you want the drive to reconnect whenever you reboot your machine, make sure you select "Reconnect at logon"
  • Choose the option to "Connect using a Different user name", and put in your username (email address) and password when prompted.
  • Select Finish to complete the mapping.

Once complete, you will be able to browse your drive, move/copy files to or from the drive and manage your data. Using this combined with the app or Gemini File Manager and you can very easily move files between your TouchPad or webOS Phone and your computer without having to physically connect them using USB mode.

Thanks to Joe Sacher for the tip

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Wish I knew people wanted to figure this out. Mapping it as a drive was one of the first things I did when I signed up...

Yep, I've been writing article and doing videos on the pieces I've used that made the Touchpad easier to play with. Not many people connect to a WebDAV share.

I was looking for this feature. I was feeling so gypped because it was so complicated and no way to keep it synced. I feel it should be an included feature. Thanks. BTW, the https method worked. Ya!

If it ever get's shut off, I'll just keep using dropbox like before.

Nice tip, is this a sanctioned use of or is it likely that they will shut this down in the future?

This has been in use for years with, so I doubt it is going away any time soon.

It has been around for a while, but is not officially supported by

There is a Windows (Mac "coming soon") sync software, but it requires an upgraded account.

Wow awesome tip!
I got some readyshare 2tbs hanging around, but i loved filling up my account from a friends house stealing all their media. Now to map this sucker to a drive, then map that share to Kalemsoft media streamer and im all set.

I would think about syncing the share locally as well, as speeds to and from really stink.

Sloooow transfers to the 'drive' though.

This works in MacOS just like you are mapping a cifs share. Just put in the server address listed above. When I get home I will work out the Linux instructions.

Awesome, thanks for the tip! Bye bye dropbox :)

Works perfect! The lack of a way to upload and download easily was really limiting my use.

Is there anyway to route this through a proxy server?

Many proxies understand the WebDAV calls, but not all, so your mileage may vary.

How do you specify the proxy to use? For my network at work, I need to route all internet traffic through the proxy server.

When I do this, it says my "drive" has over 70 MB, and won't give me the full 50 GBs that lets me have :(

Seriously? I posted this in the forums almost a month ago

win... hadn't even thought of it but am just starting to use the storage... this makes it an even better deal to know you have desktop sync. With gemini allowing multi select up and downloads its quite a nice setup.

This just changed my life. No more copying music to every work machine I ever had.

you can use the linux fuse-boxfs driver to do something similar on Linux, available at Haven't gotten it working reliably yet, but we'll see once i'm not behind a proxy / firewall.

Seems to work better than the secure Webdav way on my ubuntu box.

thanks! i use dropbox the same way now, itll be good to do the same with all that free space from

Works with Ubuntu, select connect to server from places, then setup as Secure WebDAV. Neat!

The "https" works on Win7 but not on WinXP.

This is also easy in OSX. In the Finder, press Command-K (or Go>Connect to Server). In the Server Address field put and click Connect. It will ask for your Box user name and password, then mount the drive.

thanks for the tip. I didn't know you could do this.

i followed the steps but it's always asking for the password
OS: WinXP Pro SP3

Has anyone confirmed if you have to install the windows update before running this? My OS is win 7 pro, sp1.

This is awesome! I got it to work on windows 7 pro without a hitch (Work computer) using https not http... now to get it going on ubuntu and xp.

Thanks for the info. This will be a real boon for saving all my knitting and craft patterns in one spot. Then pull it up anywhere on my TP!
Win7 worked like a charm.

Great tip. But Ugh...14 kb/second uploads! At that rate, it will take 12 hours to upload 1 album. Upload direct via interface = 5 minutes. Anybody got tips for faster transfers of the mapped drive?

This tip works with KalemSoft Media Player. It does take some time to start the streaming.

how did you do this? Did you point the player at\dav for streaming? Instructions please

works thanks! I'm experiencing slow upload times too. 30kb/sec atm.

Setting this up according to the directions was easy, but it is slow.
BTW, how do you set up the drive to sync?

What's everyone doing about the 25mb/file limit? I'm trying to upload some TV episodes and movies, but I guess the "free" service limits you to 25mb/file.... Let's see... 50gb/25mb=2000 files... Weird.

thanks for tip to mount in PC....

Now it would be cool if webdav can be mounted as a folder in webos/touchpad itself. It would be a great way to stream 50gb music:-)

perhaps someone can work on a patch?

Using Windows Vista AND the recommended KB update I still see the standard error:
"Network error" "Cannot access...", regardless of http or https.

I am struggling with Box.Net access on my Windows machines for years now, it is the most unreliable data storage I have.
In WebDrive the WEBDAV connection to fails to scan the (most important) personal document folder ("Request: failed: -1"), apparently it times out for no reason. Probably an issue with 'forbidden characters', 'long path names', 'identical file names in different folders', to name a few "Cloud" restrictions.

Clouds are exactly that: fuzzy, uncontrollable and randomly appearing/vanishing, a bad place to put important stuff!

Do you also have some tricks on staying protected cyber criminal attacks? I don't even feel safe using my smart phone anymore. Please share a resource!

Proxy server ( ) is definitely needed when operation it or turning it on. The storage is pretty big in size which is a plus.