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Matias Duarte: Pure Google [The Competition] 30

by Dieter Bohn Mon, 06 Dec 2010 1:18 pm EST

As you may recall, in May Palm lost their VP of Human Interface and User Experience, Matías Duarte, to Google. Looks like we're seeing the first fruits of his design labors on Android with the official announcement of Gingerbread, aka Android 2.3. The tweaks to the Android interface are fairly minimal - "making the experience clean, pure, and polished." Also minimal are the spec increases on Gingerbread's flagship device, the Nexus S, but it does look like he had a part in the design of the Nexus S - "We met with every aspect of their industrial design team."

Still, it's been awhile since we've seen good old Matías. While the video above isn't technically schadenfreude, it's in that same ballpark. Anybody feel that Gingerbread brings Android up to the level of webOS' user interface polish?

Source: Android Central



anyone know who took over martias's job at palm.

I was watching my Aunt play with her Droid 2 that she just recently got and the interface was smooth as hell, no lag. It may not be as polished as webOs but it works.

I'm a current Sprint Pre user and I'm about fed up with it. I have it overclocked but that doesn't solve a lot of it's glaring issues.

For one, the camera sends me into a rage nearly every time I either use it or attempt to use it. It works probably about 1/2 the time. My latest adventure using it was at BB when I was recording my wife playing with the kinect, pretty funny as she's, by her own admission, a goon in this regard and I get not one but two text messages during recording and the phone's camera simply stops recording. WFT!!! I've never had that happen but I can't even count how many times I've tried to capture an important moment only to have to wait what seems like an eternity for the camera app to open much and than if it even does I have to pray to the gods that it functions.

Sorry about my long rant that certainly went off topic, but I love webOs and I still think it's the best mobile OS but they really need to fix a lot of issues with it in this regard. I loathe the iPhone and wouldn't buy into their ecosystem even if it was the only choice but I can tell you that you'd be hard pressed to have an issue such as this. I mean, there are feature phones who have more reliability than my pre when it comes to tasks such as using the camera.


essentially I'm just ranting that it doesn't matter how awesome the interface is to use if you have to deal with issues like this. Nothing like showing someone "oh I have angry birds too and look how sweet and easy the os is to use, oh...why's it taking so long to open...oh...damn it...too many cards...hold on, this will only take 3 or so minutes while I reboot my phone. I usually restart my phoen every morning so i don't have this issue but I guess I need to again..anyway, I love webOs, best os ever!" =(

Agreed 100% with your camera app assessment. It is God-awful.

My camera experience luckily isn't as bad but thats no saying much. But your last paragraph really nails it in the head. Heres hoping for January otherwise the PlayStation Phone will be my next one sadly.

Haha, your wrap up at the end is perfectly put. I had that kind of thing happen to me all the time before. Thankfully now, post overclock I don't really have that happen too often anymore. And the camera app has definitely gone from awesomely fast and reliable back at 1.0 to pretty terrible nowadays at 1.4.5.

Same story with my camera on Sprint Pre. It takes around a minute for the camera app to launch, longer for video recorder, and the video recorder will have about a 10 second gap that gets longer the longer I record between the audio and the video. If I get a call or text while using the camera, I might as well just take the battery out and save myself 5 minutes of frantically pushing buttons and swiping with no response.

Wow, that just NAILED my feelings EXACTLY! Also the comment about the great camera was DEAD-ON! It used to be fast. Now I look at gray screens for several seconds wondering when it will let me take a photo. I've even recorded a video once, only to find out it didn't record anything. Love the concept of WebOS and I am SUPER patient, but stacks of little things are wearing me out. I've been starting to browse androidcentral lately and that's bothering me :(

Sprint Pre, here - and I've found that keeping the camera's default photo folder clean (with only minimal pics in it) helps my camera's load and response time. I just try to clean out the folder periodically and keep moving the pics to other categories. Keeps my pics organized anyway, so works well for me all around. (I assume the camera is having to load the folder since it is where the pics are sent? Not something I expected, but when I'd cleaned out the folder I noticed a much better response and have continued to do it).

Overclocking and folder cleaning seem to have solved the camera problems for me.

