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Mass Effect 2 Theme 10

by ndraiden Tue, 16 Feb 2010 11:49 pm EST
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A Theme Based on Cerberus, from Mass Effect 2

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great theme but how do you get it to say cerberus network in the top left corner instead of sprint?

good stuff

great app

How do you download themes?

how do I reformat the theme so it works on my palm pre with the new 1.4.0 update?

allow preware to update and the theme will become reavailable. It takes a few hours.

Great theme!! Only thing I could wish for is a few different backgrounds of maybe some characters or the Normandy etc. But I guess you could just upload your own, still got 5 stars!

I was wondering, How exactly do I install this theme? I have the HTC vivid and I have no idea what exactly I'm supposed to do. Does my phone need to be rooted, or is there a way to do it without rooting my phone?

I'm commander Shepard and this is my favourite theme for mobile

where‘s ipk