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by MetaView Mon, 18 Jan 2010 12:42 am EST
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Combination between OSM map display, GPS logger, sun compass and Geocacher tool: MapTool.


  • Interface to PreCaching to display caches on map
  • OpenStreetMap from 4 different sources
  • Offline maps (stored in the internal drive, in folder .MapTool/). Please check my post at for a tool to download the correct map tiles.
  • GPS logger (every 10 second)
  • Real elevation for the current location (from NASA sources)
  • Send my position
  • Targets
  • Sun compass
  • Find geocaches near-by using Map view

This new update brings better track and target import and direct upload of tracks to OSM project.



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OK, I stand corrected once again. It turns out my Pixi Plus was using my Wifi to get Mapnick maps, not the local tiles.

I don't have mobile data access, just Wifi, so unless I can get MapTool to load stored maps, it's virtually useless to me.

I have copied zoom 12 level maps for my entire local area and copied them to .MapTool/ in a directory labeled 12, according to the structure provided by the downloader tool.

Is it just hopeless? I don't have access to the Palm store to actually pay for apps, so I am stuck with what I can get through PreCentral. Is there another app that might work?

You can use JTileDownloader-0.5pre.jar to download maps, then store in /media/internals/.Maptools/zoomlevel number/ etc...., in maptool preference set to offline and set the same zoom level of tiles you downloaded.

look here for more help...

You can see maps with no internet conection at all, just local files you made for the place you want.