And chuckles on the original rant. :)

Yeah,I originally thought that might be the problem a while back, so I moved all the pics too. Didn't change a thing for me. I can get the grey screen for 10 seconds or more, or it will simply refuse to open and I stare at grey until I close it and reopen. Random shutter lag that takes a pic we after I click it. Video that's jerky, pixelated, corrupted, and completely out of sync with the audio. I don't know why there was the drop-off from 1.0. It began degrading before the video camera was added, so although I'm sure the added video has caused some problems, it isn't the sole culprit.

Bring it down from 1ghz to 800 for camera 'lag' to be solved. 1ghz causes the camera app to freeze.

For those of us that jumped ship to Android, this is great news to have someone who was so involved with our beloved webOS working for google. While Android is still not as usable as webOS, I think it's getting better at a fast rate. I just hope Palm can get their crap together so I can come back to a device that rivals the hardware of my Evo, but with the smooth operation of webOS. With the news of late about CES, and other general LACK OF NEWS with devices, I lost the faith in HPalm. I pray that I can come back on my hands and knees, begging for forgiveness, and enjoy a super webOS device in the near future. For now I check in here daily, hoping for the news that never seems to come.

At this point, they need hardware to rival the Nexus S or Dell Streak. The Evo is already outdated.

The hardware with most Android devices are pretty much the same except for the Galaxy S class... the Evo is far from being outdated. It's hard to improve what's already nearly perfect. All the Evo needs is a few spec bumps from time to time. The hardware is solid.

Great. More salt in my original Pre wounds.

It's not bad enough that PC is filled with stories about the wonders of webOS 2.0, which I have no idea that I am actually going to get anytime soon.

But now Andoid gets yet another updated AND top notch hardware to use it on.

Screw Verizon and the Pre 2 HP. If you have a new flagship device to announce at CES tell me now.

I would bet the only old devices that will get the update are devices like the Evo and MyTouch. If you have anything older, you'll never see the update until you shell out $200-$300 for a new phone.

So to add even more insult to the injured webOS platform, Wired did not even mention webOS in its smartphone buyer's guide they put out today, not even in passing. Hell, Symbian got a nod, as did BB 6. No mention of webOS or the Pre2. It's as if we don't even exist anymore. Meanwhile, Palm's UI guy is slowly taking the best of webOS and using it to improve on Android. The way things are going, webOS will only exist in pieces, as other operating systems gobble up its innovations. More proof that HP has to treat any launch of new hardware as a launch of a brand new platform for mobile computing. That would be a lot easier than trying to remind people that there were such things as the Pre and Pre2.

the pre is a piece of crap. I have stood up for the pre and webos for awhile now, but as my forth one needs to be replaced due to the earpiece speaker failing, its difficult to b an advocate for this phone now. i still, however, will b getting the hpalm phone that is released next year sometime, whenever that may b. i would realllly like to know if 2.0 is dropping soon cuz i dont want to have to reattach my contacts to eachother (i know 2.0 backs up these contact links)... these new android phones are lookin nicer and nicer these days. one of the things that is keeping me going is the hardware contest from alil while back. if the new webos phones look anything like those i will b estatic that i stayed on board

customer attrition by hardware stagnation.

HP probably feels strong enough to start over, no matter what losses the customer base for webOS suffers.

Losing a 1% market share is nothing. HP probably has bigger plans for webOS than that 1% market share.

Looking at all of the above and using my phone for business and personal is exactly why I gave my pre to my daughter and bought an EVO and have never looked back!

Oh, I've looked back from Evo land, sometimes longingly at webOS. But the Evo works better in so many ways, plus it has so many more useful apps, that I don't look back for long.

"bought an EVO and never looked back"

except to write a post at on how you are not looking back?

cmon you miss it...its ok to admit it.


Maybe because Precentral is easier to read on an Evo.

Does anyone else's Pr? or Pixi randomly launch YouTube when opening this article on the Pre Central app?

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yeah, Sprint Pre here and I'm to my point. I always wanted a Nexus 1 and this is even better. I think my webos days are over. If I don't see anything new by CES, I'm jumping ship. I'm extremely disappointed in HPalm because WebOS is so great they just have shitty hardware. The countdown begins.

Gabe Newell is working @ Google now :D ?

I just purchased a Pre Plus and will be "plussing" my Sprint Pre soon. This will hold me over until next year. Hell, I'll swear off smartphones altogether if Palm decides not to release anything. It's WebOS or bust for me, ladies.