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McGrath issues progress update for Open webOS 11

by Derek Kessler Tue, 29 May 2012 4:46 pm EDT

McGrath issues progress update for Open webOS

Current interim head of webOS developer relations Enda McGrath today posted a progress update for webOS' journey to open source. If you've looked at the roadmap first issued back in January, HP's plans called for May and June to be quiet months, with the release steam picking up in July with stuff like the Luna system manager and the core applications for Open webOS 1.0 (presumably rebuilt with the new Enyo 2.0). May… well, there was no entry for May on the roadmap.

That doesn't mean the webOS group is resting on their laurels. Despite recent departures, the Enyo team is still chugging along, with Ben Combee and McGrath pitching in to help with Enyo presentations at this week's Fluent 2012 JavaScript conference in San Francisco. HP and Enyo are sponsoring Fluent this year, we assume with the hopes of getting the attention of starving JavaScript developers to code their next creations using web-based Enyo.

On the code announcements front, while HP isn't releasing any new bytes this month, McGrath did reveal that the webOS cloud services group has started development on "a set of Enyo API's." What functionality those API's will offer is an unknown at this point, though McGrath says that they are "thinking creatively about how all of webOS's capabilities can come together" for the developer, which we hope means some innovative - and more importantly, useful - stuff.

And, as noted last week, practically all aspects of the webOS organization have open spots that they're actively trying to hire into. And that's not just because people have left for greener pastures, though there have been plenty who have. As McGrath points out, you can work on Open webOS in public and offer your contributions to the project, or you can do that as part of HP and get paid to do so. And then get poached by Apple or Google or Nokia.



What will happen to backup?

Last sentence in source link, "Exciting times are ahead for Open WebOS!"

For the first time in a while, I don't feel it :(

I used to be the biggest webos supporter....arguing with iphone and android users, showing all webos had.

That was up until a few months ago, its also sad for me to say I don't really care anymore either :0(

While I'm still interested to see what will become of Open webOS, I'm more excited by the fact that the core team is joining Matias Duarte at Google. If they could add the card interface and multitasking to Android... there really wouldn't be a need for webOS in my opinion. Can't wait to see what they cook up, regardless!

I jumped ship on the webOS phone front last week to Android. Still have my fire sale Touchpad. I miss Homebrew the most, but the EVO 4G LTE is incredible hardware, and multitasking is pretty good, and one can flick open apps away, just like webOS. The contact merging is not as well executed as Synergy, and there is no web backup. But I can back up to an SD card, just like old PalmOS. Perhaps open source webOS will run as a dual boot on my EVOlte. I am ready if HP can keep it together.

webOS is more elegant, but lack of apps, and for me, no Epocrates, is problematic. HP's roadmap needs to move more quickly. There will only be a few thousand webOSNation users left in 5 months.

Now, if Android apps can be ported over to open source, a new world arises, and not just for webOS toasters and washing machines.

Bro look more into your phone. There is web back of all of your contacts. As a matter of fact I used it to back up my webos contacts then transfer it to my iPhone 4s. You should have been able to do the same with your phone as long as you create a gmail account.

I still use my HP Veer and Touchpad every single day. Compared to the 3 iPhones the rest of my family have, I find nothing inferior about the Apple hardware - not a single thing.

And you know something? Their software is not perfect - it lags, too. Sure, not as much as webOS, but it does lag.

Besides, I'm much more interested in what I can actually do with my devices, and plain and simple, I can do more and be more productive with webOS than other mobile operating systems.

Whats sad to me is that most will have sold their WebOS devices, warranties will have expired, or just lost interest by the time this is finished.

I believe its a truely dead OS. I dont think my Touchpad will be still operable by the time its finished and I wont be buying another one off eBay.

Palm has never been known for longevity and reliability when they introduced WebOS because all the money went into the OS and HP didnt really invest in the Hardware either.

Im so disappointed in HP and will never buy anything HP again. Thanks for ruining a great OS that could have challenged IOS and Android.

Don't think your TouchPad will still be operable??? Seriously??? I've dropped mine way more times than I would have liked, I've doctored it countless times, and installed CM7, CM9 & AOKP, Ubuntu Chroot.....factory reset numerous times.....overclocked the hell out of it.....bring it to work with me almost every single day, where it sits on my passenger seat, bouncing along in my work truck, tethered to my Pre3 and sending out audio via BT.....I'm convinced it's pretty durable. I've been lucky and haven't had a major drop on concrete or something to that effect, but aside from a few "whisper" scratches on my screen (that's never had a screen protector since brand new last July), and a hairline crack coming out of the speakers.....which I'm doing anything about, aside from leaving it in it's HP case. this thing has kept up to my pace well.

You also say "most will have sold their devices"....doesn't that just mean new users? or do people just buy things and never use them?

I will use my TouchPad every day until it dies on its own, or I do something to it (most likely case scenario.....and we would file that under accident, not intentional.)

Even if I didn't get my $400 back from when they price-adjusted for the firesale.....I know I STILL would have gotten my money's worth. :)

Without hardware what is the point?

@sledge007 Im irritated with the hardware side and HP's performance. They didnt even give WebOS a real chance. I am tech guy too and happy with mine too and have done that to mine as well except for AOKP. I need to look into that. I just never had good luck with Palm devices, I love Palm and had the Pre and Pre plus and went through many replacements. My touchpad is treated like a baby, never left the house and I have the same problem as many, the back is cracking. My iPad 2 just feels more quality and durable than my Touchpad. Yeah, sellign means new customers but then again, it will prolly be pass through more hands. It just doesnt have the apps and most people are not going know how to install Android on it. WebOS is amazing but the fact is, its missing many apps and people just wont settle, they will go with the iPad eventually. The Touchpad is great for us geeks but for the common consumer, HP just didnt pair WebOS with great hardware. I had a friend recently tried to sell his on Craigslist for 80 in Austin and no one bought it. Thats crazy to me but it shows the appeal is just isnt there for majority of people in the market for a tablet